Bad Miles also known as Miles the Rotten or Miles 2 is

Bad Miles

Miles' copy created by Romeo's multiplying machine. He made his first appearance in Two Miles To Go!.

Personality Edit

Bad Miles starts as a sweet and innocent boy when Miles duplicated himself into two, but when Miles left for Starland to celebrate the Time of Lumiere with Cassie and Sage, and the other Star Darlings, he turns out to be a naughty, nasty, ruthless, and mischievous boy with a smirk on his face and an evil gleam in his eyes. He is also known to be "rotten to the core" just like Sofia's bad copy, and is known to have a ravenous appetite.

In the series Edit

Miles made him with Romeo's multiplying machine so he can go to Starland while his copy goes to the Disney Junior Town Skateboarding Park to skateboard with Connor. But after the real Miles left, Bad Miles reveals his evil side to MERC and MERC tries to go to Miles to warn him, but unfortunately, Bad Miles locked him up in his one of his holo-cages and runs off to the skateboarding park where he makes mischief on the way there.

Later at night, after leaving Starland to stop Miles, Bad Miles teams up with and helps Romeo take down the PJ Masks and even Miles, but unluckily for him, Miles helped the PJ Masks by destroying the multiplying machine and Bad Miles was gone for good!