Amaya in Minoland is the 13th episode of Season 12.
Amaya in minoland scene 6 by cmanuel1-d9sc76z

Amaya, Snowdrop, and Blazel having a picnic

Summary Edit

Amaya and Snowdrop fall into a portal that takes them to a bizarre world of the Mino Monsters. They soon meet new friends like Blazel, Grunt, and Crocoling that shows them around the island and helps them get back home.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Fantasy Forest where Amaya, with her pet snowy owl Snowdrop on her shoulder, is walking on a road heading to a grassy spot next to a waterfall to have their picnic. Just then, they come across a rainbow tree. Amaya comes closer to it and checks it out only to find a blue portal. But when she got too close, Amaya gets sucked into it and Snowdrop follows her through it.

Then after being shot out of the portal, Amaya and Snowdrop find themselves in a magical land filled with weird plants and strange creatures. Just then, a Capy zips towards the girls and snatches Amaya's hair pin out of her hair and the two girls chase after it. But just as they were about to catch it, a red weasel like creature named Blazel captures it and then takes the hairpin away from him. He uses it fire power to toast it up and it faints. After it was knocked out, Blazel hands Amaya back her hairpin but he felt funny when he saw how beautiful she looked. It was almost as if he was in love.

Amaya and Snowdrop's introductions snaps Blazel out of his daze and asks him where they were. Blazel tells them that they are in Minoland, an island divided into four islands connected together with bridges. He also explains they got in through the magical Mino door that connects Minoland with the human world. Snowdrop wants to go back but Blazel insists they stay awhile and gives them a musical tour of Minoland.

All the sights make Amaya and Snowdrop squeal with joy. Blazel, Grunt, and Crocoling offers to show them the rest of Minoland. Amaya wants to go back but Snowdrop tells her they can stay a little longer and Blazel tells her they have plenty of time before the portal closes. Clover finds a water balloon-like fruit. The Mino monsters decide to show Amaya the streams at the water island and she agrees to it.

Trivia Edit

  • Blazel seems to like Amaya, but Amaya likes him as a friend.

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