An Old Friend In Need is the 28th episode of Season 15.

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Loretta, Miles, and Cassie discover that Adora is sad because she misses her old Wishling friend, Hannah, whom her memory has been erased after her wish was granted, and tomorrow's her birthday. So to cheer their friend up, the trio tries to find a way to bring back her Wisher's old memories, but they will have to convince Lady Stella first, which might not be easy.

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The episode begins in Starling Academy where in Lady Stella's office, the Star Darlings were gathered together for another Wish Orb identification. But while they were waiting for the orb to choose which Star Darling to grant the wish on Wishworld, Cassie looked around the table to see that Adora wasn't in her seat. She excuses herself to Lady Stella and asks her if she can go to Adora and Tessa's dorm room to pick her up, and the headmistress nods in acceptance, letting her go.

When Cassie was in the Big Dipper Dorm, she goes to Adora and Tessa's dorm just to find Adora sitting on her bed, crying. Cassie walks up to her and asked what was wrong, but Adora just ignored her as she took out the friendship bracelet made by her Wisher, Hannah, and soon, Cassie realized why Adora was so sad.

She asks Adora if it's because she misses her Wishling friend, Hannah whose memory of her was already erased after hugging her goodbye. Adora didn't speak but she nodded a yes. Then, sniffling, Adora admits that she does miss Hannah so much and wishes that she still remembered her like she promised, but her memories of Adora were already gone. She also explains that tomorrow is her birthday when she saw her parents setting up party decorations and getting cake from the bakery, and she wants to get something for her tomorrow this year. But Adora fears that Hannah might still not remember her if she goes down to Wishworld again to see her.

Feeling sympathetic, Cassie gave Adora a comforting hug and tells her to not worry about Hannah, and maybe someday they will find a way to help her remember them. After the hug, Adora felt better and she and Cassie went back to Lady Stella's office just in time to see that the Wish Orb has identified it's chosen Star Darling to go to Wishworld to grant it's wish.

Later, the next morning, Cassie (in her Wishling form) was talking to Miles and Loretta about how Adora was feeling and how she missed her old Wishling friend, and she needs their help to cheer her up. Thinking, Miles suggests that maybe they should ask Lady Stella if they can bring back Hannah's memories and Loretta and Cassie agreed with that plan. But in the headmistress's office, all Lady Stella said was no. Miles, Loretta, Adora, and Cassie all tried to convince Lady Stella that there has to be a way to give Hannah's memory of Adora and told her that Adora misses her, which Lady Stella understands. But she tells them that it's important that the Wishling must have her memory of the Star Darlings erased just to keep Starland and the rest of the Star Darlings a secret. All three of them sighed heavily.

As she went back into her office, Loretta groaned in frustration while Cassie comforts Adora and asks Miles and Cassie what they should do now. Thinking again, Miles suggests that they should find a Wish Pendant for Hannah which might bring back her memories of Adora, and keep her memories from being erased again if a Starling hugs her, just like the Disney Junior Club's Wish Pendants when they first received them from their Star Darling friends. Cassie didn't like the idea of breaking into Lady Stella's office, but she had to do it, for her friend! Later, the next star morning, Cassie and Adora met Miles and Loretta (both in their Starling forms) outside of Lady Stella's office and the doors slides open, letting the four of them inside.

They searched high and low for where Lady Stella keeps the Wishlings' memories just as Loretta finds a small yellow button on a drawer and it opens a secret room, which reveals the Wish Pendants that are suppose to be for graduation. As they entered the room, Miles, Loretta, Cassie, and Adora searched for the perfect Wish Pendant for Hannah before Lady Stella comes in her office and finds them breaking into her room of Wish Pendants. Just as the others were looking, Adora finds the perfect one; a blue necklace with a blue star shaped crystal dangling from it.

Adora says it's perfect for Hannah as she and her friends were ready to leave. Then, they head to the Wishworld Observation Deck, and Miles and Loretta Callisto unfolded their shooting stars just for them and their Star Darling friends to ride in and to Hannah's hometown.

The four of them chanted the "Star Light, Star Bright" Poem when they were near Earth's atmosphere as they transformed into their Wishling forms and landed on the sidewalk and right next to the driveway of Hannah's house. There, they find a dozen cars parked and lots of kids with presents for Hannah going inside her house. They followed the last person into the house but they were stopped by Hannah's mother, who greets them with a friendly smile and asks them if they have invitations. Miles was about to tell her that they don't have invitations, when Cassie uses her adult hypnotizing power to tell the woman who they are and it doesn't matter if they don't have invitations. And it works! Then, Hannah's mom sniffs the scent of her favorite dessert, buttercream cake, in the air while Miles and Loretta both stifled a laugh.

Before Adora, Cassie, Miles, and Loretta could go inside, they wrap up the box with Hannah's Wish Pendant and places a beautiful bright blue bow on top. As they were inside the house, they met many kids and adults who were laughing and enjoying Hannah's party, but just then, Adora caught a glimpse of a familiar face! It was her Wisher, Hannah! She runs up to her while holding on to the Wish Pendant in the wrapped box and says hello to her and that it was good to see her again. But as Adora lets go of Hannah, Hannah just gave her a confused expression and asked if she knows her, leaving Adora to explain to her that she does know her.

