Jaquin Boy is Catboy's Key of Magic transformation. He made his first appearance in Catboy's Magic Key (Part 2), then made his second appearance in Catboy's Jaquin Power, and made his third appearance in Catboy and the Realm of the Jaquins.
Jaquin Boy

Jaquin Boy!

Appearance Edit

Jaquin Boy looks a little bit like Catboy with the same colors and lightning bolt shaped stripes, only he resembles the jaquin, a creature of Avalor.

He has blue wings with light blue feathers, small rounded ears, a blue tail with light blue feathers at the end, his chest is light blue with the same cat logo, and his hands and feet are like blue light his belly.


Super Jaquin Wings: Powerful jaquin wings that allows Catboy to fly.

Super Jaquin Dash: An aerial dash attack that allows Catboy to dash right into his enemies.

Super Jaquin Tail Whip: A long tail that Catboy uses as a whip to whack his opponents.

Super Jaquin Sprint: Like his super cat jump and leap, this move can help Catboy sprint super high. High enough to even touch the moon and stars.

Jaquin Wing WindLike Owlette's owl wing wind, Catboy can use this power to make powerful wind with his jaquin wings so he can blow away his opponents.

Super Jaquin MusclesLike Gekko's super gecko muscles, Catboy can lift heavy things or smash through rock, metal, wood, and other solid things.

Super Jaquin Speed: Like his super cat speed, it can make Catboy run or fly super fast, only it makes him thirty times more faster.

Avalor MagicUnlike Mateo who uses a tamborita to cast magic spells, Catboy can cast spells by clapping his hands together or snapping his fingers.

Super Jaquin Feathers: Like Owlette’s super owl feathers power, Catboy can send a storm of feathers.

Super Jaquin Roar: A powerful supersonic roar that is like Kion’s Roar of the Elders and Cure Gelato’s roar.

Super Jaquin Claws: Sharp, strong, and magical claws made out of Catboy’s Maruvian magic that can cut, slice, and dice anything into pieces.

Super Jaquin Fangs: Sharp, strong, and indestructible fangs that can make Catboy bite through anything, like vines, trees, and even stone.