Hooky-days is the 33rd episode of Disney Junior: The Animated Series.

Summary Edit

When Hook and his pirate crew move into the Octopod to celebrate their holidays, they start to drive Kwazii crazy so Captain Barnacles and Peso decide to help him kick them out by "blowing them away!"

Plot Edit

The episode begins at Starlight Beach where Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, and Peso are playing volleyball. However, Kwazii hits the ball too hard that it was sent flying so he decides to get it, but when Kwazii spots the volleyball and was about to pick it up, he sees the Jolly Roger parked at the water right next to the beach and he asked what it was doing here just when he heard Captain Barnacles and Peso call to him to come back. That’s a mystery Kwazii will have to solve another time, because right now, it’s time for him and his friends to head back to the Octopod. When the three Octonauts arrived back in the Octopod, Peso noticed some luggage in the Launch Bay and says that he didn’t remember that they have guests today as Kwazii agrees and replies that he didn’t remember that either.

Trivia Edit

  • The scene where Captain Hook and his crew are being blown onto the Jolly Roger is similar to the scene of Home Cooked Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy.
  • This is the first time Captain Hook and his crew are in the Octopod.

Transcript Edit

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