The Heart Changer is a finishing move used by Kwazii when using his Humphead Parrotfish Charm from his Ocean Pearl Bracelet.

The Heart Changer not only purifies anyone, but it can also fix broken hearts. It supposedly uses the power of the Humphead Parrotfish charm from Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet, since he is the only one who has the ability to use it.

The phrase goes by "Time to fill that heart with love, matey- Change of Heart!", but only in a battle with a person who's being possessed by an evil spirit in the person's body or in an amulet.

Trivia Edit

  • This finishing move is similar to Amu Hinamori’s Open Heart ability.
    • Like the Open Heart, it can cleanse people’s hearts and can change their crooked hearts by filling/purifying them with love and car/confidence if the person is feeling hopeless.