Doctor Undergear is a recurring antagonist featured in the Disney Junior 
Doctor Undergear
series Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Disney Junior; The Animated Series. He is voiced by Tony Hale.

Background Edit

History Edit

Doctor Undergear resides on a island of gears that he spends his days working along side his various mechanical minions with the desires of conquering the whole Never World.It was later revealed that Doctor Undergear created Captain Gizmo in hopes of leading his robotic forces but during his preparations Gizmo's part were washed away from Undergear's island and ended up on Pirate Island leading to the episode Captain Gizmo. It was also revealed that during his preparation for Gizmo added the wrong gear to power him, up as the golden gear gave Gizmo a heart of gold and kindness. But later during Doctor Undergear debut it was revealed that he didn't care for softhearted incarnation and tried to replace it with a purple gear that made Gizmo both loyal only to him and evil.

Personality Edit

Doctor Undergear is a short-tempered, ego maniacal, raucous and pompous evil mastermind genius. He has all the qualities of a classic mad scientist: he looks, talks, and dresses like a bad guy and possesses the psychotic sense of self-entitlement that urges him to conquering the world, the destruction of his enemies or both. A would-be tyrant, he has a hunger for power and desires as well attention, adulation and a little respect.

But in Romeo Undergear and Atlantic: Romeo's Colossal Corruption, he is shown to be a kind, loving grandfather to his favorite grandson, Romeo.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Doctor Undergear is a brilliant scientist, mechanic and inventor whose mastery of technology is nearly boundless, able to create all manners of machines, mechs and robots. His remarkable skills as an engineer and programmer are best evidenced by the armies of robots and weapons he has created for his numerous attempts at world domination.