PJ Masks Greg

Greg is the third and youngest of the PJ Masks.

Personality Edit

Greg can sometimes be competitive when it comes to playing games, but he isn't very good at rhyming (as evidenced in "Speak UP, Gekko!"). When he isn't Gekko, his isn't as strong and that sometimes causes him to doubt himself. This is usually remedied by Connor and Amaya's encouragement. He's also nice, friendly, helpful, somewhat shy, fun, playful, and funny.

Appearance Edit

Greg wears a green sweater with a gecko picture on it and brown pants. His hair is blond.

In his pajamas, Greg can transform into Gekko with scales, a gecko tail, and has a gecko logo on the chest.

In "Girls Will Be Heroes", Greg was turned into his female alter ego made by Romeo's ray, Gregoria. She wears a green blouse with the same lizard print, a brown skirt, and sparkly green flats. Her blond hair is also tied up into pigtails with lizard hair ties.

In "Star Darlings", Greg's green sweater is replaced with a neon green rockstar jacket with a lime green shirt underneath, his starling jeans are white with golden star patterns, and he has matching green sparkly sneakers, and his blond hair becomes lime green with a blond streak. Like his friends, Greg has a star mark on his face, only with a green color and on his wrist is a star wristband that's like Connor's, only it is go green colored.

In "Shape-topia", Greg's outfit is steampunk-styled with a forest green coat with buttons, dark brown pants, black gloves, black steampunk boots, a white scarf around his neck, and silver screw ring goggles on his head.

In "The Griffin Games", Greg wears a green riding coat, gray gloves, brown riding pants, black riding boots, and a lime green riding helmet with a golden griffin crest.

Terra Monsters Edit

Flint the Viperno Edit

The sneeziest Viperno that has the worse cold her ever had. Greg found him in a cold wintery night and took him home to nurse him back to health, but his sneezing caused too many accidents. However, Greg still loves him.

Lizzy the Sootimander Edit

The sassiest and sweetest Sootimander that loves to eat sweets. However, her sugar rush can cause more accidents than Flint's sneezing and the only way to stop her to for Lizzy to drink water.

Coal the Magmeleon Edit

Greg’s only fire type Terra Monster that keeps his cool and will do anything to end a fight. He also likes to get a goodnight sleep, but if he doesn't get enough of it, Coal with get super cranky that he'll burn up anything: wood, papers, even metal and glass.

Trivia Edit

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