These are the episodes for Disney Junior: Animated Series.

Number of episodes aired | Started Airing | Ended Airing

Season 1, Fifty -------------------------------------------September 20, 2012

Season 2: Fifty-two ----------------------------------November 21 2012--- April 9, 2013

Season 3: Fifty-seven ----------------------------------November 9, 2012-March 22, 2013

Season 4: Fifty-five ------------------------------------ April 1,2013-August 23, 2013

Season 5: Fifty-eight ------------------------------------September 6,2013-February 19, 2014

Season 6: Forty-nine ------------------------------------------- February 24, 2014- August 20, 2014

Season 7: Sixty --------------------------------------- October 14, 2014-- March 24, 2015

Season 8: Sixty --------------------------------------- April 4, 2015-- July 19, 2015

Season 9: Fifty-seven -------------------------------------- October 3, 2015-- November 4, 2015

Season 10: Fifty-eight ---------------------------------------------- November 13, 2015---- December 27, 2015

Season 11: Fifty-seven ---------------------------------------------------- January 2, 2016--- January 27, 2016

Season 12: Fifty-nine ----------------------------------------------------- February 4, 2016-- March 22, 2016

Season 13: Fifty-six ----------------------------------------- March 27, 2016-- May 29, 2016

Season 14: Sixty --------------------------------------------- June 23, 2016 --- July 27, 2016

Season 15: Sixty ------------------------------------------------ August 3, 2016 --- September 29, 2016

Season 16: Fifty-nine ---------------------------------------------------- October 3, 2016 ----- October 27, 2016

Season 17: Fifty-seven ------------------------------------------------------- November 1, 2016 ------ November 30, 2016

Season 18: Forty-one ---------------------------------------------------------- December 5, 2016 ------- January 5, 2017

Season 19: Twenty-two -------------------------------------------------------- February 1, 2017 ------ March 28, 2017

Season 20: Sixty ---------------- April 3, 2017 ----- May 18, 2017

Season 21: Fifty-eight ------------------------ June 11, 2017 ----- August 16, 2017

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Season 1 EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: (Prologue) The Magic Begins!: This is a story of how the Octonauts met Jake and his crew and where he and Kwazii become best friends.

Episode 2: Kwazii's Pet Peeve: Kwazii tries to take care of more than one pet, but learns that it's harder than it looks.

Episode 3: Kwazii's Special Ribbon: Everyone is excited about Brother and Sister Day this summer! All except Kwazii, who has been sad all day. That is, until a new member of the Octonauts moves in and Kwazii discovers that she is his long lost sister who was separated from him when their parents divorced.

Episode 4: The Prince and the Pirate: When Kwazii and the Baby Dolphin get trapped in a whirlpool while they're racing in the middle of the night, they get whisked away to a magical kingdom called 'Pirate Kingdom' where they meet Prince Kyle Kitten, the son of the Pirate King, who looks just like Kwazii and they decide to switch places for a little while, but when Prince Kyle's true love, Princess Amethyst, mistakes Kwazii for the prince and forces him to marry her, Prince Kyle and the Baby Dolphin must save him from the wedding before it's too late.

Episode 5: Kwazii's New Skateboard: Kwazii discovers the wonders of riding on wheels and Jake gives him a skateboard to ride on, but when an accident goes on at Dolphin Shores, Kwazii comes to the rescue without his skateboard and soon, after the rescue, Captain Barnacles learns how to ride on roller skates and Peso learns how to ride on a scooter.

Episode 6: Doc Mc-Peso?: Doc asks Peso to watch the clinic and help her take care of any hurt or broken toys while she and her family are on a vacation, but the only problem is that Peso doesn't know how to fix toys like Doc does.

Episode 7: The Bad Case of the Hic-Burps!: After Chilly drinks too much of Taxicrab's All Better Juice, he gets a strange case of the Hic-Burps which causes him to burp out bubbles and now Kwazii, the Octonauts, and Doc must get Disney Junior Town out of this Bubbly Situation.

Episode 8: Hook's Talent: Captain Hook becomes jealous of Kwazii's acrobatic talents and moves so he decides to humiliate him, but he ends up humiliating himself.

Episode 9: The Octonauts and the Leader In Love: A new member of the Octonauts named Captain Lara starts flirting with Captain Barnacles which starts to annoy Kwazii a lot, but then he learns that she is just using her flirtations for a little misunderstanding.

Episode 10: Sugary Sweet Sasha: Kwazii falls in love with Shellington's flirtatious apprentice, Sasha, and now her flirtations with Kwazii are causing a big threat to Kwazii and Captain Barnacles' friendship.

Episode 11: Barnacles' Special Skill: Captain Barnacles try to do Kwazii's acrobatic moves and Peso's bandage wrapping skills, but he keeps on failing no matter how hard he tries, but then he learns that he already has his own special skill: his strength!

Episode 12: The Friendship Challenge: Captain Barnacles and Kwazii enter a friendship contest to test their friendship, but meanwhile, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee enter the challenge as well and Hook plans to cheat. Luckily, Kwazii and Barnacles use their teamwork to stop him and win the challenge.

Episode 13: The Golden Seashell: Kwazii and Melinda the toy mermaid fight over a golden seashell that grants wishes.

Episode 14: The Dolphin Rip: When Kwazii discovers a rip in his favorite childhood stuffed dolphin, he asks Doc to fix it for him.

Episode 15: The Missing Pirates: Kwazii and the gang investigate the disappearance of Captain Hook and his pirate crew. Along the path of coconuts, they find a water park with swings, water slides, and treehouses filled with sweet treats (and lots of trouble in the way)!  

Episode 16: Kwazii's Tired Tail: While Kwazii is practicing his new move, the Tail Stand, for the Disney Junior Town Skateboarding Competition, he loses his balance and sprains his tail, which Captain Hook realizes that it's his chance to cheat and win this year, but Kwazii comes up with an idea to stop Hook and win the competition by using a little pint of pixie dust.

Episode 17: The Zippiest Race: Kwazii and his friends race with Zooter to the Bouncy Ball Tree. Only then, they get lost in the foggy forest and Zooter helps them use their common sense to find their way back.

Episode 18: (One Hour Special) The Octonauts and the Journey to Neverland: When Kwazii grows tired of doing chores in the Octopod, he meets Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, flies away to Never Land and meets some new friends in Pixie Hollow, but then he becomes homesick, just thinking about his old friends back at Disney Junior Island. Later, Captain Barnacles and Peso come to Never Land and apologize to Kwazii.

Episode 19: A Little Too Much Pinch of Pixie Dust: When Kwazii misuses his pixie dust from his Amulet of the Pixies, he learns that he only needs to use his pixie dust for emergencies and not just for fun.

Episode 20: The Octonauts and the Little Mermaid: When Kwazii and Dashi meet Ariel the little mermaid, they tried to convince Captain Barnacles,who doesn't believe in mermaids, that mermaids do exist, but when Kwazii senses that Atlantica is in danger, he and the Octonauts come to the rescue. After the big save, King Triton, Ariel's father, awards Kwazii with a special ocean pearl bracelet.

Episode 21: Wet and Magical: After Kwazii and the Octonauts saved Atlantica, things start to become unusual for Kwazii as water starts bursting out and shapeshifting whenever he touches it, bubbles and water bursts out of his paws, he turns into an aqua snake made out of water, and that he starts to create whirlpools, tidal waves, and typhoons. Kwazii, Peso, and Captain Barnacles then realize that it's the ocean pearl bracelet that is giving him the strange powers, but he learns that it won't be easy, controlling his new powers until a tsunami comes to threaten Disney Junior Island and then Kwazii comes to the rescue with his new powers.

Episode 22: Captain Barna-Ditz!: After Captain Hook steals Captain Barnacles' Octo-Compass, thinking that it's a magical charm, Captain Barnacles' loses his mojo and leadership and becomes a Ditz. Now, Kwazii and Peso must return it back to him before he causes more trouble and annoys everyone else.

Episode 23: Peso the Curious: Peso and Kwazii are at the beach when they find a box buried in the sand and takes it back to the Octopod. Then Peso opens it and three magical spells fly out of it, turning all of Disney Junior Town into an upside down Disney Junior Town and now Peso and Kwazii must capture them before it's too late!

Episode 24: Captain Hook's Fishy Mission: Captain Hook thinks the Octonauts have a special power that helps them understand and talk to sea creatures and other animals and decides to get into the Octopod, but Kwazii, along with Dina the Sardine, have plans to keep Hook out for good.

Episode 25: Kwazii Gets Crossed: After Kwazii and Captain Barnacles get into a fight and decide to not talk to each other again, Peso and the gang must find a way to get them back together and become friends again.

Episode 26: Blinded By JealousyWhen Pinto comes to the Octopod for the fourth time, he was still interested in being a pirate like Kwazii, which is making Peso very jealous of him and he decides to get rid of him once and for all, but things become worse for Peso when Pinto gets mad at him for being jealous of Kwazii and he learns a lesson about jealousy and envy.

Episode 27: Mr. Smee's Missing Glasses: When Mr. Smee loses his glasses, Jake and Kwazii decide to help him find them by retracing his steps and going back to the places where he was earlier.

Episode 28: Return to Parrot Fish Island: When Captain Hook plans to steals Kwazii's grandfather, Calico Jack's treasure, Jake, Kwazii, Peso, and Captain Barnacles, including Parrot Fish Pete, must protect it from Hook before he gets his hand and hook on it.

Episode 29: Upon the Wings: When Kwazii borrows Zooter's wings for his new skateboard trick, he accidentally breaks them and must find a way to fix them before Zooter sees them broken.

Episode 30: The Three Pirate-teers: While the Octonauts are racing to Rainbow Falls and going to Pizza Guy's place for lunch after the race, Kwazii stops at a movie poster that is revealed 'The Three Pirate-teers!', a movie that is similar to the Three Musketeers movie, but different. Then, Kwazii is shocked to find out that real pirates aren't allowed and then smashes the small print with his fist, making a huge hole on the poster and the fence, and makes Captain Barnacles and Peso cover their ears. So to cheer Kwazii up, the Octonauts go to the shores and imagine that they are "The Three Pirate-teers."

Episode 31: Fear of the Jelly: Captain Barnacles develops a fear of jellyfish after having a nightmare about getting stung by some last night and now he doesn't feel brave to go and explore the ocean anymore. So Kwazii and the others must help him conquer it, but when Jake, Izzy, and Cubby are kidnapped by Ursula the Sea Witch, Barnacles must save them and overcome his jellyfish fear with some help from little baby sea turtles guided by instinct.

Episode 32: Captain Karnacles and BwaziiWhen Kwazii and Captain Barnacles accidentally hit each other on the heads with rackets while them and their friends are playing a game of "Bubble Pop", their personalities are switched! Kwazii is the captain and Barnacles is the lieutenant/cryptozoologist and it's up to Peso to get them back to their old selves.

Episode 33: Hooky-days: When Hook and his pirate crew move into the Octopod to celebrate their holidays, they start to drive Kwazii crazy so Captain Barnacles and Peso decides to help him kick them out by "blowing them away!"

Episode 34: The Enchanted Amusement Park: Kwazii and his friends are invited to a mysterious but fun amusement park that puts all of them, except Kwazii, who is protected by the magic of the Amulet of the Pixies, into a trance. Then, Kwazii realizes that this park was created by Maleficent, so he must stop her, before she puts everyone, including him into a trance as well.

Episode 35: Kwazii's Stinky Surprise: While Kwazii is delivering packages with Jake for Zooter and Ellyvan who are on a day off, he accidentally forgets to deliver the last one to Pete and it starts to stink.

Episode 36: A Team For Two Doctors: Peso and Doc must work together to build a half daycare, half clinic for people, animals, and toys, but they can't seem to agree on each others ideas and plans and they get into an argument until they learn a lesson about teamwork and that arguing can't help when they get the clinic daycare finished and Peso develops certain feelings for Doc.

Episode 37: Kwazii: Captain For a Day!: When Captain Barnacles catches a cold and starts sneezing and coughing, he asks Kwazii to be in charge of being the captain while he rests, but Kwazii learns that being the captain of the Octonauts is not always easy than he thinks.

Episode 38: The Best Summer Party Ever: Jake and Kwazii fight over a enormous dome that they plan to throw a big summer party in which causes a big threat to their friendship.

Episode 39: Slip Sand Syndrome: Captain Barnacles gets Slip Sand on his roller skates and now he starts slip, slip, slipping instead of zip, zip, zipping around. Soon it starts spreading from one, two, three, or four wheels to the next ones and it's up to Kwazii and Peso to stop this slippery situation before everyone gets hurt.

Episode 40: A Tail of Two Legs: Kiko argues with Melinda that legs are more faster than a mermaid tail, but Melinda argues with Kiko that a mermaid tail is more faster than legs, so they compete each other on who's more faster in the Run-And-Swim Race!

Episode 41: The Brave Little Sardine: Dina and Kwazii must save her school of sardine friends from becoming canned food at a canned sardine factory.

Episode 42: Pollution Problem: Kwazii and the Baby Dolphin discover a pollution at Dolphin Shores while they are on a picnic, so they try to clean it up, but more oil comes and his friends come to the rescue!

Episode 43: Kwazii's Better Partner: Dina the Sardine and Pete the Parrot Fish compete each other in a race to see who is Kwazii's best and fastest partner, but the competition turns sour.

Episode 44: The Octonauts and the Rainbow Dolphin: Kwazii befriends a beautiful, shimmery rainbow dolphin named Sparkle and the Baby Dolphin becomes jealous of her.

Episode 45: Stuffy's Biggest Dragon Tale: After Stuffy grows tired of being teased, picked on, and made fun of the real big dragons, he drinks a magic growth potion to make him more bigger, but only to make matters worse, Stuffy starts breaking things and it's making everyone angry at him that they formed an angry mob and chases him to the dragon territory, and it's up to Kwazii and Doc to save him and shrink him back to his normal size.

Episode 46: Sharky Valentine: When Sharky and Dashi are hit by Cupid's arrows and fall in love with each other on Valentine's Day, it causes a big feud between Captain Hook and his crew and Kwazii and his friends.

Episode 47: A Spidery Situation: When Kwazii finally admits his fear of spiders to his friends, he learns that he isn't the only one who's afraid of spiders when he discovers that Stuffy has the same fear and now they must work together to conquer it.

Episode 48: The Bunny Rabbit Inventing Contest!: Tweak and Bungo compete each other in an inventing contest to see who is the best inventor.

Episode 49: Dashi and Rebecca: Dashi adopts a little medieval dalmatian Rebecca, who escapes from a village where Cruella's great great grandfather lived.

Episode 50: Tweak's Mechanical Hand: Tweak invents a mechanical hand for Captain Hook, but then it goes haywire when Cubby spills water on it by accident.

Episode 51: Sheriff Kwaz: Kwazii and Doc make up a western story about a western hero named Sheriff Kwaz who looks like Kwazii and a villain named the Wicked Whip, who looks like Captain Hook, except that he has a whip instead of a hook.

Episode 52: (Special Movie) Noonbory and Kwazii: The Secret of Courage: When Noonbory from Cookie Jar TV Island comes to Disney Junior Island on his spring break vacation to celebrate his 14th birthday, Kwazii becomes friends with him and he and the others starts spending more time with him. Meanwhile, Jake becomes jealous of Noonbory and starts playing mean pranks on him, but when Izzy, Cubby and Skully confront him for being so mean and jealous of Noonbory, Jake realizes that he has done the wrong thing and that his jealousy is killing the Magical Flower that keeps the Enchanted Forest alive. Luckily, Jake apologizes to Noonbory for being jealous of him and brings the flower back to life again with some help from Noonbory and Kwazii.

Episode 53: Symbiosis Season: Captain Barnacles and Kwazii meet their old friends: the Blue Crab and Sea Urchin, in the Symbiosis Season.

Episode 54: The Pearl of Light: Kwazii and Captain Barnacles must work together to protect a glowing pearl from Captain Hook and his crew.

Episode 55: Room For More: The crew is growing bigger, so the Octonauts decide to make the Octopod a bit more bigger and put more room in it with the help of their friends.

Episode 56: Kwazii's Little Stepsister: When Kwazii's sensitive stepsister, Ruby, comes to visit the Octopod, he tries to help her overcome her fear of sharks and other sea monsters.

Episode 57: Kwazii, the Fourth Aristocat: Kwazii agrees to cat-sit Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse and finds it more fun than he thinks.

Episode 58: Flower Power Trouble!: Kwazii uses too much of Rosetta's magic plant feed on his Venus FlyTrap and now it has come to life that it starts to attack the Octopod.

Season 2 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Kwazii In Love: When Sofia the First with her royal family moves into Disney Junior Town, Kwazii falls in love with her and his friends decide to help him, but then Kwazii learns that being himself helps him win Sofia's royal heart.

Episode 2: The Stolen Amulet: Captain Hook steals Sofia's amulet and now she can't talk to animals, so Kwazii, Barnacles, Peso and Jake decide to help her get it back.

Episode 3: Double Octo-Trouble!: Three mischievous Octonauts-like creatures start to cause trouble and mischief all over Disney Junior Town and everyone starts blaming on the real Octonauts, but the gang manages to catch the imposters.

Episode 4: Kwazii-rella: Kwazii was cleaning the gunk off of the gups and doing other chores when he receives an invitation to Sofia's royal ball, but he doesn't have any fancy clothes to wear, so Captain Barnacles and Peso decides to help him get ready by giving him all the things he needs: a fancy suit, shoes, and a crown from the Bippity-Boppity Boutique, but when the clock strikes midnight, he runs off and his crown falls right off of his head which prompts Sofia to find her prince.

Episode 5: A Kiss of Trouble: A shapeshifting creature starts to shapeshift into Kwazii and his friends and starts kissing other people when the others' feelings are hurt and relationships are tested as the mischievous creature twists normal perception and reality in order to weaken the strong friendship of the Disney Junior Club.

Episode 6: The Octonaut Stars: Kwazii, Peso, and Captain Barnacles decide to form their own music band to promote the grand opening of the Magical Cafe: the Octonaut Stars, but while they're practicing, Kwazii develops stage fright and becomes too scared to sing in front of everyone.

Episode 7: Kwazii and Dina's Treasure Adventure!: When Kwazii and Dina find an ancient treasure map, they set off to find the hidden treasure of the Lost Coral City, but they'll have to deal with traps, monsters, and mysterious puzzles first.

Episode 8: The Wonder Fall FestivalKwazii and the gang get the Wonder Fall Festival ready this Autumn, but Kwazii tries to find the perfect decorations and all he finds are some red, gold, and orange leaves which gives Kwazii an excellent idea.

Episode 9: Spookley the Squared-Pumpkin: Kwazii, Peso, and Sofia befriend a square-shaped pumpkin named Spookley and help him win the Best Pumpkin Ribbon.

Episode 10: Be Good To Your Tummy Week: A new hero named Sam Sandwich and Doc can't agree on each other's ideas for the Be Good To Your Tummy Festival.

Episode 11: A Sugary Sweet Love Story: Sam Sandwich thinks Sweet Tooth has changed her evil ways and falls in love with her, but Salad Lad doesn't trust her, so he asks the Octonauts to help him spy on Sam and Sweet Tooth to see if it's true love or not.

Episode 12: Boo For You, Halloween: While Kwazii (who is dressed as Sportacus for Halloween) and his friends are trick-or-treating, a friendly ghost leads them to a festival filled with candy and other fun stuff.

Episode 13: Magical Holidays: Kwazii, Jake, and their friends celebrate the Magical Holidays together and they dance "The Snowflake!"

Episode 14: The Perfect Gift For Sofia: Kwazii wants to buy some beautiful ice skates for Sofia this Magical Holidays season, but he doesn't have enough money to buy them. Luckily, his friends help him get enough money and Kwazii is able to get the ice skates for Sofia right on time. Soon, they happily skate on the ice together.

Episode 15: Chilly In Winter Wonderland: Chilly wants to go to the Winter Woods in Pixie Hollow in Neverland with Kwazii who is picking up some snowflakes, but he forgets that he isn't a real snowman again and gets the case of Brr-itis again.

Episode 16: The Octonaut Stars: Featuring Sofia the First!: Kwazii wants Sofia to join his music band, the Octonaut Stars so she can sing her own songs: "Rise and Shine" and "Anything!".

Episode 17: Sticking Together: When Kwazii makes a big mistake for chewing too much gum and blowing up a huge bubble, it pops and now he and Barnacles are stuck together on the back.

Episode 18: The Broken Spyglass: Kwazii gets angry at Peso for breaking his spyglass and hurts his feelings, but when Jake and Captain Barnacles confront Kwazii for yelling at Peso and tells him that it was only an accident, Kwazii learns how mean and cruel he was and must find Peso so he can apologize to him.

Episode 19: The Royal Cake Calamity: Kwazii and his friends are invited to Sofia's first royal birthday party at her castle, but when Captain Hook and his pirate crew mates hear about the news, they try to steal Sofia's royal three-layered birthday cake, but they don't stand a chance against Kwazii and his friends.

Episode 20: Pirate Friendship Day!: It's Pirate Friendship Day and Jake and Kwazii are entering a race in the carnival since they always win every year, but Captain Hook plans to make them lose the race, until Kwazii's old friend Noonbory comes to the rescue and helps him and Jake stay on the right track and win the race.

Episode 21: Sportakwaz: When Kwazii gets a bump on his head, he loses his memory and starts to think that he's Sportacus. Now Barnacles and Peso must snap him back to his own self again.

Episode 22: Fakezii: Big Cheese uses a disguise potion to disguise himself as Kwazii to make everyone eat unhealthy foods and do lazy stuff.

Episode 23: Kwazii's Big Snooze: The Sea Witch discovers that plenty of sleep gives people much needed energy so she plots to rob Kwazii of his precious sleep so he'll become weak and lose an upcoming baseball contest.

Episode 24: The Princess Fever: When Cinderella and the other Disney Princesses are infected by an unusual sickness, Kwazii, Sofia, and the gang must find a cure in a mysterious island before Sofia is infected as well.

Episode 25: Pretty Sweet Petunia: A female penguin named Petunia comes to the Octopod and starts flirting with Peso, but when Peso realizes that he only has strong feelings for Doc Mcstuffins, he must find a way to break up with Petunia without hurting her feelings.

Episode 26: My Sweet Valentine: Kwazii and the gang deliver valentines to everyone in Valentine's Day and Kwazii loses the biggest and prettiest Valentine that he made for Sofia, so he and Jake decide to go looking for it.

Episode 27: The Valentine Wand: On Valentine's Day, Kwazii and Stuffy find a pretty heart wand that has magical powers to make everyone fall in love with each other and things start to get crazy when they play with it's love magic to make the wrong couples (and get themselves into trouble).

Episode 28: Kwazii's Crazy Afternoon:

Episode 29: Jake and the Romance Dilemma:

Episode 30: A Love Letter Plus a Dozen Love Bugs: A swarm of love bugs attacks Disney Junior Town. Meanwhile, Kwazii receives a love letter from Sofia saying that she loves him. He's not sure that she will respond, so he avoids telling her about it. Captain Barnacles, Peso, and Jake find out about the love letter, but don't know the real person who wrote it. Kwazii tells them not to tell Sofia. After learning about the love bugs being hypnotized and the villain who is controlling them: Magica De Spell, the group heads to Mt. Vesuvius to break her spell. Kwazii talks to Sofia about the love letter and tells her that he feels the same way, only to find out that it was Bootsie Snootie who wrote it, making Kwazii furious and telling her and her brother Ootsie that it’s not funny and that he is not laughing at their mean joke. On Mt. Vesuvius, Kwazii's reaction to the discovery leaves to his performance lacking as the love bugs move on to Disney Junior Elementary School. 

Episode 31: The Bad Case of the Laughs: In Superhero-ology class, Special Agent Oso teaches everyone about nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, and it's effects. It can be dangerous if not neutralized by water quickly. Meanwhile, Sofia's brother and sister, James and Amber, are having trouble with their relationship and they get into an argument, which Sofia isn't really happy about. Nothing and nobody seems to cheer her up, not even Kwazii or her animal friends. Kwazii manages to do so, however, helps her find a way to bring James and Amber back together again. During a school production of 'Swan Lake', Chernabog possesses the laughing gas in the Superhero-ology room and uses it to attack Jake, who is doing the music with Sharky and Bones. KC pours water on him, unaware of the cause of his maniacal laughing. Izzy and Cubby run over to him and ask him if he's okay. When Jake tells Peso and Captain Barnacles about his experience, they realize that Chernabog is behind all of this. The play turns out to be the perfect way to get Sofia's brother and sister back together, so Kwazii, who is forced to play as Prince Derek, and Sofia, who is playing as the swan, stay behind while Captain Barnacles, Peso, and Jake-who is weakened by the gas again-go to Chernabog's castle to break the spell. Finally, Sofia and Kwazii are attacked during the play. The gang then must save them and break Chernabog's spell before they laugh themselves to death.

Episode 32: (One Hour Valentine's Day Special) The Pink Diamond Heart of Love Race: Captain Hook and Kwazii compete with each other to receive the Pink Diamond Heart of Love in Pink Diamond Heart of Love Race and give it to their love interests if one of them wins.

Episode 33: The Neversea Waltz: Kwazii teaches Sofia how to dance the Neversea Waltz for Red Jessica's Valentine's Day Ball so she can win the best dancer in the ball rose.

Episode 34: Dance For Izzy!: Kwazii learns that Jake is trying to ask Izzy to come dance with him in Cinderella's Glass Slipper Ball, but is too shy to ask her. So he decides to help his best friend by teaching him some dance steps, but after pushing Jake a little too hard, Kwazii ends up hurting his best friend's feelings by telling him that he isn't trying hard enough and learns a little lesson himself.

Episode 35: Kwazii & Buzzbee: Kwazii befriends a little bee named Buzzbee.

Episode 36: A Deadly Melody: When Cedric puts a hypnotic media in the new song and turns Kwazii into a hypnotized zombie that is targeting Sofia's Amulet to bring it to him, Captain Barnacles, Peso, and Jake must snap him out of the trance and stop Cedric.

Episode 37: Super Strong Kwazii: When Kwazii is hit by a strange green orb, he gets super strength that makes him break glass whenever he squeezes it, break through stone and other hard surfaces, and starts lifting heavy things like Captain Barnacles.

Episode 38: Calico Jack Comes To Town: When Kwazii's grandfather comes to visit, Kwazii fears that Calico Jack might force him to break up with Sofia and fall in love with a mermaid if he finds out, since pirates are supposed to fall in love with mermaids and not princesses.

Episode 39: The Disney Junior Town Race-O-Rama!: The race is here and everyone is getting their go-carts ready. Every year, Kwazii and another racer win the race and receive the trophy, but Captain Hook is determined to beat Kwazii at the race and win the trophy. Meanwhile, Sofia, who is getting her go-cart ready for the race, is worried that she won't win the race so Kwazii decides to help her. The next morning, the race begins and the racers starts their engines, but when Captain Hook pushes Sofia and her go-cart off the road and into a mud puddle, Kwazii goes back and helps her up and they both manage to win the race and the trophy.

Episode 40: Soft Cleo: Sofia discovers that one of her sister's best friends, Cleo, has a soft side after she had a fight with Amber and Hildegard, so she and the Octonauts try to help her be friends with them again.

Episode 41: Cleo the First: When Amber's friend Cleo starts to mimic Sofia, finish her sentences with her, do everything that Sofia does, and starts wearing the same gown, tiara, and making her hair look exactly like Sofia's, Sofia tries to get Cleo to just be herself, but everything starts to backfire no matter how wrong Sofia does, until Cleo realizes how carried away she was when she hears what Sofia said to her friends.

Episode 42: Sofia In Never Land: Kwazii takes Sofia to Never Land to fly with the fairies in Pixie Hollow, swim with the mermaids in Mermaid Lagoon, and find buried treasure.

Episode 43: The Royal Moveout: Kwazii fears that Sofia and her family is moving back to the Kingdom of Enchancia. So he must find a way to keep her in town, until they learn that Sofia was only packing up the things that she doesn't need anymore.

Episode 44: The Gems of Friendship!: Kwazii,Captain Barnacles and Peso are excited for Disney Junior Friendship Day and they are practicing their new song: True Friends, but Captain Hook decides to break up their friendship so they won't perform their song and it works. Luckily, three magical heart-shaped gems, that Kwazii found in a box in the river while he's furiously skipping stones: the Sapphire of Strength, the Topaz of Courage, and the Diamond of Healing, manages to get them back together and perform their song just in time.

Episode 45: Sun Glassed-Trolls: Kwazii, Jake, and Sofia decide to buy the trolls some sunglasses for their eyes, but the only problem is that they don't have enough money to buy a dozen sunglasses for a dozen trolls.

Episode 46: Captain Hook's Son: Captain Hook mistakenly thinks that Jake is his son after Jake places a framed photo of himself on Hook's family tree, but when Jake's new relationship with his new so-called father Hook turns him from good to bad, starts to steal stuff and changes his name to Captain Hook Jr. (CHJ), Kwazii must try to get his best friend to his senses by helping him remember the memories of the good times they had together, even the first time they met before their friendship is over and that he and his friends walk the plank.

Episode 47: Split Heart-Itis!: When Jake is infected by Split Heart-Itis, he doesn't feel more excited and adventurous anymore and starts to get tearful. As Kwazii and the others try to cheer Jake up, more cases of Split Heart-Itis occurs and it starts spreading from person to person, animal to animal, and machine to machine like a disease and it becomes an appedemic. Only after the whole school and the park is affected, Kwazii and the gang realize that Hades, God of the Underworld's Somber Viruses are responsible, so it's up to them to stop Split Heart-Itis from spreading before they're infected as well.

Episode 48: Cruella's Collection: When Cruella De Vil, Jasper and Horace Badum steal the trolls' crystals from their caves for her colletion without asking, Sofia, Kwazii, and their friends must get them back before Cruella makes them her jewelry.

Episode 49: A Royal Date: Kwazii asks Sofia to go out with him to the carnival, watch a movie, and have an ice cream sundae.

Episode 50: Cedric's Secret Plan: When Kwazii discovers Cedric's plan to steal Sofia's amulet and take over Enchancia, he tries to warn Sofia but she doesn't listen until she learns that Kwazii was right about Cedric and his plan when she has a nightmare, so she goes to the Octopod to apologize to him, but when she arrives there, she discovers that he is gone and realizes that he has been kidnapped by...Cedric!

Episode 51: Skateboarder Sofia: Sofia asks Kwazii to teach her how to ride a skateboard when she tells him that James has sprained his leg in an accident.

Episode 52: Minnie & Daisy's Flower Shower: Spring has sprung in Disney Junior Island and Minnie and Daisy have planned to shower the whole town with flowers, glitter, and help Mickey with the rainbow, but meanwhile, the Sea Witch plans to ruin the flower shower by casting an army of sea urchins.

Season 3 EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Jake's Best Birthday Surprise: Kwazii tries to find the perfect gift for Jake on his birthday while the others are organizing a surprise party for Jake. As Kwazii is about to give up his search, Sofia helps him find the perfect present for Jake!

Episode 2: Princess Vivian Returns: When Sofia's old shy but confident friend, Princess Vivian, transfers to Disney Junior Elementary School, Sofia becomes jealous when she thinks that Kwazii likes him more than her.

Episode 3: The New Charms: Kwazii discovers some new charms on his ocean pearl bracelet and he learns that they are giving him new powers. The snowflake charm gives him ice magic and the power to make ice crystals, the parrotfish charm gives him the power to see and talk to magical creatures, the flying fish charm gives him the power to fly without pixie dust, the seahorse charm gives him physic vision, and the sardine charm gives him super speed.

Episode 4: The First Flying Pirate: Kwazii strives to become the first pirate to earn a spot in the Disney Junior Elementary School derby flying team. Although he is teamed up with the overly-shy horse, Teenyus, Kwazii learns to believe in himself and proves that a pirate can do anything he sets his mind to.

Episode 5: The Purr-fect Slumber Party: Kwazii is put in a difficult position when he struggles to get Jake, Sofia, and his stepsister Ruby's friends to get along and feel comfortable with each other during his first slumber party at the Octopod.

Episode 6: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust: Kwazii, Peso, and Captain Barnacles' friendship bracelets with the Gems of Friendship start to glow which senses that the Pixie Dust Tree in Pixie Hollow is in danger, so they must work together to save the tree from running out of pixie dust.

Episode 7: Dream Castle in the Sky: Kwazii decides to use Amalthea's magic book and wand from the Magic-ology class to make Sofia and Vivian's dream castle grow bigger and come to life, but when he accidentally uses a floating spell to make it float into the clouds and gets the girls trapped inside of it by mistake, he and Jake must try to use a counter spell to get it down but things get even worse when Kwazii makes the other dream castles bigger and come to life, including James and Zandar's Cannon Castle that it starts shooting cannonballs at him and Jake.

Episode 8: Minnie's Bow-tastic Helpers: Kwazii and Sofia help Minnie and Daisy run the Bow-tique while they're on a vacation with their friends, but they learn that they have to handle other difficult challenges first.

Episode 9: The Great Dolphin Race: Kwazii learns a lesson about good sportsmanship and that winning can't be anything when he and the Baby Dolphin enter a dolphin race in Atlantica to prove to everyone, including Jet and his fastest dolphin, Speed Current, that a baby dolphin is more faster than a fully-grown dolphin.

Episode 10: A Parrot (Fish)'s Problem: When Captain Hook and his new parrot, Hookyfeathers, make fun of Kwazii and Parrotfish Pete, they try to prove to them that a parrotfish is more better than a parrot and that just because you have an unusual partner, doesn't mean that he or she is strange and is not special or talented.

Episode 11: The Tiara Tantrum!: Kwazii is determined to get a precious tiara back to Sofia from Cruella De Vil who bought it first.

Episode 12: Sofia's Royal Scooter: Kwazii, Bungo, and Tweak build Sofia a sparkly lavender purple scooter with super speed, bright lights, music device, and wings that helps her scooter fly.

Episode 13: Never Judge a Hugglemonster By His Roar!: Cubby and Peso must overcome their fear of monsters and befriend Henry Hugglemonster and his family who move into town, but his roars keep scaring them no matter how hard they try.

Episode 14: (Special Movie) Kwazii in the Blue Sneakers: When Kwazii tries on a new pair of blue sparkly sneakers, he, Jake, and Sofia are whisked away in a magical city filled with music, magic, and dancing. There, Kwazii discovers that he must dance his favorite steps to defeat the Poison Queen and save the kingdom and his friends.

Episode 15: The Pirate Kingdom Ball: Kwazii and his grandfather, Calico Jack are invited to King Kyle Kitten and Queen Ameythst's pirate ball in the Pirate Kingdom, but Kwazii becomes homesick, so Calico Jack decides to invite Jake and Sofia to come to the ball.

Episode 16: Kwazii the Aqua Angel: Kwazii and Noonbory must defeat a 50 ft. monster but they're not strong enough, so Kwazii comes up with a good idea by combining his ocean magic with Noonbory's Cross of Courage to turn him into a guardian angel with aquamarine wings that helps him breathe underwater and defeat the monster.

Episode 17: Angelic Academy: Kwazii and his old friend, Noonbory from Cookie Jar TV Island, are invited to enroll a special school in Dreamland called Angelic Academy for guardian angels in training from both heaven and earth.

Episode 18: The Fastest Gup Around the World: Kwazii brags that the Gup-B is more faster that any fast fish and anyone's fastest ship that he ends up getting himself into a race with an inventor who has a faster gup called the "Gup-Z' that is as big as a giant squid and looks like one.

Episode 19: Entrance to Lalaloopsy Land: Sofia finds a magic door in the middle of the forest that takes her to magic place called "Lalaloopsy Land" filled with cute and magical rag-doll like fairies, mermaids, and princesses and their pets.

Episode 20: Return of the Mermaid's Song: A wicked mermaid queen sings the Mermaid's Song and Jake is hypnotized and taken to her underwater castle in the Midnight Zone, so Kwazii uses his ocean pearl bracelet's magic to save him from the trance.

Episode 21: The Pirate Princess's Surprise!: Kwazii and the gang go to Pirate Princess Island to see the surprise that the Pirate Princess has setted up.

Episode 22: The Good Ogre Days: The trolls become friends with some ogres that like to make music with their clubs,but something is suspicious about them when mysterious accidents start to happen.

Episode 23: The Doc is Out: Doc breaks her leg so Peso and the toys decide to entertain her while her leg heals.

Episode 24: Phobie the Phony Phoenix: Kwazii and Sofia help a phony phoenix named Phobie overcome her fear of heights so she can fly in her mother and father's wings.

Episode 25: The Wind Leads the Blind: Kwazii becomes blind from the Evil Queen's blinding spell and must learn to follow the wind's directions without his sight.

Episode 26: Ocean Pearl Bracelet Yourself!: Ursula the Sea Witch wants to steal Kwazii's magic ocean pearl bracelet with it's magical charms, but Kwazii is every protective of it and must keep is away from her.

Episode 27: The Damselfish Charm: Kwazii gains another charm which looks like a damselfish and learns that it gives him flower power that makes plants, trees, and flowers grow faster whenever he touches them!

Episode 28: The Octopus Charm: Kwazii finds another charm on his ocean pearl bracelet that looks just like an octopus from the shipwreck and earns the power to become super stretchy.

Episode 29: Sofia's Rainbow Unicorn: Sofia befriends a baby rainbow unicorn she found at Rainbow Lake in the Enchanted Forest and Clover becomes jealous.

Episode 30: The Orca Charm: Kwazii finds an orca charm on his bracelet that helps him cast a any spell or a reverse spell on anything.

Episode 31: The Torpedo Ray Charm: Kwazii finds a torpedo ray charm on his ocean pearl bracelet and learns that it gives him electrical powers.

Episode 32: Mickey and Donald Had a Farm: The children go on a field trip to Mickey and Donald's farm to learn how to grow magical or regular fruits and vegetables.

Episode 33: Club Day!: The Club and Activity Fair is here at Disney Junior Elementary School but Jake and Sofia are both having a hard time which club to join.

Episode 34: The Seahorse Roundup: The sea horses have come loose and it's up to the Octonauts and Jake to help the mermaids round them up.

Episode 35: You've Gotta Be Kitten Me!: Roger and Anita find a box full of kittens and decide to adopt them, but the pups become jealous and plan to get rid of them.

Episode 36: High Tea: Amber is told to go with Sofia to find some special tea leaves for the Annual Family Tea Party.

Episode 37: The Marine Armor: King Triton offers a special marine piece of armor to Kwazii. It then becomes his new power.

Episode 38: Little Lotheas, Big Hearts: Kwazii befriends a little Lothea he named Pearl while having a spring break vacation at the Lothea Beach. He then transforms into one with his mimic octopus charm's magic and joins her and her family, but after his charm gets a little scratch, he gets stuck in his Lothea form and the Octonauts must help him change back with some big-hearted little helpers.

Episode 39: Rise of the Terra Monsters: The Terra Monsters have arrived at Disney Junior Island and everyone gets to be a Terra Rancher! While Jake gets a Niptune he named Jet and Sofia gets a Dandylion she named Buttercup, Kwazii has trouble picking his own starter Terra Monster, but he learns that he only wants Pearl the Lothea instead.

Episode 40: Sofia's Little Angel: After becoming Terra Ranchers, Jake, Kwazii, and Sofia are ready to set off on adventures with their new starter Terra Monsters, including Pearl the Lothea, but on their path lies a timid Equinair that is being attacked by vicious Vextails but Sofia manages to save it and names it Angel. Then, Angel decides to come with the group in the end.

Episode 41: Sea Cookie: Kwazii learns that he's not the only Terra Rancher with a Lothea when Pearl meets Oona's Lothea, Sea Cookie.

Episode 42: Sprite the Friendly Sprew: Jade, Sofia, Ruby, and Kwazii explore an old haunted house owned by a lonely Sprew that Jade befriends.

Episode 43: Little Rascal the Racket: While on a picnic, Sharky befriends a mischievous Racket he named Rascal after he finds him stealing his food.

Episode 44: Kwazii Gets Cursed!: When Kwazii brags about winning another Terra Monster battle, he learns that like Sofia's amulet, his bracelet puts a curse on him when he does something bad and he must try to break it.

