Connia is Connor's female alter ego. She made her first appearance in Girls Will Be Heroes and made her returning appearance in Swap Em’ and Weep!. She is voiced by Bekka Prewitt who voices Kitty Cheshire from Ever After High.


Connia is similar to Connor only she has long eyelashes and long curly brown hair with a cat clip. She wears a denim jacket with a white blouse underneath it, a frilly starry blue skirt, sky blue leggings, and red flats.


Connia is a sugary sweet talking, flirty, sassy, fashionable, vain and sultry girl that loves nothing more than mani/pedi cures, flirting, jewelry, fashion, makeovers, and handsome young boys, but she also hates getting her hair messed up or having one of her nails broken.

But despite all of that, Connia can be brave, clever, and smart that she can outwit any villain with her major attitude or use one of her charms, like batting her eyelashes, brushing her bushy tail under the chin, and tickling them under the chin when she is Catgirl.

In the series

Catboy and Gekko were turned into girls by Romeo's gender swapping ray. At school, Connia started flirting with Prince James and other boys in class so Amaya decides that enough is enough and she and Jake decide get the girls back into boys again, but when battling Romeo as Catgirl, she began worrying about her broken claw and ran off to get a nail filer until she learns that a broken nail or a broken claw isn't that much of a big deal when it comes to being a hero.

Connia and Gregoria made their returning appearance in Swap Em’ and Weep!, When Kwazii accidentally genderswaps Connor and Greg, along with Amaya, with his new genderswapping power.