It's my job to protect you.
―Gabe to Elena

Lieutenant Gabriel "Gabe" Núñez is a character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series, Elena of Avalor. He is Elena's friend and rising star of the Royal Guard.

Personality Edit

Gabe is very enthusiastic, mature enough, and slightly cocky when it comes to his duties as a Royal Guard. He's very dedicated to his job that he's never shown not working. Because of this, he does not like Elena's take charge approach mostly for the sake of his job. Despite it all, he will put himself in danger for either Elena and/or Isabel without hesitation. It's shown in "Spellbound" he is skeptical of Mateo being appointed Royal Wizard and is not good at riddles. Yet, he proves to be a good friend when he is the first to give Mateo the credit for saving the guests from Fiero's spell. It is revealed in "The Scepter of Light" that he has a tendency to rush into situations to the point where he has poor timing.

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