Chungu is a hyena in The Lion Guard and a member of Janja's clan. 

Appearance Edit

Chungu is a large gray spotted hyena with a notch in his right ear, and two notches in his left. His ears are round and smooth at the tips, rather than pointed like Janja's. He is the most well-built hyena in the series, sporting a thick neck and a large, round jaw. The fur on his cheeks is long and curves upward. He has a long, thick black mane, black lower forelegs, black paws, a large black nose, and a creamy gray underbelly that is cleft below his neck. His eyes are black with light yellow sclerae. They are encircled by blue fur, and two patches are dark gray fur cover the areas around them.

Personality Edit

Chungu has a rather tough attitude, though like the other hyenas, is very submissive to the clan leader. He often whines around and complains about not getting enough food, and like the rest of Janja's clan, he does not respect the Circle of Life. Chungu isn't very bright, and seems to rely on Janja to make decisions for him. He also appears to have a poor memory. He has an appreciation for his leaders jokes, and often chuckles. He has also been shown to be somewhat oblivious to the fact that the Lion Guard does not like Janja's clan at all.