Captain Drake is Captain Jake's twin brother who is also the leader of Disney's Most Dangerous Villains and the main antagonist in front of his minions, Negaduck and Romeo. He first appeared in the season 20 episode "Captain Drake" and made his second appearance in the season 21 episode "Professor Romeo, I Presume".

Captain Jake and the Never Land promo06

Modes Edit

  • Twin Mode (A mode that has the same clothes as Captain Jake)
  • Grim Mode (A mode that has the same clothes as Grim)
  • Emperor Mode (A mode that is a suit with a staff and a shoulder spikes)
  • Cyborg Mode (A mode that is half pirate and half robot)

Trivia Edit

  • His Mortal enemy is none other than his brother Captain Jake.
  • He is the leader and one of the five members of his team Disney's Most Dangerous Villains.

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