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Connor is the oldest and the leader of the PJ Masks.

Personality Edit

Connor takes great enjoyment in associating with Greg and Amaya. He can be a bit clumsy at times; this was especially emphasized in "Clumsy Catboy". He's also nice, smart, caring, friendly, helpful, and funny. In "Catboy's Great Gig", it is shown that he sometimes has intense stage fright.

Appearance Edit

Connor's skin is tan and has brown gelled up hair. He wears a blue sweater with a white line in the middle, blue pants, and red shoes.

In his pajamas, he can transform into the fast blue Catboy with cat ears, stripes, cat tail, and the cat logo.

In "Girls Will Be Heroes", Connor becomes his female alter ego created by Romeo, Connia. She has long eyelashes and long wavy brown hair with a cat clip. She wears a denim jacket with a white blouse underneath it, a frilly starry blue skirt, sky blue leggings, and red flats.

In "Star Darlings", Connor wears a black vest with a white shirt with a blue star printing underneath, black sparkly cargo jeans with sparkly blue stars, and sparkling blue sneakers. He has a blue belt with a star belt buckle around his waist and wears a star wristband on his left wrist. He also has blue star markings under his left eye and he hair is cerulean blue with a dark brown streak.

In "Shape-topia", Connor's outfit resembles to the Hitachiin twins' Cheshire Cat costumes, only the top is white with black stripes and so is the tail, the neckerchief is gray, the pants are black, the boots are black with white hem, and the gloves are gray with white hems. On Connor's head are two black cat ears.

In "The Griffin Games", Connor wears a navy blue riding coat, black gloves, blue riding pants, brown riding boots, and a navy blue riding helmet with a golden griffin crest.

In "Just One of the Hyenas", Connor becomes his hyena form, Chausiku. He has spots, plus two more that are like pawprints, a mane that is similar to his human form's hair with brown streaks, black paws, blue eyes, and around his neck is a pendant with a cat symbol dangling from it's chain.

Terra Monsters Edit

Snowcloud the Lyonyce Edit

Connor's top favorite and starter Terra Monster that is always ready for a battle! However, like his owner, he hates getting wet which will melt his mane into water. Before the PJ Masks became Terra Ranchers, Snowcloud was a young Freyon when Conner chose him to be his starter Terra Monster. When they were traveling together, the friends were being attack by some Remyrms. Luckily, Connor's new bond with Snowcloud caused him to evolve into a Lyonyce.

T-Rex the Slizzard Edit

The Slizzard with a big attitude and a big heart who was misjudged as a mean and cruel Slizzard, while Connor and his friends only see him as a misunderstood Terra Monster who's just a little clumsy.

Speedy the Wolvus Edit

Speedy is an arrogant and vain Wolvus that loves to look in the mirror that loves to make himself handsome which annoys Connor a lot since mirrors distract this Terra Monster, but that never stops him from protecting his friends.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a large interest in Master Fang, and sometimes pretends to be him during missions.
  • He has a fear of water.
    • It was mentioned in "Catboy's Cloudy Crisis" and "Owlette the Winner".
  • He sometimes treats Greg like a little brother.
  • He has a crush on Amaya (Owlette).
  • In "Owlette of a Kind", he temporarily gained Owlette's powers due to Romeo's Power Copier.
  • His suit is currently the only one with ears.
  • His signature color is blue.
  • In the episode "Gekko's Super Gekko Sense", it is revealed that he is talented at drawing. It is mentioned again in the episode "Owlette and the Owletteenies".
  • He owns a black cat named Lucky and temporarily owns a baby masquerade mouse named Cheesecake in "Catboy and the Masquerade Mouse!".
  • He has a fear of dogs in "Catboy and Captain K9".
  • He owns a magical sketchbook and magical pencil sent from Oliver Gryffon in "Catboy Draws To Life!".
  • He develops a rivalry with Captain Jake in "Catboy Got Your Back", but he was actually jealous of his magical Neverland powers, like his flying ability and his Mighty Captain Sword.
  • Like Nate, he has a Yokai Watch that helps him find Yokai in "Catboy and the Yokai Watch".
  • Connor likes to visit the Pride Lands to help the Lion Guard or take a break from his nighttime missions.
  • Connor holds both magic powers of Gentlehaven and Maru, which are part of his family's tradition. However, whenever he gets angry, scared, or irritated, his magic gets out of control as seen in "Catboy's Magical Mishap".
    • In "Catboy VS the Outsiders", his magic starts controlling him when he is about to be killed by Zira and her family, and it made him violent and menacing until Kion snaps him back to normal by telling him to stop. Later, while Catboy and the Lion Guard are leaving the Outlands, he passes out after using all his magic (which is the same thing that happened to Elena when she used up her scepter's magic to defeat Orizaba in the episode "The Scepter of Light", but the two scenes from two different episodes have differences between each other).
  • His ancestors are the Princess of Gentlehaven and the Maruvian wizard.
    • In "Catboy's Magic Key (Part 2)", Connor's mother is the descendant of the Princess of Gentlehaven, and in "Connor Unlocks a Secret", his father is revealed to be the descendant of the Maruvian wizard.
  • In Catboy And The Macaron Mashup!, he is an expert at making macarons.
  • In Atlantic: Kwazii's Apprentice, he becomes Kwazii’s apprentice.
  • In Catboy and Romeo's Great Adventure, Romeo Broke, Upside Down Disney Junior Town, and The Genius and the Cat... Friends?, he has an unlikely friendship with Romeo.
  • In "Who's Got the Owl Power?", it is shown that he knows about origami and knows how to fold paper into fancy origami paper figures, such as a dragon.
  • In "Catboy's Cuddly", he has a cuddly cat name Mr. Meow.