Aye Aye Captain Mickey is the 33rd episode of Season 6.

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The whole class goes to a field trip to Captain Mickey's undersea adventure to explore the sea and check out the fish and their habitats by going in his submarine, but they're not alone when something or someone is watching them.

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The episode begins with Jake telling Sofia and Kwazii about a submarine trip and asking why they aren't eating. Sofia and Kwazii lose their appetite from staring at Jake's “stinky egg salad sandwich.“ They save their lunch and takes their scraps over to a conveyor belt. Then, chases after it on the conveyor belt after he realizes that he doesn't have his permission slip. Luckily, Kwazii uses his appearing powers to make a new permission slip appear in his paw and hands it to Jake to sign it in and finally, the three friends were ready for the trip.

When at the docks, the kids and teachers were greeted by Captain Mickey, who tells them to make themselves comfy and remember to stay in their seats in the submarine as all of them went inside and buckled in their seatbelts.

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