Cat Girl

Catgirl is Catboy's female alter ego created by Romeo's gender swapping invention.

Appearance Edit

Catgirl is similar to Catboy only she has long eyelashes, sparkly blue eyeshadow on her upper eyelids, sharp cat-like fingernails, and a big, voluptuous, bushy cat tail that smells like Body Fantasy Love Struck perfume. Her cat logo also resembles a feminine feline.

Personality Edit

Catgirl, like her female identity and alter ego of Connor, Connia, is sassy, flirtatious, but also brave and smart. She also has a major attitude.

In the series Edit

In Girls Will Be Heroes, both Catboy and Gekko were turned into Catgirl and Gekka thanks to Romeo's gender swapping ray. But later in the night, Catgirl uses her charms on Romeo to distract him while Owlette, Gekka, and Fish Boy can get the gender swapping ray to get her and Gekka back to being boys again.

In The Boy Who Becomes the Hero, Catboy changes himself into Catgirl so she can use her charms on Romeo to distract him so Lucky (as Catboy) can get his Romeo's second gender swapping ray gun from him and use it to turn Owlbert back into Owlette. Later, after Owlette was back to being a girl again, Cat Girl changes back into Catboy.

In PJ Mask Gender Swapped!, Catgirl, along with Gekko and Owlette's gender swapped alter egos, make their return.

Abilities Edit

Catgirl has the same powers as Catboy, but she also has other powers that he doesn't have.

Super Cat Ears: Can hear any sound from far away.

Super Cat Jump: Can jump really high.

Super Cat Leap: Can leap at unexpectedly time.

Super Cat Speed: Can run really fast at lightning speed.

Super Cat Charm: Can put any boy in a love trance by talking in a sugary sweet tone, casting a sultry stare, kissing them on the cheek, batting her eyelashes, winking, and brushing her bushy tail under the chin.

Super Cat Claws: Can use her claws to cut anything, like wires, paper, wood, etc.

Trivia Edit

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