Atlantic: Atlantic Catboy is the 23rd episode of Season 15. 
Atlantic Catboy!

Atlantic Catboy!

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When Kwazii catches an undersea fever, he puts Connor in charge by giving him his ocean pearl bracelet until he feels better, and Connor becomes Kwazii for a day, but the only problem is the heavy Atlantic Armor and Poseidon's Trident he has trouble lifting.

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The episode begins with Connor walking to the park to meet with Amaya and Greg when Doc Mcstuffins rushed passed him with a worried expression on her face.

Turning to face her, Connor calls to Doc why she was in such a rush as she explains that Kwazii is not feeling well today before she turned away and kept going. Concerned, Connor decides to follow her and find out what was wrong with his friend.

When he arrived at the Octopod and went inside to check on Kwazii, he goes to his room to find all his friends gathered around a sick Kwazii in his bed with Peso giving his friend a thermometer while Doc checked his heartbeat.

Excusing himself to come through and look at Kwazii, he asks what happened to him as Mr. Smee explains that Kwazii got sick after catching an undersea fever while examing undersea volcanoes yesterday, and he can't do anything unless he stays in bed and feels better. Connor's face was filled with sympathy and wishes that he could find a way to help his friend as everyone, including him, were about to leave. But just then, Kwazii lets out a wheezing cough and croaked to Connor to stay and come to him so he can tell him something important for a moment. After all of Kwazii's friends, except Connor, left his room, he tells Connor that he can't help anyone with his powers if he is in bed with a fever, so he needs someone to take his place while he rests. And that someone is, Connor!

So he is counting on Connor to do it as he points a paw to show Connor that his ocean pearl bracelet is on his drawer. He knows that his friend will do fine, Connor will be Kwazii for a day, but Connor doesn't know if he can do it and asks Kwazii if he could find someone else, like Captain Jake, to use his ocean pearl bracelet instead because of his interest and knowledge of water. Shaking his head, Kwazii tells Connor that Captain Jake already used his bracelet the last time to save him from the poisonous mermaid's poison spell, and reminds Connor about the times of how he helped stopped Romeo from controlling everyone by listening to his friends plans, how he shooed Clayton and his poacher men out of the Pridelands when Kion marked him co-leader of the Lion Guard, and how he saved Ty the baby Typhoon Tiger's family.  

Plus, he tells him that it's not about having any oceanic powers, wearing the Atlantic Armor, or wielding a magic ocean trident, it's about believing in yourself, because if he believes in himself, he can do anything. So taking Kwazii's advice, Connor accepts the favor and puts on the ocean pearl bracelet around his wrist, then it glowed and he felt it's power snaking into his veins and coming into his heart and mind. 

Amazed, Connor eyed the bracelet's light like it was hypnotizing him but he snapped out his trance and turns to Kwazii, thanking him and telling him that he won't let him down as he went out of the room and out back to Disney Junior Town to use his new powers.

When he was out of the water, Connor decides to put the bracelet's powers to the test by raising his palm at the ocean's water, and before his very eyes, the water began to rise! Connor puts his hand and arm down, which puts the water back into the ocean and runs to town to meet his friends so he could show them. 

At the park, Amaya and Greg were playing on the climbing equipment when they saw Connor rushing up to them. Then, they noticed Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet around his wrist as they climbed down to ask him why he has it on him. Catching his breath, Connor explains to them that Kwazii is putting him in charge of using his powers to help others while he is in bed with an undersea fever.  

He shows them how he used Kwazii's water powers by holding out his palm at a nearby water fountain. Then, just like with the ocean, Connor lifted some water out of the fountain and holds the floating orb of water above his hand, leaving Amaya and Greg impressed and in awe. Connor even used his new water magic to shape shift the water into a cat, an owl, a gecko, and even a goldfish and then started seperating the water into four water orbs and made them all into the same animals again, then began to make them move around as they played chase with each other.

The three friends laughed at the sight of the water animals chasing each other as Connor calls them back to mend them back into a water orb and return it to the fountain. When he returned the water orb to the fountain, Connor shows Amaya and Greg the bracelet's other abilities: like making snow fall, flying with aqua wings, and making three ice cream cones appear in front of him and his friends to eat and enjoy.

