Chilly is a stuffed snowman who thinks he's a real snowman. He always gets check-ups because he thinks he
catches silly ailments, starts to melt or breaks a bone. In one episode he thought the Doc pulled his nose off his face.

His full name is indicated to be Chilly McStuffins in the episode where he and Hallie are lost in a storm, he says he is glad he and Hallie are McStuffins and she agrees.

Appearance Edit

Chilly is a stuffed snowman with a little hat with blue trimming, and blue and green scarf, two buttons, a carrot nose, two arms and no legs.

Chilly was missing from some episodes in the series along with Hallie, and in some shorts of The Doc Files.

Personality Edit

Chilly is a silly and worrisome character in the series Doc McStuffins. he is fun-loving and jokey but worries a lot. He thinks he is mortal and forgets he can't melt and doesn't have legs.

Role in the series Edit

Chilly is a stuffed snowman who worries a lot and isn't always sure that he isn't a melting snowman. Doc thinks Chilly is very sweet and cares for him deeply. Whenever Chilly worries about a fact and tells Doc about it on him, Doc tells him that snowmen don't have it or do it.

Trivia Edit

  • Chilly was usually voiced by Jess Harnell. However in "Go West, Young Lambie" had Jess Harnell unable to voice Chilly. So James Arnold Taylor, Boppy's voice actor had to fill it in for him.
  • Chilly doesn't sing a lot of songs with the other characters. He does sing some songs in some episodes.
  • Chilly was a Christmas present to Doc.
  • Chilly was third toy.

Quotes Edit

  • "Some toys are ambitoysterous. That means we can play inside OR outside."
  • "I am so sad I could cry. But if I cry I'll melt. And then who wins?! NO ONE! NO ONE WINS THAT'S WHO!!!"
  • "I wonder if she followed her dreams and became a nurse."
  • "A jumping boxy thingy!"

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