A Splash of Hue! is the 42nd of Season 16.

Summary Edit

While painting a scenery of Rainbow Pond in the Fantasy Forest, Kwazii meets a flock of colorful ravens called Rainbow Ravens.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Fantasy Forest where at the Rainbow Pond, Kwazii with his mystic paintbrush was painting a beautiful canvas of the scenery with colorful paints. He was careful with his brush as he made the shades, the lines, and the realistic rocks and rainbow colored waters. As Kwazii painted the whole canvas, he was finally finished but it was missing something. Suddenly, Kwazii spots a black raven with colorful feathers land on a nearby rock. That inspired Kwazii to paint a rainbow raven into the picture as he got back to his canvas and used his mystic paintbrush to start painting again. Suddenly, another Rainbow Raven flies by and then lands on a nearby rock right next to the first Rainbow Raven that Kwazii saw. Then with a shrug, Kwazii got to work painting the second Rainbow Raven as he dabbed his mystic paintbrush into the black magic paint and started painting another Rainbow Raven on his picture.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Mystic Paintbrush
  • Magical Animal Communication
  • Aqua Wings

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Transcript Edit

Kwazii (Narrating): A Splash of Hue!