This article focuses on the relationship between Sofia the First and Kwazii Cat.

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Although he is too old for her, Kwazii had been in love with Sofia since Season 2, but he doesn't know if Sofia has feelings for him, but in some episodes, it has shown that Sofia loves Kwazii back.

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When Sofia and her family arrived in Disney Junior Town, Kwazii quickly falls over heels in love with her that she gives her a snowdrop flower as a gift. After receiving it, Sofia kisses Kwazii on the cheek.

Later, Kwazii tries to act cool and romantic like any other guy, but learns to be himself and manages to win Sofia's heart when he saved Jake from falling into a rocky pit.

The Stolen Amulet Edit

Kwazii, along with Jake, Captain Barnacles, and Peso, help Sofia retrieve her stolen amulet from Captain Hook. Later, she hugs Kwazii thanks and the warm embrace causes him to blush.

Kwazii-rella Edit

Kwazii disguises himself as a prince to go to Sofia's ball, but when midnight strikes, he runs off and drops his crown leaving Sofia to find out who is her prince. Later, when Sofia places the crown on Kwazii's head, she finds out that he is her prince in disguises and dances with him in the end of the episode.

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