Episode 45: Kwazii Meets Magic: After watching a magic show in a complete disaster, Kwazii befriends a Magicaneo he names Magic after learning that Dr. Facilier kicked him out.

Episode 46: Terra Daycare: Sofia and her mother, Miranda, decide to open a daycare for Terra Monsters in an old center she found, but it needs some repairs and an extreme makeover first.

Episode 47: Would You Like Some Icing With That?: Lucinda and her mother open their own cupcake bakery right next to the Terra Daycare. Meanwhile, Pearl and the other Terra Monsters sneak inside and enjoy too many cupcakes and become hyper! So Sofia and her friends must get the key to get them out!

Episode 48: Make Way For Sheriff Callie: Kwazii becomes friends with a tomboyish western cat named Sheriff Callie and Sofia becomes jealous of her since Kwazii starts to spend time with Callie.

Episode 49: Ever After High: The Prince and Princess-ology class takes a tour trip to a school of the teenage children of fairytale characters, Ever After High.

Episode 50: The Seashell of Your Eye: Jake adopts a lonely Hydra and calls her Seashell because she loves seashells just like Izzy, but Cruella De Vil has plans to kidnap all the Hydras and make them into hats.

Episode 51: Pearl's Diet: Kwazii begins to worry about Pearl's weight after eating too many sweets. So he helps her go on a diet and cut her desserts.

Episode 52: Wet and Wild!: Kwazii and Pearl the Lothea must train for their first Terra Monster battle with Captain Hook, but the last battle with his third Terra Monster will be more difficult.

Episode 53: Violet Is Your Color!: While collecting herbs for Marla's new potions, Lucinda befriends a Foxpaw and names her Violet because of her fur color and her love of violet flowers.

Episode 54: Lucinda the Little Arcana Gym Leader!: Sofia is shocked to hear that her witch friend Lucinda is the Arcana Terra Monster gym leader in Kwazii's second Terra Monster battle to win the Arcana Terra Monster medal.

Episode 55: Peck Jr. the Chicklit: When a chicklit follows Peck home, Peck names it after him and baby-sits it while his friends go out to find it's mother, but while they're gone searching, Cruella De Vil kidnaps Peck Jr. and now Peck must save him from her before he's sold away.

Episode 56: Wings of Light: The Pirate Princess finds a Motharch and names it Rainbow because of its transparent rainbow wings. Meanwhile, Captain Hook plans to kidnap it and force it to show him where the treasure is.

Episode 57: Once Upon a Shooting Star: While watching a shooting star show with Sheriff Callie and Toby, Peck sees an Embeflit and names him Shooting Star.

Season 4 EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Let's Swing Into Spring!: Kwazii and the gang must help get the preparations ready for the Swing Into Spring Carnival this coming spring by making daisy chains, flower crowns, and lily dresses, and baking spring treats.

Episode 2: A Springtime Dilemma: Kwazii gets himself into a springtime dilemma when Jake invites him to come with him to the Tiki Tree Luau and Sofia invites him to come with her to the Lalaloopsy Land tea party ball. Then he learns that he can't be in two places at the same time.

Episode 3: April Fooled!: April Fools Day is here and everyone is excited and filled with laughter! All except Captain Hook who never has a good sense of humor because every year, he always gets pranked, but thanks to Jake and Kwazii, he learns that pranks are just only for fun so he decides to join in.

Episode 4: A Dragon Bunny Tale: Clover tries to help Ginger and Crackle to get along and feel comfortable with each other, but he finds it harder than it looks and he thoughts when their fight starts to make a big mess.

Episode 5: Blue Ribbon Triggerfish: Kwazii decides to enter Trixie the Triggerfish in the Disney Junior Town Faire pet contest, but after pushing a little too hard, Kwazii discovers a few things about friendship when he ends up unintentionally hurting her feelings before the contest.

Episode 6: Lara's Sparkly Sweet Kiss: Captain Lara buys a new sparkly blue lipstick container and she doesn't realize that it also contains magical powers when she tries it on and kisses Captain Barnacles on the cheek that turns him into a lovestruck pet and it's up to Kwazii, Jake, and Sofia to find a cure.

Episode 7: Kwazii and the Enchanted Garden: Sofia asks Kwazii and Jake to take care and watch her enchanted garden while she and Clover are at Princess Vivian's castle for a playdate, but when Kwazii uses too much magic plant food on Sofia's favorite flowers, they start to grow 500 ft. tall and it's up to them to shrink them back.

Episode 8: Storybook Weekend: Kwazii and his friends get themselves trapped in a magical storybook that takes them to a magical place filled with talking trees, princes, princesses, monsters, magical castles, ghosts, ghouls, witches, wizards, fairies, mermaids, elves, gnomes, dwarfs, unicorns, dragons, and enchanted gemstones.

Episode 9: The Bad Luck Black Spot: Kwazii discovers a black spot on his fur and he thinks that it's giving him bad luck, but he learns that it's only a black paint stain.

Episode 10: Jake Becomes the Captain: Sofia accidentally casts a body switching spell that causes Jake and Captain Hook to switch their minds. So Jake must lead Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones as Captain Hook and Hook must accept to lead Izzy, Cubby, and Skully as Jake without complaining.

Episode 11: No Sword, No Nothing!: While Kwazii and Jake are practicing their sword fighting, Kwazii accidentally chops Jake's sword in half with the Pirate King's sword and Jake gets very upset at Kwazii, that he scolds at him and tells him that it was a gift from Peter Pan, but then Jake realizes that he hurt his best friend's feelings so he decides to apologize to Kwazii for yelling at him, but when he arrives at the Octopod, he finds a note from Kwazii saying that he has gone to Never Land to look for Peter Pan and ask him to fix his sword.

Episode 12: Cold Wars: A bad cold is spreading in Disney Junior Island and it's gotten everyone sneezing, including Captain Hook.

Episode 13: Lambie the Springtime Princess: Lambie is crowned Springtime Princess in the Disney Junior Town Swing Into Spring Faire.

Episode 14: Earth Day Away!: Kwazii and the gang celebrate Earth Day, but their party is crashed when Captain Hook and his crew steal their treats and decorations. So they must get them back from him.

Episode 15: Save the Meadow!: Kwazii and the gang must save their favorite meadow, climbing trees, and swimming lake from Cruella De Vil who wants to make a mall and an ice skating rank and teach her a lesson about nature.

Episode 16: Amber's New Leaf: After King Roland II and Queen Miranda finally tell Amber to not make a second Amber out of Sofia, she decides to turn a new leaf.

Episode 17: Sofia the Vain: Sofia finds a magic ruby ring and places it on her finger, but then things start to turn upside down when she starts to do everything her sister and her friends do: flirting with the boys including Kwazii, quits the derby flying team, and starts worrying about her hair and clothes, until Kwazii finally discovers that it's the ring on Sofia's finger that is making her vain so he tries to take it off of her and crush it into pieces with the help from his new trio kelp fish charm that appeared on his ocean pearl bracelet which gives him the power to duplicate himself.

Episode 18: Prince Power!: Kwazii learns that being a true prince is not just being charming and handsome, but also being kind, helpful, and clever when King Kyle Kitten names him an honorary prince and they search for the legendary Prince Treasure.

Episode 19: The Walrus and Elephant Seal War: Peso must stop a tough war between the elephant seals and the walruses by using his unique peace making skills.

Episode 20: The Castle Ship: Jake wants to make a pirate ship for Arts and Crafts-ology, while Sofia wants to make a castle and soon they get into an argument, but Kwazii manages to help them by making a Castle Ship, a pirate ship that is just like a castle.

Episode 21: Ghoul Busters: Sofia, James, and Kwazii decide to explore an old abandoned mansion in the countryside that everyone thinks is haunted and find out if there are any ghosts or not and find the treasure, but things get shaky for the three of them when mysterious weird voices and cries for help start to come out of nowhere, objects start floating in midair, old staircases try to eat Sofia alive, ghostly hands try to pull Kwazii into paintings or mirrors, and worst of all, invisible spirits try to pull James on the legs.

Episode 22: The Male Trio VS Female Trio Olympic Games: Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, and Peso challenge Captain Lara, Sasha, and Petunia in a boys vs girls games challenge.

Episode 23: (A Mother's Day Special) Queen Miranda's Special Mother's Day Gift: Sofia decides to make a necklace out of the rarest pearls for her mother on Mother's Day, with some help from Jake and Kwazii.

Episode 24: The Octonauts and the Poisonous Mermaid Spell: Kwazii is cursed by a Poisonous Mermaid while collecting pearls and rubies in her lair he thought was an ordinary cave for his sister and falls into a deep sleep. So Peso and Barnacles go into the Midnight Zone to find the rarest kelp, the Black Kelp, to cure Kwazii before he sleeps forever.

Episode 25: (A Father's Day Special) The Father's Day Canoe Race: Kwazii and his grandfather Calico Jack enter a canoe race in the Father's Day festival.

Episode 26: (One Hour Special) Kwazii's Special Birthday Surprise!: It's Kwazii's birthday and Jake, Sofia, and the gang are planning a surprise party for him in Never Land. While the Octonauts are keeping Kwazii distracted with missions, Sofia and Vivian collect diamonds and pearls to make special gifts, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully make the food, Gaspard, Lisa and Henry Hugglemonster bake the pirate cake, Zooter and Ellyvan deliver the invitations, Sharky and Bones practice their music, and Minnie, Cocoloco, and Daisy get the decorations ready, and Mickey even gets the fireworks ready, but meanwhile, Jake tries to find the perfect gift for Kwazii, until he stumbles upon two golden sand dollars and then makes two friendship bracelets for him and Kwazii.

Episode 27: The Octonauts and the Six New Charms: Kwazii wakes up in the morning to discover that his ocean pearl bracelet has grown really long with more blue rope and creamy colored and ocean blue colored pearls and has gained six new charms with new powers. The triggerfish charm gives him protection power, the starfish charm gives him the power to leviate things and make a guiding light whenever it's dark, the swordfish charm helps Kwazii create a magic sword, a magic key, or a magic portal, the leafy sea dragon charm turns him invisible, the jawfish charm gives him the power to make things appear in midair and disappear into thin air and teleport, and the coconut crab charm gives him super strength.

Episode 28: The Mimic Octopus Charm: Kwazii gains another charm that looks like a mimic octopus on his ocean pearl bracelet and learns that it gives him the power to shape-shift into someone else.

Episode 29: Pirate and Princess Summer!: During the first day of summer, Kwazii and his friends Jake and Sofia celebrate their favorite holiday: Pirate and Princess Summer! by throwing a huge party filled with adventure, fun, laughter, costumes, and games, but meanwhile, Captain Hook and his crew are planning to ruin their fun again by messing, crushing and ripping up all the pirate and princess costumes and accessories, eating all the food, wrecking the music and games, and ruining the decorations. Luckily, Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet manages to save the day, once again.

Episode 30: Sneaky Le Beak Strikes Back!: Beatrice Le Beak returns to Never Land and is determined to get the treasure she's been seeking for a few years: the Supreme Stone from behind the Rainbow Falls, but Captain Hook is going for the same treasure too and the two of them start to fight over the stone again. Luckily, Jake and Kwazii manage to calm them down and teach them a lesson about sharing.

Episode 31: Lucinda's New Magic Teacher: Lucinda wants to learn new tricks (but only good and nice tricks). So Misty the Wonderful Witch decides to make Lucinda her apprentice and teach her some new spells.

Episode 32: Wish Upon a Lucky Star!: Sofia, Kwazii, Jake, and their friends watch shooting stars and makes wishes until they start to come true.

Episode 33: Bones' Big Birthday Special: Sharky decides to make two friendship charm bracelets out of Bones' gold doubloons for his birthday with some help from Jake and his best friend Kwazii, but then a frisky seal steals them and now they must get them back. Soon, they all learn that Bones isn't the only birthday boy when two baby seals are born today.

Episode 34: The Octonauts and the Damselfish in Distress: Captain Hook thinks that the damselfish are looking for gold under their patches of algae and wants to find some, but he gets the damselfish really stressed out and they asked the Octonauts to help them kick Hook out of their algae farm.

Episode 35: The New Doc In Town: Doc learns that she isn't the only doctor to stuffed animals and toys and talks to them when a new girl moves into Disney Junior Town and she becomes friends with her, but something else is strange about her.

Episode 36: The Reef Lobster Charm and the Slime Eel Charm: Kwazii gains two more charms on his ocean pearl bracelet and discovers that the reef lobster give his the power to grow and shrink himself or others and the slime eel charm gives him super stretchy slime power to swing onto something.

Episode 37: Fighting Magic With Magic!: Lucinda's childhood bully, Kindle, comes to Disney Junior Town and starts casting hexes on everyone, including Lucinda. So Kwazii, Jake, Sofia try to stop her, but soon they realize that they're no match for Kindle and her magic so they must learn to fight magic with magic.

Episode 38: Soronauts!: While in the Amazon River, the Octonauts come down with sore muscles after swinging on vines too much. So it's up to Kwazii and Peso to bring some medicine to them with the help from the Slime Eel charm on Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet.

Episode 39: The Blue Whale Charm: Kwazii gains a blue whale charm on his bracelet and learns that it gives him a super sonic scream that would be heard from 1,000 miles away, break anyone's eardrums, and break through glass and other hard materials after Peso accidentally steps on his tail, but when his new power accidentally breaks the Octopod's windows, they start to sprung a leak and it's up to him and it's up to Kwazii and the Octonauts to fix them before the whole Octopod floods.

Episode 40: The Pilot Fish Charm: Kwazii finds another charm on his ocean pearl bracelet that looks like a pilot fish and learns that it gives him the power to freeze and unfreeze time.

Episode 41: The Adelie Penguin Charm: Kwazii wakes up and discovers that there's a new charm on his ocean pearl bracelet that looks just like Rocko the Adelie Penguin, but he doesn't know what kind of power it gives him until he learns that it gives him the power to see through people's dreams and nightmares, including his own, and travel in them.

Episode 42: The Snow Cone Magic Trick: It's a hot day in Disney Junior Island and everyone's boiling up, so Kwazii decides to make snow cones with his snowflake charm's magic, but then he becomes too hot that he can't use his magic snowflake charm to make any snow cones, until his friends come and help him cool down.

Episode 43: Magical Badminton: Sofia and her friends are playing Magical Badminton until Kwazii destroys the last birdie. So he makes a new indestructible birdie and the continue their game, but when Jake accidentally sends the magic birdie flying up into the clouds, he and the others must get it back.

Episode 44: The Flirty, Snobby Princess!: There's a new princess in crown and her name is Cara who likes to flirt and shop a lot, which makes Sofia really annoyed by her behavior.

Episode 45: Palace Pets: Sofia is asked by the Disney Princesses to take care of their "palace pets" while they are at their special ball.

Episode 46: Peso the Athletic: Hugo hurts his flipper again and Peso must take his place as the Iron Clam Champion. Soon, he learns that he must believe in himself.

Episode 47: The Sea Crate Charm: Another charm that looks like a sea crate snake appears on Kwazii's bracelet and he gains a powerful bite and scratch with a dangerous poison, but after getting too carried away with his new power, Kwazii accidentally starts poisoning his friends.

Episode 48: Kwazii's Holiday!: After Kwazii fixes a damaged dam, Jake and everyone decide to make a holiday for Kwazii since he's always helping others, but jealous Captain Hook has plans to ruin the holiday by destroying the dam.

Episode 49: Sweet and Sugar Coated: Sofia dresses up early for a day of sugary sweet treats to celebrate National Sugary Sweets Day!

Episode 50: Jake's Pirate School: Kwazii is enrolled to Jake's pirate school where he'll learn how to solve pirate problems just like him.

Episode 51: A Shock-ing Surprise!: Cubby finds a manticub and gets scared of it at first, but when Hades, god of the Underworld, kidnaps it and forces him to become his Terra Monster, Cubby and his friends must save Shock and bring him back to his family.

Episode 52: Battle on the Clouds: Kwazii prepares for his next Terra Monster battle on Mount Olympus to battle Zeus' Terra Monsters and win the Air Terra Monster medal.

Episode 53: Treehouse On Top: The Disney Junior Club has decided to build a treehouse, and with Kwazii's help from his ocean pearl bracelet, they'll at least get it finished until dinnertime.

Episode 54: Inkling's Day-off: Inkling celebrates his birthday with his nephew Squirt, with help from Kwazii.

Season 5 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: The End is Just the Beginning: Things have changed since the group has grown up a lot and got and learned new stuff: Doc and her dad made a cool new Doc-Mobile, Cubby's becoming more braver than ever, Izzy's learning to become a famous ballet dancer, Skully is staying with Princess Winger in SkyBird Island for a few days, the Dalmatian pups have become a famous music trio and got their own music CD, Spot's becoming quite a famous detective, Prince James has joined a fencing club, Princess Amber has joined an all-girls hair, costume, and makeup club, Capt. Barnacles is planning a wedding for him and Tweak, Peso is learning how to sew, and Kwazii's becoming a great badminton champion, Jake who got a new video recording camera, has recorded some great videos, and Sofia who got a new digital camera, is becoming a great photographer, but even though things have changed a lot, it's just the beginning.

Episode 2: (Special Movie) The Rainbow Stone Rescue: When all three magics of Enchanica, Never Land, and Atlantica start to disappear, Kwazii, Jake, and Sofia must find the magic rainbow stone to save all three worlds.

Episode 3: The Humphead Parrotfish Charm: Kwazii gains another charm on his bracelet that gives him the power to make rainbows, blast out sparkles, change peoples' hearts, create magical music, and heal anyone who's hurt or sick.

Episode 4: The Gulper Eel Charm: Kwazii earns a new charm that looks like gulper eel which gives him the power to swirl and twirl faster like a twister. Soon, his new power goes out of control.

Episode 5: The Octonauts and the Ocean Pearl Bracelet: Kwazii loses his bracelet that holds his magic powers, and must find it before Ariel's underwater ball starts in an hour.

Episode 6: The Frogfish Charm: Kwazii gets a frogfish charm on his bracelet that gives him the power to change his colors and patterns.

Episode 7: Daily Horoscopes: Sofia reads a daily horoscopes book and shows everyone their birthdates on one of them. Everyone except Captain Barnacles seems to be impressed by the horoscopes and Kwazii tries to show him.

Episode 8: Magical Hiccups: Lucinda gets a bad case of the magical hiccups and the gang tries to do anything to cure them by using all the cures for hiccups, but they don't seem to work. Soon, it starts spreading like a disease and Kwazii must find the unique cure before he gets the magical hiccups too.

Episode 9: Falling Over Fins in Love: Parrot Fish Pete 'falls over fins in love' with Hattie after seeing her chomp on some coral, but soon, the romance starts to strain his taste for adventure and treasure hunting and his friendship with Kwazii.

Episode 10: The Cone Snail and the Humpback Whale Charms: Kwazii gains a cone snail charm on his bracelet that gives him mind reading and controlling powers and a humpback whale charm that gives him the power to become transparent which means he can walk through anything.

Episode 11: The Siphonophore Charm: Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet transforms into a spiral ocean pearl bracelet and gains another charm that looks like a siphonophore which gives him the power to make a magical rope or a magical chain.

Episode 12: Magical Friends Day!: Kwazii and his friends set up a festival to celebrate Magical Friends Day, but when the magical animals go on the loose, the gang splits into teams to look for them before the festival starts.

Episode 13: Mystery of the Missing Snow Tigers: While spending a three day weekend with Princess Hildagard in Freezenburg, Sofia discovers that the snow tigers she met last night have disappeared and now it's up to her and her friends to find them.

Episode 14: Kwazii Loses His Cool: After falling off a branch and crashing onto the ground in the jungle while jumping, swinging, and climbing with Jake, Kwazii loses his flexibility and balance, and must need physical therapy and stretching.

Episode 15: The Pirate Feast!: Kwazii hosts a pirate feast for "Talk Like a Pirate Day", but then he learns that bigger can't always be better.

Episode 16: Kwazii and the Beanstalk: Kwazii plants magic beans that he found in the forest and they grow a magic beanstalk that leads to a cloudy city.

Episode 17: Return to the Floating Palace: When Merroway Cove is attacked by Ursula and her minions, Sofia, Kwazii, and their friends, along with Ariel, must save it before it collapses.

Episode 18: Ah Seashells!: Jake loses his confidence after losing a seashell game to Captain Hook, and starts to scrabble things up. Now it's up to Kwazii to help his best friend get back his confidence.

Episode 19: Snap On Sofia: Sofia wants to take a picture of the rarest unicorn in the Enchanted Forest, but she accidentally loses her digital camera in the river that takes it straight to a waterfall, which she must get it back before her camera drowns!

Episode 20: Twisted Times: Kwazii accidentally stumbles into a magic mirror in the Disney Princesses' Castle's basement that takes him to a twisted world filled with insanity and where everyone is all twisted! Now he must find a way to escape back to the real world before the Twisted Princesses and Fairies catch him.

Episode 21: Miss Nettle Returns!: Miss Nettle returns to get something she wanted: the Fairies' spellbook! Now it's Kwazii's turn to save the fairies, including Sofia who is this time, trapped in a bubble.

Episode 22: A Bunch of Rising Roses!: Kwazii becomes jealous of Desmond when he is partners with Sofia into planting rising roses. Soon, his jealousy goes too far!

Episode 23: The Duck-Billed Platypus Charm: When Kwazii gains another charm on his bracelet that looks like a duck-billed platypus, he learns that it makes his original five senses super senses,and gives him an extra super sense: Electroreception!

Episode 24: Aunt Tilly's Picnic: Kwazii and the Octonauts are invited to Sofia's aunt's picnic to try her famous apple pie. Kwazii brings his pirate stew but nobody seems to want to have a bowl of it.

Episode 25: Monster Matey Week!: Jake and Henry decide to lift everyone's spirits up by making their own week of fun called Monster Matey Week!

Episode 26: Underwater Adventures Week!: Queen Coralie—with Ariel as her honored guest—has invited everyone to an underwater ball. Kwazii and Sofia help with the decorations, while Jake, Captain Barnacles, and Peso cook the food.

Episode 27: Halloween Town: When the gang is walking in the forest this autumn season, Sofia finds some trees with some strange doors that have the holiday symbols. Soon, she enters Halloween Town and Kwazii comes to the rescue to save her.

Episode 28: The Water Skater Charm: Kwazii gains another charm on his bracelet that looks like a water skater and starts walking on water like a water skater.

Episode 29: Crazy Ocean Love!: Captain Hook is annoyed about Mr. Smee, Sharky, and Bones not concentrating on their work because they're still in love with Queen Coralie. Soon, they receive an invitation to the queen's birthday party and so do the Disney Junior Club.

Episode 30: A Little Too Much Hook!: Lucinda accidentally creates six mini-Captain Hooks. Now it's up to the Octonauts, Jake and Sofia to catch them but their mission becomes too difficult.

Episode 31: Prince Kwazii and Pirate Sofia!: While looking at an unusual but magical mirror in the attic, Kwazii and Sofia accidentally switch each other's places and soon they start to get used to their new lives until they start to struggle on their other problems and must get to the magic mirror to switch each others lives back.

Episode 32: Substitute Baileywick: When Cinderella catches a cold, Baileywick takes her place and tries to teach prince and princess-ology subjects.

Episode 33: Letting the Magic Out of the Bag: Kwazii and Peso try to help Doc and Sofia tell their secrets to their friends and siblings, but they fear that they might spread it to everyone and let the cats out of the sacks.

Episode 34: Pet Salon Disasters!: After Minnie's Pet Salon opens, Kwazii and his friends assist her to help clean, brush, groom, and accessorize the pets, but then they learn that it's not going to be that easy when all the pets run around.

Episode 35: Dress-Up Daisy's Fashion Showdown!: Daisy tries to show Amber that even though she's small, she still has a good and big sense of fashion.

Episode 36: Kwazii and Henry's Huggsgiving Day: Henry invites Kwazii to his Huggs-giving feast with his family, but Kwazii doesn't find any fancy to the "disgusting turkey with peanut butter filling."

Episode 37: Silly Evil Villain Day!: Sneaky Pete, Captain Hook, and Cedric trick the mayor into giving them the Disney Junior Town key, and now it's up to Jake, Sofia, Kwazii, and Mickey to save the day!

Episode 38: Masquerade Mix-Up!: The gang is invited to the Christmas Masquerade Ball to try out some sparkly masks and costumes, but Cedric accidentally uses his magic on the costumes and masks to mix them up.

Episode 39: Invasion of the Skunk Bugs: James adopts a skunk bug and takes it to the castle, which starts to stink up the whole place that kicks Sofia and her family out of their home. The Octonauts, Doc and her toy friends, and the Pirate Island crew tried everything to get them out, but the stink keeps on driving them out. Now Kwazii and Jake must encourage Sofia, who has the power to talk to animals with her amulet's magic, to convince the little stinkers to get out of the castle right now before the castle's stinky bug problem gets more worse and stinkier!

Episode 40: Kwazii's Magical Christmas!: Kwazii and the Octonauts plan a Christmas party in the Octopod but there is no room for any of their guests, so Kwazii finds a bigger and magical place for the party. After the search, he finds a stuffed arctic fox holding a box with blue topaz heart and snowflake necklace that might go with her gown.

Episode 41: Wendigo Where It Goes!: Sofia snaps a picture of a shadowy figure in the Winter Woods that looks like a Wendigo, and the gang goes into the forest to look for it.

Episode 42: Peck and Peso, Partners?: Peck and Peso can't get along with each other since they think they're too different and they sometimes get into a thousand arguments. So Sheriff Callie comes up with an idea that might help them get along: a three legged race, but this doesn't go as planned when they keep arguing, but soon they learn that they must put their differences aside and work together instead of arguing.

Episode 43: Sheriff Priscilla?: Priscilla Skunk and Sheriff Callie have their personalities switched by a strange magical thunderstorm and now Callie is behaving like a proper lady while Priscilla is acting like the sheriff of Nice and Friendly Corners, unless their friends help them get back to their old selves again.

Episode 44: Kwazii and the Prairie Pepper: Kwazii tries to get rid of a weird looking pepper Sheriff Callie gave to him because he doesn't know what it tastes like.

Episode 45: iDisney: Everyone's got a new cell phone and it's called the iDisney, an iPhone-like device that is unbreakable and waterproof and it can call someone by making holograms, send messages, play music, games, and videos, snap pictures, and has a flashlight on the top.

Episode 46: Peso's Precious Kangaroo Rat: Peso adopts a baby kangaroo rat that follows him home but he doesn't realize how much trouble his new pet is making.

Episode 47: Sport On!: Today's sports day in Disney Junior Town and everyone's getting fit and strong until Captain Hook steals all the sports equipment before the competition.

Episode 48: Haywired!: Everyone is playing football when James becomes reckless by accidentally kicking the football at Captain Gizmo and it causes him to go haywire!

Episode 49: Callie's Parents: Kwazii comes with Sheriff Callie to visit her parents at Kitty Cat Corners where she grew up.

Episode 50: Vampire Crows!: When vampire crows take over Nice and Friendly Corners' cornfield on Corn Picking Day, Sheriff Callie and Princess Sofia are at odds regarding how to deal with them, but disaster strikes when Sofia turns into a vampire crow princess after one of Kwazii's spells backfires.

Episode 51: (A Valentine's Day Special) Callie Valentine's Day!: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and once again love is in the air. Meanwhile, Peck tries to make Sheriff Callie a box of heart shaped milk chocolates but every time he thinks about her, Peck ends up getting hot, blushing red, and messing things up.

Episode 52: Callie White: The Evil Queen tricks Sheriff Callie into eating one of her poisoned apples and she falls asleep. The gang discovers that only a kiss of true love can save her and they try to convince Peck who might be the one to do it, but he doesn't know if he will because he thinks that it's not true love!

Episode 53: The Callie Mermaid: Sheriff Callie is given a magical pearl necklace from Queen Coralie that transforms her into a mer-cowgirl with the power to make pearls glow and move.

Episode 54: True Hearts, True Love!: Peck asks Sheriff Callie to come with him to Badou's Valentine's Day Party.

Episode 55: Pixie Dust Delivery!: Kwazii discovers that Tinker Bell's new friend, Zarina, is making pixie dust with different colors and powers that they decide to deliver a batch full of them, but soon, Kwazii discovers that Peck is allergic to pixie dust.

Episode 56: Opposites Attract: Lucinda casts an opposite spell that makes everything and everyone the exact opposite, but it makes the Kangaroo Rats from nice and naughty to not so nice and nasty creatures, which cause havoc around Disney Junior Town.

Episode 57: Callie-rella: Sheriff Callie does everyone's chores until she doesn't have time to go to Peck's birthday party until her "Fairy God-Kitty" comes to help her get ready and finish the chores, but when midnight strikes, she quickly leaves early and her crystal boot slips off behind leaving Peck to find his "mystery cowgirl."

Episode 58: Adventures in the Frozen Kingdom: When Sofia, Kwazii, Jake, and Vivian find an old book about the cursed frozen kingdom, Elsa the Snow Queen, and Anna in the school library, Sofia and Vivian dream of meeting Anna, and Kwazii decides to go to the frozen kingdom to find her.

Season 6 EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Un-Sheriff Callie: Elsa accidentally hits Callie's mermaid pearl necklace with her ice magic that freezes Callie's heart, making her the meanest and unfriendliest sheriff everyone has ever feared.

Episode 2: Captain-SittingCaptain Barnacles falls into the magical pirate pool of youth and turns into a 5-year old. Now Kwazii must 'baby-sit' him so he and Peso and Jake can find the flower to cure him.

Episode 3: Sweet Dreams, Jake: Jake stays up too long in the night and his lack of sleep causes Captain Hook to steal all the treasure and cause more trouble around Disney Junior Island.

Episode 4: Peck Faces the Dark: Peck develops Nyctophobia (a fear of darkness) after watching a scary movie with Sheriff Callie, but when Callie and Kwazii get themselves trapped in a dark cave, Peck must overcome his fear to save them.

Episode 5: Ella's Hat: Kwazii and Sheriff Callie find a red magical hat that changes into anything and discovers that it belongs to their new neighbor Ella the Elephant.

Episode 6: Callie Hood and Her Merry Partners: Sheriff Callie, Peck, Toby, and the townsfolk must help a poor town get their stuff back by taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

Episode 7: Cinderella Month: The citizens of Disney Junior Town celebrate with the Cinderellas of the Month and whoever dances for long until midnight will win a pair of glass crystal jeweled slippers as a prize!

Episode 8: Tinker Callie: Kwazii and the gang take Sheriff Callie, Peck, and Toby to come to Never Land to meet Tinker Bell and other fairies. There, Callie accidentally spills blue pixie dust on her necklace that transforms her into a fairy.

Episode 9: The Princess and the Cowgirl: Sheriff Callie switches places with a princess named Katie who wants to have adventures and become a sheriff than just do "boring" princess things.

Episode 10: Pegasus Power Up!: Sparky and Clementine eat blue apples that transform them into a winged horse and a winged mule.

Episode 11: Night of Jafar: Jafar decides to steal the Never Sands of Time by shattering the hourglass to plunge all of Disney Junior Island into eternal darkness, but not with the Disney Junior Club and the serpent who will do nothing but foil his plan.

Episode 12: Ariel's Story: Ariel tells Sofia and her friend Oona a story about her beginning of her adventures when she was the littlest mermaid.

Episode 13: Kwazii Gets Tangled Up!: After Kwazii helps too many people, he gets tangled up in his arms and legs thanks to his octopus charm that makes him stretch like a rubber band.

Episode 14: Kwazii's Pirate Twirl!: After Sheriff Callie sprains her ankle from doing the Cowgirl Twirl too much, Kwazii must take her place and help everyone dance tonight, but when Captain Hook discourages Kwazii, his stage fright comes back which causes him to refuse to dance in front of everyone. Luckily, Callie, Barnacles, Peso, and Jake manage to encourage Kwazii before the dance.

Episode 15: Little Red Callie Hood: Sheriff Callie must deliver a special basket of treats, but first she must get pass a big bad bandit.

Episode 16: Peck's Lucky Day!: It's St. Patrick's Day and Peck receives a lucky charm after meeting a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow, but his luck goes too far when his charm uses too much power.

Episode 17: Kitty-napped!: Feeling that the crew is tired of his out of control powers, Kwazii decides that it's time to pack up and fly away, but then he is kidnapped by a ringmaster and is forced to perform at a freak show as an angel winged cat. Once Kwazii's there, he learns that he's not the only prisoner when he meets some other kidnapped freaks who want to go home and now it's up to him and the Octonauts to save himself and his new friends before they move to the next town.

Episode 18: The New, Hottest Student!: Everyone is going back to Angelic Academy, including Kwazii and Noonbory, but this year, God, the principal and Creator of Heaven and Earth, introduces everyone to the new student of Angelic Academy: Flain, an Infernite Mixel who is having trouble with his catholic classes and getting lower grades on his religious report card. So Kwazii decides to help Flain with his studies and encourage him to keep trying.

Episode 19: Once Upon a Disney Princess Week: Sofia is invited to the Disney Princesses' royal ball but all her friends want to come with her since she has two invitations for her and only one friend.

Episode 20: Love the Planet: Kwazii and Jake find some trash washed up on the Lotheas' Beach and that's not the only place covered in garbage when the rest of their favorite places are littered and polluted. So with the help of the others, they manage to clean up the mess and find out who the litterbugs are.

Episode 21: DJ Shuffle: Kwazii volunteers to help with the DJ Shuffle party by becoming the new DJ when the rapper gets sick.

Episode 22: Battle of the Summer Parties: Summer is finally here, and Jake and Sofia plan to celebrate with another Pirate and Princess Summer party, but instead of working together, they become competitive with each other which makes the party less fun and drives everyone crazy!

Episode 23: Whirlpool the Lotheo: While playing beach badminton with Pearl, Kwazii finds a Lotheo surfing in a whirlpool and rescues him. He then names it Whirlpool.

Episode 24: Surf's Up Soarin': While on the beach surfing, Jake meets an injured Soarphin he named Soarin' and he joins the group. Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil pollutes the ocean with blue dye and now Jake and his friends must stop her with his new friend.

Episode 25: A Nightmare Come True!: Jake and Kwazii are training their Terra Monsters for a battle but is interrupted by a strange fog that sends the Terra Monsters to sleep and gives them nightmares. They soon discover that Hades' new Terra Monster, Nightmare the Shadowmare, is responsible for the fog and must stop them before the fog spreads any further!

Episode 26: Seeing Double!: Sofia's troublesome clone returns to make more trouble and this time, she's got her eyes set on Kwazii. So she decides to trick him into getting some valuable stuff for her by flirting with him, but that wasn't until Kwazii realizes that she is not the real Sofia before getting the last artifact from the museum. So it's up to him to stop the doppelgänger and return the stuff that she stole for her, but he'll have to play by her own game by using his duplication power!

Episode 27: Aquarin Quest: Kwazii's grandfather, Calico Jack, invites him on a journey to find and catch the legendary water Terra Monster, Aquarin, but they're not the only ones looking for it when Captain Hook and his crew spie on them.

Episode 28: What's All the Racket?: A loud noise from the forest starts to annoy everyone. So the gang is determined to stop it and find out where it's coming from.

Episode 29: Going Frozen!: Olaf invites everyone to sing karaoke and ice skate, but some uninvited guests, such as Captain Hook and his crew, crash the party.

Episode 30: Callie's Cute Caleaf: Callie befriends a Caleaf at the swamp while helping some Alistinkers and must get him home in the lush forest, but he decides to stay with her.

Episode 31: Lil' Rosie: While picking roses in Rose Valley, Sofia and Amber find a Flater named Rosie who loves roses and follows them back to the castle, which starts to cause trouble in the garden.

Episode 32: The Trouble With Evolution: Pearl the Lothea has learned a new power and she begins to glow, but suppresses the power and feels exhausted. Kwazii and his friends learn that she might evolve into a Hythea soon and they think it's a good thing because now Pearl will be more stronger in every battle, but Pearl however refuses to evolve and Kwazii doesn't want her to evolve either, so King Roland II decides to help them.

Episode 33: Aye Aye Captain Mickey: The whole class goes to a field trip to Captain Mickey's undersea adventure to explore the sea and check out the fish and their habitats by going in his submarine, but they're not alone when something or someone is watching them.

Episode 34: Kwazii's Shark Edition: Kwazii and the Octonauts invite their friends over to check out some sharks, along with Oona; Ursula the Sea Witch uses her hypnotizing spell to control the sharks and ruin their edition.

Episode 35: The Porcupine Puffer Charm: Kwazii has gained another charm on his bracelet that looks like a porcupine puffer and gives him the power to grow spikes all over his body and shoot them out like darts.

Episode 36: Back to School Ball: It's the first day of school and everyone's getting ready for the "Back to School Ball" tonight. However, Amber is having trouble deciding what to wear.

Episode 37: The Royal Photographer: Sofia gets excited when she is chosen to be the president of the Photography Club, but before she can do that, she needs to take pictures of some rare creatures that are hard to find.

Episode 38: Castle Hassle: The gang discovers that Cruella de Vil is trying to buy the Disney Princesses' Castle and that means the palace pets will get kicked out and so will the princesses, but Sofia and her friends have plans to make her change her mind.

Episode: 39: Magic! Mystery! Monsters! Week: Kwazii and his friends celebrate Magic! Mystery! Monsters! Week with all the magical creatures of the Enchanted Forest and the Disney Princesses' Palace Pets.

Episode 40: The Immortal Jellyfish Charm: Kwazii gains another charm on his ocean pearl bracelet that looks like an immortal jellyfish and discovers that it gives him the power to make himself or others younger or older.

Episode 41: The Glass is Always Cleaner: When Kwazii gains a new power, he learns that he can turn anything or anyone into glass with just one touch of his paw.

Episode 42: All That Shimmers: Lucinda's Oddcat, Buttons, wants to make the most beautiful dresses for the Disney Princesses just like his dad, Needles the Quirkat, but he might have added a bit too much sparkle!

Episode 43: Autumn Masquerade: Autumn is here once again! This time, everyone has decided to throw a masquerade ball to celebrate the season's arrival.

Episode 45: Just Your Other Type!: Sofia, Jake, and Kwazii learn that some Terra Monsters can have two different types when they discover that Angel is also a water type Terra Monster and Pearl is also an air type Terra Monster.

Episode 46: Kwazii Gets Heated Up!: Kwazii gains Enchanted Fire as his new power when on a campsite trip, but when he gets angry, annoyed or frustrated, his new power grows out of control that Kwazii accidentally causes fire accidents.

Episode 47: Frozen Ivy: Princess Ivy sneaks into Arendelle to hypnotize Elsa with her dragonflies and make her into an evil ice queen that will freeze not only her homeland but the whole world. Now it's up to the Disney Junior Club to stop Ivy and save Anna's sister.

Eepisode 48: Smee's Pandamite: It's Mr. Smee's first day of becoming a Terra Rancher and he wants to choose a Pamdamite as his starter Terra Monster, but Captain Hook wants him to choose a Niptune to force it to evolve into a Carnivice, until Mr. Smee learns to follow own decisions and not his captain's.

Episode 49: Jake's Donation: Jake believes that his hideout has too much treasure and needs some cleaning up, so he decides to send his treasures to every pirate on Neverland.

Episode 50: Izzy and the Dashing Equiness: Izzy befriends a rainbow colored Dashing Equiness and it gives her a ride in the clouds!

Episode 51: Weed Em' and Weep!: Kwazii's new power makes him grow weeds, including ultra weeds that invade everyone's gardens. Kwazii must then find a way to get rid of the weeds and learn to control his weed growing power before the grounds are covered in too many weeds.

Episode 52: In the Land of Afer: On a Terra Monster journey in Afer, Kwazii, Jake, Sofia, meet and learn new Terra Monsters while training to becoming full fledged Terra Ranchers, and also making new friends and battling new enemies.

Season 7 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Werewolf Time!: It's Boo For You! Halloween, but this time, the fun gets more fun when Jake gets turned into a werewolf again but becomes a problem when more wolves crash the party!

