Jaquin Boy meets Marimonda

Catboy and the Realm of the Jaquins is the 52nd episode and the movie of Season 21.

Summary Edit

Catboy and his Disney Junior Club friends travel with Elena to a new realm they have never been to before: the Realm of the Jaquins, also known as Vallestrella, but disaster strikes on their trip when Catboy is tricked by Victor and Carla into releasing a mischievous forest sprite named Marimonda! Now Catboy and his friends must stop her and some other villains from Elena's past while making a difficult choice that would change his life... forever!

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The episode begins at Connor's room where Lucky is helping his owner pack up his things for his summer vacation to Avalor. Lucky then finds Connor's bracelet and suggests that Connor should bring it with him, but Connor just shook his head and says that he'll be fine without his bracelet that holds the pieces of his friends' favorite things and his Key of Magic. But thinking about it, Connor decides to bring it with him just before the Gup-TD arrived to pick him, Amaya, and Greg up. After saying goodbye to their parents, the three kids headed on board the Gup-TD and then, it flew off to Avalor. Evening then comes.

At the Avalor palace, Elena and the jaquins were waiting patiently for their Disney Junior Club friends when the Gup-TD appeared in the sky and then landed. Elena and the jaquins were happy to see them again after so long and they couldn't wait to take them to an amazing adventure into the jaquins' home realm, Vallestrella. Catboy was more excited than his friends and he couldn't wait to meet the rest of the jaquins, including the king of the jaquins, King Verago! When Catboy mentioned that name, Skylar and Nico tell him that King Verago is their father, which leaves Catboy amazed. Now that the Disney Junior Club is in Avalor, they can get started on going to Vallestrella! The Disney Junior Club went back on the Gup-TD but Owlette noticed that Catboy wasn't coming as she called him if he's coming on board, but Catboy will just fly with the jaquins this time since he has his Key of Magic that will transform him into Jaquin Boy. Owlette finds it okay as she went inside the ship and soon, everyone took off to the Realm of the Jaquins, but no one knew that they were being watched by Victor and Carla, who followed them behind.

When the gang finally arrived at Mooncliff Mountain, everyone got out of the Gup-TD and the jaquins landed along with Jaquin Boy as Skylar opened the portal to Vallestrella and one by one, every member of the Disney Junior Club and Elena riding on a jaquin went through. Then, as everyone was through and the portal was about to close again, Victor and Carla slipped through as the portal closed behind them. When they were in the Realm of the Jaquins, Jaquin Boy was amazed by the sights and sounds of Vallestrella. There were many different creatures of all shapes, colors, and sizes everywhere, and they made the most unusual sounds he's ever heard. But that's not all! They had amazing powers like super speed, just like him! Jaquin Boy could stay in this realm forever! Just then, Elena snaps Jaquin Boy back to reality by shouting excitedly that they have arrived at the Jaquins' home where they are greeted by other jaquins. Owlette was mostly charmed by the baby jaquins' cuteness and bends down to pet one of them just when King Verago made his appearance to welcome back Elena and welcome her friends in, saying that he is very glad to have met them. Jaquin Boy thanks King Verago for letting Elena invite them to come with her to Vallestrella to meet the rest of the jaquins just when King Verago took an interest at Jaquin Boy's looks and asks him how a human like him can change himself to a jaquin. Pulling his Key of Magic out, Jaquin Boy explains that his key is able to transform him into his jaquin form just as he used it to change back into Catboy, leaving all the other jaquins astonished and amazed as Catboy used his key again to change into Jaquin Boy again. After a few seconds of silence, King Verago turns to Elena to talk to her about the amazing things she had done in the past and how Skylar is doing a good job training the new guardians of Avalor while outside the jaquins' palace, Victor and Carla were spying through a hole. But they only have their eyes on Jaquin Boy and his Key of Magic. They have a plan. But what could it be? They then went down to business just as King Verago orders his servants to prepare some comfy beds for his guests. After the beds were set, Jaquin Boy laid lazily on his and fell fast asleep. All that traveling a flying sure made him tired as Owlette gently placed a blanket over Jaquin Boy.