At Moose Lake Camp where she helped her grant her wish of having the courage and confidence to make new friends and seeing her in her Starling form after her Wishling form didn't last long enough.

But Hannah just shook her head and says that she already has a lot of friends, and doesn't remember having any wish granted. Plus, she doesn't know anything about Starlings. Adora tries again by telling her about the bee stings and her power of healing wounds, even though she pretended to use sunscreen to cure poison ivy, mosquito bites, and bee stings.

But then again, Hannah shook her head and then laughed as she thought of what Adora said was a silly joke.

Feeling hurt, Adora's eyes were filled with tears as she knew her Wisher still didn't remember her after her memory was removed by hugging. Then Adora ran off crying as Miles, Loretta, Cassie, and even Hannah tried to stop her, but she already left the party and was gone. Hannah felt bad about hurting the Star Darling's feelings and decides to go out and find her as she went to her parents and asked for their permission to go out and find Adora.

They let her do so after Cassie used her adult hypnotizing magic again and she, Miles, Loretta, and Cassie went out to find their friend. As they searched for Adora, Hannah bumped onto something invisible; Adora's invisible tent! She was freaked out but amazed as she tried to find the entrance and finally finds it, and she goes inside just to find a sulking Adora holding the present for Hannah.

When she turned, Adora gives Hannah a hurtful stare and asks what she was doing in her tent. With a sigh, Hannah apologizes to Adora about laughing and for not believing in her stories, even though they were true. Then, looking down at Adora's wrist, Hannah saw the friendship bracelet that she made at the arts and crafts club in Moose Lake Camp, and looked down at her wrist to see that she was wearing the same bracelet as she was.

Everything began flowing back to her now! The first time they met at Moose Lake Camp, Adora revealing her Starling form by accident in the bathroom after saying her Mirror Mantra, sleeping in the invisible tent together, Hannah meeting Cassie, and how Adora helped Hannah make friends when she used sunscreen to "heal" her new friends itchy spots.

After Hannah recovered her memories, she blinked and asked Adora if it really is her. With happy tears and a big smile, Adora nods and tells her that it is her and that she misses her very much that she felt like hugging her again as Hannah outstretched her arms for her old friend's hug. But Adora backed away slowly when she remembered that hugging a Wishling would mean erasing their memory of meeting a Star Darling.

Hannah asked what happened and why she couldn't remember Adora after they hugged goodbye. Cassie and Miles encouraged Adora to tell Hannah the truth as she took a deep breath and explained everything to her. After Adora was done, she gives the Wish Pendant in the wrapped box and hands to Hannah. She unties the blue ribbon, rips off the gift wrapping, and takes off the lid to find the Wish Pendant and she was mesmerized and amazed by it's beautiful blue star-shaped crystal.

Adora helps her put it around her neck by locking the latch around the ring and Hannah thanks her and her friends for the present and for coming to her party, even though she didn't knew they would come. She then invites them to come back inside with her to her birthday party and Miles, Loretta, Adora and Cassie excitedly agrees to do so as they raced behind her and went back to her house to see her blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

Inside the living room, everyone sang the "Happy Birthday Song" and after they were done, Hannah made her wish and blew out her candles and everyone enjoyed eating their slices of buttercream cake! Then, everyone played party games that Cassie and Adora never heard of but found it very fun and hilarious. They even played video games, watched a movie, and even got some cool gift bags! Adora was having the best time of her life with her Wisher, laughing, playing, and chatting at her party.


At the door, someone was knocking as Adora and Hannah went to get it. But when Hannah opened it, Adora was shocked and surprised that the person who was behind that door was none other than the headmistress of Starling Academy... Lady Stella, who was in her Wishling form and had her arms crossed and she was glaring down at Adora! Turning to Hannah while rubbing her arm nervously, Adora introduces her to the headmistress as Lady Stella orders her, Cassie, Miles, Loretta, and even Hannah to come outside with her in private.

Outside in Hannah's backyard, Lady Stella declares that she has caught Adora red-handed, saying that Lady Cordial told her everything when she was looking through the telescope of the Wishworld Observation Deck and saw Adora giving a Wish Pendant that she, Cassie, Miles, and Loretta have stolen from the Wish Pendant room this morning. She tells Adora that she needs to take the Wish Pendant back from Hannah and then hug her again so she cannot remember her coming to her party. Adora felt brokenhearted as Miles and Loretta tried to convince Lady Stella to not make Adora take away Hannah's new gift and erase Hannah's memories again, but Lady Stella apologizes and says that "what has to be done, must be done". She turned to Adora with a nod and Adora sadly nods back as she walks to Hannah to take the Wish Pendant off of Hannah's neck so it's magic wouldn't protect her memories of Adora or any Star Darling again, and then hug her to erase her memory again. Cassie, on the other hand, begged Adora to not do it but Lady Stella held her hand in front of her face to silence her.