Episode 2: Mostly Ghostly: Captain Hook finds a ghost catching device that sucks in ghosts and kidnaps all the ghosts, including Sir Dax. Now Sofia must rescue him and all the ghosts, but she won't do it alone.

Episode 3: Curse of the Sea Minotaur!: The Sea Minotaur is back and he's blowing his magical horn to make all pirates and princesses, including Jake and Sofia to fight with each other. Now Kwazii must stop him and break his horn before Disney Junior Island is in a big fight!

Episode 4: Thanks For the Giving!: Sofia has invited her friends over for her Thanksgiving feast, including Lucinda and her mom, but Miss Nettle is back and to grow plants of destruction so she can ruin the feast.

Episode 5: The Golden Turkey: Sheriff Callie asks for Kwazii and Jake's help into finding the Golden Turkey so she can have her Wild West Thanksgiving feast.

Episode 6: Sheriff Callie's Wild Anniversary!: The citizens of Nice and Friendly Corners host an anniversary party for Sheriff Callie but a group of no good bandits plan to crash the party, but luckily, Kwazii is on the move!

Episode 7: Cedric Scrooge: It's Christmas Eve, but Cedric is not in the mood for holiday spirit until he meets the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future who teach him the true meaning of Christmas.

Episode 8: True Colors: Kwazii's Humphead parrotfish charm gives him a new power, the mystic paintbrush that can bring anything he paints come to life.

Episode 9: It's a Cold, Cold World!: Shiverjack is back and he's freezing up Disney Junior Island, including its population! Now Kwazii must stop him with some help from Elsa and fight ice with ice!

Episode 10: Icy Love: It's Christmas Eve and Jack Frost plans on taking over Christmas. His plan of using the Escape Claus didn't work last time, so he plans on freezing the big man himself, Scott Calvin, or as we all know him, Santa Claus. Who's going stop Jack this time? Maybe all that Jack needs is a little recognition, and a little love from another icy figure.

Episode 11: Magical Christmas Day!: Christmas is finally here and Kwazii and his friends are having a great time shopping, fine dining, ice skating and playing in the snow! Meanwhile, Pearl spends the holidays with the Palace Pets and the other Terra Monsters with cupcakes, warming up at the fireplace, music, decorating, cartoons, and giving gifts.

Episode 12: Pancake Panic!: The maids and waiters at the Magical Cafe think that the cafe needs more upgrades so they decide to add breakfast foods, like pancakes. Until Bungo invents a robot that makes pancakes fast...well a bit too fast!

Episode 13: Kate and Mim-Mim: While Sheriff Callie and Peck are riding in the Wild West, they meet a girl named Kate and her giant stuffed purple bunny named Mim-Mim and they invite them to come with them to come back to Disney Junior Town.

Episode 14: New Year to You Too!: The Octonauts prepare for the New Year until Kwazii finds a spacecraft land on the beach and meets a boy named Miles and his family.

Episode 15: Fleas Help Me: When Kwazii practices his shrinking power, he accidentally gets trapped in Max the sheepdog's fur and now Max has mistaken him for a flea. So it's up Jake and the Octonauts to save him.

Episode 16: Crank Up the Heat, Crackle!: Vivian's pet dragon celebrates her birthday in the Enchanted Forest. Vivian decides to buy a present for her, only if Crackle behaves and not cause fire problems.

Episode 17: Winter Wonderland Week: The gang prepare for the Winter Wonderland Week Festival and Queen Elsa and her sister, Anna are the honorable guests. Meanwhile, Kwazii volunteers to create ice sculptures and ice decorations.

Episode 18: Super Smee: In an old time capsule, Jake, Kwazii, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully discover that Mr. Smee used to be a daredevil until a fatal accident almost killed him.

Episode 19: Terra Fleas!: Pearl the Lothea is acting strange today! She's running around in circles, shaking back and forth and itching and scratching like crazy! It can only be the work of the Terra Fleas and not ordinary baths can wash them away! Now Kwazii must use his shrinking magic to shrink himself beetle-sized to save his Lothea friend and stop the fleas. That is if he holds on for his life!

Episode 20: Stuck In the Ice: Before the end of winter, Kwazii and his Terra Monsters warm up to battle against Elsa and her ice Terra Monsters in their third Terra Monster battle, but their abilities are so powerful that even has Pearl frozen in a block of ice!

Episode 21: Snow Problem: A snow storm is coming and Mickey and Donald need some help in harvesting the apples, corn, pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables, but they learn that they won't do it alone.

Episode 22: Jake and the 7D: Jake meets seven dwarves from a small town called Jollywood but has to help them encounter the Glooms, a couple consisting of an evil sorceress and evil sorcerer.

Episode 23: A Colorless World!: Captain Hook steals Tach's color machine and accidentally turns it on which drains Disney Junior Island's colors and personality and it's starting to make it less magical and more boring than ever, and everyone's personalities are gone too! Now the only way to restore the colors is to get the color machine back from Hook and get everyone back to normal, but it won't be easy with all the colors fading away!

Episode 24: You're Black History!: Doc uses her magic stethoscope to send her and her friends back in time to meet the black men and women back in the old days.

Episode 25: The Mudskipper Charm: It's Friday the 13th and the citizens of Disney Junior Town have decided to forget all the bad luck and celebrate the day by throwing a party, but Kwazii's new mudskipper charm is causing problems for him and everyone which means the charm has powers to cause misfortunes, but also fortunes which might save the day.

Episode 26: Magic Hearts Day!: It's Valentine's Day and there's a tree with magical heart shaped, apple sized strawberries in the Enchanted Forest, but Captain Hook wants to steal all the berries and eat them for himself! Luckily, Kwazii, Sofia, Jake, Pearl, and the Palace Pets are there to protect the tree!

Episode 27: (One Hour Special) Un-Valentine's Day!: The annual Valentine's Day event is in full swing, but meanwhile Princess Ivy creates cursed valentine cards with her magic butterflies to curse the town. Once the cards threat to turn the world upside down, it will take Kwazii, Sofia, Jake, the Octonauts and some new Palace Pets to reverse the curse and save the Valentine's Day Faire.

Episode 28: Sofia's Enchanted Chocolates: Sofia is competing in the Disney Junior's Chocolate Sweets Contest. She then adds a special ingredient to her chocolates that has Captain Hook wanting the secret recipe.

Episode 29: Spring Unsprung!: Kwazii and the Octonauts must help the Never Fairies prepare for the upcoming spring but things aren't going as well as planned.

Episode 30: Fantasy Forest Story!: Spring has finally sprung and Kwazii and his friends are heading to the Fantasy Forest to meet some new magical animals and help them breed and hatch some magical animal eggs.

Episode 31: Little Valentine Friends: Sofia befriends a Smitten Kitten, a Love Dove, and a Matripony in the Fantasy Forest while on a picnic with her friends and family.

Episode 32: Gwen's Apprentice: Sofia becomes Inventor Gwen's apprentice for a day and learns to invent gizmos of her own.

Episode 33: The Magical Creature Power Suits: Sofia invents power suits that are like the Kratt brothers' creature power suits for Jake and Kwazii.

Episode 34: Desert Princess: Prince Zandar, Sofia, Jake, and Kwazii befriend a cactus kitsune in the desert of Tangu, but when Jafar kidnaps its family, Sofia makes a cactus Kitsune power disc to help Jake and Kwazii save the day once again.

Episode 35: Wrath's Amulet: Kwazii buys an antique amulet from an old vintage shop and gives it to Jake for his birthday, but what he doesn't know is that the amulet is cursed and has turned Jake into a cruel, nasty, and troublemaking pirate. Now Kwazii must take the amulet off his best friend's neck and purify him.

Episode 36: The Ancient Sloth: Sofia ventures into the Fantasy Forest to snap a picture of the Ancient Sloth for her photo album.

Episode 37: The Evolution Flower!: Captain Hook wants to steal the Evolution Flower that helps all the magical animals evolve but Kwazii and his friends won't let him and his crew get pass through them. All they have to do is campout and watch over it, even if it means missing school.

Episode 38: The Octonauts and the Mudskippers' Mudskipper Treasure!: The Mudskippers call the Octonauts that they found treasure under their mud home in the Magrove Forest. Meanwhile, Captain Hook decides to steal the treasure but Kwazii, as usual, has tricks up his sleeves.

Episode 39: The Spider Crab Charm: While finally facing his spider fears, Kwazii gains a new spider crab charm that gives him and others the courage to overcome their fears. Then learns that he can also use magic of love, friendship, and happiness.

Episode 40: The Shark Charm: Kwazii's new shark charm has given him powerful and indestructible teeth that can chomp through any hard materials, but it also makes him super hungry like a shark.

Episode 41: The Pirate Stays In the Picture!: Sofia teaches Kwazii how to paint an enchanted painting and travel in it, but Kwazii loses his enchanted paintbrush while traveling around his painting.

Episode 42: Pearl's Playmate: Kwazii believes that Pearl the Lothea is lonely and needs a playmate. So he goes into the Fantasy Forest and finds a Lightning Leopard he named Flash to keep Pearl company while he plays with his friends, goes on his missions, or when he's teaching in Pirate-ology class, bug one thing he realizes is that he missed playing with Pearl.

Episode 43: Written By Jake!: Jake has decided to write a book about Kwazii and his adventures just like when Wendy writes her stories about Peter Pan and his adventures.

Episode 44: King Zongo Returns: The monkey pirate King Zongo is back and things are getting crazy! First he and his crew take Bucky, then steal Sofia and her family's gems and jewels, then take Sheriff Callie's magic lasso, and now Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet! Now it's up to everyone to stop the monkeys and get their stuff back before it's too late!

Episode 45: Triple Play Friday!: It's Friday and that means it's Triple Play Friday so the Disney Junior Town citizens have planned a festival fit for only three friends, but Kwazii can't decide whether to take Jake and Sofia or Captain Barnacles and Peso with him to the festival.

Episode 46: Polter-guests: The Octonauts finds an old crate outside of the Octopod and when they open it, they accidentally release three mischievous ghosts that overstay their welcome and drives everyone nuts!

Episode 47: The Octonauts and the Music Video: Jake and his crew spread the new about a music video contest and whoever's music video gets the most views and likes will win a new music CD. So in order to win the CD, the Octonaut Stars practice their new song: Riding on the Waves, while Dashi records the video.

Episode 48: Dusty Daze!: Belch Mountain is erupting dust all over Never Land and not only that, but it's spreading all over Disney Junior Island and it's got everyone sneezing, including Kwazii who's magic is going out of control whenever he sneezes.

Episode 49: Disney Soccer!: Kwazii and Team Disney Junior practice to compete against their rival soccer team, Team Disney XD in the Spring Soccer Championship while they teach them a lesson about playing soccer is not about winning, it's about having fun.

Episode 50: Peso To the Rescue!: Peso must rescue his Oarion, Fluff, from Maleficent when he is taken to her castle, but he'll have to use his wits to get pass monsters, spiky plants, and a black fire-breathing dragon!

Episode 51: Equiness Race!: Izzy, Anna, and the Pirate Princess enter their Equinesses to a race in the sky, but they are caught in a storm.

Episode 52: Captain, I'm a Zombie!: Kwazii is cursed and is transformed into a zombie after touching a graveyard gem. Now he and his friends must venture in the Dark Forest to search for a cure for the zombie transformation.

Episode 53: The Octonauts and the Turtle Dove: A turtle dove from the Fantasy Forest inspires Sofia and Tweak to invent a new ship for the Disney Junior Club.

Episode 54: Catypuss Cafe: While examining the Catypuss and her eggs, a giant tidal wave separates her and her eggs which gets caught in a nest from Chef Pete who is about to make a meal out of them. Now Kwazii, Jake, and Sofia along with the Octonauts must save them before they get scrambled!

Episode 55: Voyage of the Rainguins: Jake and Kwazii follow a baby rainguin on its several-thousand mile migration from upper Fantasy Forest to Japan. However, the journey is complicated when fashion designer Cruella De Vil and her henchmen attempt to capture as many rainguins as they can in order to make rainguin hats.

Episode 56: Icy Howler: Kwazii finds a baby frostfang in his backpack, so he and Jake recall their adventure in order to find out how the frostfang pup ended up in his backpack while they and the rest of the Disney Junior Club devise a way to return it back to its pack.

Episode 57: Magical Rescue! (Part 1): Sofia and Jake discovers that the Enchanted Forest is dying because the Magical Flower is dying too, but they're not the only ones dying when all the fairies, mermaids, giants, dragons, unicorns, and even the Terra Monsters are also dying as well and everyone starts losing all their magical powers to fly, talk to animals and toys, cast spells, and make wishes come true. So in order to save the magic, Kwazii, Jake, Sofia, Miles, Doc, and Sheriff Callie, must find hidden keys to open a mysterious golden door called the Door of Magic!

Episode 58: Magical Rescue! (Part 2): Time is running out for the magic and the keys are still in need of finding! Until the gang learns that the keys to the door are friendship, love, courage, light, healing, and kindness! After finally opening Door of Magic, they gain new powers and restore all the magic in Disney Junior Island!

Episode 59: Miles-Stoned: When Miles comes across a cockatrice, he is turned to stone and only MERC can save his best buddy. That is if he can face his fears and not look into the cockatrice' eyes.

Season 8 episodesEdit

Episode 1: Punk Skunked: When Jake finds a punk skunk, it begins stinking up the place whenever Jake tries to ask it to help him and his crew mates with their chores.

Episode 2: Rumblebees or Demonkeys?: Jake wants to search for fantasy forest bugs, but Kwazii wants to swing with demonkeys in the tree tops. Kwazii gets his way after stuffing the miniaturized Jake in his backpack and climbs up the trees, but while he was not looking, an infant demonkey grabs Jake by its tail and swings away. While the rest of the Octonauts and Disney Junior Club search for him, Jake starts to enjoy swinging with demonkeys and gets to know what makes them able to brachiate from branch to branch so well.

Episode 3: Zapra Zig Zag!: Kwazii and Jake befriend a baby Zapra that is separated from his mom and his herd, therefore, they must work together to reunited him and his mom by going through obstacles.

Episode 4: Ape-ril Fools!: Sofia's magical creature power disc making kit is stolen by mischievous Ape-ril Fools and Jake and Kwazii must get it back, but the Ape-ril Fools makes this mission difficult for them.

Episode 5: Mighty Monster Marathon!: Henry is excited about the marathon which is today and he and his friends and family are ready to celebrate no matter what!

Episode 6: Tooth or Dare!: The Magical Cafe's new cake recipe has given everyone a big toothache and it's up to Doc, Sam Sandwich, Salad Lad, and Kwazii who aren't affected by the cake's affects to clean the magic pain out of their friends' teeth and stop Sweet Tooth, who has teamed up with the Evil Queen, by making evil sugar. Soon, Kwazii gains a new power that can clean anything!

Episode 7: Happily Ever Kwazii: Kwazii goes back to the magical storybook only to find that the magic gems from the Talking Forest have been stolen and restore the magic before the whole storybook world disappears.

Episode 8: Dancin' With the Fladingos!: Jake and Kwazii skydive down to the paradise realm of the Fantasy Forest to witness the mating dances of the fladingos. The crew then shows off their dances, all except for Sofia, who says that dancing is not her thing, but the pirate pals are confident that she can, and they think that the birds of paradise are the best inspiration for her. When they come up to the fladingos, Sofia finally decides to give dancing a try, but she and a few fladingos get captured by fashion designer Cruella De Vil's henchmen, Horace and Jasper, for Cruella so she can make a gown made of the feathers of the fladingos.

Episode 9: Easter Tweak!: Tweak must deliver Easter eggs and candy around Disney Junior Town this Easter when the Easter Bunny gets a case of spring fever, but being the Easter bunny can be hard work.

Episode 10: Cute As a Bug: A relaxing spring picnic in Butterfly Bluff becomes a butterfly bash when new caterpillars arrive and the gang has volunteered to nurture them, but that wasn't until Captain Hook comes to spoil the fun again!

Episode 11: Hop To the Music!: To celebrate spring, Mayor Mickey has invited everyone to a dance festival where everyone can dance and hop to the music!

Episode 12: Hello Mr. Smee, Goodbye Vegimals: Mr. Smee moves in with the Octonauts when he and Captain Hook have an argument on the Jolly Roger. Things go fine at first, but things get worse when the Vegimals move away after they thought the Octonauts were replacing them with Mr. Smee.

Episode 13: The 7D Get Happy!: The 7D are in a happy day this spring and Queen Delightful wants to throw a festival of happiness for everyone, but the Glooms have cast a sad spell on everyone to make them miserable and it's up to Kwazii's happiness magic to save the day!

Episode 14: Mouseke-Ball!: Mickey invites Kwazii and his friends to a game of Mousekeball! Everyone finds it very easy to play, but then they learns that Mousekeball can be harder when trying to grab the ball. 

Episode 15: Explore, Rescue, Protect Week: The Octonauts and the Explore, Rescue, Protect Club plan to help keep the earth green by helping clean up trash on land and sea, and stop factories from polluting the air.

Episode 16: Sofia's Spectacular Adventures Week!: Sofia is having adventures for herself this week, but then she realizes it's not fun without her friends.

Episode 17: Terra Ranchers In Space!: Loretta and Miles become Terra Ranchers after King Roland gives them invitations to become one. Later, they receive their new starter Terra Monsters, a Ninevolt and a Jawgar.

Episode 18: HuggleMom Day!: Jake and Kwazii volunteer to help Henry, Cobby, and Summer find the perfect Mother's Day present for their mom.

Episode 19: Step Izzy: Izzy pretends to be Sharky's daughter this Father's Day so he could get in the Father Bolt Brotherhood. Soon, Sharky learns that he's not the only pirate when Captain Flynn tells him that he told a lie about Bones pretending to be his son last Father's Day.

Episode 20: Father's Day Blast: Father's Day is here and all the kids are making their presents for their dads, but Captain Hook has stolen them all and Kwazii, along with his friends are there to save the day once again.

Episode 21: (One Hour Special) Lolirock On!: The new girl band, Lolirock, is coming to Disney Junior Town to perform their concert for the first day of summer festival. Meanwhile, the girls' old enemies Mephisto and Praxina have come to ruin the concert and Kwazii must stop them but his powers aren't strong enough!

Episode 22: Littlest Frozen: Elsa and Anna are sad that they didn't spend the time together as kids because Elsa had to lock herself up just to learn to control her powers. So Kwazii casts his youth magic on them to turn them into little girls and they begin to play together again in Elsa's magic snow, but when Arendelle is in need of their queen, Kwazii must use his elder magic to make Elsa and Anna grown up again.

Episode 23: Several Adventures Under the Sea!: Ariel and Jake and all their friends have planned to have adventures under the sea to swim with the fish, and dance with the mermaids, but Kwazii wants to see the sharks instead.

Episode 24: Wing It On!: The Evil Fairy has stolen all the fairies wings and now they can't fly! Their only hope is Cinderella's wingless fairy godmother who teaches them they sometimes don't need wings to defeat the Evil Fairy.

Episode 25: Sweets Galore!: There's a new sweets shop opening in Disney Junior Town and it's stealing Cupcake Magic's customers. So in order to save the business and Lucinda and her mom from moving out, Kwazii must use his new sugary sweet magic to serve more customers.

Episode 26: A Bolting Battle: Kwazii and Pearl are ready for their fourth Terra Monster battle with Professor Rubicon, and with the Electric Terra Monster medal, but this time, the battle will be in space! Kwazii then comes up with a good strategy to use earth Terra Monsters since Rubicon's Terra Monsters are electric.

Episode 27: Under the Terra Tree!: Disney Junior Town holds an annual festival to celebrate the bond between Terra Ranchers and Terra Monsters. However when Kwazii has trouble deciding on a present for his Terra Monsters, Sofia helps inspire him while present shopping.

Episode 28: Terra Monster Showcase: The day of the Disney Junior Town Terra Monster Showcase arrives and Sofia and Amber have decided to enter. As Amber makes a step towards her dream, she learns that first times can be tough.

Episode 29: The Three Mages of Talent: Mayor Mickey Mouse has invited the three mages of talent to perform their magic at the Disney Junior Town's Arts, Music, and Food Festival, but when Captain Hook steals all three of their magical items, which are the paintbrush, the baton, and the whisk, everyone loses their talents and the mages lose their magic. Now it's up to Kwazii and his Terra Monsters to retrieve them and restore the magical talents.

Episode 30: Whisker Haven: Kwazii and his friends are called by the Palace Pets at their palace called Whisker Haven to help them protect it from Cruella De Vil who has planned to keep the castle for herself.

Episode 31: Soaring Over Summer: Sofia and her friends soar into the skies this summer on flying machines, flying horses, and flying carpets, but Jake only wants a desert race instead which causes a complete disaster.

Episode 32: Palace Pests: Whisker Haven has a termite problem and unless the Palace Pets find a home for them, they'll have to move to another palace.

Episode 33: Treasure's In Ship Shape!: Treasure gets her very own ship for her birthday and invites Kwazii to sail on it with her, but a storm comes which might wreck the ship unless Kwazii and Treasure find a way to protect it... and themselves!

Episode 34: Night of the Genie Dread: Dread the Genie has returned and he's not just stealing Pip's genie magic, but also Kwazii's ocean magic and Sofia's amulet.

Episode 35: A Dance At Pumpkin's: Pumpkin's birthday is here so all the Palace Pets need their friends help to throw a surprise party for her.

Episode 36: The Dark Pearl Bracelet: Ursula creates a dark version of Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet with black pearls and evil charms with dark magic powers.

Episode 37: Ocean Bandits: Sheriff Callie must use her mermaid powers to catch some thieves that have stolen some magic gems from Atlantica's museum.

Episode 38: We Wee Sprites!: Kwazii shrinks himself to join Sofia and her wee sprite friends on a wee adventure.

Episode 39: Doc's Pet Vet!: Peso has volunteered to help Doc and her toy friends at her new pet vet when toy animals come with lots of boo boos.

Episode 40: Captain Jake!: Kwazii is surprised Jake has now become a captain after defeating Lord Fathom. Soon, he finds himself becoming jealous again.

Episode 41: Sleepwalking Beauty: Dreamy is sleepwalking at night and stealing everyone's pillows. Sofia and the gang now must help the Palace Pets stop her and return the pillows before sunrise.

Episode 42: Wicked New Friends!: Four teenage kids named Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos, who are the children of the greatest villains arrive in Disney Junior Town and everyone, except Sofia, welcomes them but they're not exactly what she sees.

Episode 43: Mirror, Mirror In My Paw: After using Evie's magic mirror, Kwazii gains a new power that allows him to use mirror magic and also turn mirrors into magic portals to the mirror world.

Episode 44: Carlos' Doggy Daycare: Mal, Jay, and Evie help Carlos open his own daycare for dogs, but Cruella doesn't find this very interesting so she decides to close her son's business. Luckily, Kwazii and his friends are there to save the day once again.

Episode 45: Sofia Fly: Sofia's amulet gives her butterfly wings for freeing a butterfly from a spider's web.

Episode 46: Crystal Clear: Sofia makes a Crystal Unicorn power disc for Captain Jake and Kwazii to help them save a Crystal Unicorn from Captain Hook and his crew.

Episode 47: School Cake Tilion!: It's the first day of school and the Palace Pets have invited their friends to a first day of school Cake Tilion.

Episode 48: Grandparents Day: Jake finds out that Hook's grandparents never visited him every Grandparents Day. So he and the gang decide to act as his grandparents to make him feel happy.

Episode 49: Captain Jake Meets the PJ Masks: Jake meets his heroes, the PJ Masks, and becomes an honorable member of them by becoming Fish Boy, but he doesn't feel comfortable about it.

Episode 50: Teenyus is Missing!: When Teenyus and the rest of the flying horses of the DJES stables go missing, Sofia, Jake, Callie, Miles, and Kwazii discover they have been lured into a dangerous trap by a young warlock and set out to rescue them.

Episode 51: Wendell Strikes Back: Wendell Fidget is forced to transfer to Disney Junior Elementary School, for his mother's sake and hoping that the school's education will help him change, but Wendell is still causing trouble for the Disney Junior Club by casting spells to make them take the blame.

Episode 52: Wee Big Sprites: Kwazii's growth spell accidentally grows the Wee Sprites and makes them into human size.

Episode 53: Robo Pet Sitters: Jake, Callie, Sofia, and Kwazii help their friend Miles and his sister Loretta petsit some robot pets.

Episode 54: Magical Creature Power Challenge: Captain Jake and Kwazii challenge each other in contests involving magic Creature Powers of magical animals.

Episode 55: Stuck on Spark Sharks: Jake and Kwazii dive into the sea and follow a spark shark in Sofia's newly invented submarine. As they travel with the spark shark, they learn about its relationships with other magical sea animals, and the challenges it faces. Meanwhile, a new villain named Chef Pete is searching for a spark shark and wants to use its fins for his own version of spark shark fin soup.

Episode 56: Magical Raptor Roundup: After Dashi says to Kwazii that she does not believe that he can identify raptors just by their movements in the sky, Kwazii, and eventually the rest of the crew, gets the idea to identify magical raptors in person, but Chef Pete is capturing magic raptors to find out which bird would make the tastiest dish, so Captain Jake and Kwazii goes on a rescue mission to get all the magic raptors he had captured back to their native habitats.

Episode 57: Bad Puff Day: Captain Jake and Kwazii are charting the territory of a male Dandelion Captain Jake named "He Who Blows Wind", when they find out that two twin Dandelions are trying to take over He Who Blows Wind's pride. While they run back to help, they are repeatedly delayed by other animals, and the pirate pals find out that it is difficult being a Dandelion on the Fantasy Forest savannah.

Episode 58: Snowpossum In My Pocket: Kwazii loses his backpack after he and Captain Jake spent some time with some snowpossums. When the two and Sofia return to the same location, they discover that one of the snowpossum joeys has gone missing, and later find out that Chef Pete is preparing to use an snowpossum as part of a dish.

Episode 59: (One Hour Special) Callie in Wonderland: Sheriff Callie and her friends are called to Wonderland to help Alice save the White Queen from the Queen of Hearts.

Episode 60: (Movie) The Ultimate Ocean Pearl Bracelet: When the evil mer-wizard Lord Fathom returns to collect all the pieces of his shattered emerald, Kwazii and his friends must team up to find all the pieces before Fathom rules both land and sea. Soon, Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet transforms and it's powers have become more powerful than before!

Season 9 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Captain Hook's Pixie Dust Tree: Kwazii, Captain Jake, and their friends discover that Captain Hook has tried to make his own pixie dust tree, so they must do what they've never done before: help Hook complete his ruined tree by getting the blue pixie dust from Pixie Hollow by asking the fairies!

Episode 2: The Amazing Magical Creature Race: Amazed by their speed, the Disney Junior Club decide to have tag-team magical creature-running race using the Powers of the best magical creature runners in the world. They pick the Magical Power Suits they will be using and split into two teams: Sofia and Captain Jake against Sheriff Callie and Kwazii, with Peck as the referee. As the challenge, they have to race across the forest using their Magical Creature Powers to see which animal is the world's best runner.

Episode 3: The Elemental Race: Today is the Elemental Race where everyone races in each element of nature, but Captain Hook plans to cheat again thanks to his fire powered race car.

Episode 4: Emotional CommotionalRomeo has stolen Catboy's emotions and now he doesn't seem to be happy, sad, angry, or feel any emotion. Captain Jake, as Fish Boy manages to get them back, but Catboy thinks he'll be okay without his emotions. At first, his life seems to change for the better when he isn't afraid, embarrassed, sad or angry, but he soon realizes that having no emotions means he can't be happy to appreciate his new life and courage.

Episode 5: Moonlight Masked Bandits: While Captain Jake and Kwazii think about a Magical Creature Power Suit they want to use as a costume for a costume party they and the other DJC members are planning, the rest of the crew notices unusual things going on in the Gup-TD. When the pirate pals come back and hear about this, they get excited, thinking that this was caused by a magical creature.

Episode 6: Silver the Silver Craguar: The Disney Junior Club receive a distress call from a DJC kid named Fiona in the Fantasy Forest, who finds out that inventor Doctor Undergear is plotting to use a silver craguar in one of his schemes.

Episode 7: Fairly Odd Tales: Sofia meets her new neighbors Goldie and Bear who have moved next door to her castle.

Episode 8: Magical Melodies Weekend: Kwazii and the gang celebrate music with concerts, singing, dancing, and band playing, but Mal's grouchy mom, Maleficent, doesn't like music and decides to steal the instruments, break the CDs, and mess up the dance floors.

Episode 9: All That Slumbers: When an argument between Captain Jake and Sofia ruins Kwazii's sleep over plans, he has to use his ocean pearl bracelet's magic to appear at both his feuding friends' sleepovers... at the same time.

Episode 10: Luna Love: Catboy falls in love with Luna Girl but Fish Boy, Gekko, and Owlette discover that Luna Girl has been using an enchantment charm necklace that her moths stole from the Disney Junior Town Museum, and in order to get their hypnotized leader back, they need Kwazii's help to reverse the spell and stop Luna Girl before Catboy is stuck being her new pet kitty.

Episode 11: (Movie) The Secret Library: Kwazii, Sofia, Jake, and Sheriff Callie must work together to finish all the stories of the books in the Secret Library and learn to write their own destinies.

Episode 12: Boo For You! Friday!: In Boo For You! Halloween, Captain Jake befriends a baby Halloweasel that follows him around while looking for pumpkins, but when Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos plan to steal all the candy from the festival, the PJ Masks, along with their new helper, must stop them before the festival is ruined!

Episode 13: Return to Ghost Island: Kwazii decides to throw a Halloween party on Ghost Island, but he doesn't know that Captain Wraith has turned all his friends into ghosts and must use his bracelet's magic to stop him and turn his friends back to normal.

Episode 14: Dear Sofia...Sofia casts her own show called Dear Sofia..., which is a show about getting letters from her fans, but Captain Jake becomes jealous and tries to cast his own show.

Episode 15: PJ Terra Ranchers: Connor, Amaya, and Greg are announced to become Terra Ranchers and have their own Terra Monsters.

Episode 16: Catboy Got Your Back: Jake and Connor's rivalry becomes an annoying problem when Romeo and Luna Girl plan to plant a moon bomb in the Midnight Garden Party.

Episode 17: Jay Be Good: When Jay sees Kwazii using his ocean magic thanks to his bracelet, he takes it away from him so he can do some cool powers too, but he ends up getting cursed with clumsiness and unless he does anything good, Jay will be cursed forever!

Episode 18: Girls Will Be Heroes: Romeo's new invention has turned Catboy and Gekko into girls and give them different personalities. Amaya first thinks that having all girls would be awesome but soon realizes that being friends with girls can't always be as fun as she hoped. So in order to get the boys back, she encourages her new girlfriends to believe in themselves and fight for what's right.

Episode 19: Magical Cleanup!: Kwazii decides to use his magic cleaning brush instead of regular cleaning utensils to help with his chores and clean up the Octopod that needs to be in good shape again.

Episode 20: Sofia's Autumn Equifox: Sofia saves an autumn equifox while on an afternoon autumn walk in the Fantasy Forest and decides to adopt it, but with a wild animal like Autumn, Sofia's new pet might be more hard to take care of than she thinks.

Episode 21: Queen Evie and the Four Robin Hoods: Evie's dream of being a queen has finally come true and makes Kwazii, Sofia, Captain Jake, and Miles as her royal four Robin Hoods at the Disney Junior Town's Medieval Age Carnival, but the fame gets in her head very quickly until an evil black knight sabotages the feast!

Episode 22: (One Hour Special) Star Darlings: On a starry night, Sofia and her friends meet twelve girls who call themselves the Star Darlings, and they need their help to saving their home, but when Amaya's jealous wish of Leona leaving Connor alone gets to the Wish House, its negative energy makes things worse and it's up to the Disney Junior Club and the Star Darlings to save Starland. While they're at it, the gang learns that anything is possible if you just believe in your wish.

Episode 23: Candy of the Vampire: A new candy factory has opened and is releasing new gummy candy called Fang-stastic Fruities, bug at nighttime, everyone including Amaya turns into vampires after eating the candy and it's up to the boys to save their friends and all the residents before midnight comes and everyone stays as vampires forever!

Episode 24: The Nightmare Man Strikes!: Greg is kidnapped by the Nightmare Man and he is feeding on his nightmares. Now it's up to Connor, Amaya, Captain Jake, and Kwazii to save him by facing their own fears before they are trapped in their own nightmares!

Episode 25: School For Vampires: Amaya becomes nervous when everyone is suppose to do a report on their favorite vampire species for Monster-ology class. That is until she meets a little vampire named Oskar who helps her overcome her fear of vampires and also helps her finish her report on time.

Episode 26: Shadow of the Grim Buccaneer: The Grim Buccaneer has returned to kidnap all of Jake's friends and try to take away the Mighty Colossus again, but luckily, Kwazii's by Jake's side to help him.

Episode 27: The Jade Kirin: Captain Hook plans to hunt for the Jade Kirin in the Fantasy Forest. Luckily, Kwazii and the rest of the Disney Junior Club are ready to protect it.

Episode 28: Cal-laddin: On an trip in Agrabah, Sheriff Callie, Peck, Toby and their friends meet Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Magic Carpet, and Abu who need their help on capturing a mischievous genie by teaching them to ride flying carpets.

Episode 29: Scarlet's Skeletal Steed: The Star Darlings and the Disney Junior Club celebrate the Day of the Dead with some new Skull Fantasy Forest Animals. Meanwhile, Scarlet meets the Skeletal Steed and names her Crimson.

Episode 30: Reading a Book of Romeo!: The PJ Masks want to teach Romeo that reading is more fun than looking at pictures of himself.

Episode 31: Voiced Over!: Kwazii's new voice changing power causes everyone's voice to change into the other person's voice, which is causing great confusion.

Episode 32: Owlette and the Whisker Haven: The Palace Pets need the PJ Masks help to safeguard their palace from Romeo. Meanwhile, Owlette helps Rouge and Blondie on their own night mission.

Episode 33: Catboy of the Sea: Treasure and Sultan decide to help Connor overcome his fear of water by sailing in Treasure's ship together before going on a Pirate-ology field trip to sail in Red Jessica's ship.

Episode 34: Kwazii's Monster Musical: Kwazii and friends come with Mickey to Count Mickula's haunted house.

Episode 35: Catboy in Boots: Connor, Goldie, and Bear help the Puss n Boots watch his shoe shop. Meanwhile, Connor finds magical boots that make him dance better, but after getting carried away, the boots curse him by making him dance too fast and unless Goldie, Bear, Owlette, and Gekko find a way to take them off, Connor will being dancing forever!

Episode 36: Lunar Moth Mania: Luna Girl kidnaps the legendary lunar moth and without it, no one will be able to sleep tonight. It's then up to the four PJ Masks to stop her and save the lunar moth.

Episode 37: Pied Piper Night Ninja: Night Ninja steals the Pied Piper's magical flute to hypnotize the PJ Masks, but he only has Gekko under his spell.

Episode 38: The Little Mercat; Protector of the Ocean: The Octonauts, Jake, and Sofia are doing a checkup on a part of a reef in the Sparkle Sea to make sure it is stable and healthy, when they notice robotic parrotfish picking off pieces of coral.

Episode 39: Ghost Girl: While walking home from school in a cemetery, Sofia meets a girl named Charlotte Usher who is actually a ghost.

Episode 40: The Black Trench: Sofia, Oona, Kwazii, Captain Jake, Callie, and Fluke head down to the Black Trench to look for a special ingredient to make a medicine for puffer fish pox.

Episode 41: The Never Niles' Treasure: Captain Hook finds treasure in the Never Nile river and the Pirate Pharaoh must get Captain Jake and his friends to help him get it back.

Episode 42: Owlette in the Princess Adventure Club: Amaya joins Princess Zooey's Princess Adventure Club, and she wants Connor and Greg to join in as well, but the boys think that they can't join because the club is only for girls.

Episode 43: The Never Beast: While in Neverland, Kwazii meets Fawn's old friend, the Never Beast.

Episode 44: The Return of Ghostgirl: Sofia becomes surprised to find out that her old ghost friend, Charlotte Usher, has come to her school. She then decides to help her around the school while trying not to make a complete fool of herself.

Episode 45: Quiletric's Birthday Present: While looking for a birthday present for Sofia in the Fantasy Forest, Captain Jake and Kwazii stumble upon a porkupine. They follow it to its den, hoping to find some shed non-electrical quills that could be used as part of a necklace.

Episode 46: Trouble In Wildwing Valley: Prince Roderick of Borrea is in Wildwing Valley to destroy the horses' new home and capture them, including Mazzimo. Now it's up to Sofia, Kwazii, Captain Jake, and the rest of their friends to save the horses and the valley before it's too late.

Episode 47: Snow Red: Amaya portrays Snow White in the Snow White play, but Luna Girl plans to ruin the play tonight.

Episode 48: Better Safe Than Story: Goldie and Bear are trying to write a story together, so they use their imaginations to get it finished in time.

Episode 49: Robo PJ Masks Save the Day: When the PJ Masks are kidnapped by Romeo, they need the help of his former robots, the Robo PJ Masks!

Episode 50: Romeo and Owlette: Amaya saves a boy, who happens to be Romeo as his daytime self, from a falling concrete brick, and develops a crush on him, but when nighttime comes, Owlette must choose whether to join Romeo's side or stay loyal to her friends.

Episode 51: Owlette and the Bad Hair Day: Amaya finds that her hair has been cut off the next morning and Izzy and Sofia try to find a way to make her bad hair day a good hair day.

Episode 52: Walking In Your PJs: Connor, Greg, and Amaya make a bet with each other to see which PJ Mask has the hardest super power by trading each other's pajamas, but they learn to stick to their own powers when three of their arch enemies cause trouble again.

Episode 53: Friends Day: Everyone in town is celebrating the day of friendship but Romeo decides to end Friends Day and it's up to the PJ Masks to stop him by using the power of friendship.

Episode 54: Fairy Tale Weekend: In Prince and Princess-ology, Cinderella takes the whole class to the enchanted library to explore their favorite fairy tale stories.

Episode 55: Catboy and the Lion Guard: The Animal-ology class goes on a field trip to the Pride Lands. There Connor befriends a lion cub named Kion and his lion guard team.

Episode 56: Let the Rock Rhinos Roll!: After a suspicious rock rhinoceros stampede, Captain Jake and Kwazii find a rock rhino calf which Kwazii names Cobble. Kwazii takes Cobble back to the Gup-TD while Captain Jake investigates the source of the stampede.

Episode 57: Walk on the River's Side: Captain Jake and Kwazii are in Fantasy Forest at the river bank to find out how River Runners are able to run across the surface of water. Unbeknownst to them, Cruella De Vil and her henchmen, are hacking their communications, and when Cruella finds out about the lizard, she flies to the Fantasy Forest to get her hands on one to use as a hat in an upcoming fashion competition in Paris.

Episode 58: A Dream Bat in the Brownies: The Octonauts, Sheriff Callie, Peck, Toby, Miles, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Sofia, and Captain Jake find a little brown bat on a plate of the Vegimals' brownies. Although their friends are freaked out by this encounter, Captain Jake, Kwazii, Sofia, and Callie try to convince them that bats, like little dream bats, are nothing to be afraid of.

Episode 59: Adventure In the Isle of the Lost: Mal accidentally teleports herself and her friends back to her homeland, the Isle of the Lost.

Episode 60: Ocean Owl: While on a relaxing day in Starlight Beach, Kwazii and Captain Jake find an ocean owl. Sofia then decides to make an ocean owl creature power discs for their rescue mission when Waverly's baby ocean owl chick is in danger of having her tree cut down.

Season 10 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Catboy and the Black Catboy: It's Friday the 13th and everyone's trying to run and hide from the bad luck and misfortunes, but skeptical Connor wants to prove to everyone that Friday the 13th is nothing to be afraid of. That is, until he befriends a black cat that is actually a shape shifter which will give him something even more worse than bad luck.

Episode 2: The Three Heroes of Kwazii: Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet gives him new powers that allows him to transform into a different hero with different talents, like an artist, a cook, or a maestro.

