Imagi-Goggles is the 21st episode of Season 10.

Summary Edit

Aunt Tilly gives Sofia a pair of special goggles to help her see and hear invisible creatures that are causing mischief everywhere. 

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Secret Library where Sofia has yet again completed another story and has given it a happy ending like the rest of the other books. After it returns to it's shelf, Aunt Tilly tells her step niece that she has a surprise for her as she pulls something out of her bag. It was a pair of goggles, only they were very special and very beautiful! And it had a pink feather!

Later in her bedroom, Sofia was examining her new goggles and puts the on. Suddenly, she sees some movement zooming into her room. Taking her goggles off, Sofia tries to find the strange flash but she didn't see it so she puts her goggles back on. Again, she saw the flash that went up to her reading nook and it stood there just long enough for Sofia to run over and grab it! Inside her palms, the creature squirmed and cried for her to let it go so Sofia let go of the creature and gave it time to relax.

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

Sofia (Narrating): Imagi-Goggles.

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