Later at midnight, Jaquin Boy was awakened by Victor and Carla who tell him about finding a hidden jar in the lair of Quita Moz, a sun bird oracle, that will give him new powers. Victor asks Jaquin Boy if he is up to the challenge as Jaquin Boy hesitated, but agrees to do so. The next day, Jaquin Boy skipped breakfast just so he could help Victor and Carla get the jar from Quita Moz as he met the two in the forest and they were off. Minutes later, Jaquin Boy, Victor, and Carla finally arrived at Quita Moz's secret lair. Jaquin Boy puts his hand through some rock, only to find that it's an illusion. He, Victor, and Carla then went through. After being cut off by Victor and Carla, Jaquin Boy snuck into the lair to find the jar. He searched the shelves until he finds the one on the lower right, just like Victor told him. Reaching his arms out, Jaquin Boy grabs the jar and begins to fly out of the lair just when Quita Moz appeared and saw with angry eyes that Jaquin Boy has the jar. Then before Quita Moz could stop him, Jaquin Boy flew out and escaped with the jar! After escaping, Jaquin Boy gets out of the lair and meets Victor and Carla outside, then he asks them what he does now. Victor and Carla exchanged secret wicked smiles with each other as Victor tells Jaquin Boy that all he needs to do is open the jar and he'll have all the new powers he can have, but they'll need to do it somewhere private.

Later, when the three were nowhere to be found, Victor and Carla watched as Jaquin Boy was ready to open the jar while Victor rubbed his hands together in excitement and Carla has her arms crossed, looking impatient. Finally, as Jaquin Boy lifted the lid off the jar, he looked inside it just when a green light shot out of it, and then suddenly, a forest sprite jumped out surprising Jaquin Boy who dropped the jar and caught it in time before it smashed to the ground! Gasping, Jaquin Boy stared at the forest sprite and asked in a shaky tone who she was. The forest sprite introduces herself as Marimonda and thanks Jaquin Boy for releasing her after being stuck in the jar for days, then she rode off on her roots and vines to find a jaquin and open the portal to Avalor. After she left, Jaquin Boy scolds at Victor and Carla and told them that he thought that he was going to get some cool new powers from that jar Marimonda got out from. But it was revealed that they tricked him into getting that jar so they can release the forest sprite and take over Avalor! Angered and humiliated from being tricked, Jaquin Boy tried to stop Victor and Carla but they have already escaped before he could stop them. Jaquin Boy watched the two Delgados make their escape and says under his breath, "Oh no. What have I done?", and flies off back to the jaquins' home to warn everyone about Marimonda. When he got back, Jaquin Boy's friends and King Verago came out with worried expressions just when Amaya saw him (Jaquin Boy) flying and then landing right next to the gang, all out of breath. Elena asked Jaquin Boy where he was as Jaquin Boy explains what happened, much to King Verago's shock! King Verago snaps at Jaquin Boy for releasing Marimonda from the jar just as Jaquin Boy stutters that it wasn't his fault for that Victor and Carla tricked him, which had Elena jerk up in shock when she heard her friend say that her old enemies are back in Vallestrella again! Meekly, Jaquin Boy replied yes and he apologized to Elena for not trying to stop them. Elena forgives him but King Verago was still upset but not at Jaquin Boy this time, only he was upset about Victor and Carla coming back to Vallestrella. Then with his expression hardening, King Verago orders the guards to go after Marimonda but Jaquin Boy held out his hand for that he'll volunteer to catch Marimonda since he was the one who released her in the first place. With a gasp, Amaya and Greg begged Jaquin Boy to not go off by himself but Jaquin Boy insists that he'll be fine as he held on to the jar and flew off.

