Ghost Girl is the 39th episode of Season 9.

Summary Edit

While walking home from school in a cemetery, Sofia meets a girl named Charlotte Usher who is actually a ghost.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Sofia waving goodbye to her friends after school. When she left, she decides to take a shortcut to home through the graveyard. Suddenly, Sofia sees a girl sitting on a gravestone but then she disappears as Sofia continues walking home. Just then, something zoomed passed behind her but as Sofia turned, no one was there until when she turned back, Sofia finds herself coming face to face with a ghost girl with messy black hair, white eyes, and a gray dress. Sofia screams and runs away from her but then trips and was about to fall flat on her face when the ghost girl grabs her arm and helped her straighten up. As Sofia dusted her dress, she thanks the ghost and introduces herself. The ghost girl then introduces herself to Sofia as Charlotte Usher, but everyone in Dead Ed class calls her Ghost Girl.

Trivia Edit

  • Charlotte Usher makes her debut in this episode.

Transcript Edit

Sofia (Narrating): Ghost Girl.