Bro Time In the Pridelands! is the 54th episode of Season 20.
Simba and Bunga

Summary Edit

When Connor tells the Lion Guard that today is Siblings Day in his world, Bunga decides to spend some brother time with Kion's father and his adoptive brother, Simba! Bunga writes down a list of every fun thing they should do together, but when Bunga and Simba's plans for Siblings Day don't go as well as they hoped, Bunga learns that he doesn't need a list to help them have fun.

Plot Edit

The episode begins at

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Magic Net
  • Stretchy Power
  • Magic Vines
  • Sweets Galore
  • Super Speed

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

Bunga (Narrating): Bro Time In the Pridelands!

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