Gregoria is Greg's female alter ego.

Appearance Edit

Gregoria is similar to Greg except that she wears a green blouse with the same lizard logo, a brown skirt, and sparkly green flats. Her blond hair is also tied up into pigtails with lizard hair ties.

Personality Edit

Gregoria is shy, timid, and passive. However, she is also brave and strong and learns that just because she's a girl, doesn't mean she can't be a super hero who loves to save the day.

In the series Edit

When Gekko was trying to get the arts and crafts from Romeo, a metal ball fell onto his foot that his screaming gave himself and Catboy away that Romeo turned them into girls with his Swapper Zapper ray gun. Later in the night, she (as Gekka) and Connia (as Catgirl) helped Owlette and Fish Boy get the ray gun away from Romeo and turn them back into boys again.