Later, Jaquin Boy gives chase and tried to pick up speed to catch Marimonda, but with all the vines and plants she summons, they were making it difficult for Jaquin Boy to catch up. And soon, he got caught in some vines and was trapped. As he was struggling to get free, Marimonda mocks Jaquin Boy and makes her leave. Just then, Jaquin Boy's friends came to his rescue as Kwazii flew up and used his super strength to rip the vines off. After Kwazii broke Jaquin Boy free, he thanks him and saw King Verago coming to help, only to see that Jaquin Boy is fine. They needed a new plan to stop Marimonda before she heads to Avalor and covers it in vines and plants again. Luckily, she doesn't have a jaquin to help her open the portal to Avalor. Then, Skylar had an idea! They can go see Quita Moz and ask him for some advice. But as Skylar mentioned that name, Jaquin Boy shivered and said that when he went inside his lair to get the jar, Quita Moz almost tried to hurt him! But Elena assures Jaquin Boy that he'll be fine once they go to see Quita Moz, and with a soft sigh, Jaquin Boy decides to go with Elena while their friends work on stopping Marimonda and finding Victor and Carla before they cause more trouble.

Later, Elena, Skylar, and Jaquin Boy flew to Quita Moz's lair and they entered. Just then, Quita Moz appeared and he was happy to see Elena again. But he wasn't happy to see Jaquin Boy as he scowls at him for stealing the jar and releasing Marimonda. After Jaquin Boy apologizes to Quita Moz and explains that Victor and Carla tricked him into releasing her, Elena tells the sun bird that she and her friends desperately need his help. Quita Moz nods and tells them that the only way to stop Marimonda is to trap her in the jar again, which Elena already knows. Jaquin Boy then shows Quita Moz the jar and asks him how they will trap Marimonda just as Elena used her illusion power from her Scepter of Light to show him that they can trick her, but since it worked the last time, Marimonda might probably not fall for the trick again. But Jaquin Boy was distracted by the illusion power and asks Quita Moz if he can do that too. Quita Moz gives Jaquin Boy a confused look just as Jaquin Boy lets out a sigh and tells him that his father is the descendant of the Maruvian wizard, and then shows him his Maruvian powers. Quita Moz and Elena decide that they should find out as Jaquin Boy concentrated on a picture of Lucky while holding his hands out to make an illusion of him. Then suddenly, an illusion of Lucky appeared in front of Jaquin Boy and Elena as he bend down to touch the illusion which then disappeared into thin air. Jaquin Boy hoped that it would be enough to stop Marimonda, but he was still a bit worried.

Meanwhile, Marimonda had arrived at the closed portal but then remembered something: she forgot a jaquin! So she was about to go get one, when she was cornered by Kwazii in his Atlantic Armor and his friends who were armed and ready to stop her! With a gleeful smile, Marimonda saw some jaquins accompanying their friends and she decides to grab one of them just as Kwazii threw a snowflake star at her vine and it froze! Frustrated, Marimonda sends more vines towards the jaquins and the Disney Junior Club, but Kwazii blocked her every move with his powers and his friends helped him protect the jaquins. Just then, Jaquin Boy, Skylar, and Elena arrived to see the battle of their friends and Marimonda. They've decided to join them as they dove down and try to help them. Elena said "Blaze!" and a blaze of light shot at one of Marimonda's vines, which was holding Luna and the vine broke as Luna was free. Then, Jaquin Boy used his Avalor magic to stop the vines from grabbing more jaquins and defend them with his super jaquin muscles! While Jaquin Boy and his friends were fighting Marimonda, one of Marimonda's vines caught King Verago by the back paw and then used him to open the portal to Avalor! As the portal was opened, Marimonda went through and soon the portal was closed behind them! Verago accuses Jaquin Boy of bringing Marimonda back to ruin to Avalor but Skylar defends him. After Skylar shot his father a glare, King Verago lets out a sigh and agrees that maybe his son is right and apologizes to Jaquin Boy. When Nico asks what they were going to do now, Jaquin Boy has an idea! But he'll need Elena's help to make it work.

