Catboy of the Sea is the 33rd episode of Season 9.
Conner, Sultan, and Tresure Sailing The Sea

Summary Edit

Treasure and Sultan decide to help Connor overcome his fear of water by sailing in Treasure's ship together before going on a Pirate-ology field trip to sail in Red Jessica's ship.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Pirate-ology where everyone was in their seats, chatting, when Kwazii silences everyone with his ocean pearl bracelet's magic to announce that he and his students will be going to sail on Red Jessica's ship, The Rose, on Friday. Everyone, except Connor who had aquaphobia, was excited to go. Later at home, Connor was about to throw away his permission slip into the trash bin when his dad noticed it and asks his son how school was. Connor tells him that things were great, except that he and his friends will be going on a field trip to sail in Red Jessica's ship and that he's too afraid to go, but he doesn't want to let his class down. Nodding understandingly, Connor's dad takes Connor to the living room to have a talk.

After the talk, Connor goes up to his room that night. But just as he was about to drift to sleep, his vintage mirror begins to glow which means that the portal to Whisker Haven is about to open! Coming out of bed, Connor goes over to it and step through the portal as the vortex takes him to Whisker Haven and his pajamas change into his daytime clothes. Right at the harbor, he sees some kind of ship being loaded up and a lot of critter-zens were coming on board, including the two Palace Pets of Ariel and Jasmine, Treasure and Sultan. He runs over to the deck to greet them and asks them what was going on as Sultan tells him that he and Treasure are gonna sail in the sea today. Connor was nervous about the sailing, but without thinking, he asked Sultan if he can come along with him and Treasure on their high sea adventure, and Sultan replies yes before Connor could change his mind as he followed the little tiger cub on board of the boat.

When they were on board, Treasure greets Connor and asks him what he was doing on the boat. With a sigh, Connor decides to tell Treasure the truth. After explaining everything, Treasure nodded sympathetically as she decided that maybe a boat trip will help him overcome his fear so he'll be ready for Red Jessica's pirate ship trip. Connor thanks Treasure for the offer, but deicdes to reject the the boat trip. But before he could leave the dock, Sultan blocks Connor's way and assures him to just go with the flow and enjoy the boat ride. With a sigh, Connor decides to go back on the boat and just like Sultan said, go with the flow. As the sails were up, the anchor was lifted from the water and the boat sets sail as Treasure and Sultan enjoyed the view of the water, just as Treasure noticed Connor looking green with sickness. She asked him if he was okay as she realized that poor Connor looked seasick, so Sultan comes to his rescue by giving him (Connor) a bucket and as Connor's cheeks filled up, he quickly picked up the bucket and puked into it, much to Treasure and Sultan's sympathy and disgust.

After Connor was done, he begins to think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea for him to go on this Whisker Haven boat trip as Treasure and Sultan comfort him and tell him to not worry.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time Connor had to face his fear of water.
  • This episode shows that Connor gets seasick.

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