Fantasy Forest Derby is the 35th episode of Season 12. 
Scarlet and Crimson in the race

Summary Edit

Sofia, Evie, Amaya, Vivian, and Scarlet enter the Fantasy Forest derby to ride the Maid Mareian, Jewel the Bead Steed, a peony pony, a matripony, skeletal steed, and a pyro pony, but Captain Hook has also decided to enter the race and as usual, cheat so he can steal the prize!

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Fantasy Forest were Evie and Scarlet are racing with each other by riding on the backs of Jewel the Bead Steed and Crimson the Skeletal Steed. While they were racing, Sofia was with Amaya, Vivian, and Kwazii who are feeding the other magical ponies and steed's of the Fantasy Forest. Just then, Captain Hook and his crew appear as Mr. Smee asks the girls how things were going with the animals and Amaya tells him that they're doing great taking good care of them. Scarlet, still riding on Crimson the Skeletal Steed, comes over to them and pulls the reins to stop her as she finds that Captain Hook is here, but is not satisfied by his arrival. Scarlet asks what Hook was doing here when Evie and Jewel stop by and tells her that he and his crew are just checking them.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Aqua Wings (to fly above and scan the area)
  • Super Sight (to check if Captain Hook is cheating again)
  • Flower Power (to make a sign that points left so the racers can go around the pit)

Fantasy Forest Animals seen Edit

  • Maid Mareian
  • Bead Steed
  • Peony Pony
  • Matripony
  • Skeletal Steed
  • Pyro Pony

Villain Motives Edit

  • Captain Hook: To cheat in the Fantasy Forest Derby and steal the prize

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