At Avalor, Marimonda was already covering up the city with her plants and vines! Next, she was going to cover up the Avalor palace! But she didn't know that Jaquin Boy and his friends made it their first as Sofia riding Nico distracted Marimonda while Jaquin Boy and Elena worked on making an illusion of the palace with their magic. Mateo and Kwazii protected the palace with their magic and fended off Marimonda's vines. But she was too strong and finally, Marimonda got through them as she jumps off her vines and takes a step into the castle, only to find that the castle was just an illusion created by Jaquin Boy and Elena. Then, Marimonda saw her foot in the jar that trapped her and suddenly, she was sucked in! Then all her vines, plants, and flowers disappeared!

After Marimonda was back inside the jar, Elena and Jaquin Boy fell to their knees after using up all their magic to make their illusion together and Amaya and Greg went to help them up. Catching her breath, Elena thanks Jaquin Boy for helping her with the illusion and Jaquin Boy thanks her as he transformed back into his Connor form and he takes the jar from Captain Jake who gave it to him. Now all they need to do is take it back to Quita Moz's lair. But as they were heading back to Mooncliff Mountain, the jar was swiped away from Connor's hands by none other than... Victor! Clutching her fists in anger, Elena demands Victor and Carla to give back the jar but they said that they'll only give the jar back... if Connor gives them his Maruvian magic! Shocked, Connor told them that he will never give them his Maruvian magic. But then, Victor tells him (Connor) that if he doesn't give them his Maruvian magic, then they'll smash the jar and release Marimonda again! Elena replies no again and says that they will never take Connor's Maruvian magic so, Victor raises the jar to smash it to the ground as Elena points her Scepter of Light at him and Carla just when Connor stopped her and says that he has no choice. Before any of his friends could stop him, Connor rips all of his Maruvian magic out of him and with a sad look in his eyes, he gave it to Victor and Carla as they gave him the jar and left with the Maruvian magic. After Victor and Carla left, Amaya asks Connor how he could give away his magic like that. But he only replied with a mischievous smile just as his friends realized something. Connor used his illusion magic to magic up an illusion of his Maruvian magic!

Meanwhile, Victor and Carla arrived at a cottage where they gave the Maruvian magic to Victor's old friend, Shuriki. Now that she had Connor's Maruvian magic, she, Victor, and Carla can take over not only Avalor, but also Disney Junior Island as well. But just then, the Maruvian magic disappears from Shuriki's hand as she discovered it was an illusion! Stomping in anger, Shuriki scolds at Victor and Carla for getting an illusion instead of Connor's real Maruvian magic just as Victor promises to her that he and Carla will find another way to get the boy's Maruvian magic. Shuriki decides to give the two a second chance but if they fail her again, they will not be malvagos.

Back in Vallestrella, King Verago holds a ceremony, honoring the Disney Junior Club, the Guardians of Avalor, and Princess Elena for capturing Marimonda and saving Avalor once again. Then as everyone was celebrating, Connor uses his Key of Magic to transform into Jaquin Boy and flies up to join his friends and the other jaquins in the sky, and shout out "For Vallestrella! For Avalor!", ending the episode.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Super Speed
  • Super Senses
  • Aqua Wings
  • Poseidon's Trident
  • Atlantic Armor
  • Water Pulse
  • Aqua Spiral
  • Snowflake Stars
  • Protection Power
  • Petal Storm
  • Teleporting Power
  • Celestial Whirlwind
  • Lolirock Crystal Spells
  • Super Strength
  • Magic Chain
  • Flower Power
  • Lightning Snap
  • Magic Vines
  • Marine Arms
  • Freeze Breath

Villain Motives Edit

  • Victor and Carla: To trick Catboy (as Jaquin Boy) into releasing Marimonda again

Trivia Edit

  • This movie is an inspiration of and based on Realm of the Jaquins from Elena of Avalor.
  • Although there is no Atlantic logo on top of the movie title, Kwazii summoned his Atlantic Armor in the movie anyway.

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