Atlantic: Where the Great Granite Golem Stomps is the 32nd episode of Season 15.

Summary Edit

Charoca befriends a Granite Golem and he invites it over for tea in the village, but the villagers are afraid of it just like they used to be afraid of Charoca, so Elena, Naomi, and the Disney Junior Club decide to help their friend help his new friend.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Charoca and his friends having tea in his cottage. They were having a good time, laughing, sipping tea, having cookies, and even talking when someone was at the door. Charoca goes over to see who it was as he opens it and a frightened villager tells him that there is a monster at the school and she asked him to deal with him. Charoca agrees so he and his friends head to the school to find and ask the monster to go away. When they arrived, they found the monster, which is actually a granite golem with a school bag.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Magical Animal Communication
  • Atlantic Armor
  • Posidon's Trident

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Elena (Narrating): Where the Great Granite Golem Stomps.