Emotional Commotional is the 4th episode of Season 9.

Summary Edit

Romeo has stolen Catboy's emotions and now he doesn't seem to have joy, sadness, anger, or any emotion. Jake, as Fish Boy, manages to get them back, but Catboy thinks he'll be okay without his emotions. At first, his life seems to change for the better when he isn't afraid, embarrassed, sad or angry, but he soon realizes that having no emotions means he can't be happy to appreciate his new life and courage.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Captain Jake, as Fish Boy, and the rest of the PJ Masks running in the night searching for Romeo. Catboy spots him at the park and they go there to stop him, but he has armed himself with an new weapon, the Un-Feeler Ray! With a prepared aim, he points the Ray at the PJ Masks but they were too fast for it to be zapped by it.

Owlette calls to Fish Boy, to get it so Romeo won't shoot anymore, but as he tries to get it, Romeo pointed his ray at him to shoot but luckily, Jake uses his super fish flyers (flying fish wings) to dodge the attack. Enraged, Romeo kept on trying to zap Fish Boy but with his fish wings, he was too fast for the Un-Feeler Ray that the blasting got Romeo exhausted, but once again, he blasts his ray at Fish Boy who quickly uses his bubble shield to reflect the ray away from him, but it was heading straight for Gekko.

Luckily, Catboy came to his rescue by jumping in front of Gekko and getting hit by the ray instead, and his emotions flowed out from his eyes, which were getting sucked into the Un-Feeler Ray gun, then they were trapped inside a big orb. Luckily, Fish Boy snatches it out of Romeo's hand and Romeo angrily escapes!

As he goes to his friends to help up Catboy, Catboy got up only with a blank expression on his face. Confused, Fish Boy asks how he feels but Catboy says that he doesn't feel anything different as if he had no emotions. Suddenly, Owlette realized that Romeo must have stolen their friend's emotions and without them, Catboy doesn't feel any emotion, like feeling hurt from that Ray's blast. Showing it to his friends, Fish Boy tells them that he's got the orb with Catboy's emotions inside and prepares to open it, but then, Catboy stops him and tells him that he'll be fine without his emotions, for he'll think it will make him the coolest kid in school.

Exchanging worried glances, Fish Boy, Gekko, and Owlette decides that it's fine, sort of. The next morning, everyone was arriving at Disney Junior Elementary School looking and feeling excited about the day. Everyone, except Connor (who still didn't have his emotions yet), who was coolly walking behind his friends.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is a little based on Emotion Commotion from Fairly Odd Parents.

Transcript Edit

Connor (Narrating): Emotional Commotional.

(The PJ Masks, including Jake as Fish Boy, are on a trail to stop Romeo)

Catboy: (sees Romeo and points) There he is! At the park!

Jake: And not a moment to lose! Let's go and stop him! (He and the other PJ Masks jumps down into the park) Stop right there, Romeo!

Romeo: Huh? The PJ Masks? What are you doing here?!

Owlette: We're here to stop you for good! Just what are you up to this time?

Romeo: Well, I thought you'd never ask. (points a new laser gun at the PJ Masks) This! Introducing my newest invention, The Un-Feeler Ray! Prepare to feel nothing! (blasts a ray at them)

Jake: Look out! (he and the PJ Masks dodge it)

Romeo: Ah! Stay still! (continues blasting the PJ Masks with his Un-Feeler)

Owlette: SUPER OWL WINGS!!! (flies faster to dodge the ray) Ha! You can't catch me, Romeo! You're gonna have to try harder than that! (calls down to Jake) Fish Boy! Quick, get Romeo's Un-Feeler Ray!

Jake: (looks up at Owlette) I'm on it Owlette! (raises his arms like an owl and activates flying fish wings) SUPER FISH FLYERS!!!! (flies up and swoops down towards Romeo, but Romeo blasts another Ray at him that Jake had to dodge them) Ugh! I can't get to it! He keeps blasting that ray! I've got to get a little closer!

