A transcript of Season 12, Cupid Jake.

Captain Jake uses Cupid's bow and Arrow

Archey... with Cupid's arrows!

Transcript Edit

Captain Jake (narraring): Cupid Jake.

(In Disney Junior Town, everything is decorated with Valentine's Day decorations and mailboxes were filled with love letters and cards. On the sidewalk, Sofia, Captain Jake, and Kwazii were walking to school)

Sofia: I really love Valentine's Day.

Kwazii: Me too. It's my favorite holiday of the year.

Captain Jake: (raises an eyebrow) I thought Talk Like A Pirate Day was your favorite holiday, Kwaz.

Kwazii: Well, (scratches the back of his head) it is. Valentine's Day is just my fifth favorite holiday. My second favorite is Halloween, my third is Thanksgiving, and my fourth favorite is Christmas.

Captain Jake: (laughs) Oh okay, Kwaz.

(Sofia sniffs something chocolate-y and delicious in the air)

Sofia: (inhales the scent) Mmm. It smells like Lucinda and her mom have baked some tasty chocolate cupcakes for Valentine's Day.

Kwazii: (sniffs in the scent in the air) Mmm. Oh yeah. I smell them too. Let's go inside and grab some before we get to school.

Captain Jake: Okay, but let's make it quick. I don't wanna be late for archery club, and you guys know how much that means to me.

(Sofia and Kwazii both chuckle)

Kwazii: (stops chuckling and sighs happily) Okay, Jake. Whatever you say. (he opens the door for his friends and the three of them went inside the bakery)

(Just then, a little man with cherub wings and a diaper was flying by and stops to admire a cardboard display of himself)

Cupid: Oh! Looking good! (flies off and hovers over a sad man and woman sitting on a bench. Then he pulls out his bow and arrows) Alrighty, it’s time to spread the love! (fires two arrows at the man and woman, and then the two of them fell in love with each other. Later, a montage is shown of Cupid shooting his arrows at people to make them fall in love with each other. After shooting his love arrows at people, Cupid was getting exhausted from his job) Phew! (yawns) Boy, all this love spreading is making me tired! (sits down under a tree and lays his bow and arrows on the ground) I'll just take myself a little nap, and then I'll- (falls a sleep and then snores)

(Just then, a Love Dove flies and lands on Cupid's bow and arrows and carried them off with it's talons. Then, as it was flying, it dropped Cupid's bow and arrows onto the archery ground just as Captain Jake, who ate his last chocolate cupcake, saw the bow and arrows)

Captain Jake: Whoa! Cool bow and arrows! Just what I needed for archery club! (picks up Cupid's bow and arrows, then walks to the targets, and then starts to use the bow and arrow to shoot at one of them)

(However, when Captain Jake sent the arrow flying, the arrow flew into a different direction).