Lady Stella is the headmistress of Starling Academy.
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Lady Stella, headmistress of Starling Academy

Character Edit

Lady Stella, the headmistress of Starling Academy, radiates wisdom and authority. She's respected on campus and throughout all of Starland as a powerful Wish-Granter. Stella is a fair and kind-hearted woman but can be stern when the situation requires it. She's also known for her creative problem solving.

Lady Stella is always looking for a solution, which is why she recruited the Star Darlings entirely in secret after coming across the ancient oracle in a long-forgotten book. She believes the twelve girls can fulfill the prophecy by sneaking off to Wishworld and granting the wishes of young Wishlings. Though this has never been tried before, Lady Stella is just bold enough to attempt it.

At times however, she can be like anyone else and make mistakes, like when she thought Ophelia would make a better Star Darling than Scarlet.

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