Kion's Crocodile Friends is the 21st episode of Season 21.

Summary Edit

Makuu's nephews Baako and Sanaa come to visit him, he tells them about the Lion Guard, so Baako decides that they should capture them for Makuu, but then they find they're really nice.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Makuu and his float swimming around the Flood Plains. Just his nephews came swimming in.

Time Cards Edit

  • Two Minutes Later
  • Meanwhile
  • Fifteen Seconds Later

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the debut of Baako and Sanaa.
  • When Baako and Sanaa tell the Lion Guard that they're mudskuteers, the word may almost sound like Musketeers.
  • Although Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu made an appearance in the song "Zuka Zuma", they made a cameo in the episode.
  • One scene was a parody to the waterfall scene in "The Emperor's New Groove".

Transcript Edit

To see the transcript of this episode, click here

Kion (Narrating): Kion's Crocodile Friends.

Makuu: (sighs) There's nothing like swimming in the Flood Plains to make a croc feel relaxed.

Baako and Sanaa: Uncle Makuu! Uncle Makuu! Look what we've got.

Makuu: Baako? Sanaa? I thought I told you two to enjoy yourselves.

Baako: You did. About 20 times.

Sanaa: But we have been practicing our hunting skills. Look. We've caught a lot of fish from Big Springs.

Makuu: Hmm. Pretty nice.

Baako: We know, and guess what? I've been practicing your favorite move, "The Triple Air Flip Pounce."

Makuu: Ho ho. Now that's my nephew a young crocodile who understands everything about me.

Baako: Thanks, Uncle Makuu.

Makuu: You know. Maybe someday you'll grow up, to take down the Lion Guard.

Sanaa: Those five animals you told us about.

Baako: Wow. I think that pesky guard won't stand a chance against us.

Makuu: Yeah. I love it when you love me Baako. Now run along, and enjoy yourselves.

Baako: But Uncle, all I wanted to do is help you.

Crocodile: Don't worry about him guys. He's always a little impatient.

Sanaa: I don't know what the big deal was.

Baako: I know. Wait.

Sanaa: What?

Baako: I bet, just maybe, if we capture the Lion Guard, then he'll be really really proud of us.

Sanaa: That sounds like a bad idea, but loads of fun.

Baako: Look out Lion Guard!

Sanaa: we're coming for you!

2 Minutes Later

Baako: See? This is perfect. When those pesky animals come, we'll trap them with this rockslide.

Sanaa: I suppose that could work.

Baako: Sanaa, you always think "suppose" is the answer for everything.

Sanaa: I do not.

Baako: Do so.

Sanaa: Do not.

Baako: Do so.

(Rocks crumbling)

Sanaa: Uh oh.

Baako: Don't tell me. The trap cannot hold us.

Sanaa: Yup.

Baako: Shall we scream and yell for help?

Sanaa: Most likely, yes.

Baako: Bring it on.


Baako and Sanaa: (screaming and yelling for help)


Bunga: There's nothing like a relaxing day in the sun.

Ono: Guys! I just spotted something.

Kion: What is it, Ono?

Ono: Two animals in trouble.

Kion: Let's go!

15 Seconds Later

Ono: They're heading straight for the canyon's edge.

Kion: Beshte, block their path.

Beshte: On it. Twende Kiboko!

(Mud splash)

Both: Oof!

Kion: Keep steady, Beshte. Fuli, we'll grab the big one. Bunga, you and Ono help the smaller one.

Ono: It's ok little guys.

Bunga: Wow. You're pretty wide, for a... Uhh, whatever you are.

Fuli: That was close.

Kion: Are you two ok?

Sanaa: Yikes! Stay back, don't hurt us. You're... You're...

Beshte: The Lion Guard? It's ok, we're friends to other animals.

Kion: I'm Kion, and these are my friends Bunga, Fuli, Ono, and Beshte.

Baako: Oh. Well in that case, my name is Baako, and this is my brother Sanaa, and we are cro... (muffling)

Sanaa: Don't mind him. He makes mistakes when he's talking sometimes. What he's trying to say is we are mudskuteers.

Baako: Cause... we like the mud.

Ono: Uh, okay?

Bunga: You two look kinda fun. Let me show how to do it Zuka Zuma style.

Baako: Umm, sure. Only...

Sanaa: What is Zuka Zuma?

Bunga: What's Zuka Zuma?! Why it's the best thing ever for goodness sake! Let me sing it for you.

Zuka Zuma song

Chorus: Zuka Zuma zom zom zom! x2

Bunga: Life's exciting, life is fun.

Chrous: Zuka Zuma zom zom zom!

Kion: A big adventure for everyone!

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