Disney Junior Classic Theater is the 10th episode of the 21st season.

Summary Edit

Our two hosts Gekko and Bunga would like to show you six timeless tales told like you've never seen them before.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Gekko and Bunga introducing the audience to Disney Junior's first ever classic theater with six timeless stories everyone hadn't heard before.

Stories Edit

  1. Four Little Pirates
  2. The Captain's New Groove
  3. The Pig Who Cried Croc
  4. Professor Midas
  5. RumpleBungaskins
  6. The Monkeys and the Shoemaking Tigger

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is based on "Muppet Classic Theater".
  • Four Little Pirates is based on “The Three Little Pigs".
  • The Captain's New Groove is based on “The Emperor's New Clothes".
  • The Pig Who Cried Croc is based on “The Boy Who Cried Wolf".
  • Professor Midas is based on King Midas".
  • RumpleBungaSkins is based on Rumplestiltskin.
  • The Monkeys and the Shoemaking Tigger is based on “The Elves and the Shoemaker".

Transcript #1 Edit

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(Narrating): Disney Junior Classic Theater.

Gekko: Welcome to Disney Junior's first ever Classic Theater!

Bunga: With the first six timeless tales told as you never heard before.

Gekko: Hello, I am Gekko from PJ Masks.

Bunga: And I am Bunga from the Lion Guard.

Gekko: Welcome to the Disney theatre. Tonight we bring fables of old—

Bunga: Old what?

Gekko: Old? They're just old stories.

Bunga: What we couldn't afore new ones?

Gekko: No, I-I mean yes. You see these are the old stories that everybody knows and loves.

Bunga: I don't know, seems like a scam. I mean you buy a new tape and you get old stories that everybody's already heard?

Gekko: Anyways, our first story is a brand new classic "The Four Little Pirates". Come on in.

Bunga: Oh boy, oh boy!

Transcript #2 Edit

Gekko: Well as you can see the four little pirate lived happily every after, The End. Say I wonder where Bunga went?

Bunga: Hey. I got the jumbo so we can share.

Gekko: Whoa! I don't want popcorn in the size a boulder.

Bunga: Well, in that case more for me. (eating the popcorn)

Gekko: You know that it is rude to eat in front of all of these people right?

Bunga: Well excuse me I just happen to love popcorn. It's my second favorite food.

Gekko: Let me guess your first favorite is.

Gekko and Bunga: Bugs.

Gekko: Well haven't you thought about yourself too much?

Bunga: No. Like, what's that suppose to mean?

Gekko: Well I'm glad you asked because that's what our next story is about. By the way, could you tell this one? I am the star. Tootaloo.

Bunga: Well excuse me, Mr. Brando! (clears his throat) Our next story ladies and gentlemen is the story of "The Captain's New Groove". Now once upon a time in a far away island there was a lizard who gazed in a rather duplious interprise.

Transcript #3 Edit

Bunga: And so Captain Long John Silver Hook and his island learned that it is best weather to think for others and follow your heart. And as for the riskily trio of kid bandits, they lived happily ever after...While serving eight years in the ship's dungeon.

Gekko: Just eight years? Hey it will go by like that. Oh uh, Conqen how long has it been so far?

Cubby: 45 minutes.

Izzy: Oh gees.

Gekko: Okay look here's the plan when we get out I hear this pour man who is so glueable...Now, now take it easy everyone let's not start a fight. Guards, guards let me out of here! I'm not guilty! Whoa! (trapped in a fight dust cloud)

Bunga: And so with the trio locked up good and tight the entire celebrate the story of Long John Silver Hook and they truly lived happily ever after, The End.

Gekko: Psst! Bunga!

Bunga: Well hello your Thiefly-ness.

Gekko: Never mind that! I can't get these stupid bandit gloves off you better tell the next story.

Bunga: Don't worry, I'm on it. And now the story of "The Pig Who Cried Croc", Once upon a time...(crash in the backstage) Ooh! Once upon a time, there was an orphaned pig who went audition to missing his cue...

Piglet: Bunga!

Bunga: Sometimes has an attendancy to overreact.

Transcript #4 Edit

Gekko: Welcome back. We'd hope you'd enjoyed our brief intermission...Really, again with the popcorn.

Bunga: Hey, this is no. 2 on my chart plus this is pretty cheesy.

Gekko: Well you know Bunga, too much of anything is not good for everyone.

Bunga: (talking with his mouthful) What's that suppose to mean?

Gekko: Well I'm glad you asked because the next story is the story of "Professor Midas"...Oh no, I'm in that one too.

Bunga: Don't worry I've got this. Now once upon a time long, long, ago Emperor, Empress and they're son Professor Midas ruled over a kingdom that was never in peace...And always a little short on cash.

Transcript #5 Edit

Bunga: And so Emperor, Empress, Professor Midas and the Sil-Vern-Jo used the pizza delivery to throw fabulous dinner parties for everyone in the entire kingdom and peace and money came along with it. And they all lived happily ever after, The End.

Gekko: I'm back.

Bunga: Oh nice work. Now our next story is the story about "A Weird Little Man Who Can Spin Straw Into Gold"

Gekko: Don't tell me your playing who I think you are playing.

Gekko and Bunga: The weird little man.

Bunga: And it is a type casket. May I?

Gekko: Be my guest.

Bunga: Once upon a time in a savannah far away there lived a sad and lonely lion who wanted to find a very young mate to be his queen.

Transcript #6 Edit

Fuli: RumpleBungaSkins?

Bunga: (gasps) That is not fair! But that is the right answer. (the kingdom celebrating with joy)

Gekko: And so Vandrea guessed the weird little man's name and everybody lived happily ever after...Except of course for RumpleBungaSkins who had just turned good. Ladies and gentlemen our next and final tale is the tragedy tale of tentliness...

Bunga: I'm back.

Gekko: Oh great job. (clears his throat) Our next and final tale is "The Monkeys And The Shoemaking Tigger".

Bunga: (chuckling) A story all about monkeys? Cool!

Gekko: No, no, Bunga. Not all about monkeys it's also about the shoemaking Tigger.

Bunga: Oh sorry.

Gekko: Now once upon a time in a land called...

Bunga: Jawspraks.

Gekko: Oh, okay in a land called "Jawspraks", there lived a poor shoemaker and his good hearted workers and apperentices the "Shoe Lovers". Times were bad for the shoemaker and one sad day the local banker came around to demand his money by tomorrow.

Final Transcript Edit

Gekko: Black sequent jump suit? Bunga there's no such thing as black sequent jump suits.

Bunga: There is now. You see thanks to monkeys, the shoemakeing Tigger and his apperentices lived happily ever.

Gekko: Yes but what about the monkeys? What ever did happen to them?

Bunga: Well inspired of the black sequent jump suits the monkeys decided to relocate to Los Vegas and today they are big stars who playing endlessly at the palace to show there's no day no coming merellium, you might even say the monkeys might left shoe business to show business.