Episode 3: Connor & Amaya Forever: Amaya is hoping to get her third kiss from Connor while the Chess Club is light on members, but things aren't going as she planned so she uses a magic wishing crystal from Magic-ology class.

Episode 4: Popstar Minnie: Sofia scores tickets to Minnie's new concert tonight after she becomes a pop star, but someone has stolen her singing voice and the gang must get it back before Minnie's concert is canceled.

Episode 5: Yo Ho, Yo Yo!: Twister Kid's yo-yos have been stolen by a yo-yo bandit and only Sheriff Callie and her friends can get them back by challenging him to a yo-yo dance contest.

Episode 6: Catboy and the Yokai Watch: When Connor finds an old gumball machine in the forest and gets an unusual watch that helps him see ghosts called Yokai, he befriends a ghost named Whisper who becomes his butler. Soon, he learns that he needs to use his new Yokai medals to stop other Yokai from torturing his friends and life.

Episode 7: Jibanyan Adopted: When Connor finds a ghost cat named Jibanyan, he decides to take him home and make him feel at home, only to find out that Jibanyan is overstaying his welcome and must make a difficult choice: whether to kick Jibanyan out or keep him inside his home.

Episode 8: Good Princess Goes Bad: Sofia is possessed by the ghost of a misbehaving girl and is turning everything upside down when she starts rocking and rolling out of control!

Episode 9: Nighty No Night: When Connor discovers that everyone, including him, haven't slept all night, he encounters with another Yokai named Insomni who is responsible for making everyone stay up all night, and unless he finds a way to stop her, Catboy and the PJ Masks will be too tired to stop any nighttime villains!

Episode 10: The Never Berry Pie: Captain Hook helps his mother collect Never Berries to make her famous Never Berry pie for Thanksgiving.

Episode 11: PJ Rockstars!: After watching Kwazii, Barnacles, and Peso's concert, Connor, Amaya, and Greg decide to form their own musical band!

Episode 12: Mal's New Hair Salon: Mal opens her new hair salon in town and styles everyone's hair with shampoo, hair conditioner, and her magic.

Episode 13: Romeo Undergear: Captain Jake and the PJ Masks are shocked to discover that Romeo and Doctor Undergear are related to each other.

Episode 14: Step Greg: Greg begins to act like Cinderella's stepsisters when he asks his friends to do things for him and learns that not everyone has to do everything for him.

Episode 15: Kwazii and Jake in Elvenmor: Kwazii and Captain Jake follow Sofia and Clover to the land of the elves behind a secret door.

Episode 16: The Quantum Cup: Kwazii helps Miles and his team in a soccer game in space to win the Quantum Cup, but things get difficult for them when they have to beat Captain Hook's team.

Episode 17: Curiosity Cured the Cat: Connor's pet black cat, Lucky, catches an uncommon cold and only a witch doctor can help cure him, but he'll need Connor and his friends' help to find the ingredients.

Episode 18: PJ Racers: The PJ Masks enter the Disney Junior Town's Race-O-Rama but they're not the only ones racing when Romeo enters as well.

Episode 19: A White Thanksgiving: Queen Elsa of Arendelle and Princess Anna have invited the Disney Junior Club friends to their annual White Thanksgiving feast.

Episode 20: Wiser Spender: On a shopping trip in the Disney Junior Town Mall with his friends, Connor buys a spirit charm to protect himself from being inspirited by Yokai. Then, something strange begins to happen when Amaya, Greg, Izzy, Cubby, Captain Jake, and Skully start spending all their money for things they don't want, all because of a money wasting Yokai named Spenp!

Episode 21: Imagi-GogglesAunt Tilly gives Sofia a pair of special goggles to help her see and hear invisible creatures that are causing mischief everywhere.

Episode 22: Secret of Weirdwood Manor: Sofia and her friends win a chance to go to Weirdwood Manor. There, they'll meet Oliver and his friends and discover many secrets about Weirdwood Manor.

Episode 23: The Night Concert: The PJ Masks practice their first dance routine and song for the Night Concert tonight, but they'll also need special effects.

Episode 24: Hook and the Power Crystals: Captain Hook steals the Star Darlings' power crystals and only the Disney Junior Club can get them back from him.

Episode 25: Bonds Never BreakWhen Hades breaks the Disney Junior Club's bonds of friendship with magic scissors, it's up to Connor and Greg to remind their team what they truly mean to each other.

Episode 26: Owlette and the Peacock GirlA new girl has moved into Disney Junior Town and Connor and Greg have been lovestrucked by her beauty that they've decided to make her a new member of the PJ Masks, but Amaya and Captain Jake soon discover her dark secret when she uses her hypnotic feather fan on the boys and they must find a way to break it.

Episode 27: The Star Hunter: A man who is known as the Star Hunter is on the hunt for Starlings in disguise, including the Star Darlings, and the Disney Junior Club must do their best to protect them. Meanwhile, Scarlet has a secret to confess.

Episode 28: Musical Blossoms: While in Vivian's enchanted musical garden, it becomes infested with Luna Girl's moths and they start eating the magical and musical plants.

Episode 29: Topped With Komasan: When tips of ice cream go missing, Connor uses his Yokai Watch to find and befriend a cute little ice cream loving lion-dog Yokai named Komasan.

Episode 30: Sheriff Coward's Wild West: When Sheriff Callie's courage is stolen by Jafar, Kwazii tries to take her place while the gang confronts Jafar to give back Callie's courage.

Episode 31: Catboy's Sniffles: Catboy catches a cold thanks to Romeo's cold catcher and only Priscilla's feel better flowers can cure him, but Owlette and Gekko need to get to Gully Washer Canyon.

Episode 32: Sculpt It Up!: Kwazii is having trouble sculpting stone until he gains a new power that helps him chisel through wood, and even stone!

Episode 33: Light Giving Day: The Star Darlings have invited the Disney Junior Club to Starland to celebrate Light Giving Day with them!

Episode 34: Frost BittenSomething strange is going on in Disney Junior Town when winter comes too early and only the Winter Fairies from the Winter Woods can find out why.

Episode 35: Jay's Stolen and Found ShopJay opens his own shop of items he has stolen and found.

Episode 36: Terra Trainees: The PJ Masks' Terra Monsters must have their training first before their first battle.

Episode 37: Cranky Coal: Greg's Magmeleon, Coal, didn't get enough sleep last night that he becomes cranky and only a good night sleep can cure him before he burns up everything.

Episode 38: The Teeny Weeny Ninjalino Comes Home: Catboy thinks that the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino should stay at the HQ to make it it's new home.

Episode 39: Zuka Zama!: On another trip to the Pridelands, Bunga shows Connor the meaning of Zuka Zama.

Episode 40: Of Lions and Poachers: John Clayton and his men have arrived in the Pridelands to hunt for some lions and only Connor and the Lion Guard can stop them, but when marked as co-leader of the Lion Guard, Connor learns to trust his instincts and not let his doubt get in his way.

Episode 41: The Rings of Fire and Ice: The Remarkable Beardini's rings have been stolen again and the only way to get them back is to use two rings that Beardini has never used in years: the rings of fire and ice.

Episode 42: Dismarelda Loves Company: Connor's parents begin arguing for no reason until he finds out that a purple blob yokai named Dismarelda is causing the riot, and the only way to fix the problem is to use his yokai watch again.

Episode 43: Seamur Stink Fight!: The Disney Junior Club decide to investigate two seamur troops in order to find out why they were fighting. Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil and her henchmen fly to the Fantasy Forest to collect scents for fragrant soap and shampoo.

Episode 44: Owlette and the Snowy Owlette: On Christmas Eve, Amaya befriends an injured snowy owl whom she named Snowdrop who is also a shapeshifter, and is actually an old friend of Lucky.

Episode 45: The Keeping CatConnor asks Kwazii, Sofia, and Captain Jake to help him make a surprise Christmas present for Amaya.

Episode 46: Christmas Wishes: The Star Darlings are sent down to Earth, or Wishworld as they call it, to grant Christmas wishes and they need the Disney Junior Club's help to make them come true.

Episode 47: Where Runs the Secret Santler: On Christmas Day, the Disney Junior Club finds and befriends a Secret Santler who needs their help to save his family and friends from some magical creature poachers.

Episode 48: Ruldoph the Red Nosed Ruldophin: Captain Jake saves a Rudolphin from a net and names him after the famous reindeer, Rudolph. Then he leads him and his friends to the North Pole where Santa has invented a Christmas submarine.

Episode 49: (Two Hours Special) Magical Creature Christmas RescueThe Descendants' parents and other villains plan to kidnap all the magical baby creatures this Christmas and it's up to the Disney Junior Club to rescue them and return them to their families.

Episode 50: Storking Day: Sofia takes a picture of the amazing Storking on a wintery morning, but when it disappears, she and the Disney Junior Club must find out who took him and save him.

Episode 51: Chilly Zack Sleds Away: Chilly Zack invites his friends and the penguins over to have a sled race, but his uncle, Shiver Jack, has planned to ruin it and it's up to the gang to stop him.

Episode 52: Catboy and the Lykoi Cat: Connor's pet black cat, Lucky, gets a visitor who happens to be his cousin that is a Lyoki Cat named Lucifer, and he overstays his welcome at his house.

Episode 53: Miraculous Owlette and Catboy Noir: Connor and Amaya discover that they both have a new power when together on their first date when they meet Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, but Hawk Moth decides to weaken their power by making them hate each other.

Episode 54: Gekko and the Flying Gekko: Greg befriends a draco lizard while exploring the jungle and names him Glider, but when he brings his new pet to school, Glider causes trouble for Greg and he gets so mad at him that he runs away. The PJ Masks must then find him before it's too late.

Episode 55: Shape-topia: The PJ Masks travel to another world with their shapeshifting pets to their homeland, Shape-topia!

Episode 56: To Touch a Hummingburn: A hummingburn appears in front of Captain Jake, Kwazii, Sofia, and Sheriff Callie. The pirate pals get Sofia to make Hummingburn Power Discs, but in order to activate their Magical Creature Power Suits, they need to touch the hummingburn, which is more difficult than they think. Then the team finds out that Chef Pete is planning to make a Hummingburn cake out of hummingburn eggs.

Episode 57: Geo Neck and Neck: While Captain Jake and Kwazii search for the answer to why georaffes have long necks, a mischievous georaffe begins secretly taking Magical Creature Power Suit parts and supplies from Sofia's workshop.

Episode 58: Powers United!: Kwazii learns that he can combine his ocean pearl bracelet's magic powers together to make them stronger, but when an argument between his friends causes him great annoyance, Kwazii learns that his powers will not only become powerful but dangerous at the same time.

Episode 59: A Date With the Star Darling!: Miles finds himself home alone with Cassie as his babysitter. MERC, Haruna and Blodger are convinced that Cassie and Miles are on a date, so they try to help him make look good for his "date".

Season 11 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Secrets Under the Snow: On a winter break vacation in Russia, the Disney Junior Club must solve a mystery when the Wolf Princess's ancient tiara is stolen. On their way, they'll meet Sophie, discover hidden secrets, and try to avoid tricks and traps.

Episode 2: Pirate of the Rink: When Kwazii's jealousy causes his magic to "accidentally" sprain Prince Hugo's leg after he trips on a crack on the ice, Sofia decides to make Kwazii her substitute partner at the Disney Junior Town Ice Skating Competition.

Episode 3: Way Too Winter Wonderland: The White Queen has invited Alice and the Disney Junior Club to Wonderland's annual Winter Wonderland Christmas Tea Party hosted by the Mad Hatter.

Episode 4: Step Right Up!: Everyone in Disney Junior Town are excited for the main event when Sheriff Callie and others enter to show off their amazing talents.

Episode 5: Magical Holidays 2: On Christmas Day, Kwazii and his friends celebrate Magical Holidays together this year.

Episode 6: Santa Claws: Sofia and Izzy meet the legendary Santa Claws on Magical Holidays. Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil decides to steal away the Santa Claws and make him into a fur coat for herself.

Episode 7: New Year's Evie: Mal and Evie argue about what theme they should have for the Disney Junior Town's annual New Year's festival.

Episode 8: New Year's Diamond: The New Year's Diamond is stolen by Captain Hook and unless Kwazii and the gang can get it back before midnight, there won't be any New Year Festival and the new year won't come at midnight. Meanwhile, Miles is planning to have his new year's kiss with Cassie.

Episode 9: Attack of the Eearies: Friday the 13th has come too early when dark fairies called Eearies cause mischief everywhere, and Sofia with her magic goggles can stop them.

Episode 10: Lightning Leopard Racer: Sofia is determined to build a vehicle that will outrace a lightning leopard on the Fantasy Forest savannah. Inventor Romeo finds out and challenges her to a race.

Episode 11: Palace Pets of Arendalle: Kristoff finds two stowaway husky pups and introduces them to Anna and Elsa who make them their pets.

Episode 12: Connor and Nate's First Meet: On a field trip in Disney XD-opolis, Connor hopes to meet the former owner of the Yokai Watch, Nathan 'Nate' Adams. Then while hanging out with him, Connor bumps into more yokai and must help Nate stop them all from inspiriting others.

Episode 13: Buhu To You!: A sad yokai named Buhu is spreading her misfortune power all over Disney Junior Town and she is making everyone's including Connor's life miserable. Now he, Whisper, and Jibanyan must help her before things get even more worse.

Episode 14: Juicy Gossip: When Bootsie and Ootsie Snootie discover Luna Girl and her Luna Lair, they mistaken her for being an alien and are now putting it in the school newspaper. Later, things get out of control when more rumors about everyone else begin getting on the newspaper and it's up to Connor to fix this mess by writing his own gossip, but then he learns that fighting gossip with gossip doesn't make a right.

Episode 15: Brawns 'N' Brains: Carlos is tired of being called a weakling and asks Mal to make him super strong, but when he mixes a special and mysterious ingredient into the potion, it turns him into a monster and only the Disney Junior Club and the Descendants can save and cure him by using brains instead of brawns.

Episode 16: Lucky To Have My Wings: Lucky wishes to fly like Snowdrop and Glider when he gets his own pair of dragonfly wings but gets carried away with them.

Episode 17: The Boy Who Becomes the HeroRomeo's plan is to turn Amaya into a boy and the only way to get her back is for Catboy to be Catgirl again and for his pet black cat, Lucky, to pretend to be him, but Fish Boy quickly doubts that his plan will work and Lucky worries that his owner will forget all about him.

Episode 18: Guardian of the Ice Gems: The Arendelle miners have discovered the rarest Ice Gems on top of the mountains, but when Captain Hook teams up with Prince Hans to kidnap the Winter Equifoxes and force them to find the gems for them, Captain Jake, Sofia, and Kwazii, along with a cute baby Winter Equifox, must work together to stop them and save the Winter Equifoxes by learning and using their secret powers.

Episode 19: Kwazii Cools Down: Kwazii has been in a bad mood today that his anger causes his enchanted fire to grow too big and is causing way too many problems for his friends. So with Piper's help, he learns that meditation will help him calm his nerves.

Episode 20: Cassie and the Star Violin: Miles wants Cassie to join his band for Yuri's Night, but she doesn't have an instrument. So to helps her, Miles picks a beautiful and enchanting violin that he finds in the music shop for Cassie to play.

Episode 21: Cheshire Catboy: Connor meets the Cheshire Cat in a field trip to Wonderland. Later, when he becomes Catboy, he starts appearing and disappearing like the Cheshire Cat which is causing problems for the PJ Masks, but his new power might come in handy.

Episode 22: The Tale of the PJ Masks: Captain Jake wants to know how Connor, Amaya, and Greg became the PJ Masks before he became one of them.

Episode 23: Invisi-Greg: Greg accidentally becomes invisible after an invisibility potion spills on him in Magic-ology class. At first, he enjoys being invisible when he causes mischief in every class, but when Cedric the sorcerer discovers the evidences, Greg is in major trouble if he doesn't become visible in time for the award ceremony.

Episode 24: Wish Un-Granted: Pip and Kazeem's wish granting powers are suddenly making people's wishes come true... in a bad way that is!

Episode 25: Evie's Make Up Shop: Evie has decided to open her very own makeup shop like her friends who have their shops of their own.

Episode 26: Search For the Planther: The Octonauts, Sofia, Captain Jake and his crew find an injured Planther on the ground. As they do some analyzing, they find out that she is a mother. Captain Jake and Kwazii vow to protect the cubs as the mother heals.

Episode 27: Kwazii Meets His Match: A mischievous version of Kwazii slips away from the mirror world after Kwazii forgets to close the mirror portal and soon, he starts causing trouble everywhere.

Episode 28: (Movie) Return to Dance City: Kwazii learns that Dance City is in great danger again and must put on his blue magic sneakers to save his friends by dancing the night away!

Episode 29: The Good Dinosaur: Jay and Greg meet Arlo and his human friend Spot.

Episode 30: PJ Time Twist: Romeo invents a time watch to go back into time to stop Connor, Amaya, and Greg from becoming the PJ Masks and they must stop him from changing the time.

Episode 31: Creepy Carnival: Sofia and her friends explore a carnival that seems to be fun at first, but then they discover it's many dark secrets and soon become trapped! They then meet new friends and must find a way to break out of the carnival before it disappears along with them.

Episode 32: Catboy and the Roar of the Elders: The hyenas have conjured a spell that has stolen Kion's roar but before they could get rid of it, it transports to Connor and now he's having trouble controlling it when he gets angry.

Episode 33: Cry of the Bansheep: Strange noises are being heard in the Fantasy Forest and it's scaring everyone during their camping trip. Now it's up to Kwazii to find out where the noise is coming from.

Episode 34: Astro Lover: After Miles becomes embarrassed and fails to give Cassie an early Valentine’s Day gift this last day of January before Valentine's Day, he is akumatized by one of Hawk Moth’s akumas and becomes Astro Lover. Now Kwazii and his friends must help Ladybug and Cat Noir destroy the gift to save Miles from himself.

Episode 35: Go For the Gold!: While in the Fantasy Forest, Connor and Lucky befriend an Ornate Ocelot who is digging out gold and gemstones, but their new friend is captured by Cruella De Vil and Captain Hook so they can force it to find gold and gemstones for themselves, and now Connor and his friends must find a way to save the Ornate Ocelot.

Episode 36: The Day the Grumpy Gorilla Sat Still: Captain Hook is misled to believe he is 35 pounds underweight, leading him to go on a hunt for the greenest and grumpiest legendary Grumpy Gorilla of the Fantasy Forest. Sofia, Captain Jake, and Kwazii must then take him to Sofia's secret enchanted garden for safety.

Episode 37: Livin La Vida Lani!: Lei-Lani's weather powers are going out of control without her anger. Sofia then discovers that Mamanu is behind all this and it's up to her and her friends to stop her and help Lani before Hakalo is drizzled.

Episode 38: Superheroes to the Rescue!: The PJ Masks decide that Kwazii should help them save their shape-shifting magic pets from Romeo who wants to make them into robots.

Episode 39: The Fantasy Forest Masquerade Ball: The Disney Junior Club are invited to the Fantasy Forest's first annual masquerade ball, and Connor has invited the night time villains to come along, but his friends aren't sure if that's a good idea.

Episode 40: Magical Pet Appreciation Day: Connor, Amaya, and Greg bring their shape shifting pets Lucky, Snowdrop, and Glider to school for magical pet appreciation day.

Episode 41: Off With Her Crown: The Queen of Hearts' crown is stolen by Captain Hook and she blames Sofia for the theft. Now Sofia and her friends must get the crown back for her or they will be beheadded.

Episode 42: The Party Penguin: Percy and his penguin friends befriend a party penguin that wants to throw a party for Chilly Zack's anniversary party this year, but when his uncle, Shiverjack, kidnaps the party penguin, Captain Jake and Kwazii and the rest of their friends come to the magical creature rescue again.

Episode 43: Smitten With the Knitten Kitten: Doc finds a Knitten Kitten at her doorstep that night and the toys quickly befriend it, but Whisper the kitten feels left out as she thinks that Lambie likes him more than her.

Episode 44: Adventures In Glowfur Sitting: Cassie asks Miles Callisto to watch her pet glowfur, Bitty, while she and the Star Darlings are on a secret field trip to the Crystal Mountains, but just when he thought it was easy, Miles finds it harder than Cassie says.

Episode 45: There's Nothing To Freeze At: An icegator is found at Chi-Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon ice skating at the penguins' frozen lake and it doesn't seem to want to leave unless Kwazii and his friends find another frozen lake for it to skate in.

Episode 46: Wazzat Ya Say?: At school, Connor notices that something strange is going on when all of his friends are becoming forgetful and discovers that a yokai named Wazzat is behind all of it.

Episode 47: Komasan and Komajiro!: Connor learns that Komasan has a brother named Komajiro when he meets him at the Magical Cafe where he met Komasan.

Episode 48: A Wicked Wonderland: The Disney Junior Club come with the Descendants back to their school for tonight's Auradon Prep's DJ party tonight.

Episode 49: Sea Horse Rodeo: Captain Jake and Kwazii are helping Sofia gather information on the characteristics and abilities of Sea Horses in the Fantasy Forest Sea when a new villain named Percival C. McLeach, after realizing that they are hanging out with seahorses, decides to poach them all.

Episode 50: Splash the Aquatter: An aquatter cub runs into trouble when it is swept away from its home. It ends up in the cypress swamps of the fantasy forest with no idea how to survive in the foreign territory. Captain Jake and Kwazii find it and try to teach it how to navigate the southern swamp land.

Episode 51: To Fly a Garnet Griffin: After failing his first griffin riding training with Sofia, Kwazii decides to walk into the Fantasy Forest where he befriends a garnet griffin at the cliffs who helps him learn how to fly a griffin, especially a garnet griffin.

Episode 52: (One Hour Special) The Griffin Games: In their most epic adventure yet, the residents of Disney Junior Town ever see the return of griffins to Disney Junior Island -- and the return of the most amazing sport ever, the Griffin Games, but all is not fun and games when Princess Ivy joins in, especially because she has magically transformed herself to look like a teenager. So to stop Ivy from corrupting Disney Junior Island, the Disney Junior Club must use their inner kid power and the help of their new Griffin friends to save the games, the griffins, their friends and families, and the day!

Episode 53: Falconch City: Sofia is working on Falconch Discs, when Miles takes the Disney Junior Club to a city, where there are pigmies – a potential prey for falconchs.

Episode 54: Festive FirefliesThe Disney Junior Club are all hyped about festive fireflies because they are having a festive firefly-themed picnic. However, the event turns into a "magical creature rescue" when fashion designer Cruella De Vil captures vast amounts of festive fireflies to use in a dress.

Episode 55: Reach For the Role: Disney Junior Elementary School is hosting a play of the Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor, and Connor hopes to get the role of his hero, Oliver Gryffon, but when he does get the main role, Cameron decides to steal Connor's spotlight and keep the main role to himself.

Episode 56: Robette to the Rescue!: Romeo has finally captured the PJ Masks again, but what he doesn't know is that his second robot, Robette, is trying to help Fish Boy save them without getting caught, and Fish Boy must know whether he can trust her or not.

Episode 57: Yeti or Not!: A fierce snow monster has entered the Fantasy Forest and it's gotten all the magical animals of the forest scared. The Disney Junior Club are trying their best to get the big beast out, but it just won't leave!

Episode 58: You Croc Me Up!: Connor, Amaya, and Greg help their friends, the Lion Guard, deal with Makuu and his gang of crocodiles when they invade Big Springs, but when Makuu mocks Connor, Connor begins to lack his confidence.

Episode 59: Back in Magical Creature Time, Part 1: Day of the Tornadodo: Sofia unveils her newest contraption which she calls the Time Trampoline—a trampoline-shaped device that permits time travel. The pirate pals and Sheriff Callie use it to travel back in time to hang out with the tornadodo birds.

Episode 60: Back in Magical Creature Time, Part 2: The Terrifying Terrorier: As the continuation from “Back in Magical Creature Time: Day of the Tornadodo”, Captain Jake, Kwazii, and Sofia use the Time Trampoline to travel back in time to see terrier-like wild dogs called terroriers.

Season 12 episodes Edit

Episode 1: A Fine Spotted Friend: Connor meets Kion's hyena friend, Jasiri. At first, Connor doesn't trust her but Kion helps them become friends by showing Connor that not all hyenas are mean.

Episode 2: The Sixth Lion Guard: Kion decides to make Jasiri a sixth member of the Lion Guard, but Simba is worried that she might be a spy.

Episode 3: Where the Winter Wonderlambs Roam: Kwazii must become a shepherd to lead the Winter Wonderlambs to a new grazing field while trying to keep them away from any predators that might try to eat the herd.

Episode 4: Lucky in Love: Lucky falls over whiskers in love with Princess Belle's pet kitten, Rouge and wants to ask her out to the Whisker Haven Valentine's Day Ball.

Episode 5: Luna Valentine: Luna Girl has hated Valentine's Day in her whole life since no one has ever given her valentine cards, toys, or chocolate. That is, until Gekko decides to become her first valentine.

Episode 6: Cupid Jake: Captain Jake finds Cupid's arrows and accidentally starts making people fall in love with each other. Luckily, Kwazii has grown a new power that will help his best friend fix this lovey dovey mess.

Episode 7: Choco-Mayhem: Just before the Disney Junior Town Valentine's Day Chocolate Competition, Mal's new spell accidentally turns things into chocolate on Valentine's Day and only Cook Kwazii can help her.

Episode 8: Liking Chocolates: When Berry picks some Liking Berries for her Valentine's Day chocolates, Sultan eats one of them and begins to like Berry a bit too much!

Episode 9: Lily's Love Letter: When Tiana's kitten Lily receives a love letter this morning on Valentine's Day, she tries to find out who sent it to her.

Episode 10: Happy Bright Valentine's Day, Adora!: Today is Valentine's Day and also Adora's Bright Day but she's afraid that everyone including her friends might've forgotten about it. Meanwhile, they might be planning on more than just setting up a Valentine's Day party.

Episode 11: Tea For One More: Everyone is invited to Belle's tea party except the Big Bad Wolf who only wants the food for himself.

Episode 12: The Return of Ladybug and Cat Noir: When Leona is akumanized by Hawk Moth's akumanized butterfly, Cat Noir and Ladybug return to stop her. Only this time, they need the PJ Masks' help.

Episode 13: Amaya in Minoland: Amaya and Snowdrop fall into a portal that takes them to a bizarre world of the Mino Monsters. They soon meet new friends like Blazel, Grunt, and Crocoling that shows them around the island and helps them get back home.

Episode 14: Ginger's Chocolates: Ginger the Candy Witch makes her famous Valentine's Day chocolates for the Disney Junior Town's Valentine's Day Chocolate Competition.

Episode 15: Cold Snapper: A tortigloo has made Snow Foot's cave as it's new home and it won't let anyone in.

Episode 16: Long Live the Aquarius: In the Fantasy Forest, Kwazii and his friends discover a new creature that is zodiac and finds a celestial ritual, but then Captain Hook has stolen the Aquarius' astral vase and without it, the celestial ritual will not work!

Episode 17: On the Road To Lover's Lane: On Valentine's Day, Kwazii and the gang meet a Bee Mine, a Sweet Sheep, a Love Bug, and a Puppy Love in the Fantasy Forest while setting up for the annual Valentine's Day party.

Episode 18: Romeo Creature Power!: Romeo steals Sofia's magical creature power disc making kit and decides to use the magical creature powers to take down the PJ Masks, but one thing he forgot is that Captain Jake and Kwazii are there to help them with their own magical creature powers.

Episode 19: Callie's Kissy Cat: Sheriff Callie befriends a Kissy Cat in the Fantasy Forest while helping injured animals who have been hurt from the storm.

Episode 20: Catboy and Captain K9: Connor has not only been afraid of water but has also been afraid of dogs in his entire life, but what's even worse is that he needs to help the PJ Masks rescue a Captain K9 from Romeo who wants to use it for his new invention, the Robo-K9!

Episode 21: Heartvark Town: Captain Jake and Kwazii are in the Fantasy Forest savannah, creating a magic map of the animal burrows in the region, when they stumble upon an heartvark and its baby. After the mother fights off a psyena and Captain Jake and Kwazii flee the scene, they find out that the baby heartvark has stowed away in Kwazii's backpack. The pirate pals decide to find a way to reunite it with its mother, but after searching in several burrows, the pirate pals find out that the heartvark's mother and other burrow-dwelling magical animals are being collected by inventor Doctor Undergear, who plans to use the heartvark to dig a pool for him.

Episode 22: Gekko and the Secret Valentine: Greg finds a secret Valentine's Day card from an unknown admirer in his mailbox. Little did he knew that it has some kind of brainwashing song in it that makes people fall in love with Romeo, who is actually the one who sent the cards to make people like him, and Gekko's his first victim! Catboy, Owlette, Fish Boy, and even Luna Girl must work together to stop Romeo from ruining Valentine's Day and save Gekko before it's too late!

Episode 23: Scarlet and Kwazii's First Battle: Kwazii learns that Scarlet has become a Terra Rancher with Arcane Terra Monsters. The two decide to battle to test their Terra Monsters' strengths, but Kwazii then learns that Scarlet's Terra Monsters are stronger than they look.

Episode 24: Arise Aquafox: Kwazii and Pearl meet an Aquafox at Dolphin Shores who is surfing to shore.

Episode 25: Shake It, Quake Snake: An earthquake is being caused in Disney Junior Island by a Quake Snake and it's up to the Disney Junior Club to go underground to capture it before they're grounded... for real!

Episode 26: Jewel the Bead Steed: Evie befriends a bead steed in the Fantasy Forest and her friends decides to take them to the stables where she'll learn how to ride a horse, but when her mother, the Evil Queen, finds out, she takes Jewel away from Evie and now it's up to her to save her.

Episode 27: Build It, Beever!: When Captain Jake accidentally destroys the Beever's dam, he and his friends must help rebuild the dam by using sticks and... honey!

Episode 28: Kupatana Catastrophe!: Connor and his friends are invited to the Kupatana Celebration in the Pride Lands, but when Connor invites the jackals, he doesn't realize that they have returned to wreak havoc again!

Episode 29: Fire and Nice: Amaya helps Kwazii and Captain Jake help an Infernowl in the Fantasy Forest who is very short-tempered.

Episode 30: Nightmare on the Pride Lands: Kion begins to have nightmares about Scar and in order to find out why, Connor and Kwazii must travel into his dream world.

Episode 31: Vampires: Endangered!: Oskar needs Amaya and her friends' help to saving the School for Vampires from Sunshine's grandfather, Paulus the vampire hunter.

Episode 32: Freezy the Freezel: Captain Jake befriends a baby Freezel he names Freezy and encounters a colony of Freezy's family of Freezels.

Episode 33: Hooded Robin School: Captain Jake decides to do archery with the help of a hooded robin, a bird-version of Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil is kidnapping all the magical baby animals for her spring fashion line and only Captain Jake can activate Hooded Robin powers to save them... and Kwazii too!

Episode 34: The Hooded Robin and the Maid Mareian: Sofia and her friends must help the Hooded Robin and his merry fantasy forest animal friends save the Maid Mareian from the Sheriff of Naughtyham.

Episode 35: Fantasy Forest Derby: Sofia, Evie, Amaya, Vivian, and Scarlet enter the Fantasy Forest derby to ride the Maid Mareian, Jewel the Bead Steed, a peony pony, a matripony, skeletal steed, and a pyro pony, but Captain Hook has also decided to enter the race and as usual, cheat to steal the prize!

Episode 36: Miles' Cosmic Crush: Loretta and MERC believe that Miles is crushing on Cassie the Star Darling. What's even better is that Miles has finally asked Cassie to go out with him to the Disney Junior Town Cherry Blossom Spring Festival!

Episode 37: Panic, But Don't Run: Connor tries to help the zebras to stay calm and not panic and run when the hyenas or other predators are out to eat them, but he soon learns that it's not as easy as he thinks when Janja and his crew are out hunting again.

Episode 38: Blooming With Negativity: When seeds from the Land of Misera fall onto Disney Junior Island, they grow into bad flowers that causes everyone to argue and bicker and only the Disney Junior Club, along with the Star Darlings can stop this, but it won't be easy when the pollen causes them to fight each other as well.

Episode 39: Chef Kwazii On the Go!: Kwazii, in his chef form, challenges Chef Goofy to a bake and cook competition where it involves cooking and baking for the customers, but the contest goes out of control!

Episode 40: In Search of Bunga's Parents: Bunga decides to find out who his mother and father is and where they are by traveling outside of the Pridelands on a journey, alone, but trouble gets in his way while on his search and the Lion Guard must rescue him!

Episode 41: A Frozen Weekend: The Disney Junior Club spend the weekend with Queen Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and Anna at the ice castle with Marshmallow.

Episode 42: Siege the Castlewary: Sofia meets a Castlewary while collecting magical bird feathers for more magical creature powers, and decides to make Castlewary powers.

Episode 43: Dread Panda Rescue!: Kwazii befriends and babysits a baby dread panda who follows him home, while his friends try to find it's mother.

Episode 44: Magical Animals Who Live To Be 100 Years Old: The Disney Junior Club learn about magical animals that live about 100 years old, but when Cruella De Vil hears about this, she decides to capture the animals to make herself young again.

Episode 45: Nocturtled In!: When nighttime comes, the PJ Masks come with Kwazii, Captain Jake, and Sofia to see the hatching of the newly coming Nocturtles, but Romeo has hatched a plan of his own to kidnap the Nocturtle and make it into his robot so he can force it to dig up it's eggs and incubate them.

Episode 46: Mal and the Magnetic Mouse: Mal adopts a magnetic mouse that follows her to Audern High after her camping trip in the Fantasy Forest with the Disney Junior Club, but everyone begins taking the blame on Mal when the magnetic mouse starts attracting phones, wands, and hair accessories made out of metal.

Episode 47: Two Heads, One Team!: Captain Jake and Kwazii argue about which half of the Pisces is way better when Sofia decides to make Pisces creature power discs for them to stop fighting with each other.

Episode 48: Petite Panda Power Up!: Kwazii, Captain Jake, Sofia and the whole Octonauts team go expedition to the Fantasy Forest to study petite pandas and making a count because they are endangered, but they're not alone when Doctor Undergear steals petite pandas to convert them into live robotic stuffed animals, and with our heroes left without power to operate the vehicles, they are inspired by the petite panda to find alternative energy.

Episode 49: Mermaid Splashtactular!: Kwazii and the Disney Junior Club dive into the sea to celebrate Mermaid Splashtactular Day, and reunite with old friends while meeting new ones too, but then Ursula plans to ruin the party!

Episode 50: The Orca Snail: While in the Fantasy Forest, Peso finds a baby orca snail that was separated from it's family and the team must find them while Peso is the babysitter of the day.

Episode 51: Four Feathered Friends: Spot finds a trio of French Hens in the barn who are trying to find food, so she decides to secretly feed them her own food, that is, if she can get past her friends and mother.

Episode 52: My Neighbor Molang: The Disney Junior Club friends are having a hard time understanding what their new neighbor, Molang, is saying when he moves into the town.

Episode 53: Luck of the Duck: In the Fantasy Forest, the Disney Junior Club come across a Lucky Duck and it's little lucky duckling, but when Dr. Facilier plans to hunt it down for it's feathers, Captain Jake and Kwazii use Lucky Duck powers to outsmart him.

Episode 54: Race For the Hippopot-a-Gold Disc: Captain Jake and Kwazii are trading Magical Creature Power Discs, one of the discs — the Hippopot-a-Gold Disc, flows out of the Gup-TD and into a river with hippopot-a-golds. Gadfly finds out and plots to retrieve the disc before the Disney Junior Club can to learn the secrets of the Magical Creature Power Suit.

Episode 55: The Lucky Duo!: Captain Jake and Kwazii go to the Eire Shire to see a leopardchaun and a lucky rabbit, but when Shan Yu plans to build a palace for himself in the Fantasy Forest and kill all the animals, Sofia makes new power discs for her friends to stop him.

Episode 56: Bubble Blowout!: Spring time is here and it's the day for blowing bubbles, especially with new dip & blow bubble carriage toys, and to top it all off, a bubbly bubble blowout!

Episode 57: Soccer Kwazii: It's sports day in the first day of spring, and what's even better is that the Mage of Sports has come, but disaster strikes when Maleficent steals the Mage's magical soccer ball before the Sports Day festival until Kwazii gains a new power that helps him defeat her by using soccer against Maleficent.

Episode 58: Wake Up and Smell the Roses!: Maleficent curses roses on the first day of spring and whenever anyone touches them, they'll fall asleep like Aurora did. It's now up to to the Disney Junior Club to cure the roses and wake everybody up without touching the roses though.

Episode 59: Rockstar Kwazii: Johnny Strum is back and he has stolen Kwazii's electric guitar to use it to hypnotize the residents of Disney Junior Town and make them steal everything for him.

Episode 60: The Cure For the Golden Dragon: Captain Chen has found another way to break his dragon curse and he needs the Disney Junior Club's help, but the evil sorcerer has planned to keep Chen from becoming human again.

Episode 61: Captain Quixote's New Matey: When Captain Quixote finds Crispy the dragon, he decides to make him his first mate, but little does he know that Crispy is trying to steal his treasure and also make him blame Pepino and El Blanco, not unless Sofia, Kwazii and Captain Jake and his crew stop him.

Season 13 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Happy Easter Egg Hunt: The Easter Bunny is hiding his well-painted Easter eggs for the Fantasy Forest animals and the Disney Junior Club friends to hunt for this Easter, but just as the hunt for the eggs begins, Captain Hook plans to once again cheat so he can win the special Easter surprise!

Episode 2: Catboy Plays the Tune!: Everyone is hoping to see the snapdragon in a cheery springtime mood, but instead, it's in a cranky mood and is now terrorizing Disney Junior Town and the only way to calm it down is music. Now only Catboy can play his flute to stop it, but his stage fright come back before he can help the snapdragon.

Episode 3: All Hail the Julius Baever!: When the Fantasy Forest is badly damaged from the rainstorm, Kwazii and his friends get help from a Julius Baever who can build anything in seconds.

Episode 4: Cheep In My Basket: After an exciting Easter egg hunt adventure in the Fantasy Forest, Amaya finds a baby Cheep in her basket and decides to take it home for Birdie and Snowdrop to play with.

Episode 5: Surfer Kwazii: During their spring break vacation at a beach hotel and reuniting with Violet and Vick the surfer snails, Kwazii and Pearl find a baby monsoon marmot at night. Then, when it goes missing, Kwazii must use his surfing skills to find it.

Episode 6: How To Train Your Broom: Misty, Marla, and Ginger start their own witch training camp for spring break to help and train others to become witches or wizards.

Episode 7: Solar Bear: Kwazii, Captain Jake, and Sofia visit the Fantasy Forest to see some ember bears and even solar bears, but when a new villain named Governor Ratcliffe plans to take down the Fantasy Forest and build a kingdom of his own once it's destroyed, Kwazii and Captain Jake must use ember bear and solar bear powers to stop him.

Episode 8: Terra Monster Gym Leader of Zootopia: The Disney Junior Club go on another spring break vacation to the big city of all animals, Zootopia, to find the Earth Terra Monster Gym Leader so Kwazii can earn his last Terra Medal. There, they meet Judy Hopps and her partner, Nick Wilde, and to their surprise, Judy is the Earth Terra Monster Gym Leader!

Episode 9: Dream Big, Princess!: Sofia tries to figure out if her dream to be an inventor, an artist, a traveler, a tailor, a photographer, a gardener, or a flying horse rider is her real dream. She then realizes that those dreams are all of them and decides to achieve them all!

Episode 10: Flirty Fuli: Fuli meets a male cheetah named Chui and finds herself falling in love with him, but is afraid that Chui might not like her for who she is, so Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri decide to give her a makeover to help Fuli impress Chui.

Episode 11: Tamaa's Double Trouble: Tamaa is blamed for using his talent of mimicking when another Drongo uses his own mimicking talent to steal everyone's food, and Connor and the Lion Guard must help their friend clear his name.

Episode 12: Paint Me a Prediction: When Kwazii uses his magic paintbrush to paint pictures, he discovers that his paintings seems to predict the future... in good, and bad, unexpecting ways!

