Kwazii Loses His Cool is the 14th episode of Season 5.


After falling off a branch and crashing onto the ground in the jungle while jumping, swinging, and climbing with Jake, Kwazii loses his flexibility and balance, and must need physical therapy and stretching.


The episode starts with Kwazii and Jake racing each other by swinging from vine to vine and jumping from branch to branch. Kwazii wins and Jake loses while he catches his breath. After the race in the trees, Jake says that he thought they were bird watching for exotic tropical birds and they are but Kwazii explains that they are only instead of standing around looking at birds with binoculars, they just move from tree to tree and chase after the bird they're watching when a toucan lands on Kwazii's head and Jake notices it as it flies off and Kwazii decides to give chase while Jake took out his video camera to record a video.

Meanwhile in the Octopod, the Octonauts are enjoying watching Jake's video and Captain Barnacles and Peso decide to go out to the jungle to see Kwazii's cool climbing moves and swinging. Kwazii then shows off his climbing skills to Jake who is still recording him with his camera. He goes after the toucan, but at one point he fails to make it to another tree and falls into a pile of leaves. Jake saw Kwazii crash and swings on a vine down right next to him and pulls him out of the ground while Kwazii was dizzy, Peso suggests that they should bring Kwazii back to the Octopod sick bay to help him.



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