Glider is Greg's pet shape-shifting draco lizard and Lionel's best friend.


Appearance Edit

Glider is green and gray with scales on his arms, legs, and his head. He has swirly patterns and goggle-like patterns on his eyes.

Personality Edit

Glider is a happy-go-lucky and carefree high flying draco lizard that loves nothing more than flying and glider. He loves to spend time flying from one place to another and race his friends in a flying race, but what he loves to do is go to school with Greg disguised as a silver bracelet around his wrist.

In the series Edit

In Gekko and the Flying Gekko, Greg meets Glider on an adventure in the jungle. Later at school, Glider disguises himself as a silver bracelet around Greg's wrist and soon starts causing trouble after becoming so excited about seeing the school subjects that it almost got his new owner into detention. Greg gets mad at Glider but soon realizes that he hurt his feelings and he (as Gekko and the rest of the PJ Masks) goes back into the jungle to find and apologize to him.

But while they were searching, it begins to rain and Gekko falls into a river with a strong current. However, Glider shape-shifts into his Gekko form and water walks over to Gekko and saves him.

Abilities Edit

Like Lucky and Snowdrop, Glider can shapeshift into anyone or anything. He can also use his wings to glide or fly anywhere like other draco lizards, and can also change colors, walk on water, and even disguise himself as a silver bracelet.