The Dark Pearl Bracelet is an evil version of Kwazii's
Dark Pearl Bracelet

Ocean Pearl Bracelet created by Ursula the Sea Witch.

Appearance Edit

The Dark Pearl Bracelet is made out of purple rope and deep green seaweed. It is decorated with dark black pearls and midnight charms that are the shape of midnight creatures of the deep.

Abilities Edit

Like Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet, the Dark Pearl Bracelet can give the wearer superpowers from the charms, only the powers that they give are evil and destructive.

It can also put curses on people such as fear, pain, sadness, anger, hatred, stupidity, ugliness, and even vanity.

Viperfish Charm Edit

- Dark Water Powers

- Toxic Waste Power

- Transforms into an aqua cobra

- Polluting Powers

Vampire Squid Charm Edit

-Draining Powers

- Vampire Fangs

Anglerfish Charm Edit

- Anger Curse

- Raging Black Fire

Spookfish Charm Edit

- Darkening Power

- Fear Curse

- Nightmare Fog (a dangerous power that causes people to see their fears and nightmares in the real world)

Goblin Shark Charm Edit

- Mega Biting Power

- Ugliness Curse

Dragonfish Charm Edit

- Ability to grow evil plants

- Evil Roots

- Plant killing powers

- Weed Powers

Dumbo Octopus Charm Edit

- Memory Erasing

- Stupidity Curse

Devilfish Charm Edit

- Vanity Curse

- Hatred Curse

- Power of the Natural Disasters

Sea Crate Charm Edit

- Poisonous Claws

- Poisonous Gas

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