Captain Drake is the 58th episode from the 20th season.

Summary Edit

Captain Jake's twin brother Drake kidnaps and impersonates him to end his crew. Now it's up to the Grim Buccaneer to save the day.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with a huge crocodile making his warning to Captain Jake.

Transcript Edit

Captain Jake (narrating): Captain Drake.

Drake (in his crocodile suit): You're an extraordinary fellow, Captain Jake. Well, prepare to meet your doom! (evil laughter)


Captain Hook: Today me and me crew had found something, that no one has ever seen in history of the world... A stripey weird shaped gear.

(crowd gasping)

Skully: But gears are round and have one color. Nobody has ever have a creation like that.

Captain Jake: I'm afraid I know someone who could. An old brother of mine: Drake. This is his golden model of the Mona Lisa. He's back!

Tigger: But what's so bad about Drakee-boy?

Captain Jake: Oh, he was a brilliant friend, but all of our preschool friends used to make fun of him. Like his paintings, homework, and other kinds of stuff. That's why he was banished from Neverland, and he was evil.

Romeo: Like us?

Captain Jake: Oh no Romeo, you and Undergear are evil in the new sense of the words "My friends". Drake is evil in the old sense of the words "Demon pirate". He disappeared one day when we were in gym class. (sighs) I don't know why he's returned?

Later That Same Day

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