Kupatana Catastrophe! is the 28th episode of Season 12.

Summary Edit

Connor and his friends are invited to the Kupatana Celebration in the Pride Lands, but when Connor invites the jackals, he doesn't realize that they have returned to wreck havoc again!

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Zazu is conducting a test run of the Kupatana Celebration song in preparation for Kupatana, with Basi, Mbuni, Muhanga, Twiga and an elephant as the line up. Mbuni fluffs up her words, and Zazu is quick to correct her before they continue. Nearby, Connor, Amaya, Greg, Kwazii, Sofia, Miles, Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully are enjoying listening to the song as Connor compliments Beshte's father on his performance, to which Beshte is appreciative of and Amaya thanks Connor for letting her and the others come with him for the celebration. The Lion Guard and the Disney Junior Club are both excited for the upcoming Kupatana, and Fuli hopes that the day will go smoothly than last year's Kupatana.

Just then, Connor and Kwazii both perk up to hear an animal crying in the distance shatters her hopes, and Ono flies up and sees a jackal pup in the Outlands being chased by Janja's Clan. Connor claims that they should go and help the jackal pup but Fuli runs and stops in front of him, then tells him to just leave the jackal pup alone as Connor asks why. Walking up to him, Kion explains about the last time he and the Lion Guard helped the jackal pup, who was named Dogo, his whole family came stealing food from the Pride Land animals and almost ruining last year's Kupatana, but shaking his head in disbelief, Connor decides to save the jackal pup by himself as he walked pasted Fuli and went to the Outlands before any of his friends could stop him, but he was already gone and going!

Janja and his clan corner Dogo, who merely smiles sweetly towards them. Janja reveals that he's already chased him out of his home twice, and that it was time to make an example of him. But just then, Connor enters and pins Janja to the ground, who is agitated at the boy's intrusion. When Connor reveals that it is Kupatana from a distance, Janja becomes excited, and gladly allows Connor to save Dogo, willingly returning to the Outlands since Connor was doing them a 'favor'.

Connor is confused, but Dogo is excited about being rescued. When questioned over his family, he claims to be alone, and asks if he can return to the Pride Lands with him, where he would be safe. Connor agrees, even though he thinks that his friends might have extreme doubts, especially if Kion will ultimately kick him out of the Kupatana festival if he finds out that he (Connor) had brought a jackal pup in.

After they left the Outlands, Connor let Dogo stay on a hillside, whilst he goes back to meet up with his friends. Almost as soon as he left, Dogo's mother Reirei and her mate Goigoi join him. Her mate seems impatient for the Kupatana festival, though Reirei is more interested in making herself at home.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Super Hearing

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

Connor (Narrating): Kupatana Catastrophe!

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