Catboy's Magic Key (Part 2) is the 36th episode of Season 15. 

Summary Edit

After saving the Disney Princesses' kingdoms and finding the last piece of the seventh key, the Key of Magic and Catboy's key to the Door of Magic, Zara the ex-princess takes it away and now Catboy must rely on himself and his abilities to stop her, and save his friends, family, and home...with his new powers. Then, Catboy discovers a shocking secret about the Princess of Gentlehaven...she is his great ancestor who is named Cynthia!

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the ruined Disney Junior Town where Catboy is sitting and crying at how his has failed his mission to restore all the Disney Princesses' worlds and Disney Junior Island's magic, but all of it was a mirage made by Zara's Bogs when Lucky, the Pixie, and Abu snap him out of the mirage's trances and the whites of Catboy's eyes, which have turned green, become normal as he snaps out of his vision and wipes the tears out of his eyes.

As Catboy was out of the trance, Lucky begins telling him that the Bogs has bewitched the path to the Cave of Wonders with their mirage to make it show his worst fears. Catboy hugs Lucky and thanks for coming with him on this mission, and then uses his mirage breaking spell to break the mirage and clear it out of their way to the Cave of Wonders, turning all of the treasure mirages into piles of dirt.

After the path was cleared, Catboy, Pixie, and Lucky followed Abu to the Cave of Wonders and they entered inside the cave to look for the genie lamp. Then suddenly, Lucky spots the genie lamp sitting on top of a golden column and Catboy bends down to pet his black cat friend in approval, but just as Catboy used his super cat speed to run up to the lamp and retrieve it, four genie Bogs appeared out of the gold piles and Catboy quickly stopped and backed away before he got any close to them!

The Bogs were getting really close now! So pulling out Miles' lazerang, Catboy threw it at the Bogs and the were knocked out, but only for a second. Catboy then looked down at his wrist which had Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet on, and with his arms outstretched, he summoned the Marine Arms and gave each genie bog a soggy slap on the face, but the Bogs were not giving up yet!

Clutching his fists, Catboy unleashed all of his magic at the Bogs, and then all of them turned into a swarm of butterflies that fluttered away and out of the cave. After the Bogs were defeated, Catboy takes the lamp and meets Lucky, Abu, and the Pixie who congratulated him as they all made their way back to Jasmine's palace and give her the genie's lamp. When they returned, Catboy gave the genie lamp to Jasmine and she thanks him and his friends for getting it back for her.

Just then, as she shook the lamp, Jasmine heard something inside as a key piece fell out of the lamp's spout and into her hand. It was the second key piece to the Key of Magic! Catboy gasps in surprise and Jasmine noticed as she realized that he needs that piece more than she does. So holding the piece out, Jasmine gives the key piece to Catboy and he thanks him for what she gave him.

Catboy thanks Jasmine and takes the second key piece before he made another portal back to the Gentlehaven castle, and he, Lucky, and the Pixie went through it.

When they came back, their next stop was Snow White's world. The trio went through the portal, and as they traveled in the vortex, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie made it to the forest of Snow White's world and found themselves in front of a little friendly cottage with animals, and Dopey!

Dopey introduces himself to Catboy with a bow, but never spoke, then leads his friends into the gray cottage where they will meet Snow White inside.

Later inside, Snow White smiled with relief that the Pixie came back and with Catboy and Lucky with her. Then she tells them that the Bogs have returned and once again, has been taken colors away from everything in the forest: trees, rocks, animals, etc.

The three friends all shared worried looks with each other, but Catboy tells Snow White to not worry for that he'll restore the colors with Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet. With a smile, Snow White appreciated the PJ Mask's help as she lead him, Lucky, and the Pixie outside to show them the gray things which are the ones with the colors that had the Bogs stolen.

Then taking a deep breath, Catboy held up his palm at the gray trees to restore their green and brown colors. Eventually, it worked but only for a second. Looking down at the ocean pearl bracelet, Catboy couldn't make out at why it's magic didn't work like it always does. Lucky thinks that maybe the ocean pearl bracelet's magic isn't strong enough against the Bogs', and the Pixie suggests that maybe Catboy could use his own magic to restore the colors.

Catboy was a little dubious but he decides to give it a try anyway. Concentrating, Catboy lets his hands sparkle in a different color: purple. And with that, the purple sparkles shot out of Catboy's hands and then they showered on the gray trees, which turns them back into pure green trees.

After the trees were green again, Catboy let's his purple sparkles turn all the grays back into colors and soon the whole forest was colorful again! Now the last one was the cottage! After the cottage was in colors again, Snow White and Dopey thanked Catboy as he replies that he couldn't have done it without Lucky and the Pixie.

