A transcript of Season 2, Kwazii and Dina’s Treasure Adventure!.

Kwazii and dina s treasure adventure by cmanuel1-d592ovv

Transcript #1

Kwazii (Narrating): Kwazii and Dina’s Treasure Adventure!

(Kwazii and Dina are having their rematch.)

Transcript #2

Kwazii: It’s a treasure map for the Hidden Treasure of the Lost Coral City.

Dina: Cool. Should we follow this and find the treasure?

Kwazii: That sounds like a good idea. Let’s do it!

(Kwazii jumps back in the Gup B and he and Dina start their journey. They follow the map up to a very dark cave and Kwazii pulls out a flashlight. The entrance is too small for the Gup B, so they leave it. While in the cave, they run into a three-headed monster who starts chasing them. After escaping the cave, they run to a blockage. The blockage prevents the monster from getting in.)

Dina: Phew! That was too close to confront.

Kwazii: Aye, matey.

(The two notice a temple in the distance and the map says they must reach it.)