Greg Sleds Away! is the 43rd episode of Season 25.


When Captain Hook steals Chilly Zack’s sled and winter treats, Greg must overcome his fears to help his friends and save the sled party.


The episode begins at Pirate Island where Kwazii and his friends are preparing their skis, sleds, and snowboards. Kwazii polished his snowboard just as Pearl asked her Terra Rancher if Chilly Zack’s sled party will be fun this year, as Kwazii said to her that Chilly Zack’s sled party will and is always super fun! Connor and Amaya couldn’t wait to sled down the snowy hill on Chi-Chi Chilly Canyon, and Captain Jake and his crew couldn't wait to eat some of the yummy winter treats after they raced. Izzy arrives and tells everyone that Chilly Zack’s sled party has something for everybody, then asks if everyone was ready to go. Everyone was all set, but Greg looked kind of anxious when Sofia asked him. Looking up at his friend, Greg replies that he doesn’t want to race this year, and Cubby‘s eyes grew wide as he told Greg that he (Greg) loved to race. Turning to Cubby, Greg told him that he did but explains that the last time he raced, he crashed, broke his sled, and ended sliding down the hill on his back. Greg didn’t want to race this year. Luckily, Amaya tells Greg that he doesn’t have to race if he doesn’t want to and Sofia adds that there are other fun things to do at Chilly Zack’s party. Finally, Greg was convinced and decides to go anyways as Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Peso, Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Sofia, Connor, Amaya, and even Greg set off to Chi Chi Chilly Canyon.

At Chi Chi Chilly Canyon in Percy’s Penguin village, Chilly Zack and the penguins were preparing for the sled party. Everything was all set, and just in time too, because Kwazii and his friends have arrived. Chilly Zack, Percy, and the other penguins were fascinated by the Disney Junior Club’s snow gear and they were even into Kwazii’s snowboard that was painted orange with a blue flame with silver lining, and it looked like it was built for speed, which it is! Chilly Zack turns to Greg and asked him if he is ready to race as Greg replies that he has his sled, but he doesn’t feel like sledding. Chilly Zack understands as he told everyone that he made his own sled out of ice and leads his friends to where they will be starting the race. Everyone, except Greg, followed Chilly Zack and the penguins and they were really excited to start racing, but just as Chilly Zack was ready to ride on his sled to start the race, he found that his sled was gone, and as Percy turned to the table, he found that the treats were gone too!

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Super Sight
  • Super Touch
  • Super Smell
  • Clothing Change


  • This episode is based on Sleds Away! from Noonbory and the Super 7.


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