Adora slowly moved her hands to undo the latch of Hannah's Wish Pendant and take it away as she heard her friend say goodbye and that she will miss her so much. But instead of doing so, she screamed out "No!" and burst into tears as she hugged Hannah and said that she can't do it. She didn't wanna lose her friend again. Hannah's eyes began to fill with tears as she hugged back and this time, her memory of Adora didn't go away because she still had her Wish Pendant on. As the two girls were hugging and crying all together, Cassie, Loretta, and Miles enjoyed the moment of their friends' reunion while Lady Stella sighs, but she was also moved by the scene too.

After Adora and Hannah finished their hug and crying, Lady Stella tells Adora to stay with Hannah on Wishworld tonight and to come to Starland tomorrow morning to have a talk with her in her office.

Later that night, Hannah's birthday party was over, and all her friends, including Miles, Loretta, Cassie, and Lady Stella left. Adora and Hannah got ready for bed after Adora convinced Hannah's parents to stay for tonight with her adult hypnotizing spell. In Hannah's bedroom, Adora was amazed by how beautiful her Wisher's room was as Hannah prepared a sleeping bag for her. Then turning to her, Adora asked why Lady Stella would ask her and Hannah to come back to Starland tomorrow morning to see her in her office at Starling Academy.

When Hannah was done setting up the sleeping bag, she was too tired to respond but she was as worried as Adora who was also tired and ready to snuggle in her room. Before any of the girls could sleep, they though of the same thing; they could sleep in Adora's invisible tent together again just like back in Moose Lake Camp. So setting up her invisible tent, Adora and Hannah crawled inside and stayed up for a few minutes; laughing and talking about their adventures while they were separated over the past few months. Finally, as the moon rose in the sky, they fell asleep on the soft plush blue floor of the tent.

The next morning, Adora and Hannah were dressed and ate their breakfast of blueberry pancakes and waffles just as there was a knock on the door. After putting their dishes in the sink, Adora opens the door to find Miles, Loretta, and Cassie greet her and Hannah, and even give Hannah her new Star Zap and shooting star. Hannah was both nervous and excited at the same time as she took both her new gifts from her new friends and calls to her parents in the kitchen that she and Adora are going out with them. Outside, Miles, Loretta, Hannah, and Cassie followed Adora to a safe place to pick the perfect Starland outfit from the Starland Outfit Selector from Hannah's Star Zap and unfold their shooting stars, including hers.

Later, when they rode on their shooting stars and Hannah picked her new Starland look while changing her hair color to celestial blue, the girls and Miles arrived in Starland as Hannah looked around in awe and amazement. The trees were all in different colors instead of green, the grass looked like it was already mowed, and there was lots of lights and stars shining around. Hannah felt like she was in a trance when Adora snapped her back to reality by leading her, Miles, and Loretta to Starling Academy and to Lady Stella's office. Then gulping down a big lump in her throat, Adora and Hannah braced themselves as they and their friends entered the office to meet Lady Stella and the rest of the Star Darlings.

All of Adora and Cassie's friends whispered and glanced nervously at Hannah (in her new Starland form), and even Scarlet gave her a look that told her to get out of Starling Academy and never come back. Hannah felt like she could do that but with Adora by her side, she stayed where she was as Lady Stella began to speak. Squeezing each others' hands tightly, Hannah and Adora were ready for the worst part of the meeting; having Lady Stella force Hannah to give up her Wish Pendant and have her memories of her Star Darling friend removed again.

But instead of taking away the Wish Pendant, Lady Stella just stood at her same spot with a smile and announces that Adora's friendship with her Wisher has taught her a very special lesson and says how much Hannah and Adora mean to each other. And just for that, Lady Stella decrees that Hannah can keep her Wish Pendant and come back to Starland and visit Adora and the other Star Darlings at Starling Academy whenever she likes just like Miles and Loretta and the rest of their friends, as long as she keeps her Wishling identity a secret from any Starling eyes.

Thrilled, Hannah ran to Adora and they hugged again while their sparkling skin glowed together in their hug. Then as they ended the hug, Hannah promises that she will keep everything about the Star Darlings and their homeland a secret and promises to come back soon.

After the twelve Star Darling and the three Starling-guised Wishlings left Lady Stella's office, Adora asks Hannah what she wants to do now that she is in Starland. While Hannah was thinking, Vega suggests that they should head to the Hedge Maze, while Tessa suggests that they can have lunch together in the Celestial Cafe, Astra says that they should go to the starball field to play starball, Leona says that they should head to the Band Shell to hear the Star Darlings new song, and Cassie wants to go to the Luminous Library to read holo-books.

Hannah thinks that all those suggestions are wonderful, but she has decided that she could take a tour of Starland, but she will need a tour guide first. Turning to Adora with a knowing smile and nod, Adora smiles and nods back as she knew that Hannah needed her since she is her best friend. Laughing joyfully, Adora runs to Hannah and grabs her hand, leading her into Starland City.

Then, Miles, Loretta, and the rest of the Star Darlings followed all laughing and running over to catch up to their two friends, from two different worlds with a special friendship, ending the episode.

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  • Adora reunites with her Wisher Hannah in this episode.

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