Dress-Up Daisy is a very beautiful doll (similar to a Barbie doll) who loves to dress-up in different clothes (hence her
Dress up daisy2
name) that once belong to a baby-sitter named Katherine that babysat for Doc and Donny but Doc learned that Katherine never had time to play with her doll as she gave Dress-up Daisy to Doc.

Looks Edit

Dress-up Daisy is a doll of multiple fashion from a magenta ballgown to a green dress and has brown hair and green eyes.

Quotes Edit

"It's a fashion no-no!"

"Does the right jumpsuit say sophisticated yet sassy?"


  • Dress Up Daisy was voiced by Amy Sedaris in Season 2 except for "Blazer's Bike". In Season 3, she was voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • She is based on the Barbie dolls.

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