Romeo: (smirks) Ha! I'd like to see you come and try, Fishsticks! (blasts another Ray at Jake, but he still dodges it) (screams in anger) Hold still already, will you?!

Jake: (lands on his feet and places his fists on his hips) Give up, Romeo! Your Ray blasting days are over!

Romeo: Nope. I'm just getting started! (blasts again at Jake)

Jake: Uh oh! (eyes widen in alarm and takes a deep breath) SUPER FISH BUBBLE!!! (blows a bubbly force field, reflecting the Ray away from him and shoots towards Gekko. He then gasps as he saw it hurdling towards him and calls out) Gekko! Look out!

Gekko: (turns to see the ray coming right at him) Oh no!

Catboy: (runs to protect Gekko) Hang on Gekko! I'm coming! SUPER CAT SPEED!!! (jumps in front of Gekko and gets zapped by the ray) AAAHHH!

All three PJ Masks: CATBOY, NO!

(Catboy's emotions flow out from his eyes and into the Un-Feeler's orb, containing them all. He fainted and fell on his back onto the grass)

Romeo: (takes the orb off the Un-Feeler Ray and holds it up, laughing evilly) That was too easy! With Catboy's emotions in this orb, I'll throw them into the sea where no one will ever find them!

Jake: Not on my watch! (raises his arms again and his flying fish wings appear again and flies toward Romeo, swiping the orb out of Romeo's hand)

Romeo: What? No! (tries to get the orb back from Jake but he flew away from him)

Jake: I've got it! (lands on the grass and runs to his friends)

Romeo: (growls and stomps his foot) No! No! No! You may have won this battle against me, PJ Masks, but I'll be back, and I'll get you next time! (hops on his lab and drives off)

(After Romeo left, Jake turns to Owlette and Gekko who are waking up an unconscious Catboy)

Gekko: Catboy, wake up! (shakes Catboy to wake him up)

Owlette: Are you okay?

Catboy: (wakes up with a blank face) That was weird. (gets up to his feet)

Jake: Huh? Weird? But you just got zapped by that- (stops, looking concerned) Wait. How do you feel?

Catboy: I do not.

Owlette: (gasps in realization) Oh no! That's what Romeo meant when he said "feel nothing!"

Gekko: Huh? What'd you mean?

Owlette: That Un-Feeler Ray must have stolen Catboy's emotions and now he doesn't even feel any feeling he feels right now, like being hurt!

Jake: Don't worry guys. (holds out the orb that held Catboy's emotions) I've got them back from Romeo. Once there back in Catboy, he'll be back to his old and emotional self in no time. (he begins to open the orb, but Catboy held his arms out to Jake before he could put the emotions back)

Catboy: (in a bored-like tone) Jake, wait.

Jake: Huh? (raises an eyebrow at Catboy and holds the orb in his hands) What's up, Catboy? Don't you wanna have your emotions back and return to normal?

Catboy: (shrugs) Yeah, but maybe having no emotions won't be so bad at all. I'll just go without them, just for tomorrow.

Owlette: But Catboy, without your emotions, no one will no how you're feeling.

Catboy: (slowly rolls his eyes and talks in a flat and emotionless tone) So... it'll make me cool. I'll be the most coolest and emotionless kid in school. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Just feeling, well, unfeeling.

(Jake, Owlette, and Gekko exchanged worried glances. The next morning, everyone was walking to Disney Junior Elementary School, chatting with friends and laughing together about what they'll do in their classes today. Amaya and Greg were running together to get to class, laughing, but Connor, without his emotions, walked behind them.)

Greg: Come on, Connor! We're gonna be late for Superhero-ology class! Hurry up!

Connor: (stares blankly and yawns) Yeah. I'm coming guys.

(Just then, Miles and his sister Loretta appear behind Connor. He was supposed to be surprised, but without his emotions, Connor didn't feel as surprised as Greg and Amaya, jumped)

Miles: (holds his hover board under his arm) Hey guys! Loretta and I are gonna go hover board riding after school! Wanna come join us later?