Episode 13: Kwazii Comes Through!: After all the time, all the training, all the hardships, it has finally come: the Terra Monster Championship. Kwazii is ready to bring it to the Terra Monster Championship and sees old friends and rivals as they fight for the chance to be the best in the Terra Monster Championship.

Episode 14: Mission: Sink or Swim!: As Sofia, Miles, Captain Jake, Sheriff Callie, and Judy Hopps win their respective battles, the battle between Kwazii and Scarlet continues. Reflecting on the many times she beat him in their gym battle, all seems hopeless for Kwazii.

Episode 15: Lost and Found: After defeating another opponent and going to the next round, Kwazii and his friends decide to take a little R&R, but their plans for a break change when Buttercup disappears and starts walking around having fun of her own.

Episode 16: Round Three: Kwazii VS Sheriff Callie: On the third round, Kwazii finds himself battling Callie and decides to use fire Terra Monsters to defeat one of her earth Terra Monsters.

Episode 17: Between a Wave in a Hard Place: After defeating Sheriff Callie, Kwazii discovers that he'll be battling Captain Hook, and unless his Terra Monsters beats his again, Kwazii won't make it to the next round and win the championship.

Episode 18: The Final Terra Monster Battle: Kwazii has defeated Captain Hook and his finally made it to the final round, but he has a difficult choice whether to defeat Judy Hopps and win the championship or just lose and let her win because the ZPD is counting on her.

Episode 19: Star Daring: Leona is challenged by Scarlet to ride on the back of a legendary golden dragon of the Fantasy Forest called a Goldscale.

Episode 20: The Prank Master: It's April Fools Day but someone named the Prank Master is playing mean pranks on everyone this year and only Kwazii can find out who is.

Episode 21: Boom Goes the Boom Bear: A boom bear is making a big Big Bang theory in the Fantasy Forest and unless the Disney Junior Club stop it, he'll be boom bammin' forever!

Episode 22: Aries the Brave: On a hiking trip in the Fantasy Forest, Sofia and her friends come across a baby Aries and her mother. Meanwhile, Chief Ratcliffe has planned to kidnap the Aries mother and sell her to become rich!

Episode 23: Vega and the Norse Horse: While visiting the World Traveler animals of the northern climates with the Disney Junior Club, Vega befriends a Norse Horse colt and names it North Star, but when North Star stows away in Vega's backpack and goes to Starland with her, Vega decides to return to Wishworld to take him back home to his herd, but it won't be easy for that there might be predators who would love to have a Norse Horse colt for lunch.

Episode 24: Dreamy On Wings: Dreamy flies on the wings of a magical butterfly of the Fantasy Forest which is called a Spring Wing. As she wakes up, Dreamy finds herself in a flowery field of Spring Wings.

Episode 25: A Big Orangubang Theory!: An Orangubang is making a ruckus in the Fantasy Forest with his mighty big hands, and if the Disney Junior Club doesn't stop it from drumming, no one in the Fantasy Forest will get a goodnight sleep and Shiver Jack will capture it to force it to fix his Ice Castle.

Episode 26: Liturjakese Kwaztorrium: When a scientist discovers a new magical animal species and names it after Captain Jake and Kwazii in honor of them helping magical Fantasy Forest animals, the jealous Disney villains decide to capture them all.

Episode 27: In Your Shade: Shade the shadow has returned and he's not only after Peter's Shadow but everyone else's shadows, and he plans to make a crew out of them!

Episode 28: Microphonia: Night Ninja becomes jealous of Leona's singing so he plans to steal her favorite microphone to prove that he can sing way better than her, but when their singing competition goes too far, the PJ Masks must stop the two singing rivals before everything cracks and then falls apart!

Episode 29: Solar Simian Monkey Man: Captain Jake and Kwazii study why the solar simians are migrating to the cold climates of Ch-Ch-Chilly Canyon, but when the trio including a baby solar simian are caught in a runaway snowball, they get separated, lose their connection, and Kwazii's magical creature power suit breaks from a crash that malfunctions and turns him into a yeti like creature!

Episode 30: The Princess and the Star Darling: On her second Wish Mission on Wishworld, Vega becomes friends with her Wisher Vera, who is a princess that looks a lot like her and would rather have fun and go to school like normal kids than stay at her palace, so they decide to switch places but when Vega's friends mistaken the princess for her, Vega must stop them from taking Vera up to Starland before their secrets as SDs are revealed!

Episode 31: Space Adventures: Miles has invited his friends over to explore an unknown planet where it is home to a Caturn, a Plutopus, and a Lemurcury and discover their hidden magical creature powers.

Episode 32: Connor's Twin: It's Siblings Day but the only problem is is that Connor doesn't have a sibling, so Lucky shape shifts into a version of his owner so they can go, but then disaster strikes when Lucky, now known as Corneil, starts causing more of his black cat bad luck magic wherever he goes.

Episode 33: Dust to Destiny: In the Fantasy Forest, a beautiful elk called the Cinderelka has the ability to turn things into glass whenever it touches something, but when Cruella De Vil captures it to force it to make everything in her home into glass, Sofia makes a Prince Charring power disc and a Mouseguard power disc for her friends to help the Prince Charring and the Mouseguard save the damsel in distress.

Episode 34: The Tree Frogs: The Disney Junior Club finds a colony of Tree Frogs in the Fantasy Forest and climb up to the tallest trees to follow them, but when a toxic factory opens right next to the forest and starts puffing up poisonous smoke, they must protect the Tree Frogs and their home before there is nothing left for them to live in.

Episode 35: Whisker Haven Earth Day: The Palace Pets must work together to clean up the Critter-zen kingdom on Earth Day.

Episode 36: Kwazii and Super Romeo: Romeo has fixed his PJ Power Copier and this time, he has used it to copy Kwazii's powers instead. Now with Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet powers, Romeo is too powerful for even the PJ Masks to stop him. It's up to Kwazii who must help the PJ Masks fight his powers with his powers.

Episode 37: Fruit Bat!: Captain Jake finds a fruit bat who has migrated from the Fantasy Forest to the fruit forest of Neverland.

Episode 38: Shujaa the Baby Zebra: Connor and the Lion Guard try to help Muhimu think of a perfect name for her newborn baby zebra foal, but when he once again saves his mother from the hyenas, they decide to call him Shujaa, which means "hero."

Episode 39: Shadow the Onyx Direwolf: While examining Onyx Direwolves in the Fantasy Forest, Night Ninja has planned to steal an onyx direwolf and force it to make it his savage beast, and Fish Boy must lead the PJ Masks to stop him and his Ninjalinos while Cat Boy helps the mothers with their pups.

Episode 40: Taurus Trouble: Mal's mom, Maleficent, is after a zodiac Fantasy Forest animal called a Taurus and only she and her friends can stop Maleficent from capturing it and making it into a demonic beast.

Episode 41: The Rose Robbery: Priscilla's most rarest rose has been stolen by Luna Girl who wants to give it to her mother for Mother's Day and the PJ Masks must then stop Luna Girl and get the rose back before tomorrow. Meanwhile, Owlette is in peril if she doesn't get something for her own mom in time.

Episode 42: Goldie & the Mama Bear: While making flower wreaths in the Fantasy Forest for their mothers on Mother's Day, Goldie and Bear find a Mama Bear and her cub.

Episode 43: Kickin' It With the Mamaroos!: While Captain Jake and Kwazii are measuring how far a Mamaroo can jump, a Mamaroo joey steals the car keys to the DJ-Jeep, so they decide to catch her and get the keys back by using Mamaroo powers.

Episode 44: The Octonauts and the Snappy Shell: Kwazii reunites with Soft Shell (now a full grown sea turtle) who needs his help when a snappy turtle decides to make a new home in the beach where Soft Shell and the other baby sea turtles hatched from their eggs years ago.

Episode 45: In a Field of Flowers: The Disney Junior Club are invited to attend a garden party in the Fantasy Forest and meet the newest magical animals, a petal peacock, a jasmine jaguar, and an orchid otter.

Episode 46: Hearts! Hooves! Paws! Weekend: The Palace Pets are holding their annual Hearts! Hooves! Paws! party this weekend and everyone is invited. Meanwhile Captain Hook has planned to bust in to get the Palace Pets' new magical tiaras.

Episode 47: Lucky 13th: It's Friday the 13th again and also Lucky's birthday, but he isn't thrilled about it this year, so to cheer his pet black cat up, Connor throws Lucky, a birthday party to celebrate, but when Lucky's new gift sends him and Connor back in time in Salem to see how Friday the 13th was invented, they meet Lucky's former owner who is a glamorous witch named Serena, who is accused of something she didn't do, so in order to help clear her name and save her life, Connor and Lucky must find the real culprit before she is sentenced to death.

Episode 48: Clover, Barley, and the Flare Hare: Clover and Barley reunite when a wildfire in the Enchanted Forest is being caused by a Flare Hare. So to stop is and return it to the Fantasy Forest, the two bunnies must put their minds together and help their friends before Disney Junior Island is burned into ashes.

Episode 49: Funny Flyer: A skyena is flying high from the Fantasy Forest and into Disney Junior Town, spreading giggles and laughs to all the residents, but Ursula grows tired of the laughter so she has decided to get rid of the little funny flyer and end the comedy, unless the Disney Junior Club stop her and save the skyena.

Episode 50: The Dreamcatchers Strike!: The PJ Masks receive mysterious dreamcatchers that are said to give them good dreams but instead give them nightmares and each of them are now trapped in their own nightmare worlds. Captain Jake, Kwazii, Miles, and Sofia must then save them and destroy the dreamcatchers or they'll never wake up again!

Episode 51: Beauty Within: Princess Belle and Prince Adam are in the Fantasy Forest having a picnic hen they meet a golden retriever named Beauty and also a beast named Beast! Then, Gaston kidnaps the Beast and it's up to the Disney Junior Club to to save her.

Episode 52: Curse of the Cursed Rose: An enchanting rose elk called the Cursed Rose strolls into the Fantasy Forest. At first everyone is stunned by it's beauty, but when it places a curse on some of the magical animals, the Disney Junior Club will stop at nothing to stop it and break its curse!

Episode 53: All Aboard the Steamtrunk: The PJ Masks think that Romeo is stealing a steampunk elephant called a Streamtrunk, but they learn that he is trying to save it and bring it back home from an evil scientist named Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

Episode 54: Patriotter Swim: On a Memorial Day vacation at Dolphin Shores, Captain Jake and Kwazii take Connor to a swimming tutor -- a patriotter named Swim Coach.

Episode 55: Awesome Two-some!: The Geminis are in the Fantasy Forest for best friends day. However, Kwazii is having trouble who his best friend is and can't decide if one of them is the way best than the other.

Episode 56: Catboy's Typhoon Tiger Trouble: Connor makes friends with a typhoon tiger baby when it accidentally whisks him away on one of it's typhoons, but when Ursula and her sister Morgana capture Ty's family, Connor must overcome his water fear again to help Ty rescue them in no time.

Episode 57: Flight of the Chameneon: While traveling across the canopy of the rain forest realm of the Fantasy Forest to find Chameneons, Captain Jake plunges into a mud puddle from the tree tops while showing off his climbing skills to Kwazii. He then develops a fear of heights and climbing, so Kwazii is forced to continue the search alone, but then, fashion designer Cruella De Vil and her henchmen, Horace and Jasper, capture countless Chameneons – and Kwazii, by accident – in order to create a line of Chameneon-themed fashions.

Season 14 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Water Lots of Fun!: To spend their four day weekend before summer begins, the Disney Junior Club head to the Fantasy Forest to meet new water Fantasy Forest animals in the Rainy Forest, and to see the the most amazing and beautiful water lilies in the forest, but that won't be easy with Captain Hook who is trying to steal the lilies for himself.

Episode 2: The Papa Penguin: On Father's Day, Kwazii and the Octonauts help Sofia find a Papa Penguin in the Fantasy Forest so she can take a picture of it and put it in a frame to give to her father, King Roland.

Episode 3: Rise of a Hero!: The Star Darlings and the Disney Junior Club come across a cute and pretty bunny rabbit called a Persephone while on their picnic in the Fantasy Forest and Libby decides to name her Blossom, but when Blossom is planning to go into the Underworld, the gang soon learn that a creature named Hades is actually a friend of hers.

Episode 4: Libby and the Strawberry Moon Princess: When everyone starts talking about the rise of the Strawberry Moon, Libby decides to stay awake which means go out tonight where she will also meet the legendary strawberry moon princess.

Episode 5: Soaring Over Summer 2: Summer has finally arrived, and to celebrate, Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, and Kwazii explore with Cuckoonuts, Papayaks, and Porcupineapples in the Tasty Tundra in the Fantasy Forest, Miles and Loretta teach the Star Darlings how to use Galactech, the Octonauts head back to the Amazon to spend their vacation there, Doc is learning to use her new powers at the Toy Hospital, Sofia has at least 5 stories from the Secret Library to complete, Sheriff Callie is trying to learn new lasso tricks, and the PJ Masks and their families are going on a magical cruise together.

Episode 6: Catboy Draws To Life!: Connor receives a magic pencil and a magic sketchbook from his old friend, Oliver Gryffon, and whenever he draws it his sketchbook, his drawings come to life, but his gift causes trouble when he takes them on a mission to stop Luna Girl.

Episode 7: Two Miles To Go!: Miles is in a dilemma when he promises to celebrate the Time of Luminiere in Starland with the Star Darlings, and also promises to help Connor with his new skateboard tricks at the Disney Junior Town Skateboarding Park, tomorrow... at the same time. So in order to go to two places at the same time, Miles borrows -but mostly steals- Romeo's multiplying machine to duplicate himself, but when Miles discovers that his copy is not what he expected, he must stop him by helping the PJ Masks destroy the multiplying machine, but his rotten copy has plans up his sleeve that might help Romeo take down the PJ Masks!

Episode 8: Rainy Forest Stew: Captain Jake and Kwazii are getting to know several magical Fantasy Forest animals when they find out that Chef Pete is creating a magical fantasy forest stew involving the same animals.

Episode 9: March of the Summer Equifox!: A fourth seasonal equifox called a Summer Equifox comes walking into the Fantasy Forest after the first day of summer comes to Disney Junior Island, but when Maleficent falls over heals in love with it's colors and wants to kidnap it to make it her minion, Mal must stop at nothing to help her friends save the Summer Equifox.

Episode 10: All That Sparkles: It's Cassie's bright day and Miles needs to get her a present, so he heads to the diamond moon in the galaxy to find the most special moon diamonds to make the sparkliest gift for her after his old gift is smashed.

Episode 11: Star Parents Day!: All the Starlings' parents have come for Star Parents Day, all except orphan Cassie's parents, who had their afterglow, and Miles decides to lift her star spirits up by pretending to be her dad and for Loretta to pretend to be her mom.

Episode 12: Galactech Gemma: Gemma is having trouble using Galactech on her first lesson, so her sister, Tessa, Miles and Loretta decide to help her.

Episode 13: Kwazii Hood and His Merry Mateys: Kwazii has a dream about being Robin Hood and his friends being his merry gang who steals from the rich, like Captain Hook playing as the sheriff, and gives to the poor.

Episode 14: Sport-A-Thon!: Mickey Mouse invites the Disney Junior Club to play in this year's Sport-A-Thon! Kwazii then decides to use his new basketball alter ego, Hot Shot Kwazii, to play basketball and win the Sport-A-Thon, but then learns that cheaters can't win.

Episode 15: (One Hour Special) Atlantic: Atlantic Kwazii!: After seeing Sofia's new dress, Miles' new Galactech space suit, and Captain Jake's captain jacket, Kwazii wishes that he can get a cool new look just like them. Until, when Lord Fathom teams up with Ursula the Sea Witch to take over land, sky, and sea, Kwazii's marine armor gets a new upgrade and his ocean pearl bracelet gains a new look.

Episode 16: Whisker Haven Pool Party: The Palace Pets are having a pool party at Whisker Haven and they have invited everyone, including the Disney Junior Club, to have a big dip in the pool!

Episode 17: Owlette and the Enchantment CharmAmaya is cursed by Mal's mom, Maleficent, with some kind of enchantment charm, and whenever Amaya takes off her glasses, all the boys start drooling over her. at first, Amaya seems to enjoy the curse but then learns that she can't use her curse to make every boy do things for her.

Episode 18: Atlantic: Kid Power to the Rescue! : In order to save the Soaring Over Summer flying festival, the Disney Junior Club must fly high to stop all the Disney villains from turning it into an eternal winter race while learning that kid power can really save the day!

Episode 19: Sage and the Lion Pride: Sage wishes that she can have a pet like Cassie. Until on Wishworld, she meets a Lion Pride baby and names it Prism, then takes it back up to Starland to take good care of him, but just when she thought that pets are fun, she also learns that pets are a big responsibility.

Episode 20: Star RidersVega reunites with her old Norse Horse friend, North Star, who is now a juvenile Norse Horse, while Leona rides the back of her old Goldscale friend, Golden Dash, and Scarlet is happy to ride on Crimson the Skeletal Steed.

Episode 21: Atlantic: Sir Kwazii a Lot!: Sir Oliver is back and he has stolen the Ice Shield from Sir Jaxon, the leader of the knights. So in order to get it back, Kwazii must help Sofia, Jaxon, and the dragons by becoming a knight, but learns that shining armor doesn't always make you a hero.

Episode 22: Flight of Valkyrie: On a stormy night, the legendary pegasus named Valkyrie flies in to make it's entrance and Captain Jake and Kwazii want Sofia to make a Valkyrie power disc for them, but when Hades kidnaps Valkyrie, the gang must take to the sky to save it and stop him.

Episode 23: Enchanted Garden Treasure Hunt!: When an invitation from Sofia leads the friends to a treasure hunt in her Secret Garden, they must follow the clues to find the hidden treasures of the garden.

Episode 24: Atlantic: Revenge of the Pirate Piranhas: After Captain Hook ruins the Pirate Piranhas' lunch again, they begin chomping on wooden ships, gups, and everything in their way, and unless Kwazii and the rest of the Disney Junior Club stop them and return them to the shipwrecks, Disney Junior Island will be their dessert.

Episode 25: Celestial Crustacean: A celestial crustacean named Cancer arrives at the Fantasy Forest for the next zodiac ceremony.

Episode 26: Owlette and the Firework Fiasco: Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos have stolen the 4th of July fireworks for their own Ninjalino fireworks party, and the PJ Masks must get them back, but Owlette wants to start up the fireworks while the boys try to stop Night Ninja until she learns that she can't start them at her young age.

Episode 27: Stars and Stripes: While preparing for the 4th of July festival, Captain Jake and Kwazii come across three fearless friends from the Fantasy Forest.

Episode 28: A Wish Out of Water!: Gemma finds a Gold Fish swimming in the Fantasy Forest Lake, looking for gold and treasure. So she decides to dive in and find treasure for her new friend, but they soon find something more important than gold a treasure.

Episode 29: Pearl Peryton Lake: While practicing a new ballet dance called the Moonlit Leap with Libby, Adora befriends a Pearl Peryton she named Moonlight, but soon, they encounter Maleficent and she turns Adora into a Pearl Peryton while Moonlight is turned into a human and unless they find a way to break the spell, they'll both be stuck in their switched forms forever!

Episode 30: Opening Fairy Doors: Sofia orders an Opening Fairy Doors kit and uses it to make a doorway to the fairy world, then write a letter to one of the fairies. Soon, at night, she learns that her new little fairy door might be more than a decoration when she meets three fairies named Luna, Meadow, and Willow.

Episode 31: The Octonauts and the G.I. Joey: Kwazii, Shellington, and Captain Jake come across a tough little soldier-like joey called a G.I. Joey who is defending it's territory from Beatrice Le Beak.

Episode 32: Loretta Leads the Way: Loretta is in charge of leading her friends to their location so they can set up their camp and picnic there, but her stubbornness gets the best of her when she and her friends get lost.

Episode 33: Shockingly Cute!: A cute electrical puppy called an Electricutie follows Stuffy back home and he becomes his new pet, which makes Squibbles very jealous.

Episode 34: Perfectly Pink (and Blue)!: The girls have their perfectly pink party but they forget to include the boys who have made their own perfectly blue party with no girls allowed and it soon causes a great feud between the two genders. Luckily, thanks to Sage, Kwazii, Sofia, Sheriff Callie, Captain Jake, and Piper, they find a magical melody that might help rekindle the boys and girls friendship.

Episode 35: Just One of the Hyenas: When Jasiri's new ball falls into Janja's territory, Connor cast a disguise spell on himself to make him look and sound like a hyena so he can get his friend's ball back.

Episode 36: Star Palace Pets: The Star Darlings come to Whisker Haven for the first time and all twelve of them meet the Palace Pets.

Episode 37: Termites and Ninjalinos: Cat Boy uses termites from the Pridelands to play a silly prank on Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos, but when his prank goes too far, the PJ Masks must bring the termites back to the Pridelands before all in Disney Junior Town is left with nothing but sawdust.

Episode 38: Clover and the Comet Cougar: Clover is on her way to Wishworld to grant another wish when a comet cougar follows her down and she decides that she can help her grant her Wisher's wish.

Episode 39: Gekko and the Buck's Moon Prince: Greg wishes that he can do archery just like Captain Jake, Kwazii, and Sofia. Later, at night, he meets the legendary Buck's Moon Prince who might help teach him some cool archery tricks that might help Gekko stop Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos who have stolen his magical bow and arrows.

Episode 40: Atlantic: Romeo's Colossal Corruption: Romeo wants to make his grandfather, Doctor Undergear, proud by sinking the Mighty Colossus with his new invention, the Spark Shark Missiles, but not if Kwazii's Atlantic powers and the PJ Masks help Captain Jake and his crew protect it.

Episode 41: Festive Forest: The animals of the Fantasy Forest are holding up a Grand Festival this summer and the Disney Junior Club gang is invited, but Mal's mom, Maleficent, crashes the festival by draining all the colors from everything, including the Grand Unicorn.

Episode 42: Robo Penguin Rescue!: Miles, Loretta, and MERC invite their friends to help them rescue some TTA robo penguins before they run out of power, and the information they've been collecting.

Episode 43: Owlette and the Misfortune Koi Fish: While hiking on a hot summer day, Amaya finds a koi tiger fish in the Enchanted Lake and takes it home, but soon learns that it's more than just an ordinary fish when it begins to bring her unexpected the worst way!

Episode 44: Catboy and Romeo's Great Adventure: While the PJ Masks are helping the Lion Guard stop Romeo and Robot from sabotaging the Pridelands, a sinkhole appears and Catboy and Romeo are trapped underground! Together, they will have to put their differences aside while they share an unlikely friendship.

Episode 45: Pokey Pilot: When a hedgehog called a Pokey Pilot gets it's balloons popped, the Disney Junior Club must find a way to get it back flying into the sky again.

Episode 46: Joni and the Parade Pony: Joni wants to be the first toy pony to lead the Fantasy Forest parade with the Parade Pony, but everyone thinks she is too small.

Episode 47: Callie-punzel: Sheriff Callie's new fur shampoo causes her fur on her head to grow as long as Rapunzel's hair and she finds a way on how to make it useful by using it as her new hair lasso.

Episode 48: Vacation In Avalor: Sofia and her friends head to Avalor for a four week summer vacation where they will reunite with their old friend, Crown Princess Elena of Avalor, and her family.

Episode 49: Owlette and the Scepter of Light: On the Disney Junior Club's four week summer vacation in Avalor, the unexpected happens when Captain Hook steals the Scepter of Light from Elena and Amaya hopes to get it back for her.

Episode 50: Atlantic: Sofia's Noblin Trouble: Sofia meets some Noblins while having a picnic with Elena and her sister, Isabel, but when the Noblins are hypnotized into turning everything into gold, Sofia must use her wits to save Avalor and her friends before everything is turned into solid gold.

Episode 51: Jaquin Power Up!: Princess Elena helps Sofia create new jaquin power discs for Captain Jake, Kwazii, Connor, and her to try out so they can use jaquin powers!

Episode 52: Atlantic: Shuriki Strikes Back!: On the Disney Junior Club's last day of their vacation in Avalor, the grand ball is interrupted by the return of the evil witch, Shuriki. Now the gang must stop her before she traps Princess Elena in Sofia's amulet again and worse, reclaims Avalor.

Episode 53: DJ Kidz!: Kwazii, Captain Jake, Sofia, Doc, Miles, Sheriff Callie, and Connor form their own rock band called the DJ (Disney Junior) Kidz! for the Disney Junior Town Music Festival after Captain Barnacles, Peso, Izzy, Cubby, Amaya, and Greg come down with a summer fever.

Episode 54: Atlantic: Jet Skis Away!: Sofia and Tweak design new jet skis for the Disney Junior Club to use for any of their magical water creature rescues, but when a Sapphire Cthulhu is trapped by a new villain named Morgana, they must put the jet skis to good use if they want to save the friendly monster of the deep!

Episode 55: Nocturn-Owlette!: A magical nocturnal owl called a Nocturnowl is captured by Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos so they can force it to be their new spy, and now, Owlette and Snowdrop must save it with their amazing owl powers.

Episode 56: The Colors of the Fantasy Forest: While hanging out with present pheasants in the Fantasy Forest, Captain Jake and Kwazii realize how important color is for creatures when Maleficent steals magical animals and removes their color.

Episode 57: Peso in Mcstuffinsville: Peso and Kwazii discover Doc's secret of going to a town named after her family and are accidentally transported there along with her and her toys. Now, at the Toy Hospital, they must help Doc fix all the broken toys.

Episode 58: Atlantic: Leo Pride!: A new zodiac animal called a Leo has arrived in the Fantasy Forest for another celestial ceremony, but Gadfly has planned to break into the ceremony.

Season 15 episodes Edit

Episode 1: The Fantasy Forest Summer Games: The Fantasy Forest are having their first annual Summer Games with sports, sports, and more sports, but when the Disney villains participate in the games and plan to cheat, the Disney Junior Club must use the powers of the Chimp Champ, Gecko Roman, and the Torcher Bear to stop them while trying to play fair.

Episode 2: Nega-Catboy: Catboy is affected by Lady Rancora's negative wish energy and it fills his mind with negative memories just to turn his back on his friends, making him think that they are his enemies instead, but while affected, Catboy learns to let go of all the bad stuff he has done in the past and not think negatively.

Episode 3: Atlantic: The Sturgeon Moon Prince and the Sturgeon Stampede!: A group of sturgeon fish are unknowingly stampeding the ocean, making it hard for fishers to fish. Now with the help of the Sturgeon Moon Prince, Kwazii must use his magic to calm the stampede down before the ocean is destroyed.

Episode 4: Atlantic: It's All Fun and Games: Disney Junior Town is setting up for the annual Fun & Games Olympics this summer! Meanwhile, Kwazii is training for the games thanks to his magic Atlantic powers!

Episode 5: Atlantic: The Rooted Rhino: The Octonauts must help Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Sofia and Miles move a rooted rhino before a storm hits and washes it away, but it won't be easy since the rooted rhino is rooted to the ground as it usually is.

Episode 6: Not So Nice and Unfriendly Corners: Sheriff Callie, Peck, Toby, and Kwazii make a delivery to the town that is the opposite of Nice and Friendly Corners: Not So Nice and Unfriendly Corners, a creepy and cruel place where everyone is not so nice and unfriendly, and is also home to many bandits and thieves.

Episode 7: Scarlet Summer: Scarlet finally gets to spend her summer vacation on Wishworld (Earth), and to do that, she spend her time skateboarding, trying out new Wishling foods, and trying on new Wishling clothes!

Episode 8: Level XYZ!: The GameMaster and Grace have created a new level of Galaxias called Level XYZ: a level with more obstacles and surprisingly monsters, but the worst part of the game is the boss level!

Episode 9: Mayhem of Makucha!: Makucha is back and wants to take away Badili's territory while trying to hunt Ajabu again, but not if Connor, Amaya, Greg, Kion, and the Lion Guard can protect two of their friends at a time, which is becoming very difficult.

Episode 10: Atlantic: The Polar Bear Olympics: Captain Barnacles enters the Polar Bear Olympics, and the Octonauts and the Disney Junior Club will be cheering for him, but his childhood rival, Polaris, has entered the olympics too, leaving to two polar bears to compete for the gold medal.

Episode 11: Goofy Gekko!: Everyone in town is being brain drained by Romeo's new invention, the Brain Drainer, and now not everyone is feeling smart, not even the PJ Masks! Now it's up to Gekko to follow his heart instead of his mind to stop Romeo before the whole world is brain drained!

Episode 12: Dreamy's Dreamland: Kwazii uses his dream travelling powers to help him, Sofia, Captain Jake, and the Palace Pets travel into Dreamy's dreamland where they will walk into her dream places, eat dream treats with her, and meet her dream friends, but they will learn that some things in Dreamy's dreamland are not what they seem.

Episode 13: Sultry Syndrome: Dreamy comes down with a strange and unusual syndrome that causes her to become flirtatious and seductive with the boy Palace Pets. Soon, every girl Palace Pet catches it but not the tomboyish girl Palace Pets who are unaffected by it and the Disney Junior Club will do anything to help them find the cure.

Episode 14: The Scary Simians: After one of Kwazii's magic spells goes horribly wrong and ends up sending a giant icicle into Captain Hook's ship window, Kwazii makes up a quick lie, telling Hook the "Scary Simians" did it. He convinces Hook into believing it, and soon he and his crew is searching for the Scary Simians.

Episode 15: The Ride of Little Red: Kwazii must help a golden mare in a red cloak named Little Red deliver her basket of goodies to her grandmother, but he will have to avoid the Big Bad Wolf and keep him from stealing the treats.

Episode 16: Astra's Athletic Ally: Astra befriends an athletic and energetic athletigator while on her morning jogs in the Fantasy Forest.

Episode 17: The Mystery of the Rusty Walrust: Captain Jake and Kwazii dive underwater to meet a herd of Walrusts while trying to figure out why they are so rusty. Meanwhile, Saltwater Serge and Wellington Whale bond with a baby walrust but they soon find themselves caught in Ebb and Flo's net traps.

Episode 18: Lucky & Brie: Cinderella's pet mouse, Brie, comes from Whisker Haven to visit Connor for the day, but when Lucky can't stop trying to eat her, Connor and his friends tried to find a way to help him before this chaotic game of cat and mouse gets out of hand- or in this case, paw!

Episode 19: S'more Showdown: Sharky boasts about making the best s'mores with his golden brown marshmallows during a camping trip, making Bones really jealous and they soon have a s'more showdown to see who could make the best s'mores in camp, but the contest begins to bring down their friendship.

Episode 20: Chill Out, Tortice: Chilly befriends an icy tortoise called a Tortice while hiking in Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon of Neverland with his friends, and he hopes that he gets to know it a lot by adopting it.

Episode 21: The Octonauts and the Jellyflash: When the Gup-TD crashes in the luminous waters of the Shimmering Seas, the ship loses power when its electrical systems are damaged. However, Kwazii and Captain Jake are happy to be in one of the most biologically rich habitats on the magical parts of Earth, and they set out into the sea to magical creature adventure. The pirates soon find a creature that may be able to solve the Gup-TD's electricity problem: the flashing Jellyflash.

Episode 22: Song of the Unicorgi: While playing her star violin in the Fantasy Forest, Cassie's music lures in a Unicorgi and they become quick friends, but when Gaston hunts down Cornia and steals the star violin to use it for his own evil deeds, Cassie and her friends must get it back and rescue her new friend.

Episode 23: Atlantic: Atlantic Catboy: When Kwazii catches an undersea fever, he puts Connor in charge by giving him his ocean pearl bracelet until he feels better, and Connor becomes Kwazii for a day, but the only problem is the heavy Atlantic Armor and Poseidon's Trident he has trouble lifting.

Episode 24: Charoca and the Explode Toad: Elena and the Disney Junior Club must help Charoca with his new Explode Toad pet named Lavena, who has a way bigger temper than him.

Episode 25: H2-Uh Oh!: Ursula has put a mutation potion on the town's water supply and all the bottled water that the people of Disney Junior Town are drinking are turning into mutant monsters. Now the Disney Junior Club and Lucinda must make a mutation antidote to cure the citizens and stop Ursula before she puts more venom in the water!

Episode 26: Prism Restaurant: Miles hopes to impress Cassie and her uncle at a fancy restaurant in Starland, despite little prior knowledge of etiquette.

Episode 27: Ready... Set... Virgo!: A black and white griffin called a Virgo has flown to Mount Olympus and is in time for the ninth celestial ceremony, but Hades has planned to capture it so he can use it against the other Olympian gods, and only Leona and Golden Dash can stop him before it's too late.

Episode 28: An Old Friend In Need: Loretta, Miles, and Cassie discover that Adora is sad because she misses her old Wishling friend, Hannah, whom her memory has been erased after her wish was granted, and tomorrow's her birthday. So to cheer their friend up, the trio tries to find a way to bring back her Wisher's old memories, but they will have to convince Lady Stella first, which might not be easy.

Episode 29: The Competition Bug: When the PJ Masks catch a competition bug, Captain Jake discovers that the only way to cure his friends is to show them that teamwork is more important than showing whose superpowers are more super awesome.

Episode 30: Greg's Hidden Talent: Greg tries to find what his talent is until in Shape-topia, he discovers that inventing gizmos and fixing machines are his talent, but he doesn't know that only happens in Shape-topia and not in his world.

Episode 31: The Gang's All Back!: The Disney Junior Club set up a welcome back to Disney Junior Town party for their old friends who have come back from their old homelands and towns.

Episode 32: Atlantic: Where the Great Granite Golem Stomps: Charoca befriends a Granite Golem and he invites it over for tea in the village, but the villagers are afraid of it just like they used to be afraid of Charoca. So, Elena, Naomi, and the Disney Junior Club decide to help their friend help his new friend.

Episode 33: Atlantic: Magic Spell Quest: When the evil wizard Fiero returns to get revenge on Mateo by trying to curse him, Elena enlists the Disney Junior Club to help her and her friends stop Fiero and save Mateo.

Episode 34: Jewel Boxed In!: When Mal's mom, Maleficent, cast a spell to trap Mal, Bloom, and Dreamy in Bloom's jewelry box, their friends decide to try and find a way to get them out while they explore in the jewelry box.

Episode 35: Catboy's Magic Key (Part 1): When Disney Junior Island's magic is in trouble again, the Disney Junior Club discover that the power of strange dark magic is ruining kingdoms and homes of the Disney Princesses. Now Catboy, along with his new friend, the Pixie, and his trusty black cat Lucky, must go on an unforgettable journey to battle bogs and save the kingdoms while trying to collect the missing pieces of the seventh magic key, the Key of Magic, that can open the Door of Magic and save the island's magic. Then while on this adventure, Catboy learns that he has Gentlehaven magic in him!

Episode 36: Catboy's Magic Key (Part 2): After saving the Disney Princesses' kingdoms and finding the last piece of the seventh key, the Key Of Magic and Catboy's key to the Door of Magic, Zara the ex-princess takes it away and now Catboy must rely on himself and his abilities to stop her, and save his friends, family, and home...with his new powers. Then, Catboy discovers a shocking secret about the Princess Of Gentlehaven...she is his great ancestor who is named Cynthia!

Episode 37: Summer's Just the End: Before the end of summer vacation and the beginning of school, the kids plan to throw a last day of summer, but they can't decide whether to have it at the Mcstuffinsville Toy Hospital or at the Pridelands.

Episode 38: Vega's Bright Day Ride: Vega goes to Wishworld on her Bright Day to meet and ride her Norse Horse friend, North Star, in the Fantasy Forest, but her Bright Day doesn't go well when she and North Star get lost at dusk.

Episode 39: Connor's Great Galago Trouble: When the galagos' tree is destroyed by lightning in Ndefu Grove, Connor takes them home to take care of them while the Lion Guard clear up the grove and find a new tree for their friends.

Episode 40: Summer Redo: Luna Girl wants to keep everyone from going on their first day of school by using her summer moonlight beam to make everyone stay on summer vacation because she didn't do anything fun on her summer. Now, it's up to the PJ Masks to stop her before it's summer vacation... forever!

Episode 41: Frolic With the Medoe: Piper and Cassie come across a cute medoe frolicking in the Fantasy Forest while taking their break from their wish granting, but it wasn't long when Gaston comes and tries to capture their new friend.

Episode 42: Atlantic: Liar, Liar, Liger on Fire!: When a half lion, half tiger makes itself at home in Avalor, everyone is scared but Elena, Astra, and the Disney Junior Club must try to show that it is not what everyone thinks for that the Liger is a very gentle creature.

Episode 43: Your Silly Goose Is Cooked: Goldie, Bear, and Mother Goose come across a silly goose that loves to make everyone laugh, but they discover that Chef Pete is trying to capture it and cook it up for a dinner night, so Goldie and Bear call the Disney Junior Club to help rescue it.

Episode 44: Day of Big Dreams: Everyone in Disney Junior Town share their big dreams in the annual Day of Big Dreams festival, and to help come true, the Disney Princesses have inspired them to write down their dreams on paper, place them in a bottle, and hang them in the magic Wishing Tree of the Enchanted Forest.

Episode 45: Atlantic: Yakkity Kayak: On Labor Day, Kwazii and his friends go on a kayaking trip in the lake where Ariel and Prince Eric had their first date. There, they will see many beautiful sights for Sofia to take new pictures of while Captain Jake wants to swim in the water to meet new magical creatures, but when the pirate captain and princess's feud catches them into trouble, Atlantic Kwazii comes to the rescue again.

Episode 46: The Harvest Moon Princess Beats the Wheat: Sheriff Callie volunteers to help pick the wheat for Nice and Friendly Corners' new bakery so they can make wheat to bake into breads breads and other sweet things out of it, but she can't do it on her own until the Harvest Moon Princess arrives at night to help pick all the wheat and Sheriff Callie is happy to have someone help her.

Episode 47: Stand United: The Fantasy Forest are trying to vote for the best animal to become the new president: the Republicant, the Donkeycrat, or the Bipartibison.

Episode 48: Gemma's Box: While swimming with Goldie the Gold Fish, Gemma discovers a hidden box in the Fantasy Forest Lake's water in which she hopes there is some Wishworld treasure inside, but instead of treasure, she accidentally releases a swarm of evil spirits and now Gemma, Tessa, Kwazii, and Peso must stop the spirits and return them to their box.

Episode 49: Belle's Teacup Party: The Disney Junior Club is invited to Belle's Teacup tea party, but Amaya is worried about Belle when she to chosen to sit next to her tonight.

Episode 50: Where Mammoth Trunk Stomps: When Mammoth Trunk is sleepwalking at night, the Star Darlings must help the Disney Junior Club take it back home without waking it up before a cranky Captain Hook tries to do so.

Episode 51: Atlantic: Shine Bright, Paper Lantern Dragon!: The Paper Lantern Dragon arrives in The Fantasy Forest to bring good luck and fortunes to all who see and befriend it, but Maleficent has plans for everyone by cursing the paper lantern dragon to making it spread bad luck and misfortunes instead.

Episode 52: Atlantic: The Flirt Off!: Prince Alonso hosts a "flirt off" in Cordoba for the contestants with the most flirtatious powers. While Kwazii, Captain Jake, Sofia, Connor, Amaya, Greg, Vega, Scarlet, Sage, Miles, Loretta, Izzy, and Cubby go meet the cute owls called the buhitos, Libby, and Leona have entered the "friendly competition.", but what Alonso doesn't realize is that the flirt might have destroyed the buhitos' homes and has awaken the Yacalli once again.

Episode 53: Bye Bye, Scarecrows!: A flock of scarecrows are causing a big disturbance in Disney Junior Island that even Captain Hook is getting pretty annoyed by the cawing sounds they are making, but when Mr. Smee asks the Disney Junior Club to get rid of the flock, they learn that they have made a big mistake for scaring the scarecrows off when all the crops around are being eaten by real crows in seconds. Now, the Disney Junior Club must bring the scarecrows back before every last crop is gone!

Episode 54: Galactic Librarian: On Miles and Loretta's second day at Galactic School, they are surprised that their Star Darling friend, Cassie, has volunteer to work at the Galactic School's library, but when Farrah discovers Miles' crush on Cassie, he starts spilling the beans through the whole Galactic School.

