Rancora is a famous Starland actress. She's mentioned by Mira in Scarlet
Lady Rancora
Discovers True Strength and is mentioned again in Astra's Mixed-Up Mission and Clover's Parent Fix. Her name references the word rancor, a synonym for hatred. When she was a Starland Academy student, she was named Cora.

She is the main villain of the series, having posed as Lady Stella to fool Ophelia. Rancora then infiltrated Starling Academy as Lady Cordial. She and Lady Stella share a past history as seen in Good Wish Gone Bad. Rancora appears to thrive on negative wish energy and started the energy crisis to gain power.

In the series Edit

Lady Rancora made her first appearance in Perfectly Pink (and Blue)! where she created two parties for the opposite genders of Disney Junior Town so they can act negatively to each other and that she can grow her power with it. But later, she was defeated by music which saved the friendships of both males and females.

In Nega-Catboy, she affects Catboy with her negative wish energy which affects both his mind and heart, and also makes him fight his friends. But later, Owlette frees Catboy from the negative energy by kissing him and restores his memories by helping him think positively and let go of the bad things in the past which defeats Lady Rancora.

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