Catboy and Owlette's Little Meowl is the 12th episode of Season 17. 
Catboy and Owlette's Little Meowl

Summary Edit

When Catboy and Owlette find a meowl egg, it hatches and now they are parents of the baby meowl that they need to take care of it until their friends find it's true parents.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Owlette driving the Owl Glider and following Kwazii and Sofia, flying with his Aqua Wings and her butterfly wings out. They were on a mission: to find Night Ninja and find out what he was up to!

Suddenly, Kwazii stopped midair and pointed to something! Curious, Owlette drove the Owl Glider down to land it and she and the boys hopped out to go check it out as Kwazii and Sofia land and their wings dissolved, then they joined their friends to see what Kwazii saw. Clearing the branches out of a bush, Catboy finds something unusual; an egg! Just then, the egg was shaking and jumping, meaning that it was beginning to hatch as Catboy threw the egg in the air and Owlette flew up to catch it in time.

Kwazii decides that the mission will have to wait. they had to bring the egg back to the Gup-TD to keep it safe before it hatches and if Night Ninja or his Ninjalinos are around, they might snatch it away from them. So the gang had no choice but to go back to their ship to keep the egg safe.

As they made it to the Gup-TD, Owlette gave Tweak the meowl egg to the incubator and they waited for it to hatch. Suddenly, Catboy and Kwazii heard the sound of egg cracking meaning that the baby inside will be coming out of it in any second now! The egg's cracks were getting bigger and longer, and in no time, the creature coming out of the eggshell was... a baby meowl!

Rubbing it's eyes, the baby meowl yawned and stretched it's paws. Then it opened them to see where it was and where it's parents were. All the Disney Junior Club members were charmed by it's cuteness and the baby meowl jumped off the incubator and into Owlette's arms, and it started purring. Then, turning its gaze at Catboy, it spouted it's little meowl wings and flew on top of Catboy's head and started purring again. The two laughed together and Kwazii comments that the baby meowl thinks that they're his parents, which Owlette and Catboy both stared with confused looks.

But they agreed to their friend anyway since they have cat powers and owl powers, and the baby meowl is half cat, half owl. So while Kwazii, Sofia, Captain Barnacles, Peso, Captain Jake (Fish Boy), and Miles find the baby meowl's real parents, Catboy and Owlette will stay in the Gup-TD's headquarters to take care of their new friend. Catboy and Owlette shared a smile and said together that they'll do it as Owlette rocked the baby meowl in her arms like a baby. Catboy and Owlette then decides to name it Meilo, and Catboy asks Gekko if he would be Meilo's godfather.

Gekko felt his cheeks flush and gladly says that he would do it.

Later, a montage is shown of Catboy and Owlette doing a good job taking care of Meilo while their friends were working. While they were busy, Catboy and Owlette fed Meilo, cleaned him, groomed him, played with him, and even taught him how to doing some cool flying tricks.

While Owlette and Catboy were taking good care of their little meowl, Sofia was working on some new power discs for Kwazii and Captain Jake's magical creature power suits. They might come in handy if they ever run to Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos again. Suddenly, something caught the Gup-TD that it stopped in midair and Meilo almost crashed onto the wall until Owlette caught him in time as Kwazii went out to see that some sticky splat caught the ship, and it was making it hard for it to move.

Luckily, Kwazii cuts the sticky splat with his dark claws and the Gup-TD lands on clear ground as they gang went out to find Night Ninja, and Catboy and Owlette brought Meilo with them.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Stretchy Powers
  • Super Sight
  • Super Hearing
  • Magical Animal Communication
  • Dark Claws
  • Aqua Wings

Fantasy Forest Animals seen Edit

  • Meowl

Trivia Edit

  • Catboy and Owlette become the parents of a baby animal for the first time.

Transcript Edit

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