Episode 55: Viva La Libra: Adora and Moonlight encounter a beautiful and elegant zodiac Fantasy Forest animal called a Libra.

Episode 56: Lunar Light!: Luna Girl joins the PJ Masks and their friends find Moon Chunks for the Fantasy Forest Lunar Light animals, the Halfmoon Howler, the Lunarwhal, and the Moonkey, but they aren't they only ones looking for them when Romeo and Night Ninja team up again to find or steal Moon Chunks.

Episode 57: PJ Mask Gender Swapped!: While cleaning the PJ Masks headquarters, Fish Boy accidentally gender swaps Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette and they turn into Catgirl, Gekka, and Owlbert after the Swapper Zapper ray gun's ray hits them when he drops it. Now he must lead them to stop Romeo and Night Ninja who both want to take over the HQ together.

Episode 58: Atlantic: Midnight Magic!: Shiver Jack has frozen up the Crescent Cranes and their home. He has also trapped Luna Girl! Now with a new power, Kwazii must use his midnight magic to help Captain Jake and the PJ Masks, stop Shiver Jack, and save the Crescent Cranes.

Episode 59: Sharky and the S'more Boar: On a weekend camping trip with the Disney Junior Club, Sharky befriends a S'more Boar and its piglets while teaching Bones how to make s'mores.

Episode 60: Get Your Game On Week!: Kwazii decides to practice his super sport powers with Captain Jake so he can play the sports of Disney Junior Town's annual Get Your Game On Week sports day competition, but their plans change when Kwazii trains with Mirage who plans to win the competition.

Season 16 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Leona and the Golden Flutter: While flying in the skies of the Fantasy Forest, Leona and Golden Dash come across a golden hummingbird called a Golden Flutter.

Episode 2: Band Apart: Captain Jake and Sofia's band get separated and Kwazii and Pearl must find a way to get them back together again before the big concert.

Episode 3: The Marposa Pearl!: Sofia, Elena, and their friends meet a baby Marposa and her mother on a boat trip and Kwazii names the baby Marposa, but as they thought their cruise was about to get more relaxing, King Hector returns to capture more Marposas for his aquarium again. Now with a magic pearl, Sofia and her friends must use it's wishing powers wisely to save the Marposa's mother and the rest of the Marposas.

Episode 4: The Great Big Pumpkin Panda: Cassie and Miles walk into the Fantasy Forest to see the Great Big Pumpkin Panda on the first day of October before Halloween starts.

Episode 5: Jackal Lantern Style!: When Jackal Lanterns are mysteriously transported to the Pride Lands, Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Kwazii, Captain Jake, and Sofia must find out how they got there and help the Lion Guard find a way to bring them back to the Fantasy Forest by using Jackal Lantern powers, but the real jackals Reirei, Goigoi, and their pups plan to capture the Jackal Lanterns first so they can eat them for evening dinner unless the gang keeps the pack safe from their jaws.

Episode 6: Miles VS Lady Rancora: Miles has a nightmare of Lady Rancora defeating the Star Darlings and ruling Starland. Then, worried that his nightmare might come true, he must train hard with all his star power to prevent that from happening.

Episode 7: Brewin' Up a New Spell: Sofia, Kwazii, and Captain Jake must help their witch friend, Lucinda, collect enough ingredients to make a new potion, but it won't be easy when the other witches are looking for the same ingredients for their own potions.

Episode 8: The Three PJ Mask-A-Teers: On a camping trip in the Enchanted Forest, Kwazii tells a Three Musketeers version tale of the PJ Masks: the Three PJ Mask-A-Teers!

Episode 9: Libby Hood and Her Merry Star Darlings: Kwazii tells another campfire tale of a Robin Hood version of Libby: Libby Hood, a Starling girl who loves to steal from the rich and give to the poor like Robin Hood.

Episode 10: Toy Spa: The Toy Hospital has added a new room: a massage, sauna, and bubbly spa for all toys to rest and relax from anxiety and stress.

Episode 11: Hades' New Crew: Hades replaces Pain and Panic with two new imps in an attempt to sideline the Disney Junior Club.

Episode 12: The WishApp: Libby develops a new magical iDisney app that grants wishes called "WishApp", but what Libby doesn't know is that it not only grants good and impossible wishes, but bad ones too.

Episode 13: Little Red Amaya Hood: Amaya volunteers to help Little Red Riding Hood deliver her basket of treats to her grandmother when she gets sick from a cold, but she must go through the thick woods and, most importantly, get past the Big Bad Wolf first.

Episode 14: The Ghost Of DJES: While setting up for the Halloween party at Disney Junior Elementary School, Sofia is reunited with Charlotte Usher who warns her about an evil ghost trying to haunt her school and is planning to scare everyone tonight! Now with only herself and no one else to help her, Sofia must be clever enough to help Charlotte stop the ghost and save the Halloween party before someone is scared out of their pants.

Episode 15: Jake and the Narcissus Curse: Captain Jake receives a mysterious hand mirror from an unknown senderm but something fishy is going on when he starts spending time looking at his reflection on the mirror and Kwazii soon discovers that the mirror is cursed by narcissism!

Episode 16: Cocoa Bean CrazeKion's father, Simba, is becoming addicted to the cocoa beans Timon and Pumbaa picked for him. When he becomes too addicted to them, Kion and his friends try to get the cocoa beans away from him.

Episode 17: Professor Scrape's Apprentice: Cedric encounters a black panther-like creature with a cape named Professor Scrape, and he teaches him some new spells that might help him become the best sorceress of Enchancia.

Episode 18: Atlantic: Gemma the Halloween Witch: On Halloween night, Gemma goes back down to Wishworld to celebrate her favorite Wishling holiday Halloween, and to do so, she dresses up like a little witch to go trick or treating with the Disney Junior Club.

Episode 19: Atlantic: Night Ninja the Wolf: When Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos steal the Stone Wolf's Moon Gem, Night Ninja accidentally transforms into a werewolf after touching it! Now the PJ Masks and their friends must help them return the Moon Gem to the Stone Wolf before sunrise.

Episode 20: Atlantic: Lucinda the Midnight Witch: Now that she is a Midnight Witch, Lucinda must learn a midnight spell just for a midnight witch, but she might need her friends' help more than ever.

Episode 21: The Sorcerer's School: Lucinda the Midnight Witch and Sofia help a magical otter named Airy Otter at his sorcerer school.

Episode 22: Wagrid to the Rescue: A big shaggy dog called a Wagrid takes a liking in Connor and wants to help him on his nighttime missions, but it keeps getting in his way.

Episode 23: Chipskunked!: When some cute but stinky chipmunk-like skunks called Chipskunks stink up the Gup-TD and make themselves at home, Kwazii and the gang try their best to get the little stinkers out, but they get chipskunked one by one, and Gadfly Garnet plans to steal the Gup-TD's computer drives!

Episode 24: The Hunter Moon Twins Come Together!: When Miles and Loretta are paired as parnters for the Autumn Festival Scavenger Hunt, they meet the Hunter Moon Twins who show them that "sibling power" helps them accomplish anything.

Episode 25: Enter the Yokai World: It's Connor first day to travel to the Yokai World with Whisper and Jibanyan, but when Amaya, Kwazii, and Greg discover his secret about the yokai and his watch, they are accidentally whisked away to the other world along with him.

Episode 26: Let the Frightingale Sing!: Gekko must overcome his fear of the Frightingale when Night Ninja adopts it and uses its singing to scare him and the PJ Masks from their headquarters.

Episode 27: Cubby and the Undead Pets: Cubby receives a strange pendant that belonged to the king of the undead Anubis. Now with the pendant in his hand, Cubby is both scared and excited that he is named the Protector of the Undead Pets when he meets the ghosts of every pet that has passed away and must help them solve their problems so they can rest in peace.

Episode 28: Boo For You! Friday! 2: Ursula uses her dark pearl bracelet again to spread her nightmare curse on everyone at the Boo For You! Friday! Festival to make everyone see their worse fears come true.

Episode 29: The Locker That Ate Amber!: Princess Amber's new locker, Locker 113, has rumors about it being haunted but she wants to prove that those silly rumors are not true, but when she disappears, Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, James, Sofia, and Kwazii must enter Locker 113 to save Amber while discovering its dark secrets.

Episode 30: Martian Minnie's Tea Party: The Disney Junior Club are invited to Martian Minnie's tea party in outer space.

Episode 31: (One Hour Special) Atlantic: Noonbory Returns!: Kwazii is reunited with his old friend from Cookie Jar TV Island, Noonbory, and he introduces him to his new friends, but when the Grim Buccaneer and his Legion of Pirate Villains (minus Captain Hook) return as well, Kwazii might need Noonbory's help more than ever.

Episode 32: Libby's Starlight Present: Libby receives a mysterious hair piece on her Bright Day. Unknowingly, her new gift causes her to become vain and negative to others until the Star Darlings discover that her gift is actually from Lady Rancora. Now they need the Disney Junior Club's help to destroy the hair piece and save Libby before they lose her forever!

Episode 33: Gekko's Peridot Phoenix: Gekko and Luna Girl must work together to rescue their friends and a Peridot Phoenix who have all been captured by Dr. Facilier. If they don't then his evil potion will be complete!

Episode 34: Adorable Adorabulle: Captain Jake befriends an adorabulle that is running away from Gaston. Now he and his crew must keep the adorabulle safe in their hideout while trying to keep Gaston from finding it, and also while keeping their hideout from being crushed.

Episode 35: Music of the CD Pirate!: Captain Jake gets a job at a music CD to earn money so he and his crew can earn money, but when he discovers that his new boss, Duke, is actually a CD pirate trying to make money for himself, Captain Jake decides to give him one last hot tip!

Episode 36: Owlette and the Bamboon: After the PJ Masks rescue a baby bamboon, Owlette is charged with returning the bamboon to its mother before dawn.

Episode 37: (One Hour Special) The Twelve Dancing Star Darlings: On Wishworld, the twelve Star Darlings discover a hidden passageway to another world where there is music, magic, fun and dancing, but also golden flowers that grant their many wishes.

Episode 38: Valentine's Day In Halloween: Adora mistakens the Festival of Love for an Avalor version of Valentine's Day in October when she believes that her Bright Day and Valentine's Day has come too early.

Episode 39: Atlantic: Scarlet's Day of the Dead Friends: While Scarlet and her SD friends are helping Elena and her friends and family prepare for the Festival of Love, Scarlet is reunited with her Day of the Dead Fantasy Forest animals, Crimson the Skeletal Steed, the little Sugarskull Gliders, and the Deadwing, but when her old friends freak everyone out, Elena and Sofia help Scarlet try to show them that the Day of the Dead animals aren't as scary as they think.

Episode 40: Romeo and the Festival Of Love: The Festival of Love is finally here in Avalor, and the Disney Junior Club are invited by crowned princess Elena to celebrate the memories of the loved and lost ones, bug when Romeo and his grandfather, Doctor Undergear, have come to the festival as well to just stay to honor and share the memories of Romeo's late grandmother, Gekko's concerns about them causes problems for everyone and the celebration.

Episode 41: The Zimwi Returns!: When Janja and his crew scare away the Lion Guard by acting like the Zimwi to steal Rafiki's staff, Kion and Catboy teach their friends to not let their imaginations go wild and not let their fears get in the way.

Episode 42: A Splash of Hue!: While painting a scenery of Rainbow Pond in the Fantasy Forest, Kwazii meets a flock of colorful Ravens called Rainbow Ravens.

Episode 43: Bandana Bandits: Connor, Amaya, and Greg are jealous of Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully's magical bandanas that give them powers in the daytime while they only have their powers at night. So they steal their bandanas to use their powers in the day and night time. That is, until they learn that jealousy weakens their powers.

Episode 44: Atlantic: Chen VS Khan: Chaos returns to Neverland when Chaos Khan and Thunderfoot breaks his warrior promise and is still after the Dark Shark Clan's sword, the Sword of Chaos, by not if Captain Chen help the Disney Junior Club and Rip-Roaring Tiger Sharky chase him far away as they could.

Episode 45: Problem Pumpkin: The Disney Junior Club team up to save Prince James from a runaway giant pumpkin before the Disney Junior Town Autumn Fest starts.

Episode 46: Owlette Meets Frankenswine's Monster!: A Frankenstein-like pig called the Frankenswine is alive and he's wreaking havoc in the Fantasy Forest, but while everyone is afraid of it, Owlette learns that it's just a friendly little hog who needs a friend.

Episode 47: Contest of Conjurers: Sofia becomes an assistant to a Valiant Lion who wants to win at the Contest of Conjurers by casting spells and making potions so it could become the most powerful wizard in the Fantasy Forest.

Episode 48: Catboy and Gekko's Ghostrich Roundup: Catboy and Gekko must stop a group of ghostriches who are running around the Fantasy Forest and scaring all the magical animals, but they must learn to stop arguing and stop outrunning each other if they want to stop them.

Episode 49: Catboy and Gekko's Tricky Trap: When Romeo tricks Catboy and Gekko into falling into a trap, they must try to get out before Romeo traps Owlette and Fish Boy next and then take over the world.

Episode 50: Who Stole Bucky?: When Bucky is mysteriously drawn to an island with a hypnotic song, Captain Jake and his crew must enter the island, find the villain, and save Bucky.

Episode 51: Moon Day: The Octonauts celebrate Moon Day with their friends at the Moon Day festival, but they have an unexpected guest, the Stone Wolf who only wants to stay at the festival and celebrate Moon Day, too.

Episode 52: Teddy Trouble Makes Friends: Now that Teddy Trouble is finally free of his trouble brothers' orders and learns to be good like he promised Sheriff Callie, he tries to start a new life by trying new things and making new friends, but he learns that making friends when you're the younger brother of a villain isn't easy until Libby becomes his first friend and encourages him to make more than one friend.

Episode 53: Zom-Music!: A new musician duo's music is turning listeners into zombies, and only the Disney Junior Club, Sharky, and Bones can stop them by creating their own music.

Episode 54: Slime Season: It's Slime Season, and everyone on land and under the sea are rolling and playing around in the super sticky and gooey stuff, much to Princess Amber's dismay, who is trying to stay clean.

Episode 55: Mind Over Nightmare: The Nightmare Man strikes back for the third time and this time, he's given the nighttime villains nightmares about their memories of their past and they need the PJ Masks and Kwazii's help to get rid of their nightmares before they're too tired to be evil and that the Nightmare Man spread his nightmare virus to those who are asleep.

Episode 56: Happy Halloween, Halloweasels!: On a Hallow's Eve afternoon while picking pumpkins, Captain Jake reunites with his old Halloweasel friend, Tumbles, and meets his family who needs him and his crew's help to fighting off a Scaredy Cat.

Episode 57: Atlantic: Lucinda and the Runaway Trick-or-Treent!: Lucinda learns the value of sharing when Jafar steals a piece of a Trick-Or-Treent's body and it wakes up, enraged and running around.

Episode 58: Lucinda's Big Sleepover: Sofia, Jade, and Ruby become the first non-witches to be invited by Lucinda to her witchy slumber party.

Episode 59: Catboy's Great Duendes Hunt!: Luna Girl accidentally opens an ancient portal to the world of the mischievous elves called Duendes and also releases the whole army of Duendes that invade all of Avalor! Now Catboy must help his friends and Elena capture the Duendes and send them back to their world by using strange newfound powers that he's never known to have before.

Season 17 episodes Edit

Episode 1: PJ Cloaks: The PJ Masks are gifted with magical cloaks by Princess Elena's animal spirit, Zuzo. As they put them on, they discover that they give them new powers, but only for one week until tomorrow.

Episode 2: Sofia the Friendship Matchmaker: Sofia decides to organize a club called the Friendship Matchmaker Club, a group of friends that help people find their true best friend and more than one best friend.

Episode 3: The Secret In Our Stars: In order to save their friendship, Miles will have to divulge his secret about the Star Darlings to his best friend, Haruna.

Episode 4: Catboy's Magical Mishap: After a magical mishap, Catboy learns that his family's magic powers can get out of control when he gets angry or scared. So to learn how to control it, Catboy gets help from his ancestor.

Episode 5: Scorpio's True StrengthScarlet and Crimson befriend a scorpion called a Scorpio in the Fantasy Forest.

Episode 6: Lightning Leopard Adopted: The Disney Junior Club need to resupply the Gup-TD, but Captain Jake and Kwazii want to creature adventure on the Fantasy Forest savannah. Before traveling to a nearby town to buy supplies, the rest of the team drops the pirate pals-who promise not to call for help or ask Sofia for new Magical Creature Powers-off on the savannah, but when Captain Jake and Kwazii find Flash the lightning leopard cub living with a family of ruby razorbacks, they must use their Magical Creature Powers of Fantasy Forest savannah animals to get Flash back to his mother, Blear, without having to contact their friends.

Episode 7: Adora Bella: Adora's wish finally comes true when she wins a contest to becoming a new Aikatsu top designer and show off her starry fashions to the Starlight School girls so they can wear them for their concerts, but Adora becomes upset when her brand name is named Adora Bella instead of the title that she wanted to call her fashion, Star Darling, until she learns to deal with it.

Episode 8: The Beaver Moon Prince's Secret Plan: Gaston sets up beaver traps to hunt down beavers and the Beaver Moon Prince arrives to stop him and get rid of the traps, but he will need some help from Captain Jake.

Episode 9: Vega In Japan: Vega heads down to Japan to grant a wish of a Starlight School student who wants to sing Glass Doll like her hero, Yurika Touhou, but while trying to help her practice, Vega is having a hard time learning how to speak Japanese.

Episode 10: Catboy VS the Outsiders: Connor learns that there are lions in the Outlands called the Outsiders and they nearly attacked him when he comes face to face with them. Kion and Simba are both worried so they warn Connor to stay away from the Outsiders, but trouble comes when he ignores them by sneaking into the Outlands at night to find the Outsiders on his own.

Episode 11: Catboy and Owlette's Little Meowl: When Catboy and Owlette find a meowl egg, it hatches and now they are parents of the baby meowl that they need to take care of it until their friends find its true parents.

Episode 12: Masters of Magic: Sofia, Kwazii, and Lucinda are summoned by a Dumbledog to try to help their new friends, Loyal Badger and Felione, from being bullied at their magic school again.

Episode 13: The Haunting of Camp Wilderwood: On a three day weekend in Camp Wilderwood, Wendell tells a scary campfire story of the thirteen ghosts that haunt the camp. Soon at night, everyone is hearing strange noises that they soon start to believe that Wendell's story is true.

Episode 14: Owlette the Flirt: Amaya begins flirting with Connor all day and night, which is giving him a hard time concentrating on his family magic and learning about his family history, but when Luna Girl challenges Owlette to see who can flirt with Catboy the most, things aren't all roses and hearts anymore.

Episode 15: Connor Unlocks a Secret: After finally controlling his family magic powers, Connor longs to find more answers about his family history in the spirit world when he discovers a portal that leads him there in the attic, but on the other side, Orizaba the moth fairy has plans to steal some of Connor's ancient magic.

Episode 16: Atlantic: Orizaba's Darkest Hour!: When Elena invites the Disney Junior Club to the Eclipse Festival, Orizaba the dark moth fairy is back and she not only wants to bring Avalor into eternal night, but Disney Junior Island as well! Luckily, the Disney Junior Club and even Luna Girl and her moths are ready to help Elena defeat the evil moth fairy and save the day once again.

Episode 17: The Octonauts and P. King Duckling: The Octonauts try to make their new neighbor P. King Duckling feel welcome at Disney Junior Town, but they seem to make him more homesick.

Episode 18: (One Hour Special) Atlantic: The Legion of Magic Villains: Maleficent forms a team of evil magic doers in hoping to find and steal the treasure of the lost treasure of the First Fairy Godmother.

Episode 19: Scarlet's Secret Surprise: It's Scarlet's Bright Day, but she thinks her friends have forgotten all about it and she becomes furious that she decides to take a walk in the Fantasy Forest. While her friends set up her surprise party, Scarlet befriends a Vampire Cat who is sucking Aura Apple juice out of some Aura Apples.

Episode 20: Sofia's Stone Hearted Fiend: Peter Pan gives Sofia the Doom Stone in hopes of keeping it safe from Hook, but when Cedric finds it, he becomes an evil and stone hearted sorcerer! Now it's up to Sofia and her friends to save Cedric before he uses up all the stone's dark power and turns into stone forever!

Episode 21: The Whisker Haven Feast: The Star Darlings learn about Thanksgiving when their Whisker Haven friends invited them and the Disney Junior Club to their Thanksgiving feast.

Episode 22: Junk Food Yard!: Sam Sandwich needs the Disney Junior Club's help to stop his arch enemies from creating a junk food yard and prevent them from selling their junk food to everyone on Thanksgiving.

Episode 23: Star Descendants: Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos learn about the Star Darlings' secret identities when the discover their friends going to Starland.

Episode 24: The Real Phantom of the Opera!: On their four day vacation in Paris, France, Sofia, Kwazii, and Captain Jake encounter the real Phantom of the Opera who is actually very friendly unlike the phantom from the play, but they learn he is very lonely.

Episode 25: Hilly Hole's First Visitor: Kwazii is invited by P. King Duckling and his friends to visit their home, Hilly Hole, to meet new friends and discover many new things he's never seen or heard.

Episode 26: Kwazii For Pirate President!: Everyone begins voting who will be the new captain of Captain Colossus' mighty ship, the Mighty Colossus, but Kwazii must make a decision whether to win the election or quit and let Captain Jake win while stopping Captain Hook from cheating again.

Episode 27: Vote For Libby!: Libby struggles to become the class president in Starling Academy when she learns that Vivica will be wanting to become the president of the Student Council, which is in twelve weeks.

Episode 28: Little Red Riding Blues: After Red has her red cloak washed and cleaned up, she becomes surprised when it becomes blue again and Goldie and Bear must find a way to make Red's cloak red again.

Episode 29: Happy Thankfowl Day: Captain Jake and Kwazii want to show their friends that wild turkey like creatures, thankfowls, are interesting. This leads into a thankfowl-themed adventure and a rescue mission involving Chef Pete, who is hunting for the largest thankfowl in the Fantasy Forest.

Episode 30: Chaos Night Ninja: The PJ Masks and Captain Jake and his crew are all shocked to hear that Night Ninja is the son of Tiger Sharky and his family's sworn enemy, Chaos Khan, and to make matters worse, Night Ninja is also after to Sword of Chaos and use it to shake up their HQ. But he must learn to be true to himself first when his father orders him to give the sword to him so he can use it to shake up Neverland.

Episode 31: My Grandfather VS Your Father: Romeo's grandfather, Doctor Undergear, and Night Ninja's father, Chaos Khan, get into a fight after diffusing their grandson and son, but when their fighting gets worse, Catboy's crazy magic decides to put their battle to an end.

Episode 32: Peri and Tink's Happiest Birthday!: It's Tinker Bell's birthday, and also Periwinkle's birthday! So Peter Pan and the Pixie Hollow fairies need Captain Jake and his friends' help to set up a surprise birthday party for the sisters.

Episode 33: Atlantic: The Butterflies' Secret: There are seven magical butterflies hidden all over Never Land, and each of them holds elemental powers: air, water, earth, fire, ice, lightning, light, and darkness, but one of the butterflies' magic power might be more dangerous than what it seems.

Episode 34: Jasiri's Many Thanks: Connor is shocked to hear that the Pridelanders and Jasiri and her family haven't heard of the human holiday, Thanksgiving. So to teach them what is means, Connor and his friends set up a feast for both the animals of the Pridelands and Jasiri and her family which brings the worse of things.

Episode 35: (Movie) Atlantic: The Secret of Atlantis: Kwazii discovers a secret about his ocean pearl bracelet: King Milo, Queen Kidagakash, and their only daughter from the lost city of Atlantis have been magically trapped inside the bracelet's gemstones for fifty-five years, awaiting someone who will free them one day, and Kwazii is up to the task!

  1. Episode 36: The Piñata Party: The Octonauts and their friends are invited to a piñata party in the Fantasy Forest by a new Fantasy Forest animal: the Piñata Pony, but Captain Hook becomes enraged when he doesn't get invited so he decides to give payback to the Piñata Pony.

Episode 37: Gekko and the Lunar Feast: Luna Girl hosts a lunar Thanksgiving feast for the PJ Masks, which turns out to be a trap, and it's up to Gekko to save his friends and get the missing food back for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast festival.

Episode 38: Mayor Stuffy Takes Charge: When Mayor Billington breaks his winder-upper is and comes down with the stuckies again, he puts Stuffy in charge of being the new mayor of Mcstuffinsville but being the new mayor gets in his head.

Episode 39: Stanley's New Job: Stanley returns to Mcstuffinsville and he is trying to find a new job, but no one will let him work anywhere in town. So Doc invites him to work at the Toy Hospital but the other toys, except Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie, and Chilly, are also suspicious to him.

Episode 40: Bootjet's Funky Day Off: Miles and Loretta suggests to Rockstar Bootjet Groovestar that he takes a day off on his second mission with the Callistos.

Episode 41: Bone Crushin' Tiger Bones!: Sharky decides to tell Bones that he is the last member of the Dark Shark clan and makes him another member of his Dark Shark team, and gives him a new Dark Shark clan name, Bone Crushin' Tiger Bones!

Episode 42: The Pride Lands' Pink Pollution Problem!: The water at Hakuna Matata Falls and the water at every lake, stream, river, and waterfall turns pink and it's making all the animals, except Bunga, the color pink after taking a dip in the pink polluted water. Now, Janja and his crew must join forces with the Lion Guard and Disney Junior Club to stop Cruella De Vil who is responsible for dumping pink dye into the Pridelands' waters.

Episode 43: Hook Meets the Silverback Gorilla: Captain Hook hears about a rare and endangered gorilla in the Fantasy Forest called a Silverback Gorilla, and plans to capture it. Not unless Captain Jake and his friends stop him and protect the Silverback Gorilla.

Episode 44: Gekko and Romeo's Great Boarealis Hunt: It's a race against time when Gekko and Romeo are competing to see and meet the Boarealis so one of them can get good fortune and be destined for greatness, but Gekko learns that there is more than good fortune and being destined for greatness.

Episode 45: The Plucky Pirate: Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Peso, Captain Jake, Cubby, Izzy, and Skully must help a crew of pirate Fantasy Forest animals find gold doubloons before Captain Hook and his crew find them all first.

Episode 46: The Octonauts and the Treasure of Blackbear'd: The Octonauts and their friends find a hidden treasure buried by a black bear pirate named Blackbear'd.

Episode 47: A New Terra Adventure!: Kwazii and his friends arrive at a new region of Terrarium to discover new Terra Monsters, new forms, and to go to a training school to learn about them.

Episode 48: Kwazii's Bunobi Buddy: While on their stay in Terrarium, Kwazii finds a bunobi who escapes from a group of sea bandits who want to sell it away and become rich. So to keep his new friend safe, Kwazii and his Terra Monsters will have to work together to keep the bandits away.

Episode 49: Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!: It's Mickey Mouse's birthday, and everyone's setting up for his party. Meanwhile, Sheriff Callie and her friends are trying to bring the birthday cake to the party without getting it ruined.

Episode 50: The Fruit of Youth: After eating strange and magical fruit from an unusual tree, Simba and Nala are turned into little cubs and Kiara must rule the Pridelands by knowing everything her father taught her while Kion, the Lion Guard, Kwazii, and Connor find a cure for his parents.

Episode 51: Avalor's Secret Treasure: While exploring the Avalor castle, Kwazii finds the wand of Shuriki broken in two, and then fixes it which accidentally helps give the evil sorceress her powers back.

Episode 52: Lights, Camera, Lexi!: Sofia tries to make a movie about her and her friends to show her new friend, Lexi.

Episode 53: Flying With the Sagittarius!: While watching a star shower at night, Kwazii meets a red flying horse named Sagittarius and goes flying with him to explore in the night sky, but only to find trouble when the Sagittarius gets lost in some thunderclouds.

Episode 54: Catboy's Magical Decision: Connor finds a magic ring that unlocks an ancient curse. Now with the ring stuck on his finger, Catboy must choose whether to keep his Gentlehaven magic of his Maruvian magic and say goodbye to one of his parents, but there's someone who might help him break the curse and keep both of his family's magic powers.

Episode 55: Kion the Hyena: After an accidental head butt in a battle between the hyenas and the Lion Guard, Janja starts to think that he is Kion, while Kion starts to think that he is Janja.

Episode 56: The Cornucobra Hosts a Feast: A cornucopia cobra called a Cornucobra needs help into harvesting for it's own feast, but no one seems to to want to help him because they're afraid that he might eat them for his feast.

Episode 57: Adventure Awaits in the Wonderful Wonderland: Kwazii, Miles, Sofia, Captain Jake, and Sheriff Callie must help a Mad Hatter-themed lemur named after the Mad Hatter find hidden teacups for his tea party before his friends the Chesire Cat and a swan named Alice arrive.

Season 18 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Love at First Starlight: Miles is surprised that his Star Darling crush, Cassie, has entered an ice skating competition! He and his friends cheer for her, but Lady Rancora sends Vivica down to Wishworld to stick her nose into Cassie's business, unless Miles comes up with creative plans to keep her from wrecking Cassie's graceful ice show.

Episode 2: Owlette and the Great Christmas: Owlette asks for too many presents and is not having any Christmas spirit. Later on, the team and Santa Claus remind her that Christmas is not about getting and receiving gifts, it's about giving and celebrating the holiday with your friends and family.

Episode 3: Kilala Princess: Sofia's amulet summons another princess whom she has never heard of: Kilala Reno. As she introduces her new friend to everyone in town, Sofia learns that some of the Disney Princesses, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, and Jasmine know Kilala.

Episode 4: The Hatchimals: Miles and Loretta find an egg and it hatches into a penguin-like creature called a Hatchimal. Loretta then decides to keep it as a pet but little does she know that caring for a Hatchimal isn't as easy as caring for a robot pet.

Episode 5: Elsa's Apprentice: Chilly Zack becomes Elsa's apprentice for a day to practice and learn new ice magic spells that are more better than his uncle's, and that he'll use them to do good instead of doing evil.

Episode 6: Santa Kwazii!: On Christmas Day, Kwazii must help Santa deliver the presents to every family and his friends when he finds him hurt from a crash landing.

Episode 7: Bright Lights Big Night: Everyone from Disney Channel Island has come to celebrate Magical Holidays with the Disney Junior Town residents, and best of all Kwazii, Captain Jake, and Sofia are going to volunteer to light up the Magical Holidays lights by pressing the red Christmas button, but Commander S'leet and Shiver Jack have teamed up to freeze the festival and with the Descendants' and the Star Darlings' help, the Disney Junior Club will stop the icy villains on time.

Episode 8: No Wings Attached!: Sage teaches Owlette how to use positive wish energy to help her fly when Romeo steals Owlette and everyone else's flying abilities.

Episode 9: Christmas In the Pridelands: Connor and his friends decide to bring the spirit of Christmas to the Pridelands so every animal can have some holiday cheer, but it's not going to be a Merry Christmas when Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu decide to steal the holiday spirit from everyone.

Episode 10: Atlantic: The Winter Kite: While on a trip to Arendelle, Kwazii, Sofia, and Captain Jake attend a Winter Kite Festival were Elsa and Anna have the honor of launching the first winter kite this year.

Episode 11: The Cold Moon Queen Finds Love: Sofia meets the Cold Moon Queen on a cold December night and learns that she is not as cold-hearted as everyone says. All she needs is someone to love and Sofia might know someone who will keep her company.

Episode 12: Sage and the Bright Day Carol: On the first day of December, it's Sage's Bright Day and everyone decides to sing a carol for her this year.

Episode 13: A Not So Holly Jolly Christmas In Auradon: Something strange is going on at Auradon Prep when a box full of new ornaments start making the AKs and the VKs argue and fight with each other while they're setting up their Christmas party. Later on, the Disney Junior Club and the Star Darlings find negatite inside the ornaments and must destroy them before the AKs and the VKs battle destroys the Christmas party and makes it the worst holiday season of the year.

Episode 14: Libby's Gift Giveaway!: Libby decides to start up a gift giveaway donation to the orphanage from both Starland and Wishworld, but as usual, her rich parents are supernova about her too generous ideas.

Episode 15: Merry, Merry Fairy!: Just when you thought penguins can't fly, Jay meets a green fairy winged penguin spreading joy through the Fantasy Forest called a Merry Fairy.

Episode 16: Owlette and the Peppermint Plattys: Romeo has kidnapped a large group of red and white colored platypuses called Peppermint Plattys, and it's up to Owlette and her friends to save them and find out what Romeo wants with them.

Episode 17: (One Hour Special) Atlantic: Wintertime With Noonbory!: Winter break is finally here, and the Disney Junior Club are heading to Cookie Jar TV Island to spend some holiday fun with their old friend, Noonbory, and his other friends.

Episode 18: The Holly Jolly Collie: On a Christmas Eve stroll in the Fantasy Forest, Carlos De Vil befriends a holly collie who helps him and his friends set up the Christmas decorations on time.

Episode 19: Gekko and the Rotten to the Core Jewel: Gekko begins to act strange when he finds a green jewel that is actually cursed and causes him to become rotten to the core like Mal when her mom gave her a necklace with the same jewel.

Episode 20: Bunga On the Other Side!: Bunga wonders what it's like to live in Connor's world until his wish comes true when he accidentally comes with Connor to his home in his world. Bunga seems to enjoy being in Disney Junior Town at first but Bunga soon realizes that he is homesick and wants to go back, but things get worse for him when the Prideland Stone that Connor uses to get to the Pridelands it broken into two pieces and the other half is lost somewhere in Disney Junior Town!

Episode 21: Feliz Navidad In Avalor: The Disney Junior Club go back to Avalor to celebrate Navidad with Princess Elena and her friends and family, but when Orizaba and Lady Rancora team up to ruin Navidad, Kwazii, the Star Darlings, Elena, Gekko, and Luna Girl must bring the spirit of Navidad back to the people of Avalor and their friends before Orizaba's eclipse and Rancora's negative energy wreak more havoc to the celebration.

Episode 22: Atlantic: Catboy and the Sapphire Sphinx: A sapphire sphinx has made itself at home in Arendelle and it's got the citizens scared. Then Catboy and Kwazii find themselves at odds with Queen Elsa when they learn that the sapphire sphinx is not at all bad.

Episode 23: Gingerbread Mania!: In the Fantasy Forest, Kwazii gets a whiff of freshly baked gingerbread that leads him to the Gingerbread home of the Gingerbread Bunny, Gingerbread Owl, and the Gingerbread Pony.

Episode 24: Let the Yuletides Glow!: While trying to grant her Wisher's holiday wish, Clover discovers the true meaning of Christmas and buys her Star Darling friends some Wishling gifts.

Episode 25: Daddy Bunga: When Bunga finds a baby galago and takes him under his wings, he learns a thing or two about being a foster father and uncle of an orphan baby animal like his uncles, Timon and Pumbaa.

Episode 26: Never Use Magic Again: While trying to save his parents from a group of poachers, Connor fears that he has lost control of his family magic powers and vows to never use them again.

Episode 27: Jolly To the Core!: The VKs and the AKs are feeling jolly to the core this Christmas year when their winter break vacation finally arrives, but Maleficent has planned to ruin their Christmas with cursed lumps of coal, unless the Disney Junior Club friends find a way to break the spell.

Episode 28: Astra and the Fruitcake Snake: Astra has volunteered to get a fruitcake for the Disney Junior Town Christmas party, so she travels to the Fantasy Forest to get some from the Fruitcake Snake.

Episode 29: Have a Holly Jollyfish Christmas!: On a Christmas night in the Fantasy Forest, Libby and Clover find a pink jellyfish covered in Christmas lights called a Jollyfish.

Episode 30: Rainy Rancora!: Lady Rancora plans to rain on everyone's Christmas parade by literally releasing rain full of negative energy, and to make matters worse, the rain is not just melting all the snow, it's also melting everyone's Christmas spirit except for the Star Darlings' and the Disney Junior Club's spirits.

Episode 31: Terra Monster SchoolKwazii enrolls in Terra Monster School where Terra Ranchers and their Terra Monsters go to study and train together.

Episode 32: Secret Santa Sage: Sage and her Lion Pride friend, Prism, help the Santa Claws deliver presents to all the humans and the animals by being the first Star Darling to be Santa.

Episode 33: Atlantic: The Ornament Octopus: The Octonauts and their friends head back to Professor Inkling's home at the undersea mountain to celebrate Christmas and where they will have a special guest; the ornament octopus!

Episode 34: Christmas Coughies!: Before Christmas Day, everyone catches a case of the Christmas Coughies and if everyone is sick, Santa Claus can't deliver his presents! Unless his healthy helpers, the Disney Junior Club, helps him find a cure to make enough medicine before the holidays.

Episode 35: The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Peso helps Doc and her toys host a donation to the toys in the Toy Hospital while Kwazii helps Sofia host the same donation to the orphan children in the Enchancia Orphanage.

Episode 36: Kwazii and the Aqua Beads: Kwazii saves enough money to buy Sofia a new Aqua Bead set so she can make aqua bead art to decorate and hang up in her room, but Captain Hook plans to steal his gift to her, and everyone else's.

Episode 37: The Perfect Present: Captain Jake and Kwazii find a present puppy find the perfect present for his mother this Christmas season. Then when the meet the White Elephant and Santa's Helpurr, they learn that not every gift has to be perfect all the time.

Episode 38: Bodyguard Badili!: Laini is tired of Bunga coming up to her tree to give her and her galago family hugs. So she asks Badili the leopard to be the galagos' bodyguard and gets him to protect them from any dangers, and even Bunga's cuddles, but Laini doesn't realize that her galagos miss Bunga and his hugs.

Episode 39: Owlette and the Tinsowl: The Evil Queen has captured a tinsowl from the Fantasy Forest before Christmas Day, and it's up to Owlette to stop her and save the tinsowl from being one of the Evil Queen's Christmas decorations.

Episode 40: Catboy and the Snowflake Drake: Catboy recklessly challenges Shiver Jack to an ice dragon battle because if he wins, then Shiver Jack will defrost the Fantasy Forest alone, but the only problem is that Catboy doesn't have an ice dragon of his own. Then, he meets and bonds with a snowflake drake that helps him and the PJ Masks stop Shiver Jack's ice dragon and his blizzard.

Episode 41: Catboy and the Macaron Mashup!: Connor teams up with Sage to make macarons for the Cooking and Baking Club, but he quickly gets upset with her and decides to not make any macarons with her anymore. Later at night, Catboy and Sage must work together make the most delicious macarons when they are competing with Romeo and Night Ninja in a macaron making contest, while Luna Girl and her moths are the judges, but Catboy must learn to put his anger aside and help Sage learn how to make macarons first.

Episode 42: Gekko's New Year Solution: When New Year's Eve is today, Gekko tries to find out what his new year's solution will be after New Year's Day while stopping Luna Girl from taking the New Year's Diamond.

Episode 43: Atlantic: Kwazii's Apprentice: Connor becomes Kwazii's new magic apprentice for a day so he can learn how to use his friend's ocean pearl bracelet whenever he uses it for anymore nighttime missions.

Episode 44: Gekko's Frosty Friend: Greg meets and bonds a jackalope frost, who is frosting in the Fantasy Forest with it's magical frost power.

Episode 45: Catboy and the Wolf Moon Prince: When magical wolves of the Enchanted Forest start to mysteriously disappear, the PJ Masks journeys into the Enchanted Forest to find out what happened to them and discover that Gaston is trying to make money out of the magic wolves by trying to turn them into furry coats and other expensive things. Meanwhile, Catboy meets the legendary wolf moon prince who helps him find his friends and save the magic wolf pack.

Episode 46: Gekko and the Uroplatus Gecko: Glider's creepiest brother, Creeper the uroplatus gecko, is coming for a visit in Greg's home and he needs his owner, Greg, to help him make Creeper comfortable...without freaking out.

Episode 47: For Scrying Out Loud!: Amaya receives an old crystal ball from her parents for working and studying hard on Magic-ology. Then when she uses it at night, Owlette fears that something bad might happen to her friends and starts to overreact.

Episode 48: Gekko and the Ophiuchus: Gekko must stop Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos from capturing a serpent-like new zodiac fantasy forest creature called an Ophiuchus.

