Cold Crystal Mystery is the 12th episode of the 21st season.

Summary Edit

When the Heart of Coldness is stolen, Romeo and Greg have to work together to find out who dunnit and why.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Shiver Jack narrating one of his invitations before sending his Snowmugs to give it and the rest to his warm hearted enemies for a party.

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Transcript Edit

Captain Jake (Narrating): Cold Crystal Mystery.

Shiverjack (narrating the letter): Dear ladies and gentlemen, you are hereby invited to the anniversary of the Heart of Coldness. Trust me, there'll be games, food, beverages, and a dance party. We'll meet at FrozenGuard at 3:30 this afternoon. Yours sincerely and freezingly, Shiverjack.

Snowmugs: (applauding)

Shiverjack: Thank you snowmugs. Now send these to my party guests. Oh my lovely crystal. So wonderful, so evil, so good to cold.

Luna Girl: And soon so to be mine.


Captain Hook: Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Doctor Undergear: You are hereby invited to the anniversary of the Heart of Coldness,

Romeo: Trust me, there'll be games, food, beverages and a dance party.

Greg: We'll meet at FrozenGuard at 3:30 this afternoon,

Captain Jake: Yours sincerely and freezingly, Shiverjack.

Romeo: Who would go to a party like that?

Cubby: Us?

Mr. Smee: Sounds good to me.

5 hours later

Shiverjack: Ooh. Here they come. This is goin' to be the chilliest celebration ever!

Luna Girl: Okay moths, ready to ruin this anniversary?

Moths: Uh-Huh.

Luna Girl: Perfect. Go!

Snowmugs: (whistling)

Moths: You Hoo!

Snowmugs: Huh?

Moths: (swooping in attack)

(Moths and Snowmugs fighting)

Juliet: Hmm? What does she think she's doing?

Luna Girl: (giggling) This is going to be the best ruin-up ever!

Juliet: (gasps) Why that selfish girl! I better do something about this, and I know just the thing.


Skully: Cold Crackers! FrozenGuard dead ahead.

Romeo: Gee, I guess this is the first time I let someone on my Shark Ship.

Captain Hook: Don't you mean the only time?

Romeo: Don't get all pushy.

Doctor Undergear: My grandson has a good point.

Cubby: Umm. Can just say one thing?

Izzy: Sure Cubby.


(Everyone screams as the tires screech)

Everyone: Oof!

Connor: Can somebody please tell me, what just happened?

Romeo: Phew! We ran out of gas.

Captain Hook: Oh don't worry. I, the great and highly gifted Captain Hook, has got this under control.

Everyone: No!

Captain Hook: "No" What?

(The engine starts and everyone screams)

Romeo: Oof! Hey, I'm okay.

Everyone else: Oof! Hey, we're okay.

Skully: But where's Mini Undergear?

Greg: I got this. No. No. No. Aha! Here we go.

Izzy: Oh dear. All frozen.

Captain Jake: Don't worry. I'll just heat things up.

Romeo: Brrr! That was c-c-c-cold. Just hope this doesn't get any... (gasps) Juliet!

Mr. Smee: Who's Juliet?

Amaya: Oh she's Romeo's witchy love at first sight.

Doctor Undergear: Wow! That's nice.

Cubby: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go to the party.

10 Minutes Later

Shiverjack: Welcome, me hot-headed enemies! Allow me to show you where the party is.

Greg: Gee Shiverjack. It was sure nice of you to invite us to FrozenGuard.

Shiverjack: It's the least I can do for you guys. Now who's up to some spaghetti and snowballs?

Romeo: Wow. That crystal is so magnificent. If only I could give to Juliet. (sighs)

Greg: Looking at something Romeo?

Romeo: Oh. Uhh. Yes, yes. Nothin' out of the ordinary. I was following you guys, until I saw this beautiful crystal and... (gasps) The Heart of Coldness! It's gone. What are we going to do?

Greg: Calm down. We just gotta confess about what has happened.

Romeo: And let everyone think I did it? You've certainly not going to let me do it.

Greg: Okay, okay. Well I guess there must be another way we can do.

Romeo: You're right. All we have to do is runaway from the party, never return, and everything will go back to normal.

Greg: No. We can't risk ourselves getting hurt.

Romeo: Fine. Then why don't you think of something?

(Dinging sound)

Greg: I've got it! We can look if somebody else has the crystal.

Romeo: You know that just might be crazy enough, even I couldn't disagree to it.

25 Minutes Later

Greg: Well, we've tried all the suspects, but they're all innocent.

Romeo: I know. Looks like the Heart of Coldness will just remain lost.

Greg: Well I'm not ready to give up yet.

Romeo: Hm. Good luck with that. I'm going to see Juliet.

Greg: (gasps) That's it!

Romeo: Hey Juliet. Pretty nice party isn't it?

Luna Girl as Juliet: Uhh... Uh yes it certainly is.

Romeo: Huh. That's weird.

Captain Jake: Hi Gekko. What's with the ice cubes?

Greg: Cause a thief took the Heart of Coldness, and I think I know who.

Romeo: What? Lizard Legs, I told you I didn't took...

(Everyone gasping)

Izzy: The Heart of Coldness! It's seeking out the ice cubes!

Romeo: (gasps) Juliet, a thief?

Luna Girl as Juliet: Oh please. I just came here to steal it... (Normal voice) I can put it on everyone's downfall.

Skully: Wow! I didn't know Juliet had two voices.

Romeo: That's not Juliet! That's...

Luna Girl: Ah!

Everyone: Luna Girl?!

Luna Girl: That's right, and now that my cover's blown up, I'll be stealing this. Ta ta!

Everyone: (startled)

Romeo: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Luna Girl: Looks like I've got the upper freeze now.

Juliet: Abracadungeon!

Luna Girl: Oof! Whoa-a-a-a! Aah! What in the world?! I'm stuck!

Romeo: You bet your stuck. I'll take that crystal now, moon-lady.

Luna Girl: Oh, fine.

Romeo: Now how do you reverse this thing?

(Glass breaking sound)

Everyone: Oof!

Shiverjack: Yes! You've reversed the power of the Heart of Coldness!

Connor: Thanks Romeo.

Romeo: No problem. Thank goodness we've the thief, but what was that mysterious rope that grabbed Luna Girl?

Juliet: Oh, Rome.

Romeo: (gasps) Juliet?

Juliet: When I was flying around, I saw someone dressed as myself, and I got suspicious. So I made this iceberg costume, and outwit the thief. Clever huh?

Romeo: Wow that's the most shared genius and a great relief. I knew you weren't a common crook.

Shiverjack: Get out of here, Luna Girl! You are not welcome to FrozenGuard.

Luna Girl: You haven't seen the last of me, Lover-Boy! You too, PJ Pests!

Shiverjack: Thank you. Romeo, Lizard-legs, and Juliet for saving Never Land, from becoming a Lunar-mayhem.

Amaya: So now what?

Shiverjack: Now, we dance!

My House

The End

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