After three of the PJ Masks finished their ice cream, Connor cast more of the bracelet's magic powers just for fun like using snowy powers to make a big hill of snow for sledding, ice magic to make an icy sled fit for three or four, magic portals for Greg to slide down and go back up to slide down again, and earth magic to make flowers bloom and blossom, then explode with petals and even pollen which caused Connor, Greg, and Amaya to sneeze and laugh together.

After having fun with the ocean pearl bracelet's powers, Connor, Amaya, and Greg walked home together and met Captain Jake on their way. He asks them how Kwazii is feeling, then noticed his ocean pearl bracelet on Connor's wrist and asks why he has it on him. When asked, Connor explains that Kwazii has given him his bracelet so he could use it's powers to help others while Kwazii recovers from his fever. Captain Jake then asks Connor if he, Amaya, and Greg can see him try out the Atlantic Armor, which Connor is unsure about. Then he remembered what Kwazii said before taking his bracelet, and Connor decides to do so as he and his friends rushed to his garden.

In Connor's garden, Connor tried to figure out how Kwazii can get the Atlantic Armor on by holding out the magic trident and waving it in the air like a wand, but nothing happened. Then, walking behind him and placing his hand on his shoulder, Captain Jake gives Connor the instructions on how to get the Atlantic Armor on: hold the magic trident up straight, let it's magic flow through him, and then shout out "SPIRIT OF THE ATLANTIC! LEND ME YOUR POWER!".

Connor follows the directions, and before he knew it, he had the Atlantic Armor on! And not only that, he found that it was amazingly cool, beautiful, and awesomely powerful!

But... it was also very heavy that Connor fell flat on his stomach and tried to get up, but it was no use! And even with Amaya and Greg's help, Connor still had trouble getting up just as Greg suggests that he should use Kwazii's super strength to lift himself up, and as Connor does so, it worked! But he needed to figure out how to take the Atlantic Armor off as Captain Jake gave him more directions.

After taking the Atlantic Armor off, Connor and his friends head to the Magical Cafe for lunch while he was massaging his shoulders from the heavy armor he wore. Suddenly, the four kids saw something in the Disney Junior Town's toy store! The new Tekno Newborn robot pets and best of all, they were free for today! So, they were so eager to buy them that they went inside.

A little Tekno Newborn pet walked up to Greg and he held out his hand to let the pet sniff it. But just then, the Tekno pet's eyes glowed red and opened it's mouth to bite Greg's hand! But luckily, his friends saved him just in time and Connor holds out his palm to make a protective force field around them to protect them from the techno pet, causing it to fall on it's back and frizz out. The shopkeeper apologizes and tells the kids that was the third time it happened as he picked up the dead Tekno Newborn Pet, leaving the four of them to exchange confused looks with each other. Amaya asked why it happened the third time as the shopkeeper tells her that something strange is happening to the techno-newborn pets that is causing them to become vicious and unfriendly, like they were infected by a computer virus or something else.

When he left to repair the dead Tekno Newborn pet, Connor thinks that maybe something happened last night when the Tekno Newborn pets arrived at the toy store and is causing the store some problems. Then, holding their arms with their wristbands out, the four kids shout out that the PJ Masks are on their way, into the night to save the day!

After their transformation, the PJ Masks head to the HQ and did their usual poses. Owlette chooses the Owl Glider and she and the boys head up the second floor to get in it. Catboy was about to jump in when Owlette stops him and suggests that he can follow them by flying with the Aqua Wings, which Catboy is unsure about as he looked down at Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet still cuffed on his wrist. Then, just thinking about Kwazii still sick in bed with his fever, Catboy decides to give it a try.

However, while following the Owl Glider, Catboy was having trouble flying with the Aqua Wings on his back. He was trying to figure out how to stay up in the air and control his flying, but all he ended up doing was fly upside down, doing crazy loop-da-loops, bump into trees, and even almost knocking the Owl Glider out of the air. Finally, Owlette landed the Owl Glider on solid ground and Catboy was coming in for a landing! Or, make that, a crash landing, when Catboy crashed onto the ground when the Aqua Wings melted away after his failed landing!