Episode 49: Owlette's Capricorn Calamity: When Romeo is after a zodiac Fantasy Forest animal called a Capricorn, Owlette must fly into the sea to dive in and get to it before Romeo does.

Episode 50: The Living Art!: When arts from portraits come to life in the Fantasy Forest, the Disney Junior Club put their creativity to the test when they meet the Pop Art Peacock and the Art Noveua Horse.

Episode 51: The Big Friendly Nian: It's Chinese New Year in Mulan's kingdom and the Disney Junior Club are invited, but a nian named Ning has come to the festival and he is scaring the wits out of everyone that is... until Sofia learns that Ning is just a big friendly Nian that wants to have fun.

Episode 52: Winter Wonderland Night Lights!: The lights for Arendelle's winter wonderland festival have gone out and Prince Hans is the one to blame, but there might be someone else besides Hans who's been messing with the electricity.

Episode 53: Roar of the Wild Catboy: Maleficent has control over Catboy and his family's magic powers, but even with her magic powers affecting Catboy, he begins to go wild like a wild cat.

Episode 54: Amaya Get Re-Vamping!: Amaya thinks that she has found a way to help Oskar's ash pile friend, Ashley, become a vampire again with a new potion she created in Magic-ology class, but her potion only makes thing worse for that while Ashley becomes his vampire self again, every vampire in the Vampire School becomes a pile of ashes like Ashley.

Episode 55: Clover's Cosmic Bright Day Plans! It's Clover's Bright Day, and she has plans on Wishworld to celebrate it all on her own, but she'll have an even bigger surprise before the day ends when her friends set up a secret present while she's away.

Episode 56: Owlette's First Garnet Pony Ride!: Amaya rides on a new birthstone Fantasy Forest animal, the Garnet Pony, but her new friend seems to be very stubborn, and Amaya tries her best to bond with her while trying to stop Captain Hook from capturing the other Garnet Ponies.

Episode 57: Vandar's Terrific Tour: A new friend named Vandar arrives in Disney Junior Town and needs a tour guide. Then when he meets the Disney Junior Club, Connor takes Vandar to the Pridelands to meet the Lion Guard while Sofia takes him to Whisker Haven to meet the Palace Pets.

Episode 58: Friday the 13th...Over and Over Again!: When Friday the 13th mysteriously starts repeating itself all over again, the PJ Masks head back to Shape-topia to help Lucky's family spread good luck in both their world and Shape-topia while finding out who is repeating the same day over and over...again.

Episode 59: Year of the Rooster: The Disney Junior Club and a lunar goat celebrate Chinese New Year in the Fantasy Forest with a golden rooster on the year of the Rooster.

Episode 60: A Masterpiece for the Red Panda: Kwazii gets some painting advice from a Red Panda with a painting tail and an artistic streak.

Season 19 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Kira Kira Precure To the Rescue!: February is finally here, and Valentine's Day is coming soon, but the new Valentine's Day cupcakes at Lucinda and Marla's Cupcake Magic! bakery have gone quickly bad and so have all the valentine chocolates and candies which are now black! Now with the help of their new friends, the Kira Kira Precures, the Disney Junior Club must face a group of new enemies and save the sweets before Valentine's Day!

Episode 2: Romance of the Romanticore: When Romeo captures a Romanticore before Valentine's Day, the PJ Masks must save it in time and help Romeo learn the true meaning of Valentine's Day.

Episode 3: Love Spelled!: Elena accidentally drinks a love potion and falls over heels in love with Mateo. While she is love sick, Isabel becomes the substitute crowned princess for the day until Mateo finishes an antidote.

Episode 4: Catboy and the Wings of Love: When Ursula begins to spread her hate spell on everyone to make them hate each other before Valentine's Day, including Owlette and Gekko, Catboy must use his new gift from his ancestors: the wings of love.

Episode 5: The Trouble With Valentines It's Valentine's Day, but things are not all hearts and flowers for Kwazii! While he and his best friends, Sofia and Captain Jake, are making their own stuffed animals at the Disney Junior Town Toy Workshop, someone slips a mean valentine into Sofia's animal's pocket. What's worse than a mean valentine? Sofia thinks it came from Captain Jake! Now the two are in their worst fight ever, Sofia's amulet puts an echoing curse on her- and Kwazii's caught in the middle... again!

Episode 6: A Cherry Blossom Wish!: Cassie and Sage go with the Disney Junior Club on their five week vacation in Japan. Then while there, Miles invites Cassie to go out with him for some fun and best of all, watching a Aikatsu! concert featuring Madoka singing "Hello! New World!."

Episode 7: Willow Whiskers' Wonderful Visit: When Alma's toy cat, Willow Whiskers, comes back to the Toy Hospital for some treatment, some of the male toys are charmed by her beauty which is making it hard for Doc and her toys to take care of them.

Episode 8: The Snow Moon Princess In Winter Wonderland: Izzy meets the snow moon princess when she discovers that her snow magic is making snow fall into the Fantasy Forest, and turning it into her Winter Wonderland.

Episode 9: The Octonauts and the Chocolate Moose: When Hades captures a Chocolate Moose from the Fantasy Forest to make it a Valentine's Day gift for his wife, Persephone, the Octonauts must help their friends rescue it before the chocolate moose is dessert!

Episode 10: Laser X Tag!: A competitive game of Laser X with new laser gun toys called Laser X guns sweeps the town, and the last player standing gets the grand mystery prize that everyone's fighting for, but Kwazii is more determined to win it than anyone that he forgot about working with a team and soon, he finds himself in serious trouble.

Episode 11: Scarlet's Mismatched Half: Scarlet and the other Star Darlings head back down to Wishworld for Valentine's Day and Scarlet is excited to meet Maxwell again, even though she erased his memories a long time ago, but Scarlet soon becomes heart broken when she sees Maxwell with another Wishling girl, and soon becomes negative and jealous that changes her into a Dark Starling!

Episode 12: Kiara the Fiercest!: Simba and Nala mistakenly believe that their cubs birthrights have been mixed, and now Kion is training to be the king of the Pridelands while Kiara is now in charge of leading the Lion Guard!

Episode 13: The Octonauts and the Fantastic Voyage: The Octonauts think that Captain Barnacles has been working too hard so they decide to take him on a vacation with the new Fantastic Voyage Fantasy Forest animals, the Moroccan Gazelle, the French Bullfrog, and the Peruvian Llama.

Episode 14: Catboy and the Valentiger Day!: Catboy befriends a Valentine's Day themed tiger called a Valentiger who needs his help into saving his territory and his family from Cruella De Vil.

Episode 15: Owlette's Starry Night Owl: When Night Ninja captures almost every Starry Night Owl from the Fantasy Forest, Owlette raises a baby starry night owl and takes it under her wings to help it get it's family back.

Episode 16: Miles' Cupcake Calamity!: Miles and MERC help Lucinda and Marla bake enchanting chocolate cupcakes for Valentine's Day. But they accidentally make enchanted cupcakes instead.

Episode 17: A Spirit Guide For Connor: Today's the day Connor gets a spirit guide like his parents have when they were his age, but he is worried that Lucky might be jealous of his familiar and begins to make excuses instead.

Episode 18: Libby's First Rose: On her trip in Wishworld, Libby receives a beautiful rose from a Wishling boy named Aiden and goes back to Starland to treasure. Then, she begins to question herself: should she stay with Ganymede and give up the rose or be with Aiden and keep the rose?

Episode 19: Gekko Meets Zevon!: When a cubism cow is captured by a new villain who is the son of Yzma named Zevon, Gekko must choose whether to get revenge on the new bad guy in town or save his friends and the cubism cow.

Episode 20: My Way or the Driveway!: It's the day of Mickey and the Roadster Racers, and Vandar wants to join in the race, but his friends must help him overcome his fear of driving before the race starts.

Episode 21: Shoo Mzingo, Don't Bother Me!: When Mzingo and the other vultures take over the egrets' home, Connor and his friends must encourage Ono to help them and his family to kick the vultures out when Ono becomes discouraged by Mzingo's mocking.

Episode 22: Doctor Undergear's Flu : Romeo's grandfather, Doctor Undergear, becomes sick from a flu and he needs his grandson's help to finding the ingredients for the medicine that will cure him. Then the PJ Masks and Captain Jake and his crew unwillingly help Romeo, but getting the last ingredient from Crab Island won't be easy. 

Episode 23: Burst Into Action : After Vandar and Fuli explore his attic where he first received his dive ring, Vandar discovers a hidden chest in the attic. Upon unlocking it, he discovers that inside is a powerful battling top called a beyblade, one which has been passed down in his family for generations, Mad Minoboros. Now with friends old and new by his side, and armed with the bey known as Mad Minoboros, Van must learn the fundamentals of blading to take on new challenges and new rivals!

Episode 24: Origami!: New origami animals have come to the Fantasy Forest for the origami challenge, and whoever makes the best origami wins, but Sofia seems to have some trouble making her own origami.

Episode 25: The Snow Leopard Seal: While in Antarctica with the Octonauts and his Adelie penguin cousins, Peso befriends a snow leopard seal pup and his family, but a new ice factory has been polluting the arctic waters and it's up to Peso and his new friend to shut it down and save their friends and family.

Episode 26: It's Our Special Move, Minoboros: After hearing about a bully named Ken attacking other beybladers, Van decides to challenge him to a match to defend the honor of all the bladers Ken hurt. However, Ken's bey inferno ifritor has a special move called flare break that ends up defeating Van over and over. After several defeats, Van challenges him to a rematch on Saturday, but Van knows he can't win without a special move of his own. With time running out and a lot on the line, can Van develop his special move and defeat Ken?

Episode 27: Little Loves!: In the Fantasy Forest on Valentine's Day, the Disney Junior Club must help find love letters for their new Fantasy Forest Valentine friends.

Episode 28: Clover's Bountiful Bunny Buddy: Sofia takes Clover and Ginger on their first adventure in the Fantasy Forest where they meet a harvesting bunny called a Bountiful Bunny.

Episode 29: Gekko and the Dragon Roll: Gekko encounters and befriends with a dragon rolling on a sushi roll called a Dragon Roll. Then suddenly, his new friend is captured by Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos. Now Gekko and the PJ Masks will do anything to try and get the Dragon Roll rolling back to them before Night Ninja forces it to cook sushi for him.

Episode 30: Maestro Kwazii Saves the Musical Day! : When Kwazii is selected to be the conductor, he is both excited and nervous to conduct such a big band, especially Sofia's band, but Baron Von Rocha has returned to steal all of the musical talents again and now it's up to Maestro Kwazii with his magical baton to stop Von Rocha and save the musical talents.

Episode 31: The Octonauts and the Opal Octopus: When Kwazii and Tweak make friends with a rainbow colored opal octopus, Captain Hook plans to capture it unless Kwazii and the Octonauts come up with a plan to protect it.

Episode 32: Callie's Chocolate Chaos!: Sheriff Callie and Kwazii try to make chocolates for their friends, but Kwazii wants to make dolphin shaped chocolates while Callie wants to make horse shaped chocolates, which is making things difficult for them both.

Episode 33: Gekko and the Cuddle Monster: Lambie encourages Gekko to begin cuddling with a friendly monster from the Fantasy Forest called a Cuddle Monster.

Episode 34: Owlette and the Perfect Amethyst Pony Pal: When Owlette befriends a amethyst pony, Luna Girl becomes jealous and captures the perfect purple pony pal from Owlette. Now she must choose whether to rescue her new pony pal or her friends who are trapped in a lunar dome.

Episode 35: Oh My Godness!: It's Greek Day and everyone in Disney Junior Island is celebrating it, in Greek style, but with Romeo planning to wreak havoc on it, he sends the PJ Masks and the Disney Junior Club in Greek time where they meet the gods and Hercules who help them get back to the present time.

Episode 36: To Catch a Wishing Star!: Kwazii gets himself in trouble while trying to stop the Evil Queen from capturing the falling wishing star. Then he learns that working with a team can solve the problem quickly.

Episode 37: Owlette and the Volcano Rescue!: When Night Ninja accidentally awakens the volcano goddess, Pele, that endangers the inhabitants of Disney Junior Island, it’s up to the Disney Junior Club and the PJ Masks to come up with a sweet treat of a solution and save Night Ninja while stopping Pele!

Episode 38: Beauty and the Bey: Dreamy invites Vandar, Rai, and Jin to come along with the Disney Junior Club to visit Sleeping Beauty's castle, but things aren't as they seem as Maleficent is planning something for their new visitors. Now challenged by the evil fairy and her new sleeping spell, will the Disney Junior Club and their friends prevail?

Episode 39: A Pony-Tale : The Disney Junior Club help a brown stallion called a Rapstallion rescue a blonde maned mare named Rapunzal from an Enchantress and being trapped high in a tower, but finding the tower in a big part of the Fantasy Forest isn't gonna be easy.

Episode 40: Atlantic: The Octonauts and the Carnival Croc : The Octonauts help Captain Jake and his crew stop Captain Hook from wrecking the Carnival Croc's carnival of fun and games.

Episode 41: Peace, Love, and Hippiepotomus!: Captain Hook wants to stop a hippie hippo called a Hippiepotomus from spreading peace, love, and joy all over Disney Junior Island so there will be nothing but war, hate, and sorrow, but the Disney Junior Club are ready to help the Hippiepotomus no matter what's in their way.

Episode 42: Kwazii's First Olaball!: In Avalor, Kwazii gets to be the first pirate and Octonaut to play on Avalor's Olaball team, and he's determined to win by doing things his way, but doing things his way soon gets into his head that he makes the team do things his way which is almost making them lose.

Episode 43: Catboy's Jaquin Power: Catboy uses his Key of Magic to transform himself back into Jaquin Boy so he can fly with Elena and the jaquins and becomes the first human to be a Navagera, but when Romeo teams up with the evil animal spirit Troyo and captures the jaquins, it's up to Jaquin Boy to save them from Romeo and Troyo!

Episode 44: Iciclaws Don't Dance!: Kwazii and Captain Jake are watching an iciclaw hunt walrusts, when Heinz Doofenshmirtz kidnaps the iciclaw's cub and a walrust calf, in which he plans to get them to dance for a show he is planning for an audience. To save them, Captain Jake activates his Walrust Creature Power Suit and Kwazii follows the iciclaw mother as it runs off to save its cub. They manage to save the cub and the calf, but Doofenshmirtz believes that a fight would be more entertaining than a dance, so he kidnaps the mothers. The pirate pals eventually find out and rush to rescue the mothers and reunite them with their young.

Episode 45: Libby In Aqualand!: The Star Darlings learn some job training on Wishworld and Libby is excited that she is going to work at the aquarium. Even better, she befriends a baby penguin and names it Puffy.

Episode 46: Lucky Charmers!: The Celtic Cat, Four Leaf Rover, and the Limerick Chick need the Disney Junior Club's help to finding golden four leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day.

Episode 47: Catboy and the Song of Gentlehaven: Connor goes on a three day vacation in Gentlehaven with his mother. Later at night, Catboy is chosen to sing the song of Gentlehaven, and he'll need his friends to help him get the notes right.

Episode 48: Owlette and the Giant Mama Bot!: When Romeo invents a giant mother robot called a Mama Bot, it starts treating the PJ Masks like her babies and Owlette must try to outsmart it to save herself and her friends from being changed into diapers.

Episode 49: The Worm Moon Prince Digs Deep!: When the worms underground are in trouble from the scorching sun, Peso gets help from the Worm Moon Prince and his worm friends.

Episode 50: Crystals in the Stuff: On a second field trip to the Crystal Caverns, Isabel hears a legend about crystal cats who guard and protect the crystals from thieves. Meanwhile, Captain Hook plans to steal some of the newborn crystal kittens and now Elena and her friends must save them before he keeps them all to himself.

Episode 51: Knighty Knight, Kwazii!: During a fencing tournament in Avalor, Kwazii trains with Princess Elena so he can prepare for the tournament and start stepping up.

Episode 52: Strength of the Guard!: The Outsiders have come to the Pridelands to take revenge on King Simba and the Lion Guard. Meanwhile, Connor meets Kovu again and learns that he is not like Zira and her family while trying to get him to see Kiara again.

Episode 53: Atlantic: Yin and Yang: The Disney Junior Club meet a dog and a cat that represent the yin and the yang. Then suddenly, Cruella De Vil kidnaps Yang and now the peace of the Fantasy Forest is in trouble unless the gang thinks of a plan to save her.

Episode 54: The Octonauts and the Aquamarine Pony: Captain Hook and Gaston team up to capture an aquamarine pony and have it all to earn money, but not unless the Disney Junior Club and the Octonauts stop them and bring the aquamarine Pony back home to the Fantasy Forest.

Episode 55: Springing Forward With the Spring Equifox: It's springtime in Disney Junior Town, and to celebrate the first day, Sofia makes Spring Equifox power discs for her, Captain Jake, Kwazii, Sheriff Callie, and Connor to try out.

Episode 56: Arabian Nights: Princess Jasmine needs the help of the Disney Junior Club when an Arabian Horse trots into Agrabah, which means big trouble when Jafar decides to capture it for himself. Luckily, they have some help from the Persian Leopard and the Winged Lion.

Season 20 episodes Edit

Episode 1: Sunny Bunnies: On the first day of spring, the Disney Junior Club meet their new friends, the Sunny Bunnies, and not only are they cute, but super playful! That is until Captain Hook captures the Sunny Bunnies and almost ruins their play date with the Disney Junior Club.

Episode 2: Dino Charged Up!: Dashiell Scamp is back again and this time, he's about to take away all the dinosaurs again, not unless Miles and his friends stop him and rescue the dinosaurs.

Episode 3: Atlantic: Spring It On!: Lady Stella and the Star Darlings invite the Disney Junior Club to celebrate the Time of New Beginnings on Starland, but Lady Rancora and Vivica have their own spring plan to stop the celebration and get rid of the Star Darlings for good.

Episode 4: Catboy and the Masquerade Mouse!: Catboy befriends a baby masquerade mouse after saving it from Romeo and decides to keep it safe in his HQ room at night, and his bedroom in the day, but soon, Catboy learns that if he loves something, he'll have to set it free and back to it's family.

Episode 5: Paw-cation!: Kwazii and his friends are invited by the Palace Pets to go on a paw-cation on their new ship. There on board, they'll meet some new Palace Pets, see new sights, and hear new sounds.

Episode 6: Vacation in Norberg: Elena and the Disney Junior Club come with the Turners on a four day vacation in Naomi's birthplace, Norberg, but Naomi is worried about leaving Avalor again and decides to sabotage the plans.

Episode 7: Brain Wished!: Lady Rancora makes wishing bracelets out of negatite for the Wishlings to make them make negative wishes instead of positive ones. Now Hannah and the Disney Junior Club must help the Star Darlings before Starland's lights shut down for good!

Episode 8: The Secrets of Dive: Vandar is trying to decipher the secrets of his dive ring to figure out why he is here in the first place, but when a mysterious figure who claims to know about the dive souls shows up Vandar wholeheartdly welcomes his tutelage, but his friends are skeptical of this person and his real motives, especially Connor, but when the mysterious man turns out to be a new foe, can Van and the Disney Junior club find a way to stop this man's master plot?

Episode 9: The Pink Moon Princess Jumps On!: On a pink mooned night in the Enchanted Forest, Cassie meets the Pink Moon Princess.

Episode 10: Egg Hunt!: In the Fantasy Forest, the Disney Junior Club head off for another Easter egg hunt with the Cheep and the Easter Bunny, but then again, Captain Hook is planning to cheat again.

Episode 11: Jagwired!: A jagwire kitten is lost on a stormy night and Kwazii and Captain Jake use their new Jagwire powers to try and take it back home to it's family.

Episode 12: The Octonauts and the Puppy Dog Pals: On their spring break vacation, the Octonauts meet Bingo and Rolly the two best puppy pals.

Episode 13: Atlantic: Gekko and the Topaz Tiger: Gekko is in the ride of his life when he meets a topaz tiger, but when Luna Girl teams up with Yzma to capture it, Gekko must use his wits to stop the evil duo and save the other topaz tigers.

Episode 14: Fooling Around!: When someone plays a prank on the Octonauts this April Fools' Day, Kwazii and Pearl decide to find out who done it. Then they meet the Brawny Bear and the Phoney Pony.

Episode 15: Catboy and the Diamond Pony: When Captain Hook captures a Diamond Pony from the Fantasy Forest on Catboy's birthday, Catboy must use his newly developed courage to save his new friend.

Episode 16: The PJ Masks' Allergy Crisis!: Romeo invents a new gadget that gives everyone different allergies, and when the PJ Masks are hit, their newly developed allergies causes them problems-especially since they can't use their superpowers. Now it's up to Kwazii and Fish Boy to stop Romeo and cure their friends from their allergies.

Episode 17: The Hand That Rocks the Vandar!: After meeting the puppy dog pals and Hissy at a concert, Vandar finds himself followed by a rock artist with his own dive soul, but he is being controlled by Ren to get Van's dive soul. Can Van, Hissy, Bingo, and Rolly outsmart this mad musician?

Episode 18: April Showers!: When Maleficent decides to pollute the spring air with her sleeping fog, the Disney Junior Club get some help from the Drizzly Bear and his April Shower friends to send April showers.

Episode 19: Knock-Knock!: A flock of wooden woodpeckers are pecking holes on Captain Hook's ship as they are looking for food, and unless the gang helps find a new home for the woodpeckers, the Jolly Roger will sink!

Episode 20: Is There a Kwazii In the House?: When Sofia becomes sick, Kwazii is torn between helping her and helping the Octonauts with a mission to save some baby seagulls from a spewing volcano.

Episode 21: Atlantic: Mount Boom Returns!: When Mount Boom rises up again to burn Neverland into ashes with its lava, Atlantic Kwazii and Captain Jake must put their heads together to stop Mount Boom and save Neverland from the spewing lava.

Episode 22: Bunga's Golden Gloves: When Bunga finds some strange gloves, they turn his heart evil to the gold.

Episode 23: Romeo's Mechanical IslandRomeo wants to live near Doctor Undergear and decides that he and his pets should take over Neverland.

Episode 24: The Hyena Brothers: Mosi quits Janja's clan, so he and Sefu find themselves moving in Kion's family.

Episode 25: Atlantic: The Captain's New Groove: Gekko is taking a swim around the PJ Masks HQ when he sees a pig he realized was Captain Jake. Now he and his friends must get him back to his personal pirate self.

Episode 26: Bunga's First Train RideGekko takes Bunga out for a little ride on Romeo's Tracker Whacker Train, so things get really awesome, but a little bit out of control.

Episode 27: Atlantic: The Crystal Palace: It's Sofia's birthday, and to celebrate it, the Disney Junior Club hosts it at the Crystal Palace.

Episode 28: King Zongo and a Confusing Misunderstanding: One day while camping, King Zongo and his monkey pirates overhear that Captain Jake and his crew are going to be eaten by a monster.

Episode 29: The Icy Headquarters: Shiverjack breaks into Captain Jake's hideout.

Episode 30: Love Potion Mayhem!: When Kwazii makes a love potion, he accidentally gives it to Kion and Fuli, then they fall in love with each other and now Kwazii must get Captain Jake to put things right.

Episode 31: Owlette and the Flower Moon Princess: Flowers begin to wither and die, so Owlette gets some gardening help from the Flower Moon Princess.

Episode 32: The Octonauts and the Enchantelope: Cruella and Jafar team up to catch the enchanted enchantelope, so the Octonauts must help their friends get to it before them.

Episode 33: The Anti Lion Guard (Part 1): Makuu wants to take over Pride Rock, so he forms a team of evil animals: Janja, Reirei, Mzingo, and Ushari.

Episode 34: The Anti Lion Guard (Part 2): Kion finds himself in a strange place called the Hundred Acre Wood, he meets a tiger, a pig, a bear, a rabbit, and a donkey.

Episode 35: Kwazii's Great Teacher Gift: It's Teacher Appreciation Day, and Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully make a statue of Kwazii out of coconuts just for Kwazii.

Episode 36: Captain Tick Tock the Crocodile: When Captain Hook and Tick Tock Croc switch brains, Hook acts like Tick Tock, and Tick Tock acts like Hook.

Episode 37: Atlantic: Nuts and Bolts!:

Episode 38: The Return of the Grim Buccaneer: Grim has returned to get his revenge, if it's the last thing he ever does, but Captain Colossus wants to give his old matey a second chance.

Episode 39: (One Hour Villain Special) It's Our Club Now!: Romeo leads a league of villains to take over the Disney Junior Club.

Episode 40: (One Hour Special) The Bunga Movie: Bunga goes on an adventure of being a spy.

Episode 41: Atlantic: Pretty Petals : Kwazii and Connor collect pretty petals with their new friends, the Marigoat, the Flowler, and the Poppy Puppy, but Captain Hook plans to take them for himself.

Episode 42: Pop Goes the Hotter Otter!: On a hot summer day, the water at the swimming hole disappears...all thanks to a fiery fire otter called a Hotter Otter.

Episode 43: In Greed We Do!: Cassie and her unicorgi friend, Corgi, come across a wealthy but gem-obsessed corgi called a wealth corgi.

Episode 44: Hissy's First Crush: Hissy develops a huge crush on a handsome alley cat in the alleyways, and when Rolly and Bingo goes in the alleyway to meet him and discover that Hissy's crush is not what Hissy thinks, they need the Disney Junior Club's help to protecting Bob's stuff but must convince Hissy first before it's too late.

Episode 45: Villains Are Awesome:

Episode 46: The Prideland TournamentsThe Lion Guard plays a tournament against Janja, Makuu, and Reirei.

Episode 47: It's Been a Long Time, Old FriendScar is risen from the dead by the hyenas, and now he is determined to control Kion forever!

Episode 48: Gekko and the Vehicle StealerSomeone's been stealing vehicles from everyone.

Episode 49: A January Summer: There is a new kid in town and her name is January. When she immediately falls head over heels for Van, he becomes worried about wether or not he is ready for a relationship. Van consoles in Rai, she tells him to follow his heart, but deep down his heart is telling him to be with Rai, but when January is jealous of Rai, she challenges her to a dive battle. Which of these girls will be victorious?

Episode 50: Night Jackal and the Bright Bear GroupNight Ninja makes a secret ninja team of his very own to destroy Tiger Sharky and his dark-shark clan.

Episode 51: Bro Time In the Pridelands!: When Connor tells the Lion Guard that today is Siblings Day in his world, Bunga decides to spend some brother time with Kion's father and his adoptive brother, Simba!

Episode 52: Romeo and JulietThere's a new friend in town, she's a witch, and her name is Juliet.

Episode 53: Invasion of the Magic Leeches!: Little magic leeches are invading the Fantasy Forest and Connor is drained of his magic which makes him sick. Now the Disney Junior Club must stop the magic leeches and restore the magic powers of every magic user before there is no magic left in them!

Episode 54: Operation: DistractionNne and Tano are back, but this time they are more smarter for the Lion Guard. Now it's up to Janja and his clan to save the day.

Episode 55: Captain DrakeCaptain Jake's twin brother Drake kidnaps and impersonates him to end his crew. Now it's up to the Grim Buccaneer to save the day.

Episode 56: Astra's Astromazing Bright Day Surprise!: Astra is excited about celebrating her Bright Day on Wishworld and plans to hang out with her friends while learning how to play soccer.

Episode 57: Lights, Camera, Surprise!: Romeo uses a mechanical movie star costume to defeat the Disney Junior Club.

Season 21 EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Maleficent and JafarCaptain Jake and the Disney Junior Club help two of their magical enemies celebrate their first wedding.

Episode 2: King Zongo's Pirate ShipKing Zongo takes Romeo's Shark Ship and Robo Bird, now it's up to Captain Jake to help get them back.

Episode 3: Tessa's Great Birthday Cookie Rescue!: It's Tessa's Bright Day, and Gemma decides to make real live Wishling cookies with the Disney Junior Club's help, but when Vivica steals the cookies, Tessa and Gemma must get them back before they're all gone.

Episode 4: Curse of the SleepThe Evil Queen's poison apples are back, but now they are indestructible. Now it's up to the Disney Junior Club to break this curse.

Episode 5: Atlantic: Body Switching Mayhem!When Kwazii's body switching magic hits Skully and Captain Jake, he must find a way to reverse it.

Episode 6: Bunga's LightsaberBunga gets a strange present that fell out of the sky.

Episode 7: The Disneyland Adventure!The Disney Junior Club get a surprise when they get passes to Disneyland.

Episode 8: Roller Coasters of AwesomenessRomeo takes Juliet out on a night out.

Episode 9: The Nightmare Man's Last Stand!The Nightmare Man makes his final return and wants to end the Disney Junior Club for good.

Episode 10: Disney Junior Classic TheaterOur two hosts Greg/Gekko and Bunga would like to show you six timeless fairytale stories, told like you've never seen them before.

Episode 11: Owlette and the Runic Fox!: Amaya wants to do an Animal-ology report about the runic fox, which is a magical fox that hunts for realm runes, but when Night Ninja captures a runic fox and forces it to find realm runes, Owlette and her friends have come to rescue it.

Episode 12: Cold Crystal Mystery: When the heart of Coldness is stolen, Romeo and Gekko must work together to find out who dunnit and why.

Episode 13: The Journey to Foreverland: Kwazii and his friends take a trip to Foreverland where they meet the Peter Panda, the Lost Crow, and the beautiful Bell Fairy.

Episode 14: Izzy and the Jealousy PredicamentIzzy gets selfish when everyone she knows has a pogo-twisting-stick.

Episode 15: Lord Fathom Strikes Again!While doing an undersea salvage operation, Romeo is tricked by Lord Fathom into switching each others brains.

Episode 16: Kion's Tiggerish Brother: Tigger and Kion are the best of friends, but they also care about each other as brothers.

Episode 17: The Genie Who Met the Monkey Pirate King: Dread is on the loose again, but this time he has a partner.

Episode 18: Gemma and the Genie!: On Gemma's Bright Day, she meets Dread the genie who is forced to grant every wish she wants, but just as things weren't worse enough, Dread can't undo Gemma's wishes until Pip comes to the rescue.

Episode 19: Sister, Sister: To kick off his first summer in Disney Junior Town, Fuli invites Van to her den for a weekend sleepover. While they are there, Fuli teaches Van to get in touch with his wild side, and reveal that Van thinks of Fuli as the sister he never had.

Episode 20: Atlantic: Kira Kira Precure Strikes Back!: It's Sweets Day in Disney Junior Town, and everyone's craving for some sweet treats this year, but when the new villains Julio and Bibury arrive to take all the kirakirau away from the sweets, the Disney Junior Club must help the Kira Kira Precure save the sweets before the festival is ruined.

Episode 21: Kion's Crocodile Friends: Makuu's nephews Baako and Sanaa come to visit him and he tells them about the Lion Guard, so Baako decides to capture them for Makuu, but then they find out they are really friendly.

Episode 22: Sunny Days: When Ursula decides to rain on everyone's summertime, the Disney Junior Club must rely on the new Sunny Days Fantasy Forest animals the Sunbear, the Sungazer, and the Sunfish, who all have the powers to bring back the sunshine and stop Ursula's darkness.

Episode 23: Professor Romeo, I PresumeRomeo gets too smart and forgets about being evil to the core.

Episode 24: Catboy's Marvelous Maruvian Adventures: On a Father's Day trip in Avalor with his dad, Connor goes on an magical adventure with him to have some son and father time while learning that spending time with his father is more fun and magical than ever.

Episode 25: Fri-Yay!: Today is Friday, and the last day of school left before summer vacation starts. So before long, Disney Junior Elementary School decides to have fun instead of working on Friday until summer starts.

Episode 26: Atlantic: Fish Out of Water!: On a relaxing summer vacation, King Triton has been "king-napped" by Ursula, and now only Kwazii, Pete, and their new friends, the Sea Monkey, the Dogfish, and the Tiger Shark can help Ariel save her father.

Episode 27: Return to the Mystic Isles: Sofia takes her friends to the Mystic Isles on their summer vacation so they can watch her start her training to become a full fledged Protector, but when Prisma returns with new evil crystal powers, Sofia must rescue all her friends before everything is crystallized!

Episode 28: Ushari Goes On Strike!When his day goes horribly wrong, Ushari decides to refuse to the rules forever!

Episode 29: Dread the MagicianDread becomes a magician and plans to turn Never Land into a banished island.

Episode 30: A New Friend...Or Enemy?When Captain Jake meets a duck, he gets concerned about whether he's friendly or evil.

Episode 31: Atlantic: The Octonauts and the Brilliant Birthday!Today is Kwazii's birthday and the Disney Junior Club are hosting his party in the Fantasy Forest with some new colorful magical animal friends!

Episode 32: Earn Your Wings: An amateur pilot named Zephyr comes to Disney Junior Town from the real world with a dive soul. When Van becomes suspicious of why he is here, he becomes paranoid that he is an agent of Ren or the Disney Villains. Who is Zephyr and is he friend or foe?

Episode 33: Fireworks Away!: It's the 4th of July and the Disney Junior Club gang is excited for the fireworks tonight.

Episode 34: The Kupatana Ruin UpDrake has secretly stolen the baobab blossoms, kidnaps Kion, and uses them for his ultimate weapon: The Opposite Ray.

Episode 35: Made In the Shade: Lucinda befriends a lonely Shadow Kirin while collecting herbs for her potions in the Fantasy Forest.

Episode 36: Return of the Steamtrunk: Romeo lets his favorite fantasy forest animal stay with him and his pets.

Episode 37: Scar Darling!: It's Scarlet's first day in the Pridelands and meeting the Lion Guard, but while exploring Scar's grave at the volcano, his spirit somehow possesses her and unless Kion and the Lion Guard help the Star Darlings and the Disney Junior Club, Scar will possess her body forever!

Episode 38: Drake's HookWhen Drake gets his right hand eaten by crocodiles, he swears to kill Captain Jake for it.

Episode 39: Two Puppies and a Frostrich!: On a hot summer day, Bingo and Rolly travel with the Disney Junior Club to the snowy realm of the Fantasy Forest to check out the coldest ostriches called Frostriches.

Episode 40: Water Under the Kwazii: Kwazii and his aquatic powers are put to the test when he accidentally summons a water spirit that plans to flood Disney Junior Island.

Episode 41: Stone Cat's Eye View!: In another adventure in Avalor, the PJ Masks find an old map of Avalor and start putting together the pieces of a sinister 3D puzzle, which turns out to be a Maruvian cat statue - but an evil one that has a wicked agenda.

Episode 42: Spirited Away!: Connor and his friends travel to the Spirit World with Connor's spirit guide to help Zuzo and the other spirit guides with Orizaba who is trying to destroy the Good Spirit Branch.

Episode 43: The Perfect Parfait!: The Disney Junior Club meet the Precures' new member of their team, Cure Parfait, and she inspires Amaya who wants to makes the perfect parfait like her.

Episode 44: Atlantic: Cherry Blossom Mix-Up!: When Cruella De Vil captures the Kimono Dragon for her fashion line, the Disney Junior Club need the help of the legendary cherry blossom pony of the Fantasy Forest, the Petal Pony, and the Cherry Treent.

Episode 45: Teke Ruka Teleza!: When Connor starts to believe that he has lost his mojo, Bunga trains Connor at Hakuna Matata Falls to "Teke, Ruka, Teleza!" which means kick, jump, slide!

Episode 46: The Volcanic ScienceMount Boom returns again and becomes indestructible.

Episode 47: Hades and the League of the Legendary VillainsHades gathers the greatest Disney Junior villains to turn Disney Junior Island into Hades' New Hangout.

Episode 48: Kion's Birthday: Jasiri takes the leadership while Kion is absent into helping the other animals.

Episode 49: Atlantic: Apprentice Appreciation Day!: It's Apprentice Appreciation Day in Avalor, and Princess Elena has invited all mentors and their apprentices to celebrate at a festival of music, magic, and fun! Then while becoming Kwazii's apprentice again, Connor meets Makini, Rafiki's new apprentice, and works together with her and the other apprentices when their mentors are kidnapped by the evil sorcerers who used Medusa Stones on them.

Episode 50: Motorhead On a Roll!: Van's research into dive spirits leads him to the discovery that dive spirits can change into upgraded forms called ACTs and power up over time through unknown methods. He then decides to try everything in his power to unlock the ACT 2 of his dive spirit boost, enlisting the help of a new friend, Makini.

Episode 51: Temple of Tiger Sharks: After Sofia successfully sneaks up on and surprises the magical creature adventuring pirate pals, they worry that they've somehow lost their signature 'magical creature sense'. Kwazii and Captain Jake go off in search of the stealthiest, most powerful magic aquatic wildcat in the world - the tiger shark - on a quest to prove to themselves that they're still in tune with the magical creature world.

Episode 52: Romeo and the Conga Drongo DroneWhen Romeo and his pets discover the rarest bird, they are determined to keep it away from anyone who wants to destroy it.

Episode 53: (Movie) Catboy and the Realm of the Jaquins: Catboy and his Disney Junior Club friends travel with Elena to a new realm they have never been to before: the Realm of the Jaquins, but disaster strikes on their trip when Catboy is tricked by Victor and Carla into releasing a mischievous forest sprite named Marimonda! Now Catboy and his friends must stop her and some other villains from Elena's past while making a difficult choice that would change his life... forever!

Episode 54: Between the Leaders!: Connor and Kion decide to switch each other's sides by transforming themselves into each other to see which leader has the most difficult job, but they learn that they are missing their responsibilities.

Episode 55: (Bonus Movie Part 1) The Rise of Chernabog: Captain Drake and Romeo team up again to bring back Chernabog, a legend of darkness.

Episode 56: (Bonus Movie Part 2) Darkness Rules All!: Chernabog has a plan to take over the world with a little help of Captain Drake and Romeo.

Episode 57: Queen of the Fantasy Forest: The Sirrus has arrived in the Fantasy Forest for it's very own celebration, but Captain Hook and Romeo decide to team up and capture her and now the Disney Junior Club must go rescue it to stop them from ruining the celebration!

Episode 58: Captain Hook's Pet Pumace: A baby pumace follows Hook back home to the Jolly Roger and it seems to like him, but Hook tries to get rid of it until he slowly starts to like it back.

Episode 59: Atlantic: The Octonauts and the Pearl Pony: While traveling with Ariel, the Octonauts discover a herd of pearl ponies and befriends one, but when Captain Hook plans to capture the herd, the Octonauts and Ariel must team up to stop him and save the pearl pony herd before it's too late.

Episode 60: The Last Day With Cassie: It’s almost time for Miles, Loretta, MERC, and their friends to leave to become Mission Force One, but when he doesn’t want to go because he will miss Cassie and his other friends, Cassie decides to cheer Miles up by spending the last day with him.

Season 22 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: I Know Your Secret: Captain Drake secretly knows that his brother is a PJ Mask named Fishboy. Will this be the end of them?

Episode 2: Tiger Trouble: An Asian tiger is on the loose in the Pride Lands and has teamed up with Cheezi. Now the Lion Guard must defeat them before they cause more trouble.

Episode 3: Phantoms of the Negaverse: The Disney Junior Club finds themselves in another but strange universe and an unexpected foe: Negaduck!

Episode 4: Baa-d, Baa-d Dragon!: Ash befriends Crispy the baby dragon, but Page is suspicious around him and only she and the Palace Pets can find out about his secret.

Episode 5: Guess Who's Coming to Scar's For Dinner?: Fed up about him helping the Lion Guard, Janja and his crew kidnap and take Connor to Scar, who might have sinister plans for him.

Episode 6: Forest Fire!: The Fantasy Forest is accidentally set on fire by a Firewolf and only the Blossom Buck and the Shrubunny can help the Disney Junior Club put the fire out quickly.

Episode 7: (One Hour Special) Vandar's Bizarre Adventure: Ren has finally found the source of all dive power, the Nexus, with the help of Chernabog and Scar's spirits. He plans to smash it and destroy all dive power which will send Van and his friends back to their world and give Ren dominance over the worlds of fiction, but now with boost ACT 3: Starship on their side, can the dive heroes and the Disney Junior Club defeat Ren and save the Nexus?

