Feliz Navidad In Avalor is the 21st episode of Season 18.

Summary Edit

The Disney Junior Club go back to Avalor to celebrate Navidad with Princess Elena and her friends and family, but when Orizaba and Lady Rancora team up to ruin Navidad, Kwazii, the Star Darlings, Elena, Gekko, and Luna Girl must bring the spirit of Navidad back to the people of Avalor and their friends before Orizaba's eclipse and Rancora's negative energy wreak more havoc to the celebration.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in Avalor where Princess Elena and the citizens of Avalor are preparing for Navidad while Elena is also preparing for her friends arrival from Disney Junior Town. After everything was set, the Disney Junior Club have arrived as the Gup-TD landed on the landing spot of the palace and the gang went out to greet the princess of Avalor. Kwazii gives a bouquet of poinsettias to Elena for the celebration and she thanks him for them as she leads them inside her castle to change into their new Navidad outfits. Then as they all changed into their new clothes, Elena gives each of them the poinsettias to go with them and Kwazii thanks her back before they went to to city square to meet Mateo, Naomi, Elena's grandparents, Isabel, her friend Christina, Esteban, Gabe, Armando, and the jaquins. As the gang and Elena arrived, they greeted each and everyone of the their Avalorian friends and Libby gives them all some Starlandian gifts. Suddenly, they heard a familiar cackle and moth squeaks as Gekko knew who that was; it was Luna Girl and her moths! But they weren't hear to steal any Navidad items for herself, but to celebrate Navidad with her frenemies. Catboy and Owlette were exchanging worried glances, but Elena and Gekko gladly invite Luna Girl and her moths to the Navidad celebration because there is no invitation to any celebration. Luna Girl and her moths then gladly accept it and so everyone began decorating and celebrating! Peso, Luna Girl, Catboy, Gabe, and Isabel wrapped presents; Naomi, Kwazii, Sofia, Izzy, Captain Jake, Cubby, and Skully hung up the decorations with Kwazii used his gemstone glaze and decor dazzle; Captain Barnacles, the Star Darlings, Owlette, Doc, Armando, and Doc’s toys decorated the tree; Mateo, the Descendants, Elena, Gekko, and Sheriff Callie helped light up the candles; and Toby, Peck, Julio, Carmen, Francisco, Luisa, and Christina baked Navidad goodies. However, Luna Girl's moths were sneakily trying to steal the treats and eat them for themselves but Luna, Skylar, and Migs did their best to keep them from eating them.

Meanwhile hiding behind the shadows, Lady Rancora was spying on them preparing Navidad. She then comes up with a plan to ruin their celebration. At the Sun Stone, Lady Rancora uses her negative energy to make an eclipse so Luna Girl's birth mother Orizaba would make her third appearance and listen to her (Lady Rancora's) plan to ruin Navidad. Orizaba agreed and was in at helping Rancora in exchange of helping her get her birth daughter, Luna Girl. After everything was all set for the Navidad celebration, Kwazii lit the last candle then handed it to Jay who sets it on another silver tray with other burning candles.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Star Power
  • Decor Dazzle
  • Gemstone Glaze
  • Flower Power
  • Super Sonic Scream
  • Protection Power
  • Repairing Power
  • Water Pulse
  • Bubble Blast
  • Stretchy Power
  • Super Strength
  • Aqua Wings
  • Magic Sword
  • Circumhorizontal Arc Whip
  • Guiding Light
  • Sparkle Storm
  • Enchanted Fire
  • Snowflake Stars

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