Then getting up to his feet, Catboy uses his cat ears (plus the ocean pearl bracelet's super hearing power combined with his power) to hear barking and meowing coming from the other side of the street. And that was not all, he could hear Romeo laughing which means that Romeo was the one messing up the Tekno Newborns with a computer virus! The PJ Masks had to get to the other side of the street before Romeo could affect the other unaffected or fixed Tekno Newborns with his virus again. They ran to the toy store where they will find him there.

Meanwhile at the Disney Junior Town Toy Store, Romeo was working on putting his computer virus into another Tekno Newborn pet toy pet. After he was finished, the Tekno Newborn puppy's eyes glowed red, it growled, and then it was barking maliciously as it joined the other affected Tekno Newborns. Romeo looked at his best evil work yet just when the PJ Masks arrived to confront him and stop him from using his virus on the toy robot pets. Gekko then asks Romeo why he was putting a computer virus in the Tekno Newborns when Romeo explains that he dislikes how cute and sweet looking they were so he thought about making them into vicious little robotic pack animals instead.

Then, with every Tekno Newborn pet toy pet under his control, he can use his whole army of them to take over the world!

Fish Boy doubts that Romeo will take over the world with an army of cute but dangerous Tekno Newborns affected by his computer virus when he holds out his hand to Catboy to show Romeo that he has Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet on and with it's powers, the PJ Masks will stop him and bring the Tekno Newborns back to normal. Romeo then rolled his eyes and scoffed skeptically as he ordered his affected Tekno Newborn puppies and kitties to attack the PJ Masks. But the team was too fast for the little guys as they used their powers to escape their deadly bites or fight back, even Catboy got the hang of using the ocean pearl bracelet's powers to short circuit the robot pets by using water and earth magic.

Gekko on the other hand used his super gecko muscles to stomp on the ground and make the ground shake to make the Tekno Newborns unstable to stand and they fell on their backs as they frizzed out.

Then he fell something bite his tail as he looked down to find a Tekno Newborn puppy biting down and giving Gekko a painful bite mark. Catboy saves him just in time by swatting the robot puppy away with the magic roots, then he runs over to Gekko to see if he was okay. Gekko replies that he is fine but his tail hurts from the bite, so Catboy uses the ocean pearl bracelet's healing power to hold out his hand over Gekko's tail and heal it in seconds flat.

Behind them, Romeo appears looking impressed by Catboy using Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet and it's powers, and then plans to rip the bracelet off of his wrist as he ordered the Tekno Newborn puppies to get Catboy and the ocean pearl bracelet! But Catboy holds out his hands to make a protective force field around him and Gekko to protect themselves from the Tekno Newborn puppies, which knocks the three of them off and they frizz out. Gekko comes up with an idea and tells Catboy to put the Atlantic Armor on to stop Romeo and the Tekno Newborns.

Frowning unsurely, Catboy asks if it was the right time to put on the Atlantic Armor when he thought about it's heavy weight, and Gekko responds that it is. So taking a deep breath, Catboy summons Poseidon's trident, shakily holds it up in the air, and shouts out "SPIRIT OF THE ATLANTIC! LEND ME YOUR POWER!" As he said the same words, the Atlantic Armor was on him again, but like before, it weighed Catboy down!

As he was trying to lift himself up, Catboy crashed onto the ground again and he heard Romeo laughing and then he demanded the other Tekno Newborns to attack Catboy and get the ocean pearl bracelet from him. Gekko quickly picked up Catboy with his super gecko muscles and helped him lift the trident, then point it at the Tekno Newborns as it spout out water at them. The Tekno Newborns were then wet from the trident's water and they immediately frizzed out! And after using the trident, the Atlantic armor fades off of Catboy who was relieved to finally have the heavy armor off.

Growling, Romeo keeps ordering his robotic minions to attack again but they were no match for the PJ Masks and Catboy using Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet's powers. He used Leafy Twister, Freeze Breath, Rainbow Magic, Super Sonic Scream, Root Sneak Attack, Bubble Blast, Flower Power, Celestial Whirlwind, Earth Slam, Super Sticky Power, and Electrical Powers.