Episode 8: Amaya's Batty New Friend: In Sing and Dance-ology, Amaya befriends and partners up with the new student named Vampirina, a new girl and a new vampire of Disney Junior Town, for the Disney Junior Ballet Show.

Episode 9: Atlantic: Rising Tides!: Captain Hook and his crew are trying to steal the Mother of Pearl and the new water Fantasy Forest animals, the Sea-Plant Otter and the Seafoam Unicorn, need the Disney Junior Club's help to get it and the other pearls back.

Episode 10: A New Evil Team and Wet Leader: Uma summons Disney's most dangerous villains: Captain Drake, Negaduck, and Romeo—for world domination.

Episode 11: Atlantic: Galactech VS Atlantic!: Kwazii and Miles argue about which mode is way better, but they both learn that both their modes are much better when worked together.

Episode 12: Night Ninja and the Bracelet: Night Ninja steals Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet and tries to use its powers to make himself the best artist in the world, but doesn't know that the bracelet has put a curse on him.

Episode 13: Melody & Harmony: Sofia helps a new friend and exchanged student Melody, the daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric, feel like a fish out of water on her first day at Disney Junior Elementary School, and hopefully help her get ready for the talent show!

Episode 14: The Octonauts and the Spinel Ravenstag: Cruella De Vil has kidnapped a new Fantasy Forest animal called a spinel ravenstag, and only the Octonauts can help their friends get it back.

Episode 15: (One Hour Special) Professor Cog: A robot threatens humanity by attempting to destroy the Disney Junior Club with a little help from Disney's Most Dangerous Villains.

Episode 16: Kwazii's Sunburst Steed: Kwazii tries to find the perfect horse to ride a steed to the Disney Junior Town's Horse and Steed Parade. Then he meets the famous sunburst steed, but he begins to neglect Teenyus.

Episode 17: Wicked PJ Masks!: Connor, Amaya, and Greg accidentally eat Mal's wicked apples and soon, they become rotten to the core, unless Mal and her friends come up with a cure to change the PJ Masks back to being sweet again.

Episode 18: (Movie) The Days Where the Villains Rise: While being stuck in a mountain called Creaper's Tornado Peak, Romeo, Captain Drake, Luna Girl and Night Ninja tell each other their origins.

Episode 19: Sofia Unlocks An Adventure!: Sofia and her friends, Skye and Minimus, go on a new adventure with the Disney Princesses to find a mysterious treasure in the hidden mountains.

Episode 20: Romeo Broke: Romeo's family has gone broke and he is forced to stay with Connor. Connor isn't happy to have Romeo stay in his home at first, but then Connor soon discovers that Romeo is really fun to hang out with and Amaya and Greg are worried that Connor is neglecting them for being Romeo's host for a few days.

Episode 21: Lame Tame RainA magical rain hits the Disney Junior Club and makes some strange conseqences. Now it has the villains making an antidote!

Episode 22: The Villains and the Arachnitor: Captain Drake has made a plan to destroy then conquer the world. Only this time he has a new minion.

Episode 23: Stuffin Puffin Rescue!: When a rogue wave crashes into the Gup-TD, the Disney Junior Club get separated: Miles and Sofia end up on rafts in the middle of the ocean, Kwazii and Captain Jake are stranded on islands, and Doc is trapped on a sinking Gup-TD.

Episode 24: Gekko and the Peridot Pony: Gekko is angry that summer is almost over until a peridot pony comes to the Fantasy Forest to calm his nerves, but Night Ninja has plans to capture it and unless Gekko stays calm, it will be in Night Ninja's clutches forever!

Episode 25: Catboy and the Electoucan!: While soaring in the stormy sky as Jaquin Boy, Catboy meets an electric toucan called an Electoucan. Then, Romeo captures the Electoucan to power up his robot and the PJ Masks must now rescue it before Robot is completely charged.

Episode 26: The Dive RangersVandar, Rai, and Jin join the Power Rangers DJC as the Dive Rangers.

Episode 27: Babysitter Jaquin Boy: Newborn baby jaquins have been born in Vallestrella and Catboy (as Jaquin Boy) and Princess Elena, along with their friends, have volunteered to babysit the baby jaquins while their mothers are out, but soon, they find it harder than it looks.

Episode 28: Pain In the Neck!: When Owlette accidentally invites Vampirina and Oskar to the Enchanted Forest on the same night for a campout, she believes they won't get along and tries to keep them apart.

Episode 29: Owlette the Vampire Rescuer!: When Sunshine's grandfather, Paulus Polidori, plans to capture Vampirina and her family and also Oskar and the other vampires in the School for Vampires, Owlette and the PJ Masks decide to divide into two teams to save each of the vampires from Paulus at once, but they can't keep all the vampires safe alone.

Episode 30: The Eye That Spies: A mysterious eye has been secretly watching the Disney Junior Club, and it will soon get them weak.

Episode 31: Atlantic: Jungle Dragon Rescue!: Kwazii and the gang comes across a jungle dragon and a pawpaw bear.

Episode 32: King Barkthur's Court: The Disney Junior Club are invited to King Barkthur's Court and they are partnered with one of King Barkthur's brave knights.

Episode 33: Bunga Stinks Yamiror: When a monster stinks up the Power Rangers DJC, it's up to Bunga to stop him.

Episode 34: High Tech Security DJC:

Episode 35: Emperor Creepox: A monster named "Creepox" mind controls the Disney Junior Club, and now it's up to the Dive Rangers to save them!

Episode 36: Mission Force One In Starland!: Mission Force One is sent to Starland to connect it to Wishworld, much to Miles' excitement since he misses the Star Darlings, but Miles becomes distracted by spending more time with Cassie when he should be leading the team and helping them protect Starland from Nemesystems, and Lady Rancora who has teamed up with them.

Episode 37: The Villains' Halloween Party: All of the Disney and Disney Junior villains are having a Halloween party at Captain Drake's hideout, Disappearance Island, while telling each other about how they almost got their victory because of Kwazii and the Disney Junior Club.

Episode 38: Atlantic: Where Runs the Sapphire Pony:

Episode 39: The Majestic Monarch Dragon!:

Episode 40: Gekko Catches Up!:

Episode 41: Catboy's Catty Companion: When Romeo plans to take over the world again, Catboy and the PJ Masks get a little help from a gray cat in which they thought he might be a little useless at first.

Episode 42: Lions...Always Making the Wrong Choices: Kion has been thinking about what Captain Drake said and he is worried if Drake is right.

Episode 43: Ping Pong (short film):

Episode 44: Honey For a Bunny: Kion makes a deal with Bunga to get his bookends.

Episode 45: Snide: The Power Rangers DJC meet a monster who is convincingly stronger than them.

Episode 46: Twin Romance: Captain Drake sees a lovely sight who looks like Izzy.

Episode 47: Never Trust a Hero!All the villains demand justice for themselves.

Episode 48: The Battle For the Leadership: Captain Drake challenges Maleficent for a battle to ruling the entire Disney Villains, while Maleficent has a secret plan with the Evil Queen, Cruella, Jafar and Hades to get rid of Kwazii.

Episode 49: Cupcake of Dreams: Connor can't seem to have a good night's sleep because he keeps having nightmares. So Amaya and Greg take him to Cupcake Magic! and Lucinda comes up with a new cupcake, the Cupcake of Dreams, that will help him with his problem, but when he can't wake up from his dream, Amaya and Greg fall asleep to rescue him, but he seems to have a good time that they start to hesitate.

Episode 50: The Loss of Hope: Captain Drake summons a monster called "Desperaino" to make Disney Junior Island the saddest island ever!

Episode 51: Tea Time!: The Disney Junior Club are invited to a tea party in the Fantasy Forest. There, they meet the Mulbeary, the Matcha Macaw, and the Earl Greyhound.

Episode 52: Gekko and the Aqua Ursa!: Ursula has captured an Aqua Ursa and uses a mind controlling spell on it to wreck havoc on Atlantica. Now Gekko must dive in to help the Aqua Ursa and break the spell in order to save Atlantica before it's too late!

Episode 53: Full Body Blades!: A monster named "Steeleto" is destroying Disney Junior Town with his blades.

Episode 54: Too Much Fury: An alien named "Fury" has landed on Disney Junior Island to team up with Disney's Most Dangerous Villains.

Episode 55: The Summit of Leaders: When Captain Drake is invited to the Summit of Leaders, Captain Jake and the PJ Masks learn a plot against Skully, Izzy, and Cubby.

Episode 56: Skully's Nega-Mouth:

Episode 57: KiraKira Creamers!: The Cures have introduced their new weapons, the KiraKira Creamers, to the Disney Junior Club, but when Captain Hook steals them, the gang must get them back before the creamers fall into the wrong hands.

Episode 58: Kwazii's Apprentice 2!: Kwazii teaches Connor how to use the ocean pearl bracelet's four magic of talents: music, arts, food, and sports. Meanwhile, Romeo plans to steal all the talents around town with his newest invention, the Talent Taker, and now Catboy must use the magic of talents to stop him!

Episode 59: The Brutal Punchline: Disney's Most Dangerous Villains summon a violent monster named "Rofer" to destroy Disney Junior Island with his giant fistful fist.

Episode 60: Mermaid-athon Weekend!: Everyone, except Connor, is celebrating a marathon of mermaids this weekend, but when Captain Hook and his crew plan to steal the mermaid's treasure tonight, Catboy must face his fear of water and dive in to stop Hook before he steals the treasure.

Season 23 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Storytime, Kamen Rider Gaiden: Since the battle against Ren in the Dive Nexus, Van has been trying to decypher the strange book that was left at the Nexus. Little did anyone know this would change everything. From the book, a new power is unlocked, the power of the well-keys, magic pens that, when placed into a story driver belt manifested by the book, can turn into a hero similar to a Power Ranger, a Kamen Rider. Now as a Ranger and a Rider, and with the mysterious new threat of the metal linx appearing, can the Power Rangers DJC and the new Kamen Rider Gaiden combat this new evil?

Episode 2: The Spirit Kidnapper: Captain Drake summons a monster named "Splitface" who has stolen a lot of spirits, and by tomorrow night everyone could stay asleep forever!

Episode 3: Nothing's More Tough Than a Virus: When a monster called "Virox" threatens Disney Junior Island, the Power Rangers DJC must be able to defeat him.

Episode 4: The Music of Bremen: Connor and Cassie are chosen to play their instruments with two other musicians at the town of Bremen, only to find that they are protecting the town with their music from an evil fog!

Episode 5: (One Hour Special) The Return of Vrak: When Captain Drake meets two monsters named "Tresnag" and "Drill Horn", they tell him to plant the idea of bringing an evil alien-prince named "Vrak" back.

Episode 6: Vampirina Trick or Treats!: Amaya helps Vampirina practice for her first trick or treating walk around Disney Junior Town for next Halloween.

Episode 7: Pennsylvania: Vampirina feels homesick after chatting with her friends from Pennsylvania, and the Disney Junior Club try their best to make her feel at home, but Vampirina learns that Disney Junior Town is her true home and that her old friends will always be there for her.

Episode 8: Lucky's Unlucky Day: Friday the 13th is in Disney Junior Town again, but when Lucky's family decides that Lucky should stop using his bad luck magic on everyone and spread good luck magic instead, Lucky is upset about that, so Connor decides to help him.

Episode 9: Let Sleeping Clawadramas Lie: When the Disney Junior Club accidentally awaken a group of "Clawadramas", Vrak sees the opportunity to take over the world!

Episode 10: Atlantic: The Octonauts and the Rainboa!: Kwazii, Sofia, and Peso bring an injured rainboa to the Sick Bay. Then, after accidentally letting it out, Atlantic Kwazii must catch the rainboa and bring it back to the wild before it takes over the Octopod.

Episode 11: Bunga and the Ghostlight: After Bunga scares everyone, he is haunted by a weird light called the "Ghostlight".

Episode 12: Vrak's Brother: The Power Rangers DJC meet an evil white alien named "Vekar" who has landed on Disney Junior Island. Meanwhile, Captain Drake has been secretly watching him and asks Vrak how to eliminate him.

Episode 13: Facilier's Back!: Part 1: Dr. Facilier has returned to get revenge on Kwazii for constantly defeating all the villains on Disney Junior Island.

Episode 14: Facilier's Back!: Part 2: The Disney Junior Club must find a way to defeat Facilier before he darkens the world with shadows, ghosts, and demons.

Episode 15: Gekko's Cookie Creator: Greg and Glider invent a new cookie creator in Shape-topia that makes cookies out of any food for the Disney Junior Elementary School Science Fair.

Episode 16: Chico in Wonderland: The Disney Junior Club welcome a new resident: a hedgehog named Chico, who is only here to go on an adventure. When he goes to Wonderland, the Disney Junior Club must chase him around to get him back.

Episode 17: The Colossal Colossus Cannon Company: When a monster named "Madimot" mind controls a legendary cannon company, Vrak seizes the opportunity to destroy the Power Rangers DJC.

Episode 18: All Hail Captain Drake: Captain Drake and his henchman Arachnitor plan to do "The Battle To End All Battles" in order to earn his birthright.

Episode 19: Atlantic: Mining Mania: On a field trip to the Fantasy Forest Mines, Kwazii and his friends meet a group of molten martens while searching for some gemstones. Then they meet a ground hog and a basalt hound and help them with their mining.

Episode 20: Hey Ally, Allagator!: Vampirina discovers a group of twirling allagators and decides to twirl with them, but her friends and family are worried about how dangerous the allagators look so Vampirina decides to go meet them in secret.

Episode 21: Fly Away, Flies!: Connor decides to help the Pridelands get rid of the flies this Dry Season, but he only brings the problem of the Pridelands into his home and he ends up sending the flies around Disney Junior Town.

Episode 22: The Glasstodon Breaks Through!: The PJ Masks are trapped in Maleficent's evil magic force field and only Fish Boy's new friend, the Glasstodon, can help them break through and be set free!

Episode 23: A New Rider In Town: A new mysterious Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Tragedy shows up out of nowhere in Disney Junior Town during a battle with a Metal Linx. Surprisingly, this new rider isn't on the side of good, but he isn't on the side of the Metal Linx and either. Even Captain Drake and his master Vrak are puzzled by his appearance. Who is Tragedy and why is he here? The only way to find out is to battle!

Episode 24: HalloVeen!: The vampire kids from the School for Vampires go to Disney Junior Town for some trick or treating this Halloween. However, Paulus Polidori decides to wreck their trick or treating plans but Connor, Amaya, Greg, and Vampirina also have plans to foil them and keep the vampires safe.

Episode 25: Corn Stalks At Midnight!: On a scary moonlit night, Bingo, Rolly, and Hissy must help Kwazii, Captain Jake, the PJ Masks, Sheriff Callie, Peck, and Toby solve a mystery of a ghost that is haunting Farmer Stinky's cornfield, but when her brothers disappear, Hissy must overcome her fears to save them from the ghost before who knows what happens to them!

Episode 26: Piper and the Witch's Familiar: While meditating on an autumn cold day in the Fantasy Forest, Piper meets a magical witch cat called the Witch's Familiar and finds herself going on a magical adventure with it.

Episode 27: Pumpkin Party!: In the Fantasy Forest this Halloween, the Disney Junior Club and the Star Darlings are having a Pumpkin Party with the new Spooky Fantasy Forest magical animals, the Pumpkitty, the Harvest Mouse, and the Scarecrow Treent.

Episode 28: The Octonauts and the Sugary Sheep: While trick or treating with their friends, Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, and Peso meet a candy corn covered sheep called a Candy Horn.

Episode 29: Scarlet and Hissy's Me Time Lair: After both Scarlet and Hissy grow tired of the noises around them, they decide to find a quiet place to be alone and they find an abandoned lair in the Enchanted Forest, but to make matters worse, they begin to fight over the lair.

Episode 30: A Plan To Exterminate the Friendly Villains: When Negaduck and Romeo find themselves defeated by Luna Girl, Captain Hook and Night Ninja, Vrak and Cyborg Drake see the opportunity to eliminate all of the villains with hearts of gold.

Episode 31: Scarlet and the Sorcerer's Steed:

Episode 32: Bunga and Faleesha: Bunga falls in love with a female vulture.

Episode 33: Love Is In the Air:

Episode 34: The Violent Violin: Cassie's star violin has been cursed by Ursula and every time she tries to play it, something bad happens to someone and what's even worse is that every melody she plays sets the whole Fantasy Forest on fire unless the Star Darlings and the Disney Junior Club help her lift the curse off her violin.

Episode 35: Lord Zedd: The Power Rangers DJC are lured away from the Earth to a place called the Vica Galaxy by an alien called "Lord Zedd" who locks the wormhole to the Vica Galaxy.

Episode 36: Catboy and the Jewel of Maru: On Día de los Muertos in Avalor, Jaquin Boy accidentally opens a portal that takes him and Elena to the Spirit World where they meet the ghost of his ancestor, the wizard of Maru, Amaláy, who watc

Episode 37: Abriche the Zombat: When the Power Rangers DJC meet a zombat, they must trust him to defeat a monster named "Psychotick".

Episode 38: Night of the Living Puppet: Greg buys an antique puppet from the old antique shop, but at night, strange things begin to happen to the Disney Junior Club as they disappear and all that's left are lifeless puppet versions of themselves, and Greg fears that he might be next unless he and his two remaining friends, Miles and Kwazii, stop the evil puppet and break the spell.

Episode 39: Atlantic: Drowsy Hollow:

Episode 40: Goldie, Bear, and the Honey Bear:

Episode 41: The Opal Pony:

Episode 42: Sofia's Apprentice: Sofia decides to make Vampirina her apprentice so she can help her learn how to make magical creature power disks for the pirate pals' power suits, but Sofia begins to wonder if she really is ready for an apprentice.

Episode 43: Crystal Animal Sitting: Sofia is in charge of watching the Cures' crystal animals and taking care of them while the Cures are on a busy day selling sweets at the KIRAKIRA Patisserie.

Episode 44: Dining With Dampires: The PJ Masks are invited to have a picnic with the damp vampire bats of the Fantasy Forest called Dampires, but when Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos are here to capture the Dampires, the PJ Masks must stop them and save the Dampires.

Episode 45: The Condition of Animals and Robots: While the Power Rangers DJC are fighting a monster named “Dreadhead”, a robot named “Tiki” makes friends with the PJ Masks and the Lion Guard.

Episode 46: Miraculous: Tales of Miles-Bug and Cassie Noir: Miles and Cassie both secretly write stories about Ladybug and Cat Noir versions of themselves saving the day and stopping akumatized villains, and accidentally start publishing books which makes them famous, but when an akumatized villain named Stopwatch appears to freeze time on everyone and claim the Miraculouses, the real Ladybug and Cat Noir come to help them save the day.

Episode 47: The Octonauts and the Ghostly Guide:

Episode 48: Gekko’s Chocolate Calamity: With National Chocolate Day coming tomorrow, Gekko is determined to make the perfect chocolate sculpture but not when the other chocolate sculptures are stolen by Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos so they can make their own giant chocolate sculpture.

Episode 49: Bunga and Makini: Ever since Makini has met the Lion Guard, Bunga has been acting funnily strange around her. Even Kion understands his problem.

Episode 50: Behold the Almighty Powermid!:

Episode 51: Clone Alone: After finally working up the courage, Vandar finally asks Rai on an official date. However, without thinking, he schedules it on the same night he was supposed to have a sleepover at Fuli’s cave, and, to make matters worse, he also scheduled for Makini to come over his house for a sleepover. Unable to say no to any one of these, Van tries to find a way to fulfill all three things that night, which prompts Van to go to Sofia in search of a cloning spell to make two more of him, but when the clones decide not to cooperate, Van and Sofia have to round them all up and Van has to make sure not to get any of the girls suspicious while doing so. It'll be a night to remember.

Episode 52: (Movie) Lord Arcanon: A Power Rangers DJC Movie: When Vrak teams up with a mysterious alien named "Lord Arcanon", the Power Rangers DJC must find a way to stop them.

Episode 53: Owlette and Gekko's Search For the Jack 'o' Lanturtle: Owlette and Gekko search for a jack 'o' lantern themed turtle called a Jack 'O' Lanturtle, but Ursula plans to ruin Halloween by trying to capture the Jack 'o' Lanturtle unless they work together to defend it.

Episode 54: Negatite In My Pocket: On their stay in Starland, Lady Rancora sneaks some negatite on the Zenith which causes Mission Force One to fight and argue with each other. Now the robot pets, who are immune to the negatite, must work together to get rid of the negatite and bring the team back together.

Episode 55: Atlantic: The Octonauts and the Enchanted Seashell Necklace: Kwazii and the Octonauts must help Sofia and Chrysta find Ursula's seashell necklace before Prisma and Twitch the shapeshifter does.

Episode 56: Don't Judge Bibury By Her Sweet Face!: The Disney Junior Club must learn to not judge quickly when Bibury comes with the Cures for a visit to Disney Junior Town to save more Kirakirau from being stolen away from the sweets.

Episode 57: (One Hour Special) Wanted: Tresnag and Drill Horn: Tresnag and Drill Horn have a plan to impress Vrak by destroying the Power Rangers DJC and taking over the entire world.

Episode 58: Enchantimals: Sofia goes into the Enchanted Forest to have a relaxing picnic with Clover, Mia, Robin, and Whatnaught. There, they meet some animal-like humans who call themselves Enchantimals.

Episode 59: Signs of Spring:

Episode 60: Attack of the Chihuacabra!Something is out in the Fantasy Forest, and it's scaring the wits out of all the magical animals, until the gang discovers that it's a Chihuacabra which may be scary at first, but is actually very friendly and loves to dress up.

Season 24 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: A Massive Return of a Mechanical Professor: Professor Cog makes a secret surprise return and is determined to destroy the Disney Junior Club if they or not are the Power Rangers DJC.

Episode 2: Crustor: When a monster named "Crustor" captures the Power Rangers DJC'S zords, they must find him and get them back.

Episode 3: Owlette and the Fey Foal: When Luna Girl plans to capture a fairy pony called a Fey Foal, Owlette and the boys must stop her and her moths from setting up moon traps for it to keep it all to herself.

Episode 4: The Octonauts and the Season Fairies: While the Disney Junior Club and the Octonauts are having a November picnic in the Fantasy Forest, Captain Hook accidentally messed with the four seasons after stealing the Seasons Wheel, and with the help of the season fairies, the gang might just be able to get it back!

Episode 5: Royal Ram: Sofia and Clover come across a ram called a Chrysantheram while collecting flower petals in the Fantasy Forest.

Episode 6: Meet the Royal Fairies: The Disney Junior Club are invited by the Fairy King and Fairy Queen's royal ball in the Fantasy Forest, but when the Descendants' parents show up to ruin the ball by stealing the king's pendants and the queen’s crowns and scattering them all over the Fantasy Forest, the gang must find them before they're lost forever!

Episode 7: The Slash of Robtish: Captain Drake summons a fearless monster named "Robtish" to cut some of the skins of the Power Rangers DJC, temporarily paralyzing them.

Episode 8: Catboy's Father Trouble: While Connor tries to deal with his issues at school and at home, the PJ Masks must overcome Romeo's new static forcefield, which they might never break through unless Catboy overcomes his frustration.

Episode 9: Owlette and the Topaz Pony:

Episode 10: The Toxic Mutants: When Disney’s Most Dangerous Villains discover two monsters rising from a puddle of toxic sludge, Vrak sees the opportunity for them to join him.

Episode 11: The Keys to Our Hearts: When Lady Rancora plans to infect all the Wishlings on Wishworld (Earth) with her negative energy, Kwazii, Sofia, Captain Jake, Connor/Catboy, Sheriff Callie, Miles, and Doc learn that they must use their magic keys to help their friends break free of their negativity.

Episode 12: A Cold Crowvember Night!On a cold November night, a crowvember flies into the the Fantasy Forest and samples sap from every type of tree, but this year, someone has kidnapped the crowvember and it's up to the PJ Masks to find the villain and save the crowvember.

Episode 13: Gekko and the AutumothWhen the Pixie Dust Tree is clogged up by a boulder, Gekko gets an idea to get an autumn-themed moth called an Autumoth to make more pixie dust out of the autumn leaves it collects, but Luna Girl has plans to capture the Autumoth and force it to make pixie dust for herself.

Episode 14: Silly Little Rolly:

Episode 15: Catboy and the Forest CatLucky befriends a forest cat while walking in the Fantasy Forest with Connor on a cold November day.

Episode 16: Night Ninja and Sear Khan: Night Ninja's father Chaos Khan gives his son a baby sear khan for his birthday and with his new sidekick by his side, the Ninjalinos soon become jealous of their leader's new pet.

Episode 17: Hisser: Ever since Bigs and Bluefur joined Vrak, Arachnitor, and Disney’s Most Dangerous Villains, everything has just gotten a little slippery for the Power Rangers DJC.

Episode 18: The Zombat Factor: When the returning Abriche asks the Power Rangers DJC for help, they must choose to side with themselves or their friends.

Episode 19: Stingrage: When Romeo continues failing Vrak, Negaduck takes his turn to rise at the occasion by summoning a monster called “Stingrage” to help them defeat the Power Rangers DJC.

Episode 20: Catboy and the Three Little Jaquins: While Elena and the grown up jaquins are off looking for Victor and Carla, Connor helps Isabel babysit her new baby jaquin friends, Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella, but when Victor and Carla sneak into the palace and try to steal the Avalorian jewels, Catboy transforms into Jaquin Boy and with the little jaquins and Isabel’s help, they’ll work together to stop the evil duo and save the jewels.

Episode 21: Hartwood and Harvest Horn:

Episode 22: There’s Porcuplenty More Where That Came From!: Sofia helps her family feed an entire apartment full of homeless and hungry people, but when there is not enough food for everyone, they get help from a fruity looking porcupine called a Porcuplenty.

Episode 23: Chilly Zack’s New Pets!: While snowboarding with his friends at Ch-Ch-Chilly Valley, Chilly Zack meets a Roarfrost and a Snowy Owl who become his new pets, but Chilly Zack’s uncle, Shiver Jack, wants to keep his nephew’s new pets for himself and turn them into his minions.

Episode 24: Spellbinder: A crow-like magic-themed monster forcibly puts Vandar, Rai, and Jin under Vrak's control, meaning the Power Rangers DJC must save them.

Episode 25: Owlette and the All Seeing Eye Necklace:

Episode 26: Atlantic: Eyes of the Glitter Gorgon: Kwazii and his friends meet a beautiful Glitter Gorgon, who has the power to give anyone or anything a glittery makeover when someone stares into her eyes, but when Ursula kidnaps the Glitter Gorgon to find out it’s secret, Atlantic Kwazii comes to the rescue once again.

Episode 27: (First One Hour Part Special) Cosmo Royale: Part 1: There’s an all new bad guy in town and his name is “Cosmo Royale”! Can the Power Rangers DJC find a way to defeat him?

Episode 28: (Second One Hour Part Special) Cosmo Royale: Part 2: Cosmo Royale has taken over the world and everyone is his prisoner. Will the Power and Dive Rangers stop him?

Episode 29: (One Hour Special) Snide Has Returned: Snide is back with a devious and stronger way to destroy both the world and the Power Rangers DJC.

Episode 30: The Pizza Delivery Kids: Gekko and Bunga go a on a crazy/wild/mayhem-like pizza delivery adventure.

Episode 31: (Movie) Heisei Riders Forever!: A new evil comes to Disney Junior Town from an alternate dimension: the Smash. Luckily, new heroes have also come from that dimension too: Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Cross-Z aka Sento and Ryuga. However, the Smash is only the beginning! As the metal links combine with the Smash, Vandar must learn how to use the powers of past Kamen Riders and fight alongside Build and Cross-Z to defeat this evil that threatens everything!

Episode 32: Squirrel Away: The Disney Junior Club help their new friends called Squirrel Aways prepare collect apples and acorns before the end of autumn.

Episode 33: Owlette and the Harvest Loon: Luna Girl plans to kidnap a harvest moon-themed loon called a Harvest Loon, and unless Owlette stops her, the Harvest Loon will not show up at night and spread it's beautiful light in the sky!

Episode 34: My Friend Rita: Naomi and Rita seem to be getting along quickly right now since Rita arrived in Avalor, but with his Maruvian powers, Connor is becoming more suspicious about Naomi and Elena's new best friend.

Episode 35: Atlantic: The Octonauts and the Pomtumn: The Vegimals come across a pomtumn while helping the Octonauts prepare for the end of Autumn. Soon, they learn that their new friend has to leave until next year, so Tunip tries to make everything look like autumn again so the pomtumn doesn't leave.

Episode 36: Shop Til You Drop!: It's Black Friday in Disney Junior Town, and everyone has been saving their money for new and shiny things that are fifty percent off, but when their greed gets into their heads, Peso, Greg, and Sofia try to help their friends learn that sometimes friends are more important than new things.

Episode 37: Gold Digger: Spellbinder summons a friend of his called “Gold Digger” for Disney’s Most Dangerous Villains.

Episode 38: Scrapper: While looking in a monster history book, Romeo summons one named “Scrapper”.

Episode 39: Skylar Hits Back!: After being fed up of Luna and Migs physically hitting him for saying stuff that he is not suppose to say, Skylar lets Lady Rancora infect him with negative energy to get revenge on his friends and show them what it’s like to be physically hurt. Not unless Jaquin Boy and Elena help Skylar break free from his negativity.

Episode 40: How To Be a Tomboyish Tomboy In Just 10 Days: When Amaya fears that her girly side is taking over her tomboyish side, she tries to make herself more of a tomboy than a girly girl by playing more sports and doing boy stuff.

Episode 41: Catgirl's Return: When Catboy turns himself into Catgirl again to investigate Romeo, Gekko, Owlette, and Fish Boy become very suspicious about their friend's disappearance and believe that Catboy is going rogue against them.

Episode 42: In a Wintery Heartbeat: When winter seems to come early to Disney Junior Town, the Disney Junior Club, the Star Darlings, and Mission Force One decide to spend their four day weekend at the grand opening of the winter carnival. Then, Miles and Cassie’s relationship begins to grow as they become really more close together again.

Episode 43: Catboy and the Ultimate Macaron Mashup!: Catboy puts his macaron making skills to the test when he and Sage have to make two thousand macarons for Romeo’s parents’ anniversary party.

Episode 44: Catboy and Kwazii Meet the Caracaroler: Catboy and Kwazii work on a new Christmas song this year, but they can't make out the lyrics. That is, until the meet a beautiful singing caracal called a Caracarol who helps them make the perfect Christmas song.

Episode 45: Here Comes Santa Paws: The Descendants must prove to a new Fantasy Forest Christmas animal called a Santa Paws that they can be nice and not naughty this Christmas by helping him and their friends deliver presents to everyone.

Episode 46: Where Wonders the Abominabull: Libby and Gemma come across a snow bull on the mountain tops called an Abominabull, whom they thought is harmful according to the rumors, but they soon learn that the Abominabull is just as friendly and warm as he looks.

Episode 47: Happy Holidays, From Mal and the Festive Foal: On Christmas Eve, Mal doesn't feel like in the Christmas spirits today, so her friends decide to help her find her Christmas spirit by introducing her to a winter foal called a Festive Foal.

Episode 48: FaLaLaLamb!: When Evie's mom, the Evil Queen, grows tired of the Christmas carols, she steals the Christmas music so there will not be any joy this season. Now Evie and her new friend, a FaLaLaLamb, must work together to bring the music back before it's too late!

Episode 49: Thanks For the Holiday Memories, Glitzen: A glitzen helps Santa Paws deliver presents to everyone this holiday season and spreading good holiday memories, but when Santa Paws goes missing, the glitzen needs the help of the Disney Junior Club to find him beofre Christmas starts.

Episode 50: The Scent of the Candy Mane: Sofia ventures into the Fantasy Forest to find and take a picture of the evergreen smelling creature called a Candy Mane.

Episode 51: The Wassail Wren Sings On!: On a Wassailia season in Enchancia, Sofia and her friends comes across a beautiful singing wren called a Wassail Wren.

Episode 52: Heximas: A Power Rangers DJC Christmas: A Christmas-themed monster named "Heximas" has stolen everyone's presents and has given them to Disney's Most Dangerous Villains, believing they are not naughty this year.

Episode 53: Mission Force Once Upon a Time: Malison steals a magic storybook and traps each and every one of the Mission Force One and their pets into different fairytales. Now the only way to get out and stop her is for the team to survive their stories and live happily ever after before it’s too late for them and the universe will live unhappily ever after if Commander Nemex takes it over!

Episode 54: Gekko Pug-sits: Gekko is in charge of taking care of Bingo and Rolly while Bob and Hissy are away, but when Luna Girl starts making trouble again, Gekko and the PJ Masks will need the help of their two pug friends.

Episode 55: The Octonauts and the Turquoise Pony: The Octonauts and their friends examine a herd of beautiful turquoise ponies, but are interrupted by Ursula who plans to capture the herd and mind control them, unless the gang finds a way to keep them safe.

Episode 56: Spell Digger: Vrak combines Spellbinder and Gold Digger into one monster he calls "Spell Digger".

Episode 57: Mystery of the North Pole Zinguins?: The Disney Junior Club hear from DJC Kid Julia that there are zinguins in the Arctic, where the magic birds aren't supposed to be. The team must investigate this mystery and get the "lost" zinguins back to where they belong.

Episode 58: The King Mutants: Bigs and Bluefur plan to use the Big Aurora Box of Bad to cover the Earth in the toxic sludge they were born in.

Episode 59: Jingle Bells: The Disney Junior Club must help a Jingle Wings find her friends, the Ringtail, and the Bobtailed Bay before Christmas Day tomorrow.

Season 25 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: The Fairy Godmother Academy: Sofia is sent to Fairy Godmother Academy when Disney Junior Elementary School is hosting an exchange program. There, she learns about how to be a fairy godmother and meets some new friends who are training to be fairy godmothers.

Episode 2: Election Force One: Loretta and Mirandos' friendship is put to the test when they decide to run for class president, but they are thrown into discord when Vivica puts negatite in the girls' cupcakes and a war erupts in the school, unless the Mission Force One boys and the Disney Junior Club put a stop to this.

Episode 3: Grendel’s Revenge:

Episode 4: The Octonauts and the Mistletoed Sloth:

Episode 5: Badussa: A monster named “Badussa” turns its victims into stone.

​Episode 6: Cat O' Clock:

​Episode 7: Vrak's Moment: Part 1 "The Beginning Chapter": Vrak decides to take on the Power Rangers DJC and hopefully thinks it will be the last time he will ever see them.

​Episode 8: Vrak's Moment: Part 2 "The Middle Chapter": When the Power Rangers DJC have been imprisoned by Vrak, it’s up to the PJ Masks and the Lion Guard to save them from him.

​Episode 9: Vrak's Moment: Part 3 "The Ending Chapter": After destroying the Big Aurora Box of Bad, the Power Rangers DJC must defeat Vrak before he destroys the world.

Episode 10: Confetti of the Confetti Yeti: Captain Jake, Miles, and Doc get help from the legendary Confetti Yeti when they need decorations for Disney Junior Town’s annual Hanukkah party.

Episode 11: Captain Hook’s Magical Creature Power Suit: While Sofia is still at the Fairy Godmother Academy, Captain Jake and Kwazii help Captain Hook and his crew learn how to use their own magical creature power suits, but Kwazii thinks that Hook and his crew might use them for evil so he decides to not help Captain Jake help them.

Episode 12: Something Is Shaking Shape-topia!: Shape-topia is in trouble when an earthquake starts to shake it up, and only the PJ Masks and their shapeshifting pets can help save the city and find out who is making the earthquake before it falls apart.

Episode 13: Welcome Back, Sofia!: Now that Sofia is returning from the Fairy Godmother Academy, Kwazii and Captain Jake decide to throw her a surprise party in honor of their friend’s return to Disney Junior Island.

Episode 14: Team Strickler: When Snide takes over Disney Junior Island’s volcano, things are getting too rough and complicated for the Power Rangers DJC.

Episode 15: Captain Chiloya’s New Crewmates: Kwazii, Elena, Connor, Sofia, and Captain Jake are stranded at sea, until an enchanted ship rescues them and Elena tries to warn her friends about it, but they just won’t listen as they are only having a party of the lifetime.

Episode 16: Atlantic: Catboy and the Great Typhoon Tiger Rescue!: Catboy and his friends help the Octonauts do some research on the typhoon tigers, while Catboy reunites with his old friend, Ty, who is now a grown up Typhoon Tiger, but when the reunion is interrupted by Morgana, Catboy and Ty must dive in to save the Typhoon Tigers and the day.

Episode 17: Nasira Returns: Jay’s aunt Nasira comes to visit Disney Junior Island, much to Jay’s dismay as he tries to make everything feel like home to her, but things don’t go as planned for Jay and now he and his friends must stop Nasira before her evil spell takes over the whole island.

Episode 18: The Octonauts and the Return of the Red Urchins: Shellington wants to make his family proud by eating red urchins when the red urchins return to the kelp forest, but the only problem is that he is allergic to red urchins, so he asks Kwazii’s help to magic up a spell that will make him non-allergic to urchins.

Episode 19: The Nightmare Man's Brother: The Nightmare Man's brother, the Darkness King, appears and is willing to destroy the Disney Junior Club for what they've did to the Nightmare Man himself.

Episode 20: Gemma’s Gingerbread Buddy: Gemma adopts a baby ginger red fox after saving it from some hungry frostfangs and decides to make it her new pet while trying to help her sister, Tessa, bake some gingerbread cookies.

Episode 21: Kwazii’s Secret Wish: When Kwazii is given a secret wish, he must decide whether to set sail with his grandfather, Calico Jack, or stay with the Octonauts and his other friends and use his wish for some other thing.

Episode 22: Upside Down Disney Junior Town: Connor ignores his parents' warning about making enchanted food for his friends when he bakes up a delicious but deadly cake for the ancestral food festival that turns anyone's personalities upside down whenever they eat it.

Episode 23: The Octonauts and the Snow Ball: The Octonauts and their friends are invited to Snow White's Snow Ball this year, but Captain Hook and his crew plan to ruin the ball unless Kwazii and Captain Jake and his crew find a way to stop them.

Episode 24: Natquik's Birthday: Captain Barnacles and his crew are invited to a special birthday party hosted by their friend, Professor Natquik.

Episode 25: Merry Christmas, Descendants!: Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos try to prove to Santa Claus that they are nice and not naughty by being his elves for a day.

Episode 26: A Sting To Remember:

Episode 27: (Movie) Adventures From the Heart: When Kwazii and the Octonauts aren’t home, Captain Jake, Gekko, and Bunga come in to find their journal.

Episode 28: Duplicon:

Episode 29: Kwazii's Titano Power Ranger Mode: Snide sends a gang of monsters to control the Power Rangers DJC, meaning it’s up to Kwazii to save them.

Episode 30: Teaching a Hero a Lesson the Hard Way:

Episode 31: Jubilant Jagustar:

Episode 32: Sweet Sidekicks (Part 1): When a Nog Hog is in trouble, Kwazii and Captain Jake must use their magical creature power suits to save it before it’s too late.

Episode 33: Sweet Sidekicks (Part 2):

Episode 34: A Story About the Dark and Light Rangers: When the Power Rangers DJC see that someone has been taking care of the monsters, they wonder if the attackers are on their or the villains’ side.

Episode 35: Then Came Trouble a Bubble:

Episode 36: Missing Tragedy:

Episode 37: A World Made Out of Darkness:

Episode 38:

Episode 39:

Episode 40:

Episode 41:

Episode 42:

Episode 43:

Episode 44:

Episode 45:

Episode 46:

Episode 47:

Season 26 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Haruna's Secret Valentine: Miles, Loretta, MERC, and Blodger believe that Haruna and Mirandos are perfect for each other, and they try to make their date with each other a perfect day, but not when Gadfly Garnet is on the loose again!

Episode 2: Lovesick Loretta: Miles and MERC try to help Loretta find her 'prince charming' when she becomes lonely and lovesick.

Episode 3: Sweet Hearts: A new candy called a Sweet Heart comes out at the Disney Junior Town Candy Factory, and it seems that love is in the air when everyone starts eating them and falling over heels in love with each other.

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

Episode 17:

Episode 18:

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