Flight of Valkyrie is the 22nd episode of Season 14. 
Hey! I'm Stuck!

Kwazii in a Valkryie power suit is trapped in Hades' spider web trap!

Summary Edit

On a stormy night, the legendary pegasus named Valkyrie flies in to make it's entrance and Captain Jake and Kwazii want Sofia to make a Valkyrie power disc for them, but when Hades tries to capture him, the gang must take to the sky to save their new friend and stop Hades.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in a stormy evening where in the Octopod, Captain Jake and Kwazii were watching the thunderstorm, almost like they were looking at something way more that the thunder and lightning. Like an armored Pegasus named Valkyrie! The thunderstorm was getting too close so Dashi and Shellington pressed some buttons to bring the Octopod back down to the seafloor for safety just when Captain Jake and Kwazii saw some golden movement as the Octopod went down into the sea.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Magic Arrow (to shoot at the spider web trapping Valkyrie)
  • Super Sight (to spot Valkyrie)
  • Poisonous Claws (to cut the spider web and free himself)

Villain Motives Edit

  • Hades: To capture Valkyrie

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Transcript Edit

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