Amaro is Amaya's male alter ego who appeared in The Boy Who Becomes The Hero


Appearance Edit

Amaro's hair is short cut. He wears a red shirt with an owl wing print on the right, pink jeans, red half-moon shaped glasses, and red sneakers with pink shoelaces.

Personality Edit

Amaro's personality is like Amaya's, which is sporty, smart, flirty, and bookish, but unlike her personality, he can be a bit of a uber nerd.

In the series Edit

Amaro was introduced by Leo Callisto in Space-ology class. Then, Connor, Greg, and Captain Jake discovered that Amaya was turned into a boy by Romeo's second Swapper Zapper ray gun last night, so they've decided to go out into the night as the PJ Masks to confront Romeo and get him to change Amaya back, only after Kwazii puts Amaya's memories into his (Amaro) mind just so he could remember that he was still Amaya, in a boy's body.

Later at night, he becomes his PJ Mask alter ego, Owlbert (the male version of Owlette), and goes with the other PJ Mask boys to get Romeo to turn him back into a girl. When Catboy turned himself into Catgirl with Romeo's first Swapper Zapper ray gun, Owlbert and Catgirl started flirting with each other as Kwazii puts Catboy's memories into Catgirl's mind just so she can remember that she is Catboy in a girl's body.

After Romeo's defeat, he and Catgirl were changed back into their original genders, Owlette and Catboy.