Then Catboy asks Snow White if there is anything else they can do. Pursing her lips worriedly, Snow White tells Catboy about her friends at the mine finding gems, and the Bogs giving them trouble there. With determination, Catboy tells Snow White to not worry and that he, Lucky, and the Pixie will go to the mine and check on the other dwarves.

Later, as they arrived, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie find Happy outside the mine. Happy was very happy to see the trio come and help as he greeted them then explains that he and the other dwarves are having a disagreement. Catboy assures Happy to not worry and that he and his friends can help.

As Happy lead the trio inside the mine, they saw that the dwarves were arguing and their argument echoed in the mine that the Pixie had to cover her ears. Catboy stops the argument with peace magic then walks up to Doc to say hello to him and tell him that he, Lucky, and the Pixie can help mine some gems.

Delighted, Doc tells Catboy that the pickaxes are at the rocks and as Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie got their pickaxes they got to work on mining some gems. Doc was pleased by their hard work just as Lucky was getting exhausted, but they managed to get a lot of gems out of the mine.

Now it was time to get the gems into the carts and push them outside. With the ocean pearl bracelet's super strength magic, Catboy helped Grumpy and Happy push the carts up while Lucky in his granite golem form lifted the other carts out. After they were done, the gen carts were finally out of the mines and Doc thanks Catboy, Lucky (back in his cat form), and the Pixie for their help. Grumpy grunts a thank you as Happy asks Catboy to help Dopey and Doc outside.

Later outside, Doc asks the trio to help Dopey sort out the carts and they were on it! After they were done sorting the gem carts, it was time to head back to the cottage to tell Snow White that the dwarves are working together again.

Back at the cottage, Snow White was happy to heard Catboy tell her that the dwarves are working together at the mine again like last time, but there was something else she feared the most: the rest of the forest has lost its colors and it's all because of the Bogs! Hearing that, Catboy tells Snow White to not worry for that he, Lucky, and the Pixie will go to the grove to stop the Bogs and save the forest colors. Snow White was delighted and gives thanks to her friends and directions to the grove.

When Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie arrived at the grove, they were shocked to see a lot gray colors around! Then Grumpy arrives to help. He tells Catboy the plants need to be green, the birds and squirrels need to be blue and yellow, and the mushrooms and the butterflies must be red.

Thinking about the colors remind Catboy of Owlette, Gekko, and Fish Boy (Captain Jake) back home. With a sigh, Catboy got to work on the gray items. Finally, after using so much magic, Catboy collapses but he managed to get all the colors back to normal and colorful.

Lucky catches Catboy and he, Grumpy, and the Pixie took him back to Snow White's cottage to revive his powers. After they got back, Snow White lets Catboy sleep on her bed so he could rest. Concerned, Lucky paced back and forth for his owner to wake up but luckily, Snow White woke Catboy up with a kiss on the nose.

Perking up, Catboy gasped and asked what happened. The Pixie explains to Catboy that he fainted after using his magic to save the colors, which made Catboy blush in frustration. Luckily, Grumpy tells Catboy that he managed to get all the colors back as Snow White added that there is one more thing that needs fixing; the rainbow at the waterfall.

After some stretching, Catboy jumps out of the bed and was ready to take on the Bogs who have stolen the rainbow's colors.

When Catboy, Grumpy, Lucky, and the Pixie arrived at the waterfall with the gray rainbow, the find the Bogs there as well and they were prepared to battle. Catboy readied the ocean pearl bracelet as it glowed and it's powers were activated for the fight, and even Catboy's hands sparkled in green, blue, and red colors.

While he used his super cat leap and jump to dodge the Bogs' attacks, Catboy used his sparkling hands to attack back while Lucky in his Garnet griffin form fought alongside his owner by whacking the Bogs with his tail. Catboy then blasts green sparkles at the green bogs, red sparkles at the red Bogs, and then blue sparkles at the blue Bogs!

After the Bogs were turned into butterflies and flew off, Catboy restores the rainbow to it's full colors. Grumpy grunts a congrats to Catboy and a thanks to him just when Snow White and the other six dwarves arrived to see Catboy's job well done. She then thanks Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie as she gave each of them a kiss of appreciation on their foreheads, then suddenly, Catboy finds another piece of the magic key at the waterfall.

Quickly, he picks it up and puts it inside his pocket for safety. Then after that was done, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie said that it was time to go as Catboy made a portal back to the Gentlehaven Castle ruins and then said goodbye and thank you to Snow White and her seven dwarf friends.

When they arrived back, the trio went to the portal to Princess Belle's world and they took off as the vortex sent them into the throne room of Belle's castle. There, they find Princess Belle, the Beast, her furniture friends... and some Bogs!

