These are The Future Episodes for season 12. Season 12 come out someday

Future Episode's Edit

The nightmare man Strikes Again!

(Movie) It's A Cameron Christmas!

Greg's Perfect Girlfriend (cancelled)

The Star Hunter Returns

Blind Today

Doc's New Doctor Tool's

The storm

Recap's for Season 11 - Romeo Super computer broke and he Need's to Time traveler back in time to Save his Super computer. but he Totally Go back in time to all Episodes to destroy the past.

Spot and The Underwater long neck dinosaur

When Cute eye's attack

Creepy Treasure Island - Mickey and his friend's go to Treasure island and Found this place is Haunten with Moving suit's

Return Of Peacock Girl - Peacock Girl Return's and Team's Up with the Villain's. It is Up to the PJ Mask's to stop this madness

Candy of the Nightmare

Picture from the teaser trailer Edit

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