Greg and Amaya: (excitedly) Yeah! (turns to Connor, but their faces fell when they saw his blank face)

Connor: Yeah. I'll come.

Loretta: (raises an eyebrow at Connor and frowns) Whoa. What's up with you today Connor? Did you got up on the wrong side of the bed like Captain Hook when he's cranky this morning?

Miles: (laughs but stops when he noticed that Connor wasn't laughing along with his sister's joke)

Connor: What is cranky?

Miles: (whispers to Loretta who nods in agreement) Awkward... (turns to Greg and Amaya) So guys, are you up for it after school?

Amaya and Greg: Yeah! (turns to Connor but their faces fell again)

(In Superhero-ology class, Oso was teaching his students about foiling a supervillain's evil plan)

Special Agent Oso: Now everyone. Pay attention, if a supervillain hatches an evil plain, what is the first thing a superhero needs to do? Anyone who knows how name three things, and say it in a sentence.

(Greg, Amaya, and Connor raise their hands)

Special Agent Oso: (points to Greg) Greg! You're first!

Greg: A superhero must first transform into his or her superhero form, but only in a secret or private place.

Special Agent Oso: Correct! And you, (points to Amaya) Amaya. What's the second thing a superhero must do before foiling the villain's plan?

Amaya: The superhero must then use his or her wits to make a plan.

Special Agent Oso: That's right! And (turns to Connor) Connor. What's the third thing a superhero must do now?

Connor: (in a flat tone) A superhero must then use his or her superpowers to stop the villain's plan and then the world is saved.

Special Agent Oso: Um... Okay, very good Connor. You and your friends get superhero gold stars. (gives Connor, Amaya, and Greg gold stars as rewards) How does that make you?

Connor: Uncaring.

Special Agent Oso: Oh. Well, I hope you'll feel like yourself again tomorrow. (The school bells rings, announcing that it's lunch time) Okay everyone. Have a great day, especially you Connor.

Connor: Whatever. I'm hungry. (gets up from his desk and grabs his book, then heads to the door before everyone else runs out of the classroom)

(Greg and Amaya catch up with Connor in the hallway)

Greg: (holds his gold star) Wow Connor! We got gold stars, maybe having no emotions isn't really so bad at all.

Amaya: Yeah! (Connor turns to her) You just be pretty happy!

Connor: (gives Amaya a blank stare) What is happy?

Amaya: Oh yeah right. Your emotions are back with Jake. I wonder how he's doing.

(Meanwhile, back at Pirate Island, Captain Jake was have trouble catching Connor's emotions)

Jake: (grabs his pirate captain's hat and puts it back on) Anger, stop beating up Happiness! Fear, get out from under the bed! Envy, Jealousy, quit arguing over who loves Love more! (hears a noise on the Lookout nest) Oh, great. Bravery's on the Lookout nest again!

(Meanwhile back at DJES, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were walking to the lunchroom, but they are stopped by Wendell Fidget)

Amaya and Greg: (both except Connor screams)

Wendell: Hello, Connor. (smirks at him)

Connor: Wendell...

Wendell: Word in the bathroom is that you're the coolest kid in school and nothing scares you. You know what that means? (pulls out his magic wand and waves it to cast a spell on him and his friends)

Connor: (slow tone) No.

Wendell: (jerks up) What?! (glares at Connor, looking annoyed) Do I have to draw a picture for you?

(Wendell points his wand and a blackboard with a chalk drawing of Connor being turned into a cat appears)

Amaya and Greg: (screams and hug each other, shakily)

Wendell: Scary, huh?

Connor: (yawns) Yeah. Can we hurry this up, though? Me and my friends need to get to lunch.

Wendell: Well let's see what kind of appetite you and your friends will have after your, Swirly! (waves his wand at the chalkboard and another picture appears to reveal Connor and his friends all tied up and drowning in a whirlpool)

Connor: (raises an eyebrow) Is that all you've got?

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