Catboy runs up to Belle to ask her what was going on as Belle tells him that the Bogs are sabotaging the ball that they had and had everyone leaving. With determination, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie decided that they should get rid of the Bogs as Belle was happy to hear that and she leads them straight to the Bogs who were having their own fun wrecking things.

Then walking up to the Bogs, Catboy orders them to stop and leave the ballroom right now! But the Bogs just laughed at him as Catboy got really annoyed and decides to get them out the hard way. But before he could do that, Belle stops Catboy in time and tells him that the Bogs look like they want to play tag.

Catboy and Lucky gave Belle a questioning look, but Catboy decides that he should play with the Bogs. So, he walked up to the Bogs and asked them if he could play with them. Reluctantly, the Bogs let Catboy play tag with them just as one of them explained the rules to Catboy. If he wins, then the Bogs can leave the castle, but if Catboy loses, they'll stay in the ballroom and keep on bugging Belle and her friends. Catboy accepts the challenge as the game of freeze tag begins!

As the game begins, the Bogs tried to tag Catboy but he was too fast and thanks to his magic powers, Catboy freezes the Bogs and wins the game in seconds! After the game was over, the Bogs unfroze and left just as one drops a piece of a key before running off to catch up with the other Bogs. Lucky runs up to the piece and picks it up with his mouth to give to his owner and Catboy thanks him as he puts the piece inside his pocket just when Belle thanks him and his friends for the help, and asks them if they can stay for the ball.

Catboy thanks Belle for the stay, but politely refuses the offer for that he and his friends need to help the last princess, Cinderella, save her kingdom. Nodding, Belle understands and so do her friends. Then after saying goodbye, Catboy makes a portal and he, Lucky, and the Pixie went through it to head back to the Gentlehaven castle ruins, where they will enter the final portal to Cinderella's world.

When they went through the portal, they arrived in Cinderella's kingdom and walked towards the castle, but as they were walking, Lucky noticed everyone being frozen stiff as Catboy noticed it too. Something weird is going on around this kingdom, and only Cinderella knows what to do once the three friends find her at her castle. Just then, Catboy saw some Bogs as he pulls the Pixie and Lucky behind a crate before the Bogs spotted them.

Then as they were hidden, they saw that the Bogs were using their magic to freeze everything, which explains why some of the other people and animals are frozen. Catboy lets out a gasp when he saw the other Bog freeze two mice in guard costumes! After they Bogs vanished, Catboy and his friends got out of their hiding place to see the two mice frozen just like the rest of the villagers and animals, and turned around to look at everything and everyone being affected by the Bogs' freezing time magic.

Thinking, Catboy decides to use his magic to break the freezing time spell on the animals, people, and objects, and he'll use it on the two mice named Gus and Jaq as he concentrated on his magic and in seconds, Catboy unfroze the mice who shook their heads and asked what happened.

When they looked up at Catboy and Lucky, Jaq and Gus backed away in fear but Catboy assures them that they are friends of Cinderella and want to help her. Jaq and Gus were skeptical at first, but when they saw their old friend, the Pixie, with Catboy and Lucky, they've decided to lead them to the castle, but Catboy decides that he should unfreeze everything and everyone first, and so he got to work on his magic.

After unfreezing the last person, Catboy was ready to head into the castle, but he, Lucky, and the Pixie need to protect Jaq and Gus from the Bogs freezing them again. Finally, they made it to Cinderella's castle but they stopped on their tracks to see that the Bogs are using their magic again to make vines that hold the gates shut!

Quickly, Catboy used his magic to stop the Bogs and turn them into butterflies. Then, he used his magic again to get rid of the vines and finally open the gates. Jaq and Gus went in to find Cinderella as Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie followed them behind into the castle.

Inside the castle, Cinderella was looking very anxious when she saw Jaq and Gus and was very relieved, and she was even more relieved when Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie came in to help.

Trivia Edit

  • Catboy's Door of Magic transformation resembles one of the Jaquins of Avalor.
  • The scenes where Catboy scratches Zara on the face with his aura claws, Zara smacked him and sends him crashing onto the portrait of the princesses, and the fight scene where Lucky and Zara are fighting of this episode are similar to the battle scene in Hanzo's fortress from Kubo and the Two Strings.
  • While Kwazii, Captain Jake, Sofia, Miles, Doc, and Sheriff Callie only used their keys to open the Door of Magic, Connor/Catboy is the only character who didn't use his Key of Magic to open the door as it only transformed him into Jaquin Boy.

Transcript Edit

Connor (Narrating): Catboy's Magic Key (Part 2).

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