Band Apart is the 2nd episode of Season 16.


Captain Jake and Sofia's band get separated and Kwazii and Pearl must find a way to get them back together again before the big concert.


Powers that Kwazii usesEdit



  • Pumpkin: Ready, everyone!
  • Kwazii: Totally!
  • Sofia: Let's do ths!
  • (loud music plays)
  • Pumpkin: Quiet!
  • Jake: There's no need to shout.
  • Sofia: Jake, you can barely hear ourselves play!
  • Kwazii: Gonna make some noise if we wannabe a rock band!
  • Pumpkin: We Don't!
  • Sofia: We wanna play pop!
  • Captain Jake: Disapointing! We'll play our music than, and we'll play yours!
  • Kwazii: Umm....
  • Sofia: Yes! We'll have a battle of the bands!
  • Captain Jake: Done!
  • Sofia: You wants to join our band?
  • Berry: Um?
  • Rouge: Jump out? I want to!
  • All: Dance!
  • Pumpkin: Spot! It won't work!
  • Ms Featherbon: Far not! I'll help!
  • Sofia: Let's do this!
  • Ms Featherbon: Agreed!
  • Captain Jake: We are din!
  • Fern: Greetings, Owls, I can fix this, but with help!
  • Doc: I'm in!
  • Ms. Featherbon: Splendifecent!
  • Jake and Sofia: Hey!
  • Fern, Ms Featherbon and Doc: Fix!
  • Fern: Hold out your hand, hold out your hand, let's see who's the best band!
  • Sofia: Jake, it's us!

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