He also used magical weapons like the Magic Boomerang, Mystic Paintbrush, the Magical Music Baton, and the Magical Electric Guitar's sound blast to blow away the Tekno Newborns while Gekko covered his ears and Owlette and Fish Boy and even Romeo held on without being blown away by the strong sound blast. But the more Tekno Newborns they beat, the more of them were coming! Catboy puts on the Atlantic Armor again, but it's weight once again brings him down to the ground as he struggles to get up and raise up Poseidon's Trident.

But like the armor, it was too heavy for Catboy to lift either! Finally, Catboy gave up and removed the Atlantic Armor just when the Tekno Newborns were getting closer!

Quickly, Catboy uses a Super Tsunami to wash away the Tekno Newborns and even Romeo. But what he didn't know was that it also washed away him and his friends! Holding out his hand to a tree, he used Tree Power to make a tree branch grow long enough to grab on for him and Gekko. But as they were safe, they saw Owlette and Fish Boy being washed away while trying to swim to their friends as Catboy used Stretchy Powers to reach for them. But it was too late! Owlette and Fish Boy were already gone! And it was all his fault!

After the tsunami flood drained into the sewers, Gekko got up to find and help Owlette and Fish Boy and stop Romeo from infecting more Tekno Newborns with his evil virus. But he then looks down to see the soaking wet Catboy sitting down, sulking.

Walking up to him, Gekko asks Catboy if he was okay after the Super Tsunami. But as he looked up at Gekko, Catboy responds that he is not okay and that it was all his fault for washing away his friends as he buried his head between his knees and wrapped his legs together with his arms, looking despaired.

Gekko tells Catboy that it was just an accident and that he was just trying to protect themselves from the Tekno Newborns. But shaking his head, Catboy replies with a sigh that he almost drowned everyone with the tsunami and he takes off the ocean pearl bracelet then puts it down and slides it from his left side to Gekko with his two fingers, saying that maybe he wasn't meant to use Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet at all. He then mumbles "some help I am to Kwazii." as his cat ears and tail drooped.

With a comforting expression, Gekko reminds Catboy that Kwazii has chosen him to use the bracelet's powers to stop villains like Romeo. Catboy glances but hangs his head again saying that he is a PJ Mask, and PJ Masks don't use magic jewelry to stop nighttime villains. They use their own superpowers and help others.

As he said that, Catboy realizes that he is helping someone. And by someone, it's Kwazii! He was still sick, and he was counting on Catboy! Nodding in agreement, Gekko tells Catboy that Kwazii wants him to strong, not scared. Then Gekko asked Catboy if Kwazii had ever been afraid of using the ocean pearl bracelet's powers and thought that the Atlantic Armor and Poseidon's Trident were to heavy for his size and shape.

Catboy replies no at every question and says that Kwazii just kept trying until he got the hang of his powers and just lifted the armor and trident without super strength by just believing he could do it. And that was what made him a hero, so Catboy shouldn't be afraid. He just has to believe in himself the way Kwazii and the rest of his friends believe in him!

Gekko picks up the ocean pearl bracelet and hands it to Catboy, convincing him to just give it another try by putting on the Atlantic Armor again and showing Romeo who's boss. Then taking a deep breath, Catboy takes the bracelet, fastens it back on his wrist, and holds it up shouting, "it's time to be a hero!" with a confident smile.

Meanwhile, at the Disney Junior Town plaza, Romeo had his infected Tekno Newborns tie up Fish Boy and Owlette together and worked on his broken down ones. But it wasn't long when Catboy and Gekko arrived! Romeo mocks them that they are too late and is about to prepare his army as Catboy mocks back and summons Poseidon's Trident again to hold it up. But it was still too heavy for him to lift!

Catboy struggles to lift it in the air to put on the Atlantic Armor while Gekko encourages him to believe in himself and think about Kwazii. Then, wielding the trident as a weight, Catboy holds up Poseidon's Trident and shouts out the Atlantic Armor summoning phrase "SPIRIT OF THE ATLANTIC! LEND ME YOUR POWER!" Then, in a wink of an eye, Catboy transformed in the Atlantic Armor!

Shocked, Romeo asked how Catboy was able to lift the armor's and the trident's heavy weight as Catboy explains how; he didn't need the ocean pearl bracelet's super strength power to help him lift the armor and trident, all he had to do was believe in himself and think about his friend while not thinking about how heavy things were. And that was how he was able to lift the Atlantic Armor and Poseidon's Trident.

While Catboy twirled the trident in triumph and grinned, Romeo ordered his Tekno Newborns to attack Gekko, and the official Atlantic Catboy!

The Tekno Newborn kittens hissed and prepared to pounce on the two PJ Masks, but Catboy was too quick as he used the trident's water magic to spritz out water and frizz them out. Fish Boy's and Owlette's cheering for Catboy and Gekko annoyed Romeo as he watched them frizz out all his minions with their PJ Mask powers and the ocean pearl bracelet's powers. Gekko used his super strength and Catboy uses Earth Slam to make the ground shake and the Tekno Newborn puppies wobble, then fall on their backs as they all frizzed out, and jumping in the air, another Tekno Newborn puppy was ready to land and attack Gekko when Catboy used levitation powers to levitate the robot pup and into his hand. Then, like playing baseball, Catboy threw the Tekno Newborn puppy up in the air and as gravity did it's job, it fell from the sky and Catboy used Poseidon's Trident like a baseball bat to swing and hit the robot puppy over Romeo, who ducked.

Then, just when Romeo was about to order more of his minions to attack again, Catboy stops this by using the Super Tsunami again to wash away the Tekno Newborns. And this time, it didn't flood everything and everyone. But it frizzed out all the little robots and everyone of them went black!

Romeo was depressed as Catboy used Aqua Wings to fly to Fish Boy and Owlette and cut the rope that was tied them together with the Magic Sword while being careful not to cut either of them. They were free at last when Romeo stomped in anger just as Catboy calls to him that he needs to cool off. He then uses the trident's water magic to spritz water at Romeo and get him soaking wet as Catboy and his friends all laughed together.

Once again, Romeo stomped in anger but slipped from the dripping water from his wet clothes and rode off in his lab, swearing that he'll get the PJ Masks next time.

After Romeo left, Fish Boy, Owlette, and Gekko ran to Catboy and congratulated him for using the ocean pearl bracelet's magic power and by believing he could use the Atlantic Armor and Poseidon's Trident to stop Romeo and his infected Tekno Newborn army. Catboy thanks his friends, then kneels down to pick up a soaking wet aqua Tekno Newborn robot kitten saying that the Tekno Newborns need some fixing up before they're sold in the toy store tomorrow.

Raising his hand over the Tekno Newborn, Catboy lifts the water along with the virus out of the little robot kitten, then used repairing powers to fix it, and it became a friendly and cute Tekno Newborn again that gave Catboy a friendly rub on the face. Then raising his palms over to the other broken down Tekno Newborns, Catboy lifted the water, along with the other viruses that Romeo put in them, with the water morphing power and gathered them all in a giant water sphere.

Then after killing all the viruses, the PJ Masks jumped up in victory and shouted hooray! Cause in the night, they saved the day!

The next morning, Amaya, Greg, Captain Jake, Izzy, and Cubby were laughing and playing along with the Tekno Newborn robot toy pets that are now fixed and now back to normal while Connor paid for one Tekno Newborn Kitten for himself and another for Kwazii as a get well present. After thanking the man at the cash register, Connor ran off to Starlight Beach to go to the Octopod and see how Kwazii was.

Connor arrives in Kwazii's bedroom in the Octopod's bedroom pod, and finds that Kwazii was feeling well after taking Peso's medicine. He then gives Kwazii the Tekno Newborn and gives him back his ocean pearl bracelet after Kwazii takes them and tells Connor that his friends told him that he did a good job at stopping Romeo last night. With a nod, Connor thanks Kwazii as he puts the bracelet back on his wrist and then Kwazii asks his friend if there is anything he can do in return.

Thinking, Connor asks Kwazii if he can teach him how to use the ocean pearl bracelet's powers again before his friend can get sick again and before he could use the bracelet's magic again on one of his nighttime missions.

With a smile, Kwazii comments to Connor that he's got himself a deal, and the two of them happily laughed together.

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  • Romeo: To infect and use the new Tekno